73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue

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omar campos
omar campos - преди 31 минута
Is it just me or the house is rlly empty 😬
Sushma K
Sushma K - преди 37 минути
Kim sounds different
Kerrion Manuel
Kerrion Manuel - преди 48 минути
Nywayz - преди час
8:33 wHiCh iS😭😂
Allanah Grimes
Allanah Grimes - преди 2 часа
Aniya - преди 2 часа
Kanye weird asf😭😭😭
Tana •
Tana • - преди 2 часа
The boy is SOOOO pretty
E M O J I . L E X
E M O J I . L E X - преди 2 часа
that facetime was the fakest thing i’ve ever seen.
Magga Anna
Magga Anna - преди 6 часа
Wow she’s actually a really good mom, so chill and ofc gorgeous
Happy Go Lucky
Happy Go Lucky - преди 6 часа
I don’t believe for one second that Kim is still in love with Kanye
Nasr Zubi
Nasr Zubi - преди 7 часа
Look at their house and look at me eating cereal on my bed
tiramisu - преди 7 часа
im kinda envy the interviewer. seems like a guy with witty attitude and always say right way to respond with others. lovable and likable.
Leen Hamdan
Leen Hamdan - преди 7 часа
She's a good mom
Iris LaFontaine
Iris LaFontaine - преди 7 часа
2:28 "I think we always keep it real and there's really no real situations". Wut?
Grace - преди 8 часа
Interviewer: What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done?
Kim: Well, someone asked me to adopt them.
Interviewer: Wow that is so weird.
Interviewer in head: dammit i hope she wasn’t talking about that one time when i-
Runa RUmaba
Runa RUmaba - преди 8 часа
Hey vouge can you do 73 question with Billie Eillish😁😁
DWE - преди 8 часа
And Im Kanye West
Pilar 68
Pilar 68 - преди 9 часа
Love them
Lydia Grace
Lydia Grace - преди 10 часа
3:10 is rare footage of kanye smiling
James G Brown
James G Brown - преди 15 часа
AaliyahOficial - преди 15 часа
Man that thing so freakin plain I don’t like that house
ca86 - преди 16 часа
house is plan and boring...colorless and cold.
Tiffany Cusic
Tiffany Cusic - преди 17 часа
This not the same Kayne that went in at the Pablo show!
Sultan Şahin
Sultan Şahin - преди 19 часа
Chi kill kanye 😂 i think so cute 😊
Js äV
Js äV - преди 20 часа
This is sucide fuel.
Jerroleen Annes
Jerroleen Annes - преди 21 час
inteveiwer: what is your favorite thing in this house 🙃 kanye: the toilet😏 kim: 😲
Willene Potgieter
Willene Potgieter - преди 22 часа
This was my least favourite 73 questions :(
Lps Lover
Lps Lover - преди 22 часа
Ingrid Zonaro
Ingrid Zonaro - преди 22 часа
clipsedits btw
clipsedits btw - преди 23 часа
fornite hahahaha
en - преди 23 часа
Do one with Ellen Degeneres pls❤
Ally McDaniel
Ally McDaniel - преди ден
I feel like this one is slower than the others
Taylor McKeown
Taylor McKeown - преди ден
Their house is so plain. But I love to see them with their kids.
candy k
candy k - преди ден
I dont believed thats there house they just using it for camera purposes. 😂 they smart about it.
Jessica Pineda
Jessica Pineda - преди ден
Why was she mean and didn’t get him yeeZys is she is supposed to be nice and kind
c c
c c - преди ден
It is incredibly strange that there is nothing (art) on those large, bare, white walls.
(Minimalistic? Sure. But...)
Sophia Garcia
Sophia Garcia - преди ден
1:20 me everyday 💀
Journey Lynn
Journey Lynn - преди ден
interviewer: what's your favorite thing about you job?
kanye: working
Pixie Angel12
Pixie Angel12 - преди ден
Interviewer : what does your kids like the best
Kanye : me
Neil Escolar
Neil Escolar - преди ден
Can you and Kanye adopt me or at least let me crash in one of your spare rooms till I find a place to live, when I come down there. I'll let u know when I'm on my way
AncientCaptinmqam123 Roblox
AncientCaptinmqam123 Roblox - преди ден
10:34 who else heard Kim burb? 😂
KauaMK - преди ден
Suneh Safarian
Suneh Safarian - преди ден
Omg I’m Armenian and that guys Armenian way of saying “do you speak Armenian?” Is so weird, and Kim is pretty good lmao
relatin Katelyn
relatin Katelyn - преди ден
Gabbie Gedin
Gabbie Gedin - преди ден
Oof she so PRETTY
sarah bni atta
sarah bni atta - преди ден
جولوا ما شاء الله
Lauren Wong
Lauren Wong - преди ден
Why is Kanye an actual robot
naima Yusuf Mohammed
naima Yusuf Mohammed - преди ден
The only reason I'm here is that I saw Kanye smiling in the thumb nail.
Zulay Ortiz
Zulay Ortiz - преди ден
Alguien habla español 😞
wtf anja
wtf anja - преди ден
disappointed he didnt say "AND IM KANYE WEST"
Bee Simone
Bee Simone - преди ден
Why would she name their kids like that
Mark Ganus
Mark Ganus - преди ден
it's an 85-iq thing
Josip Ćurić
Josip Ćurić - преди ден
"What 3 words people use to describe you?"
"Sweet, _smart_ "
*_Proceedes to walk backwards_*
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton - преди ден
Naughty and rude northie
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton - преди ден
Naughty nirthie
ChristyConsumesCats andCanConsumeY000U
3:11 lol did anyone else notice that Kim just got punched in the face
Morgan Collar
Morgan Collar - преди ден
There should be a 73 questions with the guy who asks the questions
Katherine Teresa
Katherine Teresa - преди ден
No ones going to talk about how she was so annoyed at the end😂
Tea Bedran
Tea Bedran - преди ден
What is your hidden talent?
Kim:I can smell when someone has cavities.😂😂
Charlotte Jefferson
Charlotte Jefferson - преди ден
Interviewer: “What’s your favourite thing about your kids?”
Kanye:”Their dad.”
LK •
LK • - преди ден
Kanye in this video is the best thing ever
Lucas Trader
Lucas Trader - преди ден
I live in Beverly Hills
Danish Tan
Danish Tan - преди ден
Always plugging
DD All
DD All - преди ден
I'm dead with comments about Kanye 😂😂😂😂😂😂 You guys are awesome!!!!!!
Rebekka Poder
Rebekka Poder - преди ден
ok but Saint is so beautiful
Fitrisha97 - преди ден
Kim:"....oh and fortnite.."

