Best DIY Prank Wins $10,000 Plus How To Do Funny Magic Tricks & Slime vs Food Challenge

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Mary Peters
Mary Peters - преди 35 секунди
You guys made me laugh so much
Tatiana Santiago
Tatiana Santiago - преди 3 минути
Inner circle
Shanaisia C
Shanaisia C - преди 4 минути
Devan won the whole thing. Like if u agree
ZombieMom - преди 4 минути
Thanks you for the videos
Rachel Walker
Rachel Walker - преди 5 минути
Keyper squad
Gerardo Paredes
Gerardo Paredes - преди 10 минути
Khloe l like your video 🥰
steve pham
steve pham - преди 12 минути
All rounds winner is:Devan
Ralen Ferrara
Ralen Ferrara - преди 17 минути
K squad
willers - преди 24 минути
Can you please make a uncut diy video?
Alison Valle
Alison Valle - преди 25 минути
Deven you are the best deven you won the whole chanlige
_6DUCK_ _MEMES9_ - преди 26 минути
make more weird food comb but can you try shrimp with spam
Veronica Vigneux
Veronica Vigneux - преди 27 минути
Keeper sgaud
ashley grover
ashley grover - преди 30 минути
You alive COLLINS
K. Courtland
K. Courtland - преди 32 минути
Devin's pranks are better
Enzo Velasco
Enzo Velasco - преди 35 минути
Round 1: Devan
Round 2: Devan
Round 3 :Devan
Every round : Devan
Jocelyn Vázquez
Jocelyn Vázquez - преди 42 минути
If you put onion in fridge for a day it won’t burn your eyes
dark kitten
dark kitten - преди 43 минути
Inner cricle
horse gang
horse gang - преди 44 минути
Try to not talk for 24 hours and see what happens
Regina Demoss
Regina Demoss - преди 44 минути
Denis McFarlane
Denis McFarlane - преди 45 минути
Crystal G
Crystal G - преди 51 минута
Praying praying📱🔬⚰️🧪🕳🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🚿🚽🛌
Kat The kittycat
Kat The kittycat - преди 55 минути
24:48 I can see the hat xD
Addison Chandler
Addison Chandler - преди 56 минути
Inter circle
Luigi Gamer
Luigi Gamer - преди 59 минути
The coffee smile with the coffee beans it looked like poop
Lauren Divall
Lauren Divall - преди час
Can you guys do another gummy vs Real food video
christy price
christy price - преди час
OMG I’m a big fan I watch u all the time a wish a can see u in real life
Your the best you tuber I love your vids sooooooooo much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nosipho Phewa
Nosipho Phewa - преди час
Deven won the coffee one
Sofia mills
Sofia mills - преди час
Do the real vs gummy
Abudumalick touray
Abudumalick touray - преди час
185 times I'm dead😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
Shanna Lewis
Shanna Lewis - преди час
Collin is so messy
Suiciadal _x
Suiciadal _x - преди час
keyper squad
Stephanie And Lujane
Stephanie And Lujane - преди час
Chemma !
Chemma ! - преди час
Can you please do another pancake art
Please do Cinderella in her blue dress
brent sargent
brent sargent - преди час
Devin probably finds random crap from changes all over the house because collin.
Annie Yates
Annie Yates - преди час
Inner circle
Lisa Buysse
Lisa Buysse - преди час
My Grandpa isn't effected by onions
Maya Alnakkoud
Maya Alnakkoud - преди час
Halee Garinger
Halee Garinger - преди час
omgoonis you are crazy😰
Sharon Orozco
Sharon Orozco - преди час
devens coffee could be butterscoct frap
Emily McDonnell
Emily McDonnell - преди час
Collins key is Marshmello
Natasha Ditterline
Natasha Ditterline - преди час
keper squad
Janet Lopez
Janet Lopez - преди час
I like devin
Janet Lopez
Janet Lopez - преди час
Your brother won devin won i like dont tell him this profile pitcher is not the real me
Lileeva Rothwell Vatai
Lileeva Rothwell Vatai - преди час
Collins key I've got ur merch and it says yeet and it reminds me of both of u
TAI TRUONG - преди час
star bucks frapapch no
C Pati
C Pati - преди час
Cevin wins the 10,000 dollers
Belinda Williams
Belinda Williams - преди 2 часа
You are so funny
Alyssa Erasmus
Alyssa Erasmus - преди 2 часа
U should name ur channel rather the key brothers bc Ur always doing things with him
Sos girls
Sos girls - преди 2 часа
can you make gummy food vs real food
karen yeghoian
karen yeghoian - преди 2 часа
Every time u do the subscribe challenge I’m like do I unsubscribe and then fallow rules
Myriam Maldonado
Myriam Maldonado - преди 2 часа
Keeper squad ❤️❤️❤️
Lily Thompson
Lily Thompson - преди 2 часа
make a steak out of gummies
allison ledent
allison ledent - преди 2 часа
Emelia Hamill
Emelia Hamill - преди 2 часа
keyper sqaud
Yiming Low
Yiming Low - преди 2 часа
Love how they put the $10,000 dollars on the stove... 18:02
Chrystal Anatalio
Chrystal Anatalio - преди 2 часа
Sorry Collins but for me Devan won this one
Gwen B
Gwen B - преди 2 часа
Can l have a shout out please
Amie Atkinson
Amie Atkinson - преди 2 часа
On the cactus one it looks like diarea on a STICK. :)
Tennessee Campbell
Tennessee Campbell - преди 2 часа
Happy Easter everyone🐣and happy belated birthday Devan 🥳🥳
kuljit bhatia
kuljit bhatia - преди 2 часа
Stop this torture please

