Top 5 iOS 13 Features!

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Matrix Jonah
Matrix Jonah - преди час
Great, now they are were android was years Ago. Again
mirmir666 - преди 6 часа
I am so sorry for apple users. This is nothing new in android world.
RandomTech - преди 7 часа
Still doesnt let you turn off wifi and bluetooth from the control center
Kearl Saint Ong
Kearl Saint Ong - преди 9 часа
These features made me switch back to ios(from android) and update to 13 beta 2 😎
Will Backhouse
Will Backhouse - преди 12 часа
Mark Ass Brown Lee
Niklas Olsson
Niklas Olsson - преди 12 часа
Aarnav Panchal
Aarnav Panchal - преди 12 часа
I’m so hyped for Dark Mode I love dark mode on everything and it’s honestly life changing
C11 - преди 16 часа
I’m gonna miss the old volume rocker logo but at the same time it was out-dated, annoying, and garbage lol so glad it’s gone
C11 - преди 16 часа
They FINALLY!!!!!! Added swipe keyboard, DAMN! I had that on my Samsung Galaxy phone when I was in 7th grade and haven’t had the amazing feature since. I’ve always wondered when Apple was going to release it, if at all. I’m now a sophomore in college and they’re barely coming out with it, about time but why did it take so long? Lol
• TreasureHead •
• TreasureHead • - преди 17 часа
i’m so happy about dark mode tbh
Galactic649 - преди 19 часа
Why am I watching this I have an iPad and a Pixel
Sibangi Singh
Sibangi Singh - преди ден
Mortal Demon
Mortal Demon - преди ден
They should make an Iphone where you can charge your airpods in
AlejBen3000 - преди ден
Mark ass brownie
TheOfficalFireBall - преди ден
The photos grid thing was already on apple watch
Trucke3 - преди ден
Finally playing catch up with Android
Trucke3 - преди ден
@Daniel P explain how they made keyboard swiping, smaller volume adjustments, long pressing wifi and bluetooth, and dark mode was "made better"
Daniel P
Daniel P - преди ден
Trucke3 more like making existing features better
idk lol
idk lol - преди ден
i like how smoooth he touch/swipe the ip screen
idk lol
idk lol - преди ден
i like how smoooth he touch/swipe the ip screen
Drew Summers
Drew Summers - преди ден
Gotta give to iOS for thee most intuitive photos app I've ever seen
André Caeiro
André Caeiro - преди ден
iOS 13 no longer shows the devices warranty status! Why?
And on iPads no longer shows the battery life status!
Kabelo Poo
Kabelo Poo - преди ден
Thanks tour very much too
Deaf Mac Boi
Deaf Mac Boi - преди ден
I am afraid iOS 13 will not run on Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Deaf Mac Boi
Deaf Mac Boi - преди 14 часа
@Daniel P okay I hope it will not slow my iPhone down. Reason I don't want to upgrade an iPhone until Apple have a 5G iPhone then I am ready.
Daniel P
Daniel P - преди 15 часа
Deaf Mac Boi yes it supports iPhone 6s and up. Go on apples website and see for yourself
Deaf Mac Boi
Deaf Mac Boi - преди 15 часа
@Daniel P are you sure? iphone 7 is very old
Daniel P
Daniel P - преди ден
Deaf Mac Boi it does support iPhone 7
Yeetem Yeetemem
Yeetem Yeetemem - преди ден
Everyone copies apple’s hardware, but apple copies everyone’s os
Cooper Gorman
Cooper Gorman - преди ден
Does anyone know if they've fixed or plan on fixing the shitty (front) camera on Iphone Xs? Referring to the low contrast/over the top noise reduction...
Jaylen Clark
Jaylen Clark - преди ден
Ahhhh I’ve been waiting for dark mode for FOREVER!! So glad it’s came
Zahid Ansari
Zahid Ansari - преди ден
IOS is so satisfying ,clean and simple compared to android(personal opinion)
sumeeth s nambiar
sumeeth s nambiar - преди ден
Dark mode available on iphone XR?
Eben Doe Jnr
Eben Doe Jnr - преди ден
I really love iOS’s always challenging and beautiful to use ..making d impossible possible...and pls to d Samsung and Unsecured Android users..don’t try to use iOS cuz u gonna get lost ..😂😂😂
Yogs - преди ден
Except security there is nothing special in apple updates. I made a mistake of coming back to iphone after selling iphone 6. Definitely going back to Android. Iphone is not even smart phone when compared to Android in options
Aly Adawy
Aly Adawy - преди ден
Does audio sharing work with beats?
