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Check out a fresh collection of incredible lifehacks that will change your life! It’s such an annoying problem when people do not close the door or the door opens itself and you need to go and close it. Instead of spending a ton of money on the door stopper from a store, let’s make a cheap bottle door closer using rope, plastic bottle and kitchen hooks. It’s a very easy and super useful project you will like. Attach the first hook to the door corner and the second one to the door frame near. Attach the rope to the hook on the door and put it from the first hook to the second one and attach the end of the rope to the plastic bottle that should hang. Watch the full tutorial in our video!
Spring is usually a flu season and you need to wear face masks at the workplace. If you don’t want to buy a mask, you can make a face mask by your hands. Take a tissue and rubber bands then watch the tutorial we share! Make a bowl for noodles from a paper plate and plastic forks. If it’s rainy outside and you don’t have a raincoat, you can easily make it out of a trash bag. Another cool lifehack is to make home slippers out of a cardboard box. Emergency diaper could be made from a plastic bag and a towel. Check our video and find this lifehack!
As a bonus learn handy lifehacks how to use Coke around the home: clean your bathroom easily and quickly using Coke; clean greasy stove filter by soaking it in cola; cook the delicious cake. Try this super delicious recipe of chicken wings: mix brown sugar, soy sauce, garlic, lemon juice and marinate chicken wings. Yummy!
01:26 DIY Door closer
02:40 Quick way to fix the broken umbrella
03:54 DIY Flip flops
05:17 Chocolate cola cake recipe
07:56 Raincoat out of a trash bag
16:58 Repairing tricks
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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts - преди 6 месеца
Do you like cooking? 🍞🍈🍓
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Best ideas from video:
01:26 DIY Door closer
02:40 Quick way to fix the broken umbrella
03:54 DIY Flip flops
05:17 Chocolate cola cake recipe
07:56 Raincoat out of a trash bag
16:58 Repairing tricks
Brilliant repair hacks https://youtu.be/yxviTLVjvDQ
AndroidCraft - преди месец
NVG Star
NVG Star - преди 2 месеца
@ツFazbear you mean it's in Vietnamese?
alex buck jr the gamer
alex buck jr the gamer - преди 2 месеца
Katie Jack
Katie Jack - преди 3 месеца
Srry 5mc but u have ur #1 5MC HATER and that's me Katie Jackson
Emma Webster
Emma Webster - преди 19 часа
5 minute crafts: leave for twenty minutes
Gia Troxler
Gia Troxler - преди 21 час
We just watch for fun but we don’t do it
The Youtuber With no name
The Youtuber With no name - преди ден
9:30 she used an iron to cover up a nail 9:59 she used a iron to make the top of the nail wider. UMMMM
Olivia - преди 2 дни
7:20 It would have been much easier to break up the ramen and put it in one of the cups next to the microwave.
Jose Hill
Jose Hill - преди 8 дни
11:34 just a bit of lemon juice
Like .0001 of a second adds whole bowl of sugar
jeboydeem hoveling
jeboydeem hoveling - преди 22 дни
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Emma Bond
Emma Bond - преди месец
Who tf uses egg whites to deflate a ball
x_jasmime_x Ochoa
x_jasmime_x Ochoa - преди месец
5:05your gonna get ants
CouchPotato 4ever
CouchPotato 4ever - преди месец
oh stalkings
Hayden G
Hayden G - преди месец
For the one that had the hole in the floor I at first thought that was her skin, then I cringed really hard and realized it was leggins!...
isak - преди месец
19:03 that would 100% get you in trouble
AndroidCraft - преди месец
Loomipeachi - преди месец
When I saw the box shoes diy I thought of minecraft boots-
Agent Clack
Agent Clack - преди месец
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sue anna
sue anna - преди месец
this is the worst youtube channel in history
innovation in the making
Cheyanne !!
