Ariana Grande - Break Free ft. Zedd

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Ariana Grande ft. Zedd - Break Free (Live On SNL)
Available for download NOW on Ariana Grande “My Everything”
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Grant Lewis
Grant Lewis - преди месец
Zedd...... nice
ARYA XZ - преди 2 месеца
just to be clear you can sing like this and then sing to dance pop songs ? girl come on
BillieeilishTakisLife - преди 4 месеца
She’s grown so much! Wowwwww
halsey le tissier
halsey le tissier - преди 5 месеца
Ariana Grande and zedd
Ariana Grande and Martin Garrix
She was with cashmere cat too but .........
halsey le tissier
halsey le tissier - преди 5 месеца
Ariana Grande loves saying baby
HomewreckerHaHa - преди 6 месеца
This was a terrible version.
Christina Stewart
Christina Stewart - преди 7 месеца
I like the SNL Version Of This song
Cam'Ron Young
Cam'Ron Young - преди 8 месеца
2:31 look at dancers' skirt!
angelina gomez
angelina gomez - преди 9 месеца
my baby
D. Snelson
D. Snelson - преди година
The intro reharm was gorgeous!
snow_. bunny
snow_. bunny - преди година
The part b4 the upbeat was better in my opinion tbh
landmark gaming123
landmark gaming123 - преди година
I love ariana but this aint it chief
Pierson Hall
Pierson Hall - преди година
Wow she’s really grown so much
Christina Stewart
Christina Stewart - преди година
The SNL Version Of This Song is way better than the original
elsie mclain
elsie mclain - преди година
I had never heard this performance, and I know why lmao
Skullhead1924 - преди година
Lmao chris patterson is in the beginning
Jesi Grande
Jesi Grande - преди година
I still watch this everyday
Lavetta Thomas
Lavetta Thomas - преди година
I hate when she's overly breathy. It messes the song up to me. I love this song though.
Bans - преди година
Her outfit is so cute
Anonymous Poster
Anonymous Poster - преди година
Ugh, I can't stand it when these pop stars come on SNL and just lip sync their auto tune studio only hits!!!!
oceanbreezq - преди 22 дни
Anonymous Poster Lmao have you even heard the original version of this song? She’s not lip syncing 🤣
z - преди година
Shemione Granger
Shemione Granger - преди година
Anyone notice she says "Baby" a shat- load of times when she sings live?
Suzie Towner
Suzie Towner - преди година
Frank Dwayne
Frank Dwayne - преди 2 години
I love her twin back up dancers! Goals!
oceanbliss - преди 2 години
lukonawesome - преди 2 години
Where are my male fans at ❤️
norah haque
norah haque - преди 2 години
My queen!!!!! 😻
Diana Villarino
Diana Villarino - преди 2 години
That's my sister
Kristin Elise
Kristin Elise - преди 2 години
I love Ari but that F5 was awful haha
Yuliana Medina
Yuliana Medina - преди 2 години
I love you
Simran - преди 2 години
She's so amazing!!
arianalyrics - преди 2 години
Poor baby
violet fiona
violet fiona - преди 2 години
Am I the only one who LOVES THIS?! It's so amazing!!
love ari
love ari - преди 2 години
I like it when she is live and I also liked it when it was piano then she started performing with the adiou so good I love you Ariana Grande❤❤♥♥👌👌
taesjacket - преди 2 години
She slayed this
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez - преди 2 години
I love you Ariana Grande ♡
Kara Camille Delonas
Kara Camille Delonas - преди 2 години
Mom never fails to impress ❤️ QUEEN
Pablo César
Pablo César - преди 2 години
onde estava esse vídeo??
Elusive Grandesss
Elusive Grandesss - преди 2 години
for the bitches who are spewing bullshit out of their assholes. rumor's that Ari hates her Fans or "Said it". I want fucking receipts of that bullshit.
nothing hes
nothing hes - преди 2 години
who else where cat ears cause of Ariana leave a cat emoji below.🐱i do
JessicaMaeS94 - преди 2 години
🐱😻 I still wear them!
One Dollar Bleach
One Dollar Bleach - преди 2 години
I forgot about this performance. I LUV THIS. This is my fave version of break free. This and the other one she did on liek MTV.
Ervan Swan sr
Ervan Swan sr - преди 3 години
stop hateing
k - преди 3 години
Wow she's improved so much since this performance it's incredible
Ben - преди 3 години
This was before her first tour she wasn't used to dancing and signing yet
Andre Ross
Andre Ross - преди 3 години
oxox xxx
Jessica Renae
Jessica Renae - преди 3 години
Beautiful 😍❤️
Lyla Faith
Lyla Faith - преди 3 години
Yass Ari! Omg I love you so much! 😍
Gucci Man 77
Gucci Man 77 - преди 3 години
ArianaGrandeFan Page93
ArianaGrandeFan Page93 - преди 3 години
I like the first version she sang ✨🌹✨
Lyla Faith
Lyla Faith - преди 3 години
ArianaGrandeFan Page93 Same
Xyphii - преди 3 години
millionth view!
marirocga - преди 3 години
I heard that this is a song for her brother
Jin Jimin
Jin Jimin - преди 3 години
#tb when she had her cat ear 😍😍
Shukri - преди 3 години
cynthia diep
cynthia diep - преди 3 години
She SLAYED like usual but she sounded a little different in this performance...was she sick?
Moonlight Fanatic
Moonlight Fanatic - преди 3 години
Her voice seemed MUCH more different in all of 2014 then when she was on the honeymoon tour, or right now. Maybe her voice wasn't in very good condition in 2014, or faking tone?
Jarrod S
Jarrod S - преди 3 години
Nope, she was sick while recording this
anngelesss _
anngelesss _ - преди 3 години
Cynthia Diep its just cayse it has no autotune but she sounds thr same she always slays
cynthia diep
cynthia diep - преди 3 години
@Arianator 4 ever hmm yea maybe
Sarah Hall
Sarah Hall - преди 3 години
Cynthia Diep she wasn't sick cause I remember during this time in 2014. Her voice was probably a little lower from the rehearsals and at the time she was rehearsing for other shows too, if that makes sense
Elizabeth Nicole
Elizabeth Nicole - преди 3 години
Love her or hate her, her voice is incredible idk how people can stand to say she's bad like they could even hold a note like her it's hilarious!
Lyla Faith
Lyla Faith - преди 3 години
for a slow dance I like this version of break free but for a dance party the regular version
Jonathan S Fisher
Jonathan S Fisher - преди 3 години
that high note was weak. but she's done better
Issy D
Issy D - преди 3 години
Not her best song
Marrissa Folken
Marrissa Folken - преди 3 години
I want to meet her soooooo bad
Marrissa Folken
Marrissa Folken - преди 3 години
I love you so so so so so much Ariana!! 💚💚💚💚💛💛💛💛💛❤❤❤💜💜💜💖💖💖💝💝💝💞💞💞💙💙💓💓💞💞💞💙💙💝💝💖💖💞💓💓💓💚💛💛💛❤💜