The Truth… Bhad Bhabie CopyCat Makeup Tested

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KaylaBlair567 - преди 5 часа
Why do I feel like she really liked Jeffree. She was just acting fake?
Britnee Alderson
Britnee Alderson - преди 5 часа
She got in a fight with a girl who Thanks she is black and sorry if the words are not right because I am 9 years old
Alexis Hooper
Alexis Hooper - преди 6 часа
I love your hair
thqnk yqu nqxt
thqnk yqu nqxt - преди 8 часа
"im not mad at it..."
me looking at my prom dress
Ebonie Makowski
Ebonie Makowski - преди 11 часа
*inhales pallet*
Lauren Buckley
Lauren Buckley - преди 13 часа
"Like it went bye bye"
Idk why that was so funny lol
Dragana Milovanović
Dragana Milovanović - преди 15 часа
Jeffree drop some of those clothes in Serbia trash so I can pick it up
regiregix regina
regiregix regina - преди ден
im pleasantly suprised it is veerrrryyyyyy cheap and they are not trying to hide they are dupes props
Ice_kookie 016
Ice_kookie 016 - преди ден
I know nobody will read this if my spelling is wrong it doesn’t I am really depressed....and....I am considering about hurting myself the only thing that makes me happy is Jeffery he makes me proud of myself but I have been depressed lately hopefully I can try to get better I have just been getting lots of hate from people and I just couldn’t take it anymore this might be my last message on a device Jeffrey makes me happy so I will keep watching his videos hopefully something will make me better.
Ice_kookie 016
Ice_kookie 016 - преди 4 часа
Patricia Letterman Thank you for your supportive message I appreciate it very much I have told everyone including my friends family they are giving me lots of love to make me feel loved again hopefully this nightmare will be over but now I will TRY to get better
Patricia Letterman
Patricia Letterman - преди 5 часа
@Ice_kookie 016 well I'm rooting for you. Have you thought about checking houses into a facility? I actually did that in 2010 when i tried to commit suicide. They got me on my bipolar meds. I am currently only on celexa for my depression and bipolar. Now a year ago I went into rehab so I'm almost 1 year sober from using meth and pills for20 years off n on i was out there. This July I'll be one year sober 🙌! My point is I've been there boo! I am on subutec which helps curve my using cravings but please do whatever it takes to get better. If you feel like no one around you is supportive then find new people to be around. You look so fuckin young. I'm here to tell you it's not easy being young but it gets easier the more you try to get better. The more your positive. The better you try to be and do. I honestly how you can heal yourself whatever it takes! I love you
Ice_kookie 016
Ice_kookie 016 - преди 6 часа
Thank you so much I am trying as hard as I can to get better
Patricia Letterman
Patricia Letterman - преди 6 часа
I hope you get better! This has my heart broken. I'm praying your ok. Please just take time to be grateful. I understand I've been there I tried suicide but boo once your gone your gone forever. No one will know why. You may think no one loves you but I do! I truly genuinely do! Please let me know your ok. I'll be waiting
lishy tuadles
lishy tuadles - преди ден
Danielle is okay rather than what she portrayed at the tv.
Jaeda Stevens
Jaeda Stevens - преди ден
Selena C
Selena C - преди ден
The name of Bhad Bhabies makeup “COPYCAT” reminds me of Billie Eilish.
Mayah le
Mayah le - преди ден
That lipgloss 😍
Acacia Desirae
Acacia Desirae - преди ден
Her teeth are so fucking .... Jdneheuebwhe
Megan Beery
Megan Beery - преди 2 дни
If i ever met jeffreestar im not sure id ever have anything to say its so fascinating listening lol i love it !! Id be like jeffree tell me all your problems ill listen lmmfao
Suzzy - преди 2 дни
Sierra Gardner
Sierra Gardner - преди 2 дни
So basically its shit lol
Haley Colburn
Haley Colburn - преди 2 дни
