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Do you want to surprise your friends with hearty food? Then this video is for you! Watch to know unusual ways to cook noodles, recipes with coca-cola and egg hacks!
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00:33 Coca-cola ideas
01:30 Cupcake with coca-cola
02:17 Homemade lip balm
03:42 Bait for insects
04:38 Egg hacks
05:41 Egg roll recipe
06:39 Yummy fried eggs
08:18 Delicious casserole with noodles
09:49 Noodles cupcakes
11:07 Yummy noodles stricks

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5-Minute Recipes
5-Minute Recipes - преди месец
Hello 😊❤ Did you know these coca-cola hacks? What do you want to try?😋😘❤👇
nada mahbolista
nada mahbolista - преди месец
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nada mahbolista
nada mahbolista - преди месец
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Gangadharappa Revanna
Gangadharappa Revanna - преди месец
Super 💖💞💕❣️💯🔥
its faza
its faza - преди месец
@Sümeyye ayyuceno
its faza
its faza - преди месец
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Lily Thompson
Lily Thompson - преди месец
You can't get the yolk out because you ar not trying
Jinan Sabti
Jinan Sabti - преди месец
Golu and Molu Sinha
Golu and Molu Sinha - преди месец
Is it important to add egg in all thing. Are you mad or what if someone will eat too much egg than what will happen could you think.
Lakshita Kakkar
Lakshita Kakkar - преди месец
The first hack..... can you use it for dinner??!!! 😵
beomgyuslacefront - преди месец
Mostly all of these are not recipes lmao
Lawson HELLU
Lawson HELLU - преди месец
Who puts noodles with ice cream??
KAMALJEET KAUR - преди месец
Very nice I like it very much
Ayushi Sharma
Ayushi Sharma - преди месец
U just change tittle nd put the same ideas
This is nt fair
Green Gacha
Green Gