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41 259
datboi - преди 19 секунди
Why is no one talking about the sign language subtitles
The Green Enderman
The Green Enderman - преди 5 минути
Tbh I love Mr. Beast and all but that clip in the end really fucked it all lmao, it's so badd😂
Darth Supremacy
Darth Supremacy - преди 7 минути
I came back to Brofist my monitor into the wall at this song. I literally can't stop thinking how T-Series beat you. I will stick with you to the end Felix!
-ѕнιкυ- ут
-ѕнιкυ- ут - преди 8 минути
T gei xD
Kulíšek TV
Kulíšek TV - преди 16 минути
PewDiePie Is milion
lmZell - преди 16 минути
Asl CC are the best
Emirhan Dal
Emirhan Dal - преди 20 минути
0:31 good 🖒🖒🖒🖒
Melanie Guevara
Melanie Guevara - преди 20 минути
i feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad for you
kitty wafffles
kitty wafffles - преди 21 минута
Nicolian Viernes
Nicolian Viernes - преди 31 минута
This breaks T-series seriously😂, Pewdiepie is a living nightmare I swear😂
10'000 subscribers without any videos
10'000 subscribers without any videos - преди 32 минути
1 like = slap t series
loot RG
loot RG - преди 33 минути
2:29 who else got an ad block for that
loot RG
loot RG - преди 35 минути
Pewdiepie is the best rapper, bc he got his dis banned in a country
Illusion 100
SONAM SHERPA - преди 35 минути
Nah i think pewds will pass Tseries in subscription again
loot RG
loot RG - преди 36 минути
Why am i still here? we lost brothers😭😭😭😭😭
rabi giri
rabi giri - преди 36 минути
*I got letter in a post*
Me: Hmmm.. what's this?

*Pewds last broFist*
Kiju - преди 38 минути
Go to subtitles and choose ASL....LMAO
Rafli Gilang
Rafli Gilang - преди 38 минути
Mana nih Indonesia
Mr.Фокси 19
Mr.Фокси 19 - преди 48 минути
i hate t series!!!
Sarah Chill
Sarah Chill - преди 55 минути
1:03 when you tell a joke your mom doesn't like at the table
Shakila Roadwall
Shakila Roadwall - преди 56 минути
I put this in my moms car

She danced
MãIsHâ MêHjâßëêN
MãIsHâ MêHjâßëêN - преди 57 минути
T-series won the war
Pewds won our hearts
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh - преди 57 минути
Mr.Beasf after spending thousands of dollars to help pewdiepie: stonks
Watson ツ
Watson ツ - преди час
-Читающий получит 799999$😎
-Лайkнувший красоту👸
-Подписkа вечная любовь💖
Pat Rick
Pat Rick - преди час
Cant roast the best because he's already dont it... What a legend Pewdiepie❤❤
XtreamG57 - преди час
“There’s no army in the world I will rather give me watch time...”
porche andromeda
porche andromeda - преди час
T-series you win!!!!!1!!1!1!1!1111111111!!!!!!!!1111
Xfart 123
Xfart 123 - преди час
Nice song
porche andromeda
porche andromeda - преди час
You lost PEwdiepie!!!!1!!1!1!1!!1!1!111111!!!
Probmx Rider
Probmx Rider - преди час
One last bro fist from the number one ever
agung GunawanSaputra
agung GunawanSaputra - преди час
Orang Indonesia like 👍
Oblivionswing 09
Oblivionswing 09 - преди час
dude, that actually gave me chills
Cheesefish42 - преди час
I love to see that people are still listening and commenting on this, is a good song💛
50 subs with no videos
50 subs with no videos - преди час
0:30 clapping hands if you know what i mean
Arshiya Rahman
Arshiya Rahman - преди час
Bangladesh is ARE NOT INDIAN !!
JpWasHere12 - преди час
Why didn't u guys include idubbbz? You BOTH were in his disd track and u guys didnt include him
juc6gtv what the f*** 2145maryvuvubj
Hes raceist?? Why I sub to you
XDESTROYER2009 FANNY - преди час
Zee Sings12
Zee Sings12 - преди час
me: *hears rumors that pewdiepie has lower subs than T- series*
me: *clicks subscribe button to pewdiepie*
edit:omg im so sad rn
PurpleGalaxy YasminYT
PurpleGalaxy YasminYT - преди час
You were enemies... But now friends. :)
ka1n x polty :3
ka1n x polty :3 - преди час
SideBomb15 - преди час
Pond Star
Pond Star - преди час
Electar Nezar
Electar Nezar - преди час
Ill use this at my friends' Marriage Ceremony
billy scott
billy scott - преди час
i feel like this is a re-upload
savage life
savage life - преди 2 часа
Hahahaha Jake Paul gets more views #T-god #poopdiepie
Oof Lord
Oof Lord - преди 2 часа
Wikipeidia is froad
Braelen’s Channel
Braelen’s Channel - преди 2 часа
Kiss my ass PEWDIEPIE wait wrong boi KISS MY ASS T-Series
go subscribe to rainfire47
go subscribe to rainfire47 - преди 2 часа
Who ever disliked is going to hell and there animals too you know what that's a little to far just you if you disliked 😡
raply gaming 32
raply gaming 32 - преди 2 часа
T series = buy subscriber
Pewdiepie = no buy subscriber
mischeif_rider - преди 2 часа
You litterally need like 9 thousand more
go subscribe to rainfire47
go subscribe to rainfire47 - преди 2 часа
You I'm gonna help every one here put on American sigh language and enjoy the show btw love you all the whole pew die pie army /no homo tho/
Mary - преди 2 часа
Alexander... congratulations--
oops, wrong video.