I beg of you
Raw art
Raw art - преди 2 часа
3:19, for the first time Collins art looked better than Devins
Alexis Carthern
Alexis Carthern - преди 2 часа
Inner circle
kuljit bhatia
kuljit bhatia - преди 2 часа
Stop this torture
Elias Mini
Elias Mini - преди 2 часа
Asha Joshi
Asha Joshi - преди 2 часа
Make chocolate Slime
Truc Hyunh
Truc Hyunh - преди 2 часа
I say Devin wins
KEITH ANDERSON - преди 2 часа
keyper squad
rosey games
rosey games - преди 2 часа
Devan: next up were going on a date
Me: okay *laughing and blushing*
rosey games
rosey games - преди 2 часа
Devan: next up were going on a date
Me: okay *laughing and blushing*
I'm the lol
I'm the lol - преди 2 часа
Omg I totally for got to do this 2 days ago Happy Bday Devan 🎂
Z Channal
Z Channal - преди 2 часа
Inner Circle
Alma Eiler Frank
Alma Eiler Frank - преди 2 часа
collins: I HAVE 5 THOUSAND
me: ....
*looks like a homeless*
Random parker
Random parker - преди 2 часа
5:24 creepy
GHALIAH MOHAMMED - преди 2 часа
I feel like Devan won every single time !!!!
Angelica Arias
Angelica Arias - преди 2 часа
Collins: Yeet fleet a deet and a seet
Akilah Anderson
Akilah Anderson - преди 2 часа
Angelica Arias
Angelica Arias - преди 2 часа
i would go on a date with Devan because he is cute
Mason Cannon
Mason Cannon - преди 2 часа
Peter Smith
Peter Smith - преди 2 часа
I love ❤️ your vids!

Kitty Kicks
Kitty Kicks - преди 2 часа
Who think Devan should have his own channel?
2:28 aiyi aiyi aiyi..........................................hahahahhah
Nadira Mohamed
Nadira Mohamed - преди 2 часа
devin he soo good at art so he wins
Fabojuly Gonzalez
Fabojuly Gonzalez - преди 2 часа
Make a edible slime
Anisa Spivey
Anisa Spivey - преди 3 часа
The roles were literally reversed
Cha'ney Marie
Cha'ney Marie - преди 3 часа
I know he's going to win because Collins always freestyle
Tamerah Ross
Tamerah Ross - преди 3 часа
Devon took the when
emely vega
emely vega - преди 3 часа
Inner circlr
Chris Stevens
Chris Stevens - преди 3 часа
I think Devan won the whole thing like if u agree
Gene Brockett
Gene Brockett - преди 3 часа
Deven won
Kiki Backuo
Kiki Backuo - преди 3 часа
This is content
Jillian Ciucci
Jillian Ciucci - преди 3 часа
here is a weird food combo:Plain yogurt and Strawberry jelly on a waffle
Rachel Blanton
Rachel Blanton - преди 3 часа
Devin won all of it
Tionna Snodgrass
Tionna Snodgrass - преди 3 часа
Keeper squad
Ruby Blanco
Ruby Blanco - преди 3 часа
Jajaja boy!!!!
Sammie Burns
Sammie Burns - преди 3 часа
I will go on a date with devan or Collins
Shamiya Higgins
Shamiya Higgins - преди 3 часа
Ash Pol
Ash Pol - преди 4 часа
Saltapapika XD
Ash Pol
Ash Pol - преди 4 часа
The onions part tho lol xD
Lottie & Grackle
Lottie & Grackle - преди 4 часа
Hello beautiful person reading this, I hope you have a wonderful day, and live to achieve all your dreams and goals, no matter how impossible they may seem. My dream is to hit 50 subs... But we're only on 20 😭, but mabye one day... 🤷🏼‍♀️
❤️ And never forget. You are loved ❤️
khaylie e
khaylie e - преди 4 часа
I think that Devan won! Like if you agree!❤❤