Cheyanne !! - преди месец
Just saying that mango u cut up is not ripe
Aucheinyoutuber - преди месец
Hey ihr deutschen Kartoffeln, wer hat die Zeitung auch bemerkt?? 10:30
Potato Galore
Potato Galore - преди месец
9:00 yes just the look I was going for, broke hobo better watch out ladies
xX Gacha WolfieッXx
xX Gacha WolfieッXx - преди месец
1:12 did you ever think it wasn't working because it was off???
roxy dacres
roxy dacres - преди месец
7:25 that's not how hats work
Cali Lantis
Cali Lantis - преди месец
21:24 was so cute
kelly moon
kelly moon - преди месец
Someone plz tell me what fruit that was at 21.06.?
kelly moon
kelly moon - преди месец
@Its Amanda thank you
Its Amanda
Its Amanda - преди месец
kelly moon dragon fruit
Qinx PL
Qinx PL - преди месец
to be honest most of that are for women... what with equality of rights?
Kenkenwashere - преди месец
0:56 why does she have a pantyhose on her foot...was she trying o shoes
Kenia Castelar
Kenia Castelar - преди месец
3:26 what is that
Liz Rowland
Liz Rowland - преди месец
Kid on the coke hacks:Oh so that’s why my mom doesn’t let me have coke
Aydin Bam Bam
Aydin Bam Bam - преди месец
11 or 12 or 13 yr old owns this channel
Anothergatchalifeperson:T - преди месец
Who else thinks about the coco cola and how it’s cleaning grease and tile and some people are drinking and digesting that stuff... just imagine-
MrCiprian2009 - преди месец
This was published on my birthday
Caroline Hendrickson
Caroline Hendrickson - преди месец
Apparently coke can do everything
Songs With Lyrics.
Songs With Lyrics. - преди месец
Itz_ Sky
Itz_ Sky - преди месец
I wanna know what you put into a box labeled "R.I.P"
ashie Uwu
ashie Uwu - преди месец
Yea I’d totally fill my soccer ball with egg whites
bIg BrAiN eNeRgY
Sian Adams
Sian Adams - преди месец
U dont need make-up u all r blinding
Roblox Adopt me
Roblox Adopt me - преди месец
You wasting coke 🥺🥺 I do like all the other hacks though!
Victoria Tervit
Victoria Tervit - преди месец
I love these
Kayana -Chan
Kayana -Chan - преди месец
The coke one isn’t really a life hack bcuz ur door would be loud.. :I
Itz_Ashiln Forever
Itz_Ashiln Forever - преди месец
10:54 use a garbage bag😑
rick y
rick y - преди месец
Very Smarttttt very Niceeee
Megan Toahty
Megan Toahty - преди месец
at 7:24 dose she have Ratatouille and her hat kind of seemed a little bit suspicious 😒
Camden Taylor
Camden Taylor - преди месец
Omg I thought that stoking was her skin 😰
Rob Kovacs
Rob Kovacs - преди месец
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The Earth Is A Square
The Earth Is A Square - преди месец
useless... completely useless
Gouyeul 91
Gouyeul 91 - преди 2 месеца
peter-raye smith
peter-raye smith - преди 2 месеца
4:18 what gucci will look like in 2028 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Булочка из BTS
Булочка из BTS - преди 2 месеца
Первые кадры украли с канала 123 Go!!!!!!
Julie C
Julie C - преди 2 месеца
Stop copying other hacks 123 go already did that hack on there YouTube video a long time ago 😡😡😡
Thundergirl 608
Thundergirl 608 - преди 2 месеца
Girl: "ugh there's a hole in my bag
Fixes it with clay
Me: "you should have just used Ramen"
Chiki&Evelyn Vids
Chiki&Evelyn Vids - преди 2 месеца
9:54-10:02 it’s fake if you can’t tell they switched the screwdriver
Helena Marsh
Helena Marsh - преди 2 месеца
3:05 the girl forgot to close the door
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie - преди 2 месеца
I don’t understand what happened to the bag
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie - преди 2 месеца
What’s powder
dylan ramirez
dylan ramirez - преди 2 месеца
you life hacks is idiots☻
יוסף חוג'יראת
יוסף חוג'יראת - преди 2 месеца
نصايحهم جذبيه
Family양파 - преди 2 месеца
Uhhh so is nobody gonna talk about 3:21
Kxng Kat
Kxng Kat - преди 2 месеца
Who y'all expect to wear them flip flops?
LIPSAY LIPSTICK - преди 2 месеца
11:56 song was stolen by Toon Blast
alexia delacueva
alexia delacueva - преди 2 месеца
Who needs a reminder or a helper to open the door?