One Child Policy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses China’s one-child policy, and all its consequences, intended and not.
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Продължителност: 23:05


Valerie Gagnon
Valerie Gagnon - преди 7 часа
BASIC KWOLEDGE IS LACKING IN THIS EPISOD : for example Look into what the CATHOLIQUE CHURCH in Quebec did to us French Canadians, forcing our grand mothers to have children every waking year of their productive age. And cruelly forcing unmarried young women who fell pregnant to institutionalized abandonment filling the loca orphanage with hundreds of kids. All victims of neglect if not downright sexual abuse.
I BET YOU these early young Chinese women were more than happy not to be saddled by their society with dozens of children.....
Sure one child is crazily dumb for anyone who understands native grow pyramids but their gov. Probably banked on the enormous wealth their one child policy would bring overall: one highly trained child being more than capable of feeding above 10 grand parents on the added value of its labor alone.
Piotr Dudała
Piotr Dudała - преди 7 часа
Western communists should educate their chinese counterparts about being sexually flexible, gender identity politics :OD Also, China had current US population ( ~400 mln ) during WW II, when US population was rougly 1/3rd this size ( 130 mln ). Obvious Dr. Strangelove references aside ... for size, position and history of China there were few good solutions at the time. Laugh all you want, but these were times of Clube of Rome reports being prominent. Tragic, yes, but with totally unchecked growth China would be in for the rough time, with rest of the world along for involuntary ride. Of course there were better ways of carrying it out, but war-impoverished and torn, poor nation had obviously little sensibilities for that. Children obesity is problemy in ANY fast developring market, even with prevalent starvation ( India for example ), as are eating habbits not catching up with food processing and availability. And it is easy to criticize from perspective of absurdly afluent country like USA, having half of entire continent for less than quarter of China's population. Finally - many western man have exactly the same problem as chinese counterparts, just for different reasons and its not like women trafficing is exclusive to China. Europe also has 4:2:1 issue.
Michael Friedman
Michael Friedman - преди 11 часа
Remember when this show was funny and not boring and depressing?
brahen xue
brahen xue - преди 12 часа
Fact check, John, never expected to be treated like Donal Trump, right.
1. If one violates the two-child policy, he will be fined, but not put to jail, and no forced abortion even if not paying the fine. In fact, the law states clearly it's illegal to conduct forced abortion. The 'extra' child will be registered in the end. And no, you don't have to have 2 children.
2. That creepy children said to be prompting one-child policy, I genuinely don't understand a word of him.
3. Population growth is easier to predict than the economics, but it's still math. The one who came up with this idea is not Chinese, it's a mathematical professor named Geert Jan Olsder. Then, yes, you will need someone with good math to verify it. Back in those days, in China, who could solve a math problem better than a rocket scientist?
I am not saying there is no forced abortion, it could be carried out by a corrupted officer who tried to ask for a bribe, or a lazy officer wanted to make sure people obey the law by intimidating. The husband in the video is deceived and he should report it to the local enforcement.
GGDOG - преди 12 часа
There is clearly a translation error at 11:23 what she said is' the policy enforcer is such a senseless LEFT WING person'(BTW i'm a chinese) using software like VPN to access internet
Tony Pee
Tony Pee - преди 15 часа
This dude looks like a weird canadian
Dan smith
Dan smith - преди 15 часа
I wonder how much coal China would be burning and how much warmer the earth would be If all those kids were born and using up energy :)
Shane Grele
Shane Grele - преди 16 часа
What if a mother is pregnant, and she finds out she has twins/triplets????
Amber CHU
Amber CHU - преди 16 часа
After the first kid was born, it was obligatory that the mother went to the hospital to get a contraceptive ring, otherwise there would be a forced surgery on the mother just to make sure she couldn’t be conceived.
The ring could cause gynecopathy even cancer and there were no doctor or experts told people the truth about it. The mothers woudnt know their health problem until their late 40s or early 50s when they went to the doctor to have the ring removed.
The chinese women have to suffer all these, because men are too important to not be able to have children even under the only child policy.
Or at the first place, the population policy is just unhumane.
Katie Church
Katie Church - преди 18 часа
period underwear is a thing, and yes, that includes things. period cups (the brand Diva Cup is most well known) exist and are kinda like tampons but better for the environment. why would you need special toilet paper for blood???
Claudio G.
Claudio G. - преди 20 часа
And few weeks ago the EU Parliament voted a resolution to ban communism from Europe, associating that ideology to nazifascism.
bixchick007 - преди 20 часа
You can't unsee a curly dick duck.
Semi-Charmed Life
Semi-Charmed Life - преди 21 час
There is ALOT of adoptions of Chinese girls in the US.
Fei Xie
Fei Xie - преди 21 час
I’m getting more and more confused. I’ve met more people throughout my life than listed examples here, like my classmates who are female, the second child in their family. OMG! How could they have their own name? How could they still alive? How could their family still be happy? What a coincidence🤭 And it’s 2019 right? Some of the references are even older than me lol. I remember this topic, and long term consequences has been debated since I was 15... But anyway, finally I know why I am fat as a meatball 😂 and all my 4 cousins and I are female, how lucky we were😱😂😂😂
Kez - преди 21 час
Little meatballs LoL
xr28y ge3fl1
xr28y ge3fl1 - преди 22 часа
Poor people who have kids are assholes.
