Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State Warriors - Game 1 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Ximo Pierto
Ximo Pierto - преди 2 месеца
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yobench - преди 2 месеца
Hi Ximo, you are the absolute GOAT at what you do, but why do you never include defensive highlights ?
DonateToMe GetAnHourWithAlex
DonateToMe GetAnHourWithAlex - преди 2 месеца
Cris Carter is about to get #MeToo'd. 😔
Πέτρος Μανουσέλης
Πέτρος Μανουσέλης - преди 2 месеца
Name of song at the beggining?
John Paul San Luis
John Paul San Luis - преди 26 дни
Soundcloud rapper
snoopolion - преди месец
Whats the Beat at the beginnig called?
Threelly AI
Threelly AI - преди месец
I hate it when this happens...
John Nguyen
John Nguyen - преди месец
I see a lot of illegal moving screens by the Warriors.
Montemex23 - преди месец
Who is the rapper that sings the espn Playoff promo “ I’m on a mission mission “?
Yves Mario Cordon
Yves Mario Cordon - преди месец
Dame is trying too hard. The coach is supposed to be the superstar, if he is blind; your team is well done. There goes my season, stupid sweeps.
Luka Magic
Luka Magic - преди месец
I came back here to let y'all know that what i said was true.. Who said they wouldn't sweep them.. 😹
Deidade Kalondjo
Deidade Kalondjo - преди месец
Golden state has some sick plays....the way they exchange the ball is incredible
KarmaDot - преди месец
ironic hes battling his brother
EpicMotorcycleJourney - преди месец
Kd must go and gs get deandre jordan and kristap portingis
彭于晏 - преди месец
☑️週週結/對匯 輕鬆沒負擔👌
有玩過、沒玩過 歡迎都來詢問👏
還在被代操、帶牌 不出金的現金版騙❓
razel santidad
razel santidad - преди месец
Vryan toys review
Alexes Subebe
Alexes Subebe - преди месец
They play better and won without KD.this same team will beat cleaveland in 2016-2018 without KD.hope KD will not suit til rest of the playoff.so the people may know.
David Ian Sison
David Ian Sison - преди месец
They said that it is the first time two brothers play against each other in the conference finals but in east the gasol brothers are against each other
life4meBig6 bighomie
life4meBig6 bighomie - преди месец
I love how the blazers won
Ronaldo 9 Ronaldo9
Ronaldo 9 Ronaldo9 - преди месец
Fuk America fuk
Dylan Flores
Dylan Flores - преди 2 месеца
fucking blazers dont play defense properly
Sebastian Wiebke
Sebastian Wiebke - преди 2 месеца
Fuck Curry .. lil bitch ... he need a headshot 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
darko galic
darko galic - преди 2 месеца
Sonya Curry getting all the attention, not Ayesha Curry. Hmmm wonder why ?!
Alvin Soriano
Alvin Soriano - преди 2 месеца
This game is the reason why GSW dont need KD and Cousin.
alexander supertramp
alexander supertramp - преди 2 месеца
the ball move such fantastic. when player off ball, on ball they rest team should learn something here. defend win you championship
chelsea sergrio
chelsea sergrio - преди 2 месеца
steph curry always half court
emani donaldson
emani donaldson - преди 2 месеца
This is what people are talking about and why they love this team. Yes, obv Klay and Curry are crazy but this team works together so well. Steph had a clear cut 3 point and instead of taking any risk and hogging he passed it to a wide open player for a dunk. Most of these players are ego based only. This whole team sees the bigger picture and WORK TOGETHER. This is why they will always win. With or without KD he's just like a dlc
garry dirain
garry dirain - преди 2 месеца
Putang ina old school
Fear the Snake
Fear the Snake - преди 2 месеца
This is what I want to see warriors play as team...I don't like when they have KD its like they only feed KD some buckets
efralopez1 - преди 2 месеца
Steph, their favorite son, is gonna win. They know it, even that weird looking Seth knows it.
Chiu華 - преди 2 месеца
4:0 por out
Chiu華 - преди 2 месеца
Por performed poor.
El Cacas
El Cacas - преди 2 месеца
Dame time = Choke time
El Cacas
El Cacas - преди 2 месеца
Kyle Lowry is the most consistent choker of all the league.
Damian Lillard: Hold my watch
Samuel Jacob
Samuel Jacob - преди 2 месеца
The Blazers, specifically Kanter played some really bad defense on the pick and rolls
Frazti - преди 2 месеца
Warriors are much faster without KD.... not hating.
doKaan - преди 2 месеца
arena sounds like a summer league
Joe Gage
Joe Gage - преди 2 месеца
Seth Curry is the black Steph Curry.
NeoHD23 - преди 2 месеца
Kanter you idiot!! If your man set screen against your team mate you need to cover that blocked side otherwise they get open shots, this little highlight just showed Kanter gave away 5 open shots!
Mr Smile
Mr Smile - преди 2 месеца
I hate thompson
Owari Da Jiren
Owari Da Jiren - преди 2 месеца
Give seth curry more playing time before the warriors sweep them in this series. 🤣
Pavel Likhovid
Pavel Likhovid - преди 2 месеца
With all my respect to Portland they have no chance to win this series
XxYianzzixX - преди 2 месеца
13:49 damian jones first basket
Gr ol
Gr ol - преди 2 месеца
3:18what curry see😂😂
Klaro Playz
Klaro Playz - преди 2 месеца
Everyone Is Going Nuts When GSW Aka. Golden States Warriors When They Shoot XD😂😂
AO BRADERSYT - преди 2 месеца
seth curry is a joke
FortCC - преди 2 месеца
No contest...
Chris Acoman
Chris Acoman - преди 2 месеца
Warrior's come out en plaaaaaay away! Playing like champs again
67Loowit_scarab - преди 2 месеца
People seeing what they want or expect to see right now. If I'm a warrior I'd be worried... the blazers had an off night and kept it manageable until garbage time and stotts gave in to try again. Meanwhile curry had quite the game, but it wasn't a complete blowout. The blazers CAN show up and they have something to prove so let's hope this isn't a lame series.
kirkbeau - преди 2 месеца
They do a better job without KD
Jamahl Johnson
Jamahl Johnson - преди 2 месеца
Blazers might get swept 👀
Ethan Nguyen
Ethan Nguyen - преди 2 месеца
2:51 watch it
Romualdo G.
Romualdo G. - преди 2 месеца
Curry and thompson, have license to kill..😂😂