Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Review - 108 Megapixel Madness.

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My Full Unboxing and Review of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 / Mi Note 10 Pro Smartphone, including Camera Test, Battery Test, specs, features and more.
Available to buy here: www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009781495194.html?wid=1349303&lkid=70556277
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Murat Sahan
Murat Sahan - преди час
A good well done review. Now we just need the battery test
Adlina Sabri
Adlina Sabri - преди час
I love his english.
Israel Hernandez
Israel Hernandez - преди час
Looks like the actual galaxy note 10 lol
Feinchan - преди 2 часа
I'm quite disappointed, why did Xiaomi even put a mid fucking range chipset on a near perfect phone?
like.. seriously? Xiaomi?
DPG entertainment
DPG entertainment - преди 2 часа
Let's thank Samsung for this camera
Grzegorz Król
Grzegorz Król - преди 2 часа
mi note 10 vs mi 9 t pro ?
Jaya K
Jaya K - преди 2 часа
Xiaomi: Our camera comes with a free phone!
Jaya K
Jaya K - преди 2 часа
iPhone: has 3 cameras
Everyone: omg that’s so many there’s gonna be 50 cameras on iPhones in 2050
Mi note 10: has 5 cameras
Everyone: that’s so cool best phone ever so cheap!
inkling 2114
inkling 2114 - преди 3 часа
"The only thing stopping me from switching is the midrange chipset"
Me looking at my LG rebel 4
Shaikh Sabiruddin
Shaikh Sabiruddin - преди 3 часа
I don't believe......note 10 awesome mobile.....😍...... I'm waiting for mobile
Shaikh Sabiruddin
Shaikh Sabiruddin - преди 3 часа
Xiaomi note 10 How much.....?
How to buy please....tell me sir
Willy Aji
Willy Aji - преди 3 часа
Apple sucks...
Shaikh Sabiruddin
Shaikh Sabiruddin - преди 3 часа
Shaikh Sabiruddin
Shaikh Sabiruddin - преди 3 часа
I like this...... please give me
How much
Shaikh Sabiruddin
Shaikh Sabiruddin - преди 3 часа
Izzat Omar
Izzat Omar - преди 3 часа
Just bought a new phone a week ago than this came out
Tech Creator Ankit
Tech Creator Ankit - преди 4 часа
Honest Review
0009basim - преди 4 часа
Even if it’s 10000 mega pixels, apple’s 12 MP give better pictures!
nirav patel
nirav patel - преди 5 часа
There are 4 flash lights?
chagga zone
chagga zone - преди 5 часа
OMG!!!! 108mp am still waiting for 2025 full back cover camera
Ak Poddar
Ak Poddar - преди 5 часа
that day wont come when we will have phone
BATTERY 8000mah
camera 450 mp
*heat detecting sensors
*temperature detecting sensors etc
Yameng Jamoh
Yameng Jamoh - преди 5 часа
2009_ 1.5 MP
2019_108 MP
2050_ 1k MP
2090_ Information to N.A.S.A.
Rakesh6nair - преди 5 часа
Nobody wants to see your face
BMB Worldview Enjoyment
BMB Worldview Enjoyment - преди 5 часа
I wll buy it
.....the day will come when there will be only cameras in the phone
Lovely Jogar220
Lovely Jogar220 - преди 6 часа
TINGTONG CHANNEL - преди 6 часа
Pengen bett akuu😫😫
silent jackal
silent jackal - преди 6 часа
I think they able to add better CPU and add about 60$, was better🤔
For The People
For The People - преди 6 часа
Chinese stuff fuck off....oh hell yaaaaa
Ph. Alam Azad Akesana
Ph. Alam Azad Akesana - преди 6 часа
Pliz tell me about storage
adegbenro agoro
adegbenro agoro - преди 6 часа
Will it be "madness" on the Galaxy S 11 phones?!
Mission Peace
Mission Peace - преди 7 часа
*When phones started becoming popular, things like watches and radio got vanished. Now, it's time for DSLR cameras to vanish due to Xiaomi and Television due to YouTube.*
Renato Gonzalez-Maza
Renato Gonzalez-Maza - преди 7 часа
Still sticking with my S10+
Srinivasan G
Srinivasan G - преди 7 часа
rio zuardi
rio zuardi - преди 7 часа
108mp lol. 😂
THE WARRIORS - преди 7 часа
Compare with huwaei p30 Pro
Subrata Kushari
Subrata Kushari - преди 7 часа
This man's voice is really something
Redstool - преди 7 часа
Is no one gonna talk about 4:04??
///AmgFanboi74 - преди 7 часа
Hi, I hope you read this because I really believe that showing uniform test shots of some same places or things in every phone video would really elevate your vids especially on these camera heavy phones. Any phone can take great looking photos if you really try but the "candid shot" that most of us are looking to take, is where some phones shine, and some fail. My favourite example of a phone that fails in the "candid shot" is the P30 Pro, seriously I keep my Motorola Nexus 6 with me cause I feel that the P30 Pro always needs setting shit up and thought to take a good looking shot, while the Motorola from 4 years ago, just does it.
Rakib Shaharia
Rakib Shaharia - преди 7 часа
chipset killed the phone
Venkat Raju
Venkat Raju - преди 7 часа
why don't you switch to the realme x2 pro . It has sd855+ processor .
DEADPOOL - преди 7 часа
Xiaomi is from Huawei
Jupsuツ - преди 8 часа
Asian Fitness
Asian Fitness - преди 8 часа
ok but expensive
Hassan Shahid
Hassan Shahid - преди 8 часа
What is the processor
Kushal Xettri
Kushal Xettri - преди 8 часа
Just get to the point..
Does it blast??
i'msam cool9
i'msam cool9 - преди 8 часа
I have note 7 pro
Raj Shyam
Raj Shyam - преди 8 часа
508 mega pixel nhi diya China me kuch bhi hosakhtahe
Howling Wolf
Howling Wolf - преди 9 часа
Install a good custom rom from xda, Franco's kernal, Gcam instead of the standard cam. This would be a beast!🔥🔥
Howling Wolf
Howling Wolf - преди 9 часа
Also for audio, flash Viper4Android
Paulus Tomsik
Paulus Tomsik - преди 9 часа
Sorry, but I feel that Note 10+ has more detailed and generally more beautiful photos
ahmed jamal
ahmed jamal - преди 9 часа
Hey”Mrwhosetheboss”. Have you announced the licky winners for i phone 11pro’s?
Mr. Big Stan
Mr. Big Stan - преди 9 часа
tuhh kan gw bilang jga apa.. !! #MendingXiaomi hahahaha 😁😁
Sndeep Jaiswal
Sndeep Jaiswal - преди 9 часа
How many Price of this phone
KiwiGhost - преди 9 часа
You have beautiful eyes.
Maryoom khaled
Maryoom khaled - преди 10 часа
Holly shit he's so hot
Pradeep G
Pradeep G - преди 10 часа
Where did you buy it and what is the cost
Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard - преди 10 часа
I don't know why Xiaomi returned to notch from pop-up camera?
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - преди 10 часа
Jeez and 845 would have sold it for me
성촛불 - преди 10 часа
Xiaomi Failure Rate 100%
Buy yourself, Xiaomi.
1 k subscribers with No videos
1 k subscribers with No videos - преди 10 часа
Thats why we love mi
babaz bin ali
babaz bin ali - преди 10 часа
like it