Adults React To Commercials That Make No Sense (Guessing The Product)

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Adults React To Commercials That Make No Sense (Guessing Game). Watch to see their reactions!
Content Featured:
Awesome Japanese Commercials #1 January 2019
IKEA - Let's Relax
Two-Minute Brazilian Subway Commercial
Cadbury's Gorilla Advert Aug 31st 2007
Reuveni Pridan IPG - Kibbutzim College
The Best Sushi Commercials - Gin No Sara Funny Ads From Japan
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Adults React To Commercials That Make No Sense
(Guessing The Product)
Продължителност: 14:18


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yellow masK17
yellow masK17 - преди 8 часа
Israeli commercial!!!! 5:18
Equ3strianGam3r - преди ден
Why couldn't they have the whole Straw Hat Crew in the One Piece ad? I didn't see Robin, Franky or Brook.
Peyton Stevens
Peyton Stevens - преди ден
Reallygirls - преди ден
I see Indeed CM,i click.
Alexandra Ivy
Alexandra Ivy - преди ден
Can you try jollibee commercial
Гуля Зекирьяева
Гуля Зекирьяева - преди 2 дни
This is my favourite episode of all from now😂
Shurobhi Sengupta
Shurobhi Sengupta - преди 2 дни
What is the name of the song playing in the background for the gorilla ad?? Please share
ShariSez1 - преди 5 дни
More good reasons why I don't watch TV.
Marry Deng
Marry Deng - преди 5 дни
Shut 🚀 get it
ShariSez1 - преди 5 дни
No, it would NOT.
Erwin de Haas
Erwin de Haas - преди 9 дни
Wordt er nu op 5:45 kerk genoemd.
Bestaat er in het Amerikaanse land überhaupt echt reclame over de kerk?
Zo erg zal de Amerikaanse reclame op tv toch niet zijn. 🤣🤣
Kitti Bengal
Kitti Bengal - преди 11 дни
"At Seminar Hakibutzim College, we believe you can succeed _and stay human_ ."
Hmph. Typical speciesism.
Enceladus - преди 13 дни
"Experience not required."
"Free of charge staff meals."
"Irrespective of educational background."
"Commission system."
"Any hairstyle will do."
chucku00 - преди 17 дни


