10 Things Sebastian Maniscalco Can't Live Without | GQ

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When standup comedian Sebastian Maniscalco hits the road, there are a few things he can't live without. From his Louis Vuitton backpack and his running shoes to Yerba Mate shots and CBD cream, Sebastian shows us all his travel essentials.
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10 Things Sebastian Maniscalco Can't Live Without | GQ
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Maria G
Maria G - преди 17 часа
Hahaha! I drink out of the water bottle like you. Savage and choke.
Christie Brown
Christie Brown - преди ден
Love this guy!
Henrietta Koffi
Henrietta Koffi - преди 2 дни
For those who say they don’t know this guy, you have GOT to watch some of his stand up comedy. Funniest guy, straight New Yorker type funny guy. He was in that HOFFA movie, and was a hit too.
Demitri Emanuel
Demitri Emanuel - преди 3 дни
Everything looks nice, but I'm actually wondering what the brand of the jacket is.
youtuber youtuber
youtuber youtuber - преди 4 дни
Sebastian you got hyperhidrosis they got special anti-perspirant for that my brother sweats prufusely too and uses ' CERTAIN DRY' he rolls it on at hight before going to sleep next morning no sweat !
Vanessa Leonard
Vanessa Leonard - преди 9 дни
“You wanna dance with this..?” 😵😂😂😂 yes! Yes I do. 😂😂❤️
timothy790110 - преди 10 дни
hes wearinbg those sunglasses way to high up on his nose.
Thomas Hance
Thomas Hance - преди 10 дни
First time I ever heard of him was in the movie "The House". Short role in the film but it was enough for me to look him up. Been following him ever since. I watched his Netflix special with my wife and had us in tears.
Marlon Flores
Marlon Flores - преди 12 дни
Love me some BPA water
baberina1 - преди 14 дни
Massager and diaper we're the best!! Sebastian ❤️❤️❤️ you!!
Ricky Baizas
Ricky Baizas - преди 15 дни
Good recommendation for RavPower but I prefer Mophie myself and it's owned by Zagg headquartered in Midvale, Utah.
Diana Shearer
Diana Shearer - преди 15 дни
Richard Adams
Richard Adams - преди 15 дни
5:20 the answer should be a shot of espresso. Did you lose your Italian in LA?
Jennifer Winchester
Jennifer Winchester - преди 15 дни
That massage gun demonstration was hysterical. So loud. Butttt I bet it works great.
Redheaded Stranger
Redheaded Stranger - преди 16 дни
I can definitely believe he grew up dancing. You can see it in his comedic movements. He’s so methodical and graceful and athletic. Definitely dance oriented.
Stiles Humphrey
Stiles Humphrey - преди 17 дни
So true about the Tom Ford sunglasses 😎! Lol
Arlene Queen
Arlene Queen - преди 17 дни
love him! The best comedian out there!
Cece Lia
Cece Lia - преди 18 дни
I love this guy!
Stephanie Drummond
Stephanie Drummond - преди 19 дни
he is one of my favorite comedians so funny
Juanco_"C.E.O." - преди 19 дни
Where a tank top
Elijah 03
Elijah 03 - преди 20 дни
I run XC our teams 4th best runner uses those shoes
LATE Clan - преди 20 дни
Yep he pissed so funny
LATE Clan - преди 20 дни
He did the same thing with the water after he cracked it
Ryan Hale
Ryan Hale - преди 20 дни
@2:15 Yeah not when the sunglasses are slightly lop-sided. Lol!
Cat Woman
Cat Woman - преди 20 дни
Yeah because plastic water bottles are all the rage for the environment. Good tips though. He's so funny.
Matthew Chicoine
Matthew Chicoine - преди 20 дни
Seemed more like a plug for product endorsement than essential items
Roger Exposito
Roger Exposito - преди 21 ден
hahaha love this guy
Daniel De Laurentiis
Daniel De Laurentiis - преди 22 дни
Bravo Sebastian !
Comedy and character !
Exceedingly funny !
I have become a fan .
Daniello De Laurentiis .
NICOLE LEONARD - преди 22 дни
The crane technique on the crane! 🤣
WHR17 - преди 22 дни
The most real guy GQ has ever had on
Brendan Dyer
Brendan Dyer - преди 22 дни
The moment he turns on the massage gun I lost it 😂😂💀💀
Sphiwokuhle Mathope
Sphiwokuhle Mathope - преди 23 дни
Did anyone notice that he's sweating or is it just me?
DoYLe T - преди 23 дни
My new favorite comedian and Lewis Black!!
Now The End Begins
Now The End Begins - преди 23 дни
Hey, I thought you were the comedian for the "working guy"? That Louis Vuitton Josh Damier Graphite
backpack is $1,540! 🤔
Isaac Bernath
Isaac Bernath - преди 23 дни
He sounds exactly like David Blaine.. K bye
Also, I love him!
Daniel Avallone
Daniel Avallone - преди 24 дни
i have wide feet too ladies
Virus 22
Virus 22 - преди 24 дни
It´s so funny how he roasts basically everybody for doing certain things that he deems unnecessary (which they probably are) but he has all this stuff like essentia water, yerba mate etc. that he would make fun of if he wasn´t the guy doing it. I love it tho.
Tabia NaMoto
Tabia NaMoto - преди 25 дни
Dario De La Torre
Dario De La Torre - преди 25 дни
what about ORANGINA?
Cavato - преди 26 дни
Raindrop: *gives Sebastian the glasses*
Sebastian: I’m cool Sebastian now.
Cavato - преди 26 дни
Love him.
ShakespeareCafe - преди 26 дни
New Balance has wider shoes
Robert Alvare
Robert Alvare - преди 26 дни
WhiteChocolateMocha - преди 26 дни
I like how he analyses people
coniljw j
coniljw j - преди 26 дни
LV backpack is over $1000! Who does that?
Ms K Jones
Ms K Jones - преди 27 дни
There is no more flirting these days. People feel offended :(
mimzy1124 Lassiter
mimzy1124 Lassiter - преди 27 дни
The sunglasses look really good on him.
Gibby Bodagh
Gibby Bodagh - преди 28 дни
Im so happy i clicked this i dont even know the guy now i love him 😂😂
Millan Marinz
Millan Marinz - преди 28 дни
What are you? a 4 yr old..... 😂😂,
HeyJude2018 - преди 28 дни
i like this guy. very funny
Asperger’s Woman
Asperger’s Woman - преди 29 дни
I have a big time crush on this guy!
Starrfish Hill
Starrfish Hill - преди 29 дни
Even funny when doing a “segment “ for GQ!! Hilarious
Sharon Avraham
Sharon Avraham - преди 29 дни
Always entertaining- yore great, Sebastian 👍
Storyline America
Storyline America - преди месец
Comedian and a 4k dollar backpack....There has to be a joke behind that decision!
Tauno Kekkonen
Tauno Kekkonen - преди месец
that seems to be an Oura smart ring on his right hand..! I have the same model.
Kim Atkins
Kim Atkins - преди месец
Sebastian is my fav...
David Munoz
David Munoz - преди месец
Who can afford any of this crap? Stick with the real essentials: Target brand. They should rename this segment ‘the unnecessary and overpriced’
MR57LV - преди месец
Your so funny Sebastian. I’ll see you in Vegas. October 12th. I live there. Maybe we could hang out
bartel j
bartel j - преди месец
Got the same sneakers and they are great
Ross Modesto
Ross Modesto - преди месец
This guy is an ITALIAN LEGEND