Poppy Takes the Turing Test | Seventeen

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Poppy says she's "from the internet," so we challenged her to the Turing test, which is usually given to a computer to see if it can think for itself. No surprise, Poppy was definitely up to the challenge. She answered everything from "What is love?", "Are you immortal?" and more without breaking a sweat. Could our robot get the singer to break character? Watch and see.
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Seventeen - преди 4 месеца
Could you pass a Turing Test? How would you prove you're a human?
Soggy Potato
Soggy Potato - преди 3 месеца
@Jennifer Playss cringe
Jennifer Playss
Jennifer Playss - преди 3 месеца
Well ima ailen so idk
Soggy Potato
Soggy Potato - преди 4 месеца
fortnite borger
lini verghese
lini verghese - преди 13 дни
She is so çute like an animé character
Noob Master69
Noob Master69 - преди 16 дни
She should go on Ahs
Tony Yul
Tony Yul - преди 23 дни
Slipknot poppy Slipknot
it’s me faith
it’s me faith - преди месец
poppy: “It AlL sTaRtEd WhEn I wOkE uP iN a FaCtOrY”
me: hellll nahhhh the hell.
Ryan Gagnon
Ryan Gagnon - преди месец
Poppy(a robot)said they will take over there for they will lol I'm a huge poppy seed
_Ravinder .RS_
_Ravinder .RS_ - преди месец
She was born as Moriah , Daughter of A Drummer and Then she turned into poppy
Chandie East
Chandie East - преди месец
where do i get one of those sweaters? who is the designer?
Brooke Burney
Brooke Burney - преди месец
Her voice tho
maya must die
maya must die - преди месец
omg all the voice cracks are so cute.. i think it's really hard for her
LavenderTBH - преди месец
Whats your favorite thing to eat?
Poppy: Doritos
Shes actually normal for once
pretty girl
pretty girl - преди 2 месеца
I love poppy but if I saw her in real life I'd run
Delphoxx - преди 2 месеца
I love her
Xan Shipstew
Xan Shipstew - преди 2 месеца
Everyone saying this is cute...this is terrifying lol. I love it though.
Y. Readman
Y. Readman - преди 2 месеца
I love that jacket
Darren Lin
Darren Lin - преди 2 месеца
marry me goddess
Belgin Sadic
Belgin Sadic - преди 2 месеца
I LOVE you
mena massoud & naomi scott fan
mena massoud & naomi scott fan - преди 3 месеца
when the question “what is love?” Came up, I was just like

Alexandra Rodriguez
Alexandra Rodriguez - преди 3 месеца
Is she really a robot
chewy chee
chewy chee - преди 3 месеца
Is she a robot or human-
Lil miss ???
Lil miss ??? - преди 3 месеца
Every time EVERYTIME they ask her something her smile gets bigger 0~0

Itsyagirlyetari !
Itsyagirlyetari ! - преди 3 месеца
And that mission was to bring love and happiness into the world

Emina Spahić
Emina Spahić - преди 3 месеца
omg! you love BlackPink?? 💖
Itsyagirlyetari !
Itsyagirlyetari ! - преди 3 месеца
I love her voice
Julinda Myftiu
Julinda Myftiu - преди 3 месеца
I dont think She is a robot i think it's a human
Hi I’m Me
Hi I’m Me - преди 3 месеца
She can’t even keep a strait face through lying for attention I hate ppl like her 😁😤🙄
Catching scammers In adopt me
Catching scammers In adopt me - преди 3 месеца
I don’t like her she scares me she is very pretty tho
Alien Eggos
Alien Eggos - преди 3 месеца
Marie_ Ski
Marie_ Ski - преди 3 месеца
This is unholy
Heaven Hammitt
Heaven Hammitt - преди 3 месеца
Boo poor kid
Kennedy Thompson
Kennedy Thompson - преди 3 месеца
Poppy is amazing
Savannah Herrick
Savannah Herrick - преди 3 месеца
Would an exact clone of yourself still you still look like you?
Poppy : It would be called poppy #2
.:. She just admitted to being poppy clone #1.
Annnd. she has no belly button
She admitted that they took it from her.
UrMom DotCom
UrMom DotCom - преди 3 месеца
Ppl still care for her? Imagine stanning a complicit in abuse, obnoxious, poor acting, copycat. 🤮
destiny - преди 3 месеца
UrMom DotCom you’re still on about this? Mars got her justice be happy and it’s not poor acting if she is actually creeping people out
UrMom DotCom
UrMom DotCom - преди 3 месеца
Cant take her seriously after everything that happened with Mars. Crazy shes still doing this. This is so lame now lol yikez.
destiny - преди 3 месеца
UrMom DotCom to you lmao
Thomas Murphy
Thomas Murphy - преди 3 месеца
All Hail Poppy!
Branaysia Westbrooke
Branaysia Westbrooke - преди 3 месеца
Why she sound like a kid???🤔
destiny - преди 3 месеца
Branaysia Westbrooke it’s how she talks
平野 εїзεїз 旭
平野 εїзεїз 旭 - преди 3 месеца
That fake voice she does is so grating. And, yes, it is fake, there are videos of her real voice and she sounds like any other generic american woman.
destiny - преди 3 месеца
平野 εїзεїз 旭 yup with a slight Nashville accent
king jevil
king jevil - преди 3 месеца
Poppy is obviously 19
destiny - преди 3 месеца
terry krab she’s 24
king jevil
king jevil - преди 3 месеца
Poppy looks like a nice person
Kodie Hulse
Kodie Hulse - преди 3 месеца
Poppy do you have a family and how old are you
Stardust Ninja
Stardust Ninja - преди 3 месеца
She sounds like a loli-