satoonn eiei
satoonn eiei - преди 17 дни
“YoGurT” —Michelle,2019
Falcor Flight
Falcor Flight - преди 17 дни
I thought it was 4 Gorilla Glue
Yoad Abels
Yoad Abels - преди 18 дни
מי ישראלי 5:38
BloodPix - преди 21 ден
Banjo Potato
Banjo Potato - преди 21 ден
The gorilla ad makes me feel so nostalgic
Resa Chiic Covers
Resa Chiic Covers - преди 21 ден
for some reason i was expecting the long long man commercials xD
Lilach's edits
Lilach's edits - преди 25 дни
5:22 is a commercial in hebrew and i live in israel and i don't remember ever seeing that lololol
hireika - преди 29 дни
I love watching Japanese commercials. It’s entertaining and a lil weird. 😅
Stephanie Gerbrandt
Stephanie Gerbrandt - преди месец
Awww man you know ur getting old when you remember the gorilla Cadbury commercial
Gusti Putu Sunarya
Gusti Putu Sunarya - преди месец
So...Mikaela already adult now.
Gusti Putu Sunarya
Gusti Putu Sunarya - преди месец
@Tama San last time i watch that she still teen.
Tama San
Tama San - преди месец
Damn you son 😂😂
metaal boekee
metaal boekee - преди месец
One piece brought me here
They are pirates
Bethany W
Bethany W - преди месец
kenSMS 1209
kenSMS 1209 - преди месец
Mishti Sen
Mishti Sen - преди месец
Mugiwara ichimi out here doing ads
metaal boekee
metaal boekee - преди месец
jacob drolet
jacob drolet - преди месец
Very hilarious commercials
Joana Fernandes
Joana Fernandes - преди месец
I love Adam's reactions 😂❤️
ゲームYUGT - преди месец
I feel criticized because they’re saying that Japanese ads are weird and the fact that the FBE added the Japanese commercial in this video with the theme of ‘weird commercials’. You people are discriminating the Japanese culture okay?
MacauleyOliver - преди 59 минути
What on earth are you crying about? The Cadbury advert is weird, I'm English and I'm not upset by it 🤦‍♂️
Beachwalk - преди 10 дни
O o
O o - преди 21 ден
ゲームYUGT - преди месец
3:49 大吾がウソっプの格好してたwwwww
Neth Dugan
Neth Dugan - преди месец
I remember the Gorilla one, I keep forgetting it was so long ago. I keep thinking it's really recent. Anybody who was around at the time in the UK will remember it.
Suki Broad
Suki Broad - преди месец
I was surprised people didn't know it, it was so huge when I was a kid I got it instantly haha
Mas DoeL
Mas DoeL - преди месец
If you know Japanese, the One Piece ad is very obvious lol,
they clearly said it on their speech 😂
Mas DoeL
Mas DoeL - преди месец
@46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 68 yea for a non experienced japanese speaker, maybe some anime watcher could figure it out with that lol
46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 68
46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 68 - преди месец
Yeah, I don't really *know* japanese but the "shigoto sagashi indeedo" was the one that gave it away 😂
rohith ravi
rohith ravi - преди месец
i did not know cadbury dairy milk is available outlide india
Narean Thirumalai
Narean Thirumalai - преди месец
Cadbury is from Britain
rohith ravi
rohith ravi - преди месец
@Dipak Roy yeah and i did not know that
Dipak Roy
Dipak Roy - преди месец
Cadbury is not even an Indian brand.
T J - преди месец
we have a factory in Tasmania (Australia) and the ad is an Aussie icon.
That Pan Weeb
That Pan Weeb - преди месец
rohith ravi cadbury dairy milk is available almost anywhere XDD
Kabir Bhattacharya
Kabir Bhattacharya - преди месец
It's a meal! Mario!
Bon Ferdton
Bon Ferdton - преди месец
Do one of old directv commercials
A T - преди месец
Ahh the old cadbury ad, loved it!
Christopher Ramos
Christopher Ramos - преди месец
"He Britney Spears it".
Nope. He Demi Moored it.
BaconBlox - преди месец
Oh no
Senpai HOKURO - преди месец
Yandere studio's
Yandere studio's - преди месец
I see one piece i click
Tea Chan
Tea Chan - преди месец
was don disqualified or somethin-
Shani Dantzler
Shani Dantzler - преди месец
One Piece 💀💀💀
metaal boekee
metaal boekee - преди месец
We are
Hail King Devin
Hail King Devin - преди месец
So One piece new job. No pirate. Weird
UsernamesForDummies - преди месец
“Who pitched thaaaaat?!?”
AidanI - преди месец
I only clicked for One Piece.
super d tony
super d tony - преди месец
Solivagant Soul
Solivagant Soul - преди месец
I seen Monkey D. Luffy and I clicked
tunanganmu - преди месец
React Japanese Commercials
Tash Franc
Tash Franc - преди месец
The gorilla one is from my country!😄
rjdjjf spesl
rjdjjf spesl - преди месец
duterte christmas commercial
Shoko - преди месец
wheres hornbach tho
Yuna Zoldyck
Yuna Zoldyck - преди месец
I mean....the one piece cosplays are amazing but....I don’t understand the whole commercial 😂
Rolf Eirec
Rolf Eirec - преди месец
*Japanese Commercials* - weird commercials
*Thai Commercial* - dramatic/emotional short film commercials
Rolf Eirec
Rolf Eirec - преди месец
i know but most of thai commercials are just emotional even if they made an ad about bank savings or a cctv camera which doesn't make sense sometimes
King Sisyphus
King Sisyphus - преди месец
Emotional commercials are not only thai
PyroKinetic Gamer
PyroKinetic Gamer - преди месец
I’m a simple man. I see One Piece, I click.
Elie Jordi
Elie Jordi - преди месец
PyroKinetic Gamer MY GUY
Marina Abroad
Marina Abroad - преди месец
Damn that was hard!
Yander Dreams
Yander Dreams - преди месец
Subway lol
tengkan marak
tengkan marak - преди месец
Must be one guy, working in all these ad agencies and making these!
Hello There
Hello There - преди месец
סוף סוף פרסומת ישראלית שם חה
Yander Dreams
Yander Dreams - преди месец
Free Palestine
*Subscribe or *
*Subscribe or * - преди месец
free palestine
fathur Rahman
fathur Rahman - преди месец
i tought this will be weord japanese commercial, but no it western weird commercial
Noir026 - преди месец
The Cadbury's advert was so iconic in the UK, very nostalgic seeing it again!
O.M.A.R - преди месец
8:04 Me! The whole time.
TBH who has a thing for Trudi even though she is older than you?