Upeksha Dilshan
Upeksha Dilshan - преди ден
I want that wallpaper it’s look awesome
DeeP Navi
DeeP Navi - преди ден
I dont know why i m watching this vedio bcoz i m a Android user
Lyric - преди 2 дни
Best thing that happened in 2016: MnMs
Sandeepjo B
Sandeepjo B - преди 2 дни
Bro which brand is that wireless bluetooth device besides airpods in the video?????????? DOES ANYONE HAVE IDEA ABOUT IT????
wrxthomas - преди 2 дни
mark ass brownie
Andrew Hobbs
Andrew Hobbs - преди 2 дни
Volume for sure
Pavan Chilukuri
Pavan Chilukuri - преди 2 дни
7:14 Volume bar fix 👏🏻
lolzz TV
lolzz TV - преди 2 дни
Welcome to android
WheresChris4 - преди 2 дни
That volume is probably biggest to me lolol Dark Mode will be tight too
Edwin Jordan
Edwin Jordan - преди 2 дни
I downloaded iOS 13.1 on my iPhone 8 and i wasn’t able to use swipe keyboard and the volume
GormanYT - преди 2 дни
I have a IPhone 5
Hunter Roberts
Hunter Roberts - преди 2 дни
you forgot optimized battery charging
Zane Half gaming channel
Zane Half gaming channel - преди 2 дни
6:06 youtube has entered the chat
Johnson Riegel
Johnson Riegel - преди 2 дни
Top.. Awesome
post moddy
post moddy - преди 2 дни
Question about the audio sharing: Is there a maximum number of earphones that can be connected?
Dimetrodon 225
Dimetrodon 225 - преди 2 дни
Is it true that’s IOS 13 will let you use any wireless controller or something along that line?
kopkraft - преди 2 дни
Thanks! Great summary
Jake Hennett
Jake Hennett - преди 2 дни
How is the old volume system ridiculous?
Toucan Sam
Toucan Sam - преди 2 дни
mark ass brownie
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer - преди 2 дни
So how do you get the beta for iOS 13?
Abby hadley
Abby hadley - преди 2 дни
A hack for iPhone users when you missed type something and you want to delete press down your pace button and move it to where you need it 😁

Another one when you typed something really long and you deleted on accident you can shake your phone easy and tap undo 💓💓
Being a freshie is cool
Being a freshie is cool - преди 2 дни
Is iOS 13 going to be on IPhone 6s?
Amazing Huh
Amazing Huh - преди 2 дни
Guys what is iOS 13 is it a new phone I’m just wondering because I have a iPhone XR is iOS 13 a phone update
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh - преди 2 дни
that volume ui, looks exactly like miui by xiaomi.... and the features, dude... Android has it already.... what are they doing for that much money?
SGpro 42:00
SGpro 42:00 - преди 2 дни
Good job Markass brownie
Isaac Ristick
Isaac Ristick - преди 2 дни
Will iPhone 7 get iOS 13
Agustin Vega
Agustin Vega - преди 2 дни
For all the people that keep saying that android has already had these features: If I cared enough about those features I would own an android but I don’t. And when I bought my iPhone I didn’t do it because of what it didn’t have, I bought it for the features it does have and because I like it. When these “new” features get added it’s simply a bonus, and obviously many other people feel the same because millions of people own iPhones. So no you’re not better or cooler because your android has it, no one cares.
Sultan Al obaidle
Sultan Al obaidle - преди 2 дни
o my gosh i did you know i bought the iphone xr just 1 month before the ios 13 realsing date
liam sk8erboi
liam sk8erboi - преди 3 дни
Is it out yet, and if it is, is it out for the iPhone 7?
Sultan Al obaidle
Sultan Al obaidle - преди 3 дни
when is the new apple watch coming out
OnyX - преди 3 дни
Apple is amazing
Wiggly Benally
Wiggly Benally - преди 3 дни
I don't have an iPhone but Dark Mode looks good, even though I have it on my Galaxy. Dark mode is always the best though
Lisa Mlambo
Lisa Mlambo - преди 3 дни
Keyboard swiping has been on Samsung FOREVER
Galactic649 - преди 19 часа
Lisa Mlambo it’s been on Android phones before Samsung had a custom keyboard; Samsung isn’t special.
emilyyy kennn
emilyyy kennn - преди 3 дни
watching this on my android
Saswat Sarangi
Saswat Sarangi - преди 3 дни
what is the point of 3D touch in WiFi or Bluetooth, i mean in the background u can't do anything extra, that 3D assistant kind of helps though in some cases while using other apps
Jurgen Cami
Jurgen Cami - преди 3 дни
What about selfie camera is so zoom in they not gonna fix it?
Saswat Sarangi
Saswat Sarangi - преди 3 дни
2:59 thanks tour very much??? and refund, those were auto generated messages , are those not?
