Ariana Grande - Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj

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Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj (Official Video)
Taken from the new album Dangerous Woman
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Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
Produced by Brandon Bonfiglio
For London Alley

Music video by Ariana Grande performing Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj. © 2016 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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jane mwanajuma
jane mwanajuma - преди 15 минути
That's what I would call you if you exist HA😎😋🤣😂💪💪
jane mwanajuma
jane mwanajuma - преди 17 минути
I dont like you arjuna you went from snow white and now you're a freak and i will only like you if your nice remember pretenders are worse than murder s🤒😱
Juan Manuel Mora
Juan Manuel Mora - преди 46 минути
💜 💜 💜
Instrumental Studios
Instrumental Studios - преди час
this is better then Tour de France 🥰🥰🥰
Patira Chongprasith
Patira Chongprasith - преди час
Ariana looks so different from 2020
Jaydeep thakar
Jaydeep thakar - преди 2 часа
I love her voice 🥰🥰😍🤩🥰😍😍
Kazi Muztaba Siraj
Kazi Muztaba Siraj - преди 3 часа
Grande's Fanbase=comments on random things

other fanbases=If you LOVE ,please like,please,please
Ashley Jesh
Ashley Jesh - преди 5 часа
Ariana 🤟
Adelina_queen143 - преди 6 часа
All the fans of rap queen Nick and high not pop queen Ari 🔥🔥
Асийя Дабыл
Асийя Дабыл - преди 6 часа
You so cool and beautiful!😍
Heitor Margini
Heitor Margini - преди 7 часа
Eae man
Chaelynn Wiggers
Chaelynn Wiggers - преди 7 часа
I want to cry I made a Youtube account to listen to this song and I really want to meat you in real life, maybe soon! 😀
wuendi muñoz
wuendi muñoz - преди 8 часа
Quien la escucha en el 2020😘
VÕ CHUNG-01CG - преди 9 часа
I love you
Alex Hyde
Alex Hyde - преди 9 часа
those eyes
SheNita Funches
SheNita Funches - преди 10 часа
my sister tryin her best😁😁
Pinky Angel Nabeeha
Pinky Angel Nabeeha - преди 11 часа
Ngọc Ngọc
Ngọc Ngọc - преди 11 часа
Xuất bản 30 thg 8, 2016
Naza Planic
Naza Planic - преди 12 часа
Hi l wish l ckod meet u😭😭💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦
mihle vumijojo
mihle vumijojo - преди 12 часа
Nicky Minaj is the queen of rap and ariana does run pop
SARA CHAN - преди 12 часа
نَـدى 87 .
نَـدى 87 . - преди 12 часа
I like it so much🥺💞.
Myled chester
Myled chester - преди 13 часа
J'adore ça voix elle est incroyable ❤️❤️
SlyShadow - преди 13 часа
David - преди 14 часа
DatCamp G
DatCamp G - преди 15 часа
Great Video!
Great Exercise Music ~ Thank You! 💋
Liiroxx - преди 15 часа
I’m a new fan of Ariana I have been a fan for 3 months
Mario World
Mario World - преди 16 часа
I love you Ariane grande
FE9 - преди 16 часа
charlie wiser
charlie wiser - преди 16 часа
whoever reads this i hope they get rich.
Torrie McGowen
Torrie McGowen - преди 17 часа
*i was lying the whole time*
Torrie McGowen
Torrie McGowen - преди 17 часа
okay well i don't hate Ariana grande i was the whole time i love her and i was not jealous her voice is niceand shes really pretty i wish i could meet her but i can't -_-
Zekija Saldic
Zekija Saldic - преди 18 часа
Deniz - преди 18 часа
2020 Januari?
Dandiboyas malisic
Dandiboyas malisic - преди 18 часа
Eoin Duhh
Eoin Duhh - преди 18 часа
I will back every year
2017: Done also im not that hyper anymore XDDDD LFMAOO
2018: Done and dinner done
2019: Done
2020 :
Done also happy new years everyone! :) Subscribe to me!
Jivko Dinev
Jivko Dinev - преди 18 часа
precilia Sahiboe
precilia Sahiboe - преди 18 часа
Ok wil Arians zien
Grace Turquoise
Grace Turquoise - преди 18 часа
precilia Sahiboe
precilia Sahiboe - преди 18 часа
Mirjana Pejcinova
Mirjana Pejcinova - преди 18 часа
My mind katerina
Wing Chun
Wing Chun - преди 18 часа
Haven't really paid attention since TLC, SWV, and Jade lol. Just thought I'd check into what's happening with the music these days. Pretty sexual, hey?!
Wing Chun
Wing Chun - преди 4 часа
@Solomon Greraves Truth hurts lol!
Solomon Greraves
Solomon Greraves - преди 7 часа
Wing Chun fr 👎🏽
vas man
vas man - преди 18 часа
My 8 years old self: Im gonna show to everyone my favorite song
My 12 years old self: sorry mom......
Eoin Duhh
Eoin Duhh - преди 19 часа
the fact that Marshmello is more famous then ariana grande ;-; AND Shes being sining for like 10 YEARS AND Marshmello STARTED SINGING IN 2015 AND MADE 101.6M SUBSCRIBERS IN 5 YEARS!!!
alexbtw 16
alexbtw 16 - преди 19 часа
I write Ariana Grande with every like👇
Letícia Santos Gacha
Letícia Santos Gacha - преди 20 часа
Hi Ariana Grande, I'm a big fan of yours ... I'm Brazilian (Brazil) My name is Leticia I'm using google translator, but I just wanted to tell you that I admire you a lot Keep going as soon as you go far! kisses ♥
Arius - преди 20 часа
2:42 just tell em to call me stephanie did she just meant em for eminem ?
Arius - преди 20 часа
no matter how hard you try to be badass and hot Ariana Grande . you'll always look like a little girl
Amethyst Stone
Amethyst Stone - преди 21 час
Leticia Freitas
Leticia Freitas - преди 22 часа
Ariana branca
rsn p
rsn p - преди 22 часа
뭐라는지 모르면서 흥얼거리고있는 한국인 댓좀달아봐라
ibrahim ibrahimov
ibrahim ibrahimov - преди 22 часа
bad color
bad color - преди 22 часа
IL'ya Limarev 75
IL'ya Limarev 75 - преди 23 часа
poneslo mulatku na khuy
DAMN BOY - преди 23 часа
My friend says "you had sex to much".🤣😋thats why you walking side to side.
Hello Jh
Hello Jh - преди ден
I like the song but then I think u guys are exercising and making vid 😘😘
Your Daddy Can Acheive 100 subs Without Videos
Song is good until NICKI enters
Maysyusif885 - преди ден
Who show this song in 2020 press 👍👍
Ganesh - преди ден
Nicki Minaj is the worst part
ahsoqa - преди ден
Idiots: *WhO's HeRe In 2020?*