Me:"oh god...these kids"
C.H Gaming
C.H Gaming - преди ден
too big house.. So creepy
Jolyn Koh
Jolyn Koh - преди ден
1:11 , Kim sounds exactly like kris at that!! 😍
SNxLisa - преди 2 дни
*aNd i'M kanyE weSt*
Pranker Callers
Pranker Callers - преди 2 дни
Flashing lights being in the background was the best part of the video
keira skye
keira skye - преди 2 дни
Is this planned
Lint Licker
Lint Licker - преди 2 дни
Interviewer: “what’s the best thing about food?”
Ye: “Eating it.”
Thaddeus Venture
Thaddeus Venture - преди 2 дни
Interviewer: whats your favorite thing about your kids
Kanye: ima let you finish but i am the greatest father of all time of all time!!!
Jodee LePelley
Jodee LePelley - преди 2 дни
Kim actually seems sweet. I’ve heard she’s a snot but idk
Sub to me idk why
Sub to me idk why - преди 2 дни
“I can smell when someone has a cavity.”
*Weird flex but ok*
Isa C
Isa C - преди 2 дни
“She likes anything food.”
Lay Bur
Lay Bur - преди 2 дни
The phone call looked like it was fake
Shannon Cooper
Shannon Cooper - преди 2 дни
Gagging the whole time☺️
Reena Durai
Reena Durai - преди 2 дни
Kanye West Diahrea
cosima kazak
cosima kazak - преди 2 дни
What you think about climate Change ?
How long humans can exist on this planet ?
What can we Change or its too late ?
can u have mexican??
can u have mexican?? - преди 2 дни
"whats your favorite food"
Kanye: Food
can u have mexican??
can u have mexican?? - преди 2 дни
Kanye is literally is me when my relatives ask me questions
Joeowateva - преди 2 дни
Did that meme bring you here? No? Just me. Okay
Marcel Czubak
Marcel Czubak - преди 2 дни
I want her house.
Megggss - преди 2 дни
THESE are so cringey
OhAbbi - преди 2 дни
saint: I wanna. go to the playroommmm with the nannies
Ali Bin sheikh
Ali Bin sheikh - преди 2 дни
Interviewers: kanye what's your favourite thing about your wife?
Kanye: her bubble butt
Donald Ason
Donald Ason - преди 2 дни
1:54 Money
Vanya Wolfie
Vanya Wolfie - преди 2 дни
Their house is empty af
D. Z.
D. Z. - преди 2 дни
More like... 73 awkward moments
Grace Half light and night fury
Grace Half light and night fury - преди 2 дни
Interviewer—what’s the best thing about life. Kanye—life
Praxedes Mubanga
Praxedes Mubanga - преди 2 дни
Kim is actually nice...
Andrew Hutchinson
Andrew Hutchinson - преди 2 дни
Watching her frolic with her kids was the most refreshing moment 😌
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic - преди 2 дни
I judge her for being silicon. But she's a good ma
Chad - преди 3 дни
Interviewer: what’s the best part about talking

Kanye: the words
JAPAN 178 - преди 3 дни
japanese please
Funny family Kids
Funny family Kids - преди 3 дни
Her kids are so cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂
MARALAND SAWZY - преди 3 дни
Kim is so humble
73 questionsDR
73 questionsDR - преди 3 дни
*please guys help a dreamer, I want to do a (73 questions) dominican version, please subscribe*
Muslim Masterpiece
Muslim Masterpiece - преди 3 дни
2:17 ** I LiKe SquIShYS** **Kim: OoOoOoH**
B MC - преди 3 дни
5:06 I don’t think she even realises how spoiled she sounded there