Golden Buzzer! Detroit Youth Choir Can't Hold Back The Tears - America's Got Talent 2019

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Diego Henrique
Diego Henrique - преди час
Jhoel Condor Chavez
Jhoel Condor Chavez - преди час
Alguien me.puede decir como se.llama la canción del coro de Ditroit ?????
King Lion
King Lion - преди 2 часа
Never give up on youth!!! They are the future!!!!
Mark Abro
Mark Abro - преди 3 часа
Who else from Detroit Michigan
Charles Lynch
Charles Lynch - преди 4 часа
This Is The Most Amazing Choir I've Ever Seen In My Life! I Love It!!
Esethu Sotheni
Esethu Sotheni - преди 5 часа
Some many onions in here are being chopped 😭😭 I can't Terry ha.a
Happiness Sadness
Happiness Sadness - преди 5 часа
I’m in tears with terry’s speach😭😭
Lydia Rose
Lydia Rose - преди 6 часа
This is the moment, and tonight is the night... for the Detroit Youth Choir to get the golden buzzer.
hakan borucuoğlu
hakan borucuoğlu - преди 7 часа
How many times I watched and all same end... damn onions..
Kanzi Hale
Kanzi Hale - преди 7 часа
My heart ❤️
Steven Ntwali
Steven Ntwali - преди 7 часа
Terry Crews is the MVP
msbeautifulll68 - преди 8 часа
Astrid Manglind
Astrid Manglind - преди 8 часа
Omg I’m crying soooo much this was GREAT!! Terry is the best host ever
Nicole O Scott
Nicole O Scott - преди 11 часа
Yes sir to have the belief of one person can shape and grow anither life. So happy Terry did that didn't know he was allowed to do it! Bravi a tutti
Rachel M
Rachel M - преди 12 часа
Terry and Julianne please keep em AGT
Rachel M
Rachel M - преди 12 часа
Thanks Terry! I'm sobbing now.
Farhanah Ismail
Farhanah Ismail - преди 14 часа
I just can’t hold it back. I literally cried in public. Every one of you are incredibly amazing ❤️❤️❤️
Nomad - преди 14 часа
Never forget where you are from, peace
Nomad - преди 14 часа
Thank you Anthony White, we need more people like you, bless you
barashiba - преди 15 часа
my husband and I love Terry so much
Henrique Jorge Mateus
Henrique Jorge Mateus - преди 17 часа
When terry started speaking i started crying. Who else?
Tonya Glover
Tonya Glover - преди 19 часа
ikaruku - преди 21 час
Terry Crews has crews named Terry Crews crews
mosando - преди 21 час
Everyone tosses the goat around for this or that but Terry Crews is the GOAT of life !!!
Thiago Pereira
Thiago Pereira - преди 22 часа
Loved it incredible impossible not to get excited😭
Mark W.
Mark W. - преди 22 часа
Freeloading already.
oceansofapollo - преди 22 часа
they kinda suck ngl
keaka boi-
keaka boi- - преди ден
I’m not crying you are
Agnis S.R
Agnis S.R - преди ден
There's an eye in my tear... ❤ i loveeeeeeeeeee that so much
lyssa rose
lyssa rose - преди ден
In my opinion they shouldn't of had a golden buzzer it's just for me there performance was nothing compared to a lot of people I mean they were good enough to make it thro but come on a golden buzzer all I see is a sob story that's all you need for a golden buzzer now days no hate just saying it's how it's been.
Christina Prado
Christina Prado - преди ден
I think they were great and well deserved golden buzzer but i just wasn't crazy about that one boys voice at about 5:12 5:13. He seemed a bit flat to me or ran out of breath. Just didn't mix well to me. I don't think they should have gave him a solo honestly but they are talented
Christina Prado
Christina Prado - преди 3 часа
@Amit Ranjan yeah terry crews seems like he has a big heart
Amit Ranjan
Amit Ranjan - преди 17 часа
This is a great show. Even the host of the show gets to give a golden buzzer. Wow that host is a great man.
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The Leggetts
The Leggetts - преди ден
anyone else think that howie was also about to press the golden buzzer????
The Leggetts
The Leggetts - преди ден
anyone else think that howie was also about to press the golden buzzer????
ahmed missaoui
ahmed missaoui - преди ден
that little guy is shocked in all the video 😂😂
Lowkeypoppin - преди ден
This show was the best when nick cannon was hosting
m18 r18
m18 r18 - преди 4 часа
Pauline Rose
Pauline Rose - преди ден
Terry stay forever in AGT
Blink Owl
Blink Owl - преди ден
Terry is not a judge so hard to believe this was not all scripted.
Efrem okbe
Efrem okbe - преди ден
You are a great person and real black African-American
Well done Terry
Thank you sir
Unews Tv
Unews Tv - преди ден
Offiong Akdear
Offiong Akdear - преди ден
Was literally crying
Oh God,these was beautiful
Much love 💕💕💕💕
Dalena - преди ден
I love terry as a host so freakin much!!!!!
Shizo Veswuh
Shizo Veswuh - преди ден
Ah! He missed the famous line "there can be 100 people in a room and 99 don't believe in you............"
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez - преди ден
Why all black?
Lopez HD
Lopez HD - преди ден
Imagine they win and mr white just takes all the cash 😂
India Brown
India Brown - преди ден
Iwygtnm P
Iwygtnm P - преди 2 дни
That truely and utterly amazing 💓
Insane gamer jr
Insane gamer jr - преди 2 дни
This is how many people are lying in this chat👇🏻
Sugar - преди 2 дни
This was awesome
BTS paved the way
BTS paved the way - преди 2 дни
beachhh i cried