Emma Moser
Emma Moser - преди ден
I’m incredibly sick of uninformed American liberals who think that China’s One Child Policy was an environmentalists’ wet dream, with no regard to the violation of basic human rights it entailed. Violently enforced authoritarian population control is never the ethical solution.
Micah Williams
Micah Williams - преди ден
9:04 It’s the toilet paper (before you pointed out it wasn’t real I was hoping it was a new thing).
atilla hun
atilla hun - преди ден
John Olivier didn’t informed entirely complete, one child policy only ended for Han Chinese.
monica reyes
monica reyes - преди ден
This sounds like eugenics 🧐
cientochentasur - преди ден
More racist jokes for this “woke” liberal. Liberals will always side with fascists against the left.
缑晨 - преди ден
just all negative.
博雅 - преди ден
11:12 the woman said :it's just(the grassroots officers) who carried out the policy were too on the left(too radical)
then how did HBO translate that?"the policy was just so senseless"
im not saying that policy was great,but boy it's absolutly not what HBO makes it sounds like
not sure it was the whole HBO news couldn't find a proper chinese translater or they just did it on purpose
Tobias Niebergall
Tobias Niebergall - преди ден
the world suffocates in humans....time to bash the one child policy
Robert Daws
Robert Daws - преди ден
My wife born 1990 was 1 of 3, for the majority of the population this wasn’t enforced the way we believe it was.
MarsMellon - преди ден
8:55 it's the toilet paper right?
Lily Tiger
Lily Tiger - преди ден
Diva cup is real
庄吴铭 - преди ден
Every story in this video can find their resemblances in almost every village in China. Just talked to some friends about policies that people resent, including one child policy, during national day holiday. Those policies are usually implemented in insensitive ways. And it’s ironic that the langue about what we should do can have a huge u-turn in just a few years.
庄吴铭 - преди ден
One professor I heard was fired due to her having second child just a few weeks before two child policy was implemented.
Michael Miller
Michael Miller - преди ден
You can grandstand and cherry-pick a few accentuated cruelties of the Chinese government, but population control materially benefited China. Just look at their economic growth and explosion in middle class /professional class . Okay, it wasn't all sunshine and roses----probably could have been implemented much more humanely, did not properly account for gender biased birth rates, etc. But look at the big picture. The country went from a mostly rural, less educated, agrarian society of loosely knit small farming communities, (...still recovering from a recent collapse of monarchy and 8 year long war...and 4 extra years of follow-up civil war...) to a technologically advanced modern nation in half a century. The transition from hordes of people reproducing like horny rabbits to a society with smaller nuclear families was wise considering their prior unsustainable population growth that was threatening chronic famine and natural resource shortages in the medium and long term in lieu of serious reform. You cannot circumvent the basic economics at work. The more kids you have, the more mouths to feed, diapers to change, school desks taken up, fossil fuel to provide energy for all the aforementioned, etc. And it does affect the community, since we all live in the same finite space with finite resources available. Thing is, Humans are just Great Apes. You know what that means? It means that each and every one of us has an Ape brain. Our dumb Ape brains are never satisfied with the amount of children we already have. It is restless while you are single and without heirs. The Ape brain tells us to disseminate our genes to as many progeny as possible before death----that is after all, the meaning of life, right? And hey! You also get to have sex in the process of propagating your genes, so it's a win win. The Ape brain is what sustains our species. You, the person reading this, have one, just as your father and mother have/had one, as did their parents and so on. It is because your ancestors had the Ape brain that you even exist at all. And now you, carrying the same genes as your predecessors, will do exactly as they did, unless by fluke of biology or circumstance you develop/acquire a trait that is apparently unique to Humans: Nihilism, the solution to the Fermi paradox. Are you glad that you exist? And what do you think makes human life?
necromancer - преди ден
One child policy is the solution for many social problems like poverty and unemployment.
Ello Owu
Ello Owu - преди ден
Lol, chinas a sausage fest
王慧娟 - преди ден
So many biases and show how mean Americans are. More meatball in US, guys
S3VEN - преди 10 часа
Good job.Your 50c is on its way.Long live xinnie the pooh
Wade Smalling
Wade Smalling - преди ден
loveablebastard - преди ден
John Oliver discusses: not U.S. foreign policy since the end of WW2.
Yuruo Lei
Yuruo Lei - преди ден
I am a Chinese only child, and I think this video is just full of prejudice and disrespect. I'm not defending the one-child policy, but I cannot just sit silently when celebrities are intentionally distorting the facts and defacing my home country. Abortions are voluntary choices, and I have many friends and classmates whose parents choose to give birth to a 2nd or even the 3rd child with totally affordable fines. I'm not saying this is the most ideal situation, but things are definitely how Oliver hoaxes in this show.