Noah Peterson
Noah Peterson - преди 2 часа
1 Like = 1 Brofist
Plz I need more brofists
Vernando Lim
Vernando Lim - преди 2 часа
A hacker want to hack vidcon if you guy do not stop it you guys will got hack
흥흐흐 - преди 2 часа
I can't stop listening to this
Mainar Jade
Mainar Jade - преди 2 часа
Me watching this over and over again : This *still* does put a smile in my face
troll gamer
troll gamer - преди 2 часа
Jan Pospíšil
Jan Pospíšil - преди 2 часа
1:30 br0
EdoAnimations - преди 2 часа
For legal reasons T-Series is gay
Kayuza 145
Kayuza 145 - преди 2 часа
I just wanna say, you are a champion, bro. I'll be here from the beginning and until the end! Because when you are apart of the Brofist Army, you never leave it!👊
Maxsim Baker
Maxsim Baker - преди 2 часа
Cant believe they compare Pewds, a guy who plays videogames in his room to a Company with hundreds of people.
Micahnine - преди 2 часа
0:19 roomie is just drinking and not cheering
Diego Trejo
Diego Trejo - преди 2 часа
Play This song at 1.5x faster it’s sounds a lil cooler!!👍🏻
Maxsim Baker
Maxsim Baker - преди 2 часа
314K people liked the video so much that they flipped the screen and liked it again!
kj 3865
kj 3865 - преди 2 часа
This song is ass go t series
NameThis - преди 2 часа
Boyinaband wooo
Mattsbrotroll :V
Mattsbrotroll :V - преди 2 часа
My Japanese language teacher:whats the most tense anime battle?
Me, an intellectual: PewDiePie vs T-Gay.
X-Zero - преди 2 часа
Rainbow - преди 2 часа
good job t series
S1 P0op
S1 P0op - преди 2 часа
Pewdiepie: *speaks english*
Me: *watches on Swedish captions*
عبدالله العتيبي 511
عبدالله العتيبي 511 - преди 3 часа
Ja Libi
Ja Libi - преди 3 часа
Change the subtitle/captions to American Sign Language. This is disturbing
NZoe - преди 3 часа
Ja Libi so yrue
ShadowMajk - преди 3 часа
Pewdiepie you are for me number 1 on YouTube
Zeno Xavier
Zeno Xavier - преди 3 часа
When i start ti listen to pewds song i cant stop
cheese god
cheese god - преди 3 часа
Thats stupid all these views but they dont sub pewdiepie you won the race he bought his subs
WDSA - преди 3 часа
Yajing Yang
Yajing Yang - преди 3 часа
felix casually lifts sunglasses using middle finger
Shiny Sceptile
Shiny Sceptile - преди 3 часа
It was great fighting for you Mr Pewds
EpicHypersFortnite LoL
EpicHypersFortnite LoL - преди 3 часа
Peewdiepie: Guess to beat one Swedish boy you need a billiion Asians
Asians: We have 200IQ
john david herrera chapeton
john david herrera chapeton - преди 3 часа
no mames pewdipie esto es penoso si sencillamente lo hubieras ignorado estaria bien pero con este video se nota que estas ardido
GD Altinqtion
GD Altinqtion - преди 3 часа
Saddest music video.
Mario Syahbani
Mario Syahbani - преди 3 часа
Bict lasagne
Tom Mayormita
Tom Mayormita - преди 3 часа
I cant wait for 2019 rewind... Also a tribute, Rest in peace etika u will be remembered
FADE Savage
FADE Savage - преди 3 часа
at 0:28 hes mad
Willow Essence
Willow Essence - преди 3 часа
Just got flipped off.. 0:28
Joshi Woshi
Joshi Woshi - преди 3 часа
Sub to me
TheHamster Lord
TheHamster Lord - преди 3 часа
Bruuuh, #### T-Series. If anything Pewdiepie Didn’t deserve to be outdone by some cheating company. That’s bs. Hope T-Series’s channel crashes and burns along with all their subs. 🤬😡😡😡
Monjel Magar
Monjel Magar - преди 3 часа
Put it to American Sign Language 😂😂😂😂
Bryce Caysey
Bryce Caysey - преди 3 часа
Nico - преди 3 часа
vincent dominguez
vincent dominguez - преди 3 часа
rip pewdiepie
Taylor Padfield
Taylor Padfield - преди 3 часа
0:29 holds up middle fingers tryst to make it not obvious
Bro Gamer9005
Bro Gamer9005 - преди 3 часа
Tell me your Roblox name and if u subscribed to pewdiepie for 10,000 robux
GD Altinqtion
GD Altinqtion - преди 3 часа
Another French Surrender
Another French Surrender - преди 3 часа
More died in the war on tserius then in any other war
Angel Salmoran
Angel Salmoran - преди 3 часа
Youtube is messed up 4 not letting them at least top 3 on trending
OG Yummy
OG Yummy - преди 3 часа
Big up the banter on this song amazing
francisco zavala
francisco zavala - преди 3 часа
what genre is this song
ttv. jokesman
ttv. jokesman - преди 3 часа
You like James Charles
ChampionDude345 - преди 3 часа
Anyone notice pewdiepies hand at 0:26 - 0:28 ?