For the price, I can't say that they're bad at all. Definitely need to add ALL INGREDIANTS. Some people are very sensitive and allergic to certain things that tend to be in make-up. But all in all, I'd say you get what you pay for, and this is worth way more for $30! Not bad at all! People copy cat things all the time! From music lyrics to make up products, skin care regimens to hair dye. You gotta work that hustle and as long as you're not breaking the law, get that hustle bitch!♡
Patricia Buie
Patricia Buie - преди 2 дни
Why does kim and jeff look alike and act alike but jeff is prettier lol
Bina Whitaker
Bina Whitaker - преди 2 дни
Jeffrey boo you look good
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury - преди 2 дни
Your meeting Elton John. Omg I’m so jelly.
Jamie Dolin
Jamie Dolin - преди 2 дни
I love the pink lip gloss it looked bangin with your jumpsuit and nails. I also liked the pink liquid shadow ALOT. For me a subtle glow is what I go for even a nude type of highlight works for me but I see what you meant by them all kinda looking similar. For the price and for a younger group I think its fine. I'm over 40 so I need quality but for the kids and anyone on a tight budget I say Heeeyy!!! Thats what I appreciate the most the price point and wait best of all bhad bhabie bhitch....righteous💋
Destinee Salazar
Destinee Salazar - преди 3 дни
The actual starting of her doing her makeup is 12:55 ❤️
Momma Geek
Momma Geek - преди 3 дни
Ugh is that the cash me outside girl?
Rachel Wills
Rachel Wills - преди 3 дни
I couldn’t even watch this . bad bhabie makes it awkward and I feel like she’s just rude lmao
Gabriela Borges
Gabriela Borges - преди 3 дни
Eu fico assistindo os vídeos dele sem entender porra nenhuma, mas amo
Carol Ketlin
Carol Ketlin - преди 3 дни
Why you have so so so so SO many tats?Do you like tats?NO HATE!
Lime Juice
Lime Juice - преди 3 дни
You should make commercials for cable for your makeup line
Lorna Young
Lorna Young - преди 3 дни
I can’t stand her she’s so out of normalcy, but I’m glad she was nice to us, I’m surprized
JayDeeworld - преди 3 дни
The girl didn’t know nothing about makeup but selling it 🤦🏽‍♀️
renee rogers
renee rogers - преди 4 дни
"my face looks flatter than my own chest" SISKJSKJSK
SupernaturalLove100 - преди 4 дни
Elizabeth Ellifritz
Elizabeth Ellifritz - преди 4 дни
The brushes look like a elf brush
Megan Jonas
Megan Jonas - преди 4 дни
Why were people made Copy Cat is a dupe? The name is literally Copy Cat
Mzz bitty
Mzz bitty - преди 4 дни
For a kid, that's not a bad review. It's a cheaper version. I love jeffree😜😈💗
al bozarth
al bozarth - преди 4 дни
I never really laugh but he kept getting me every time about the brown eye shadow. I just couldn’t! 😂😂😂😂
Jb Harrison
Jb Harrison - преди 4 дни
Guess what your a mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Lil Toto
Lil Toto - преди 4 дни
I'm only here because it popped up in the related videos and I don't even watch makeup channels
Alyce Bessman
Alyce Bessman - преди 4 дни
Try honest beauty please😊
sis and bro vlogs
sis and bro vlogs - преди 4 дни
I think bhad bhabie is a good person
Ryannorris Norris
Ryannorris Norris - преди 4 дни
Karl Corpus
Karl Corpus - преди 4 дни
No hate but i think your comparing the copycat beauty and Anastasia,two faced,others but i love your videos jeffree star
phoenix feather16
phoenix feather16 - преди 4 дни
RANDOM RAINBOW - преди 4 дни
Gurlllll!!!!! Yo hair💕💕💕 Sis you slayedd that bih❤💕❤💕
Paula Accio
Paula Accio - преди 5 дни
este maquillaje te hace los ojos todavía mas hundidos!!!
miya massie
miya massie - преди 5 дни
Girl you are so mean😼😼👿
Jeordie & Jessica- Our Videos Are Fun!
Julee Hodge
Julee Hodge - преди 5 дни
I’ve seen elf and Mabelyen at the drugstore
Megatube LG
Megatube LG - преди 5 дни
Is it a girl or a boy?
Izzy TV
Izzy TV - преди 5 дни
Video starts 10:19
The depressed Emo
The depressed Emo - преди 6 дни
I can’t fucking stand her😂😂 lol but Jeffree, 😍😍😍😍
ChaoticDoll69 - преди 6 дни
Fun way to get turnt up. Take a drink/shot every time he says “Definitely there”