Also, so many other countries also have gender discrimination, including America. Planed parenthood in America is also full of hypocrisies and problems. I just don't understand why being so hostile to a county you barely know is so cool to some people.
Really, just hear more voices from students and people who are actually from mainland china rather than watch this type of talk show which intentionally brainwashes its audience.
L R - преди ден
Yuruo Lei Excellent comment. I don’t appreciate the condescending attitude this show frequently demonstrates. Many things get mocked in very poor taste and trivialized or sensationalized to suit the program’s agenda. There are enough really pressing issues in this country and in the world that are critical and call for urgent attention, how about we focus on those. In general I appreciate that they discuss things nobody else ventures into, but they do exaggerate, a few weeks ago the issue was discussed that is critical, and it’s my professional area, so I thought “finally” - but then they misrepresented a few things & skewed statistics, so it loses credibility. I really respect the tone of your comment, really dignified.
Ayman El kadouri
Ayman El kadouri - преди ден
A country shouldn't control how many children your having so long as you take care of them and treat them well
Momma Bear
Momma Bear - преди ден
More than the u.s. population was Murdered.. 400 MILLION BABIES
Alejandro Molina
Alejandro Molina - преди ден
I learned this from China Uncensored a while ago.
Alexander Lynch
Alexander Lynch - преди ден
Voluntary late-term abortion: just like drinking from a water fountain.
Philip V
Philip V - преди ден
He may be the most unfunny man on earth. Jeez, imagine running into this snooze at a party overhearing him talk about pandas. When there's no actual laughtrack, people tend to flee rather quickly.
S3VEN - преди 9 часа
Lol really? Have you seen the daily show nowadays? Jhon Olivier is a legend go fuck yourself
LFPS0311 - преди 2 дни
Ra Gut
Ra Gut - преди 2 дни
Menstrual cups are real, period panties are real. The joke is the toilet paper.
Timothy Vaschu
Timothy Vaschu - преди 2 дни
Solution: Go to other countries and have sex ...
Decoder - преди 2 дни
Fuck chinese communist party
Jet Kismet
Jet Kismet - преди 2 дни
If you want to learn more about the dangers of government handled population control, research communist Romania’s 770 decree. They pretty much were on the opposite extreme, banning abortion unless a woman had already had FIVE children. Employers Also carefully monitored female worker’s menstrual health and the secret police kept a watchful eye on you until you had a healthy delivery. The resulting overcrowded orphanages are a whole other horror story.
Andy E
Andy E - преди 2 дни
China will now delete John from its internet. China is a free non police state, they have all freedoms as US.

Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards - преди 2 дни
The one child policy was only in effect in big cities. Farmers and those who lived in less populated areas could have more than one.
MadNotAngry - преди 2 дни
ZPG - Zero Population Growth. Reproduce yourself, then stop.
龚飞洋 - преди 2 дни
The two-child policy is not asking people to raise two babies, but allowing them to have two babies, which shows that your knowledge about China nowadays is stilled biased. You know what, you did a great job by showing the "truth" of China to Americans, all the Americans should keep thinking that way: China is still a poor and weak country, so that we would have a lot of time to develop and surpass you before you can realize.
Funnygamera1ex - преди 2 дни
It's ironic. Cause almost every time I see a Asian or Chinese dude, a huge mob of other Asian or Chinese follow behind. One child policy my ass! Fucking politics ... They clearly have their heads shoved up their asses over in Asia. Cause obviously, everyone just moves to the US(for the most part) to start families. Fuck Asia's government. Someone obviously needs to step up over there. Killing or orphaning kids because "It's the law" is completely fucked up.
coffeeandcigeratte - преди 2 дни
It’s a no brainer the girls in china have “princess syndrome” because the ball is in their court.
elivevile - преди 2 дни
Given that they don't care at all about violating human rights in order to make national policies, if they're worried about having too many old people, they could just mandate them to suicide or get killed. "Give your life for the good of the country!"
Dheeraj P B
Dheeraj P B - преди 2 дни
As an Indian it feels good to know that their people aren't happy and the pressure cooker will explode one day... 🙂
MICROSOFT HQ - преди 2 дни
I just move dam
CX Tian
CX Tian - преди 2 дни
It pains me to watch this one.
Johnny BeGood
Johnny BeGood - преди 2 дни
34 million is just little over than 2% of the whole population of China. So it basically means there's approximately 49% of women and 51% of man. You could hardly say there are "far more men than women".
Tua Neh Ji
Tua Neh Ji - преди 2 дни
Need to clarify John Oliver's reason for Chinese's intention about having boys. They want it because boys carry on the surname (last name/family name) of the family so the family pin their hopes on the guy getting married and carrying on the family legacy. But now with a lack of women, it seems counter productive to have a boy in the first place.
Melissa - преди ден
Yep, many family names are gonna die out once those "Meatballs" are old men without any children anyways. These families killed their girl children so the name could last one more generation. Sad.
Times of BE
Times of BE - преди 3 дни
I missed the point what is Oliver's beef : he is upset with china ending of one child policy or happy they did it?
Big Smoke
Big Smoke - преди 3 дни
14:56 damn I wish I could attend that class