Saswat Sarangi
Saswat Sarangi - преди 3 дни
by the time i buy Apple products , it is iOS 15 at least , no, it is 18 or 19, if it exists
noharmsubscriburz - преди 3 дни
Mark ass brownie
Gainz Ville
Gainz Ville - преди 3 дни
I'm done with apple products. They come out with a new phone every year and the old ones just get slow and glitchy as fuck purposely for you to buy the new one and they break way easier than galaxy products. Fuck apple they just want your money
Nell Mosende
Nell Mosende - преди 3 дни
Finally the menu for wifis and bluetooth. I also wish they could make that silent switch into unlock rotation switch like with the ipad. I’m a huge movie geek and make that call a notification rather than taking up the screen
Daisy Hernandez
Daisy Hernandez - преди 3 дни
Ok i love all this but when will i be able to still play youtube on the background???!!! 😩
Andrew Evans
Andrew Evans - преди 2 дни
Daisy Hernandez when you buy youtube red 😂
αlρнα мαявlє
αlρнα мαявlє - преди 3 дни
I have an xr coral :(
Julizza Marie
Julizza Marie - преди 3 дни
When is iOS 13 releasing? My iPhone is still on iOS 12.3.1 and says software is up to date
Daniel P
Daniel P - преди ден
Julizza Marie it will come out in September
Dario. A
Dario. A - преди 3 дни
When does IOS 13 come out officially???
Pruthvirajsinh Chudasama
Pruthvirajsinh Chudasama - преди 3 дни
Inbuilt Video editing💯🙌🏻
ツiXotiic - преди 3 дни
Hello I’m currently swipe typing on IOS 13
Abdul Rahoof
Abdul Rahoof - преди 3 дни
I think apple now let us use File browser capabilities in iOS official music app, so that we can browse and playback songs stored in files app! Doesn’t that sounds great 👍!? Hit like if you support! 😬
Nunya xoxo
Nunya xoxo - преди 3 дни
i thought when someone calls you, instead of the full screen that pops up... you’ll get a notification?!? I guess not.. 🙃
Chlorox Bleach
Chlorox Bleach - преди ден
Nunya xoxo ikr that is frustrating, really ruins our gaming experience should do this to whatsapp, messenger etc.
Morpheus Jenkins
Morpheus Jenkins - преди 3 дни
So hyped for September
FleetTakeFlight - преди 3 дни
Apple bouta get sued for swipe text
Saabrito - преди 3 дни
How are you guys getting copies of iOS 13 before the open beta
tommy bee
tommy bee - преди 3 дни
When are they going to enlarge the alphabet on the artists list ???????
weirdrobs 42
weirdrobs 42 - преди 3 дни
Why didn’t I get iOS 13 yet?
fredi herrera
fredi herrera - преди 3 дни
The god damn volume had to be my favorite
Kainoa Kanter
Kainoa Kanter - преди 3 дни
LMAO Android is better
Daniel P
Daniel P - преди ден
Kainoa Kanter lmao android is better at lagging and being slow
TaXbil - преди 3 дни
Wait do iPhone XR get the update? And do you have to pay?
I’m sorry, I don’t know much about iPhones. My dad is usually the one that gives the whole family the phones and we just use them.
TaXbil - преди ден
Victoria Scurlock ok thank you!!
Victoria Scurlock
Victoria Scurlock - преди ден
Yes, the XR will get the update. And it's free. When? IDK
Blame 17
Blame 17 - преди 3 дни
Not gonna cap iOS is so far behind
Henry Butchart
Henry Butchart - преди 3 дни
Mark ass brownie
xtawfik VLOGS
xtawfik VLOGS - преди 3 дни
Walt very nice. Wedding with my app
Devin Liu
Devin Liu - преди 3 дни
Julius Jenkins III
Julius Jenkins III - преди 3 дни
Samsung devices have had that Bluetooth audio sharing feature since the S8. It's called Dual Audio
No No
No No - преди 3 дни
How do you get ios13?
Nyte Freakboy455
Nyte Freakboy455 - преди 3 дни
Why do ppl like dark mode?
CevicheMemes - преди 3 дни
also iOS 10 supports controller like Xbox and PlayStation now
Sizwe Dlamini
Sizwe Dlamini - преди 3 дни
Is Apple that far behind Android?!
Top10 Dreams
Top10 Dreams - преди 3 дни
Features their trying to showcase already exist in android. So why stay on this crap technology?
Jet Hopkins
Jet Hopkins - преди 3 дни
Mark ass brownie
Amaad Ayub
Amaad Ayub - преди 3 дни
Dark mode for iPhone se
Colloso Gaming
Colloso Gaming - преди 3 дни
Is this coming on I phone 8