I’m curious to try copycat and Jeffrey convinced me to try a few.
Madilyn YEET
Madilyn YEET - преди 6 дни
Jeffree is my hero
Narce Fragoso
Narce Fragoso - преди 6 дни
Maybe he got payed to do this video
Lal Lal
Lal Lal - преди 6 дни

Jeffrey: "oH wOw, oKaY"
Virgo Jules
Virgo Jules - преди 6 дни
@Masaya Naman so true!!
Kattychu - преди 6 дни
PLEASE do the buying fake J.S.C products bish we are waiting

Love ya ❤️
Ve to
Ve to - преди 6 дни
Hi chocolate how are ya
Ve to
Ve to - преди 6 дни
Hi Elton how are ya
Mercy Plays
Mercy Plays - преди 6 дни
Why do you apply EYE shadow to your BROW bone?
anabella ramirez
anabella ramirez - преди 6 дни
*hi elton how are ya*
Tiresa Tuimaualuga
Tiresa Tuimaualuga - преди 6 дни
Hi sis
Ashley P.
Ashley P. - преди 6 дни
14:50: "Yall know I like to glow!" 😂😂😂
Chantha Ortiz
Chantha Ortiz - преди 6 дни
No ingredients list ? Come on!
759 Gear
759 Gear - преди 6 дни
Damn I saw this at ultra did the tea
FlowerMute - преди 6 дни
You talked way to dang much in this video
Dxddy_isa I don’t want to put my last name
Also it’s not like copycat is taking credit for the incredible makeup
this girl
this girl - преди 6 дни
All I see is piles of clothes in the background
Selene 12
Selene 12 - преди 6 дни
Stephanie Holey
Stephanie Holey - преди 6 дни
Jeffree always looks on Point!
Stephanie Holey
Stephanie Holey - преди 6 дни
Is it just me or do Bad baby teeth look too perfect?
Alexis G.
Alexis G. - преди 7 дни
I love your approval vids! I really love that you gave your honest opinion about the shades, ingredients, & lack their of, packaging, ect. in a very professional way! I also agree about the ingredients needing to be provided on the products. Personally, I wouldn't purchse any products that didnt have ingredients provided. I would also like to see creative names for the products she is creating. Fun product names shows creativity & love for the business your in & products your creating. I'd like to see Bhad Bhabie put a tad more effort as far as creativity goes. Over all, I thought her dupes weren't horrible. Great vlog as always J. 🌟😘
rebecca - преди 7 дни
i don’t understand how she ignored the dogs completely like i would have hugged the shit out of the cute lil doggies 🥺🥺
Jacqaise Anselm
Jacqaise Anselm - преди 7 дни
Literally Nobody:
Jeffree: Bitch! It’s a new day, Good Morning...
OMG This had me dying 😂😭
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - преди 7 дни
"My face looks flatter than my own chest"- Jeffree Star 2019
Francesca Sosa Reyes
Francesca Sosa Reyes - преди 7 дни
Weave snatched
Hotel trivago?

Anyone ?????🙋🏼‍♀️ just me ok
Ava Chan & Lillipup
Ava Chan & Lillipup - преди 7 дни
Is it just me or does she sound like catch me outside girl
Addie Melon
Addie Melon - преди 6 дни
Ava Chan & Lillipup she is the catch me outside girl 😂
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson - преди 7 дни
I LOVE WHAT YOU LOVE JEFFREE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋
Sabrina - преди 7 дни
Jeffree Star: *has makeup on fingertips and palms; continues to talk casually, not one stain on his tracksuit with long sleeves*
Me: 😑😐*Wearing an art apron in art class; colors my paper with marker, somehow getting a long marker stain on my SHORT sleeve shirt*
Laurel Sinclair
Laurel Sinclair - преди 7 дни
Jeffree - 30 Min video - 1 ad

James - 15 Min video - 10 ads

Dani Cohn - 5 Min video - 50 ads

Love u 😂😘
C Hernandez
C Hernandez - преди 7 дни
I love you Jeffrey 🖤
Mackenzie hamilton
Mackenzie hamilton - преди 7 дни
Jeffery- “They live and have their moment-“
Me- “What my parents tell me”
Mackenzie hamilton
Mackenzie hamilton - преди 7 дни
Jeffery, you need to try children’s makeup. Like starter make up that is super cheap! I really just want to see the reaction 😂
J rocs
J rocs - преди 7 дни
Love how nice jeffree is.
Kayloni's Life
Kayloni's Life - преди 7 дни
Jeffree:F*CK NO
Valerie Rodriguez
Valerie Rodriguez - преди 7 дни
It probably don't work on your skin cause your a guy can u plz stop trying to b a woman
Latisha Buckman
Latisha Buckman - преди 7 дни
It was really messy in his house maybe theres something he's doin but it looks hectic
Faze Maddy
Faze Maddy - преди 7 дни
Istg jeffree would be a good parent so would nate💓💓
Just me?
dos bros tacos
dos bros tacos - преди 7 дни
Faze Maddy agreeeeeeeeeee like they already a cute couple imagine them with children!!!🥰🥰😍😍
Del Rey Fitness
Del Rey Fitness - преди 7 дни
I Think Its Great That They’re Making Makeup That Everyone Can Afford Tbh
Iulia Trofim
Iulia Trofim - преди 7 дни
You look like barbie
Iulia Trofim
Iulia Trofim - преди 7 дни
Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect
Ang Maxwell
Ang Maxwell - преди 7 дни
Brown shadow👻
Cazzie kookie lover
Cazzie kookie lover - преди 7 дни
Awww jeffree is soo sweet to her its so kyuttt😍❤️💗
mini ruslebiffen
mini ruslebiffen - преди 7 дни
yeeeeees you should lisent on her music (gucci flip flops )
mini ruslebiffen
mini ruslebiffen - преди 7 дни
to her music not on her music***
Angel Dove
Angel Dove - преди 7 дни
RIP Diamond.
Chloe Page
Chloe Page - преди 7 дни
Imagine being that calm when meeting Jeffree Star
Shea O.
Shea O. - преди 7 дни
God listening to her speak makes me gag, shouldn't soil himself with such garbage
Billies Bil Sack
Billies Bil Sack - преди 7 дни
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The makeup review starts at 13:22
Ayla-Marie Stanley
Ayla-Marie Stanley - преди 7 дни
Jeffree I love you but girllllll clean your house 😂❤
Melissa Gonzalez
Melissa Gonzalez - преди 8 дни
Jeffree bitch you cute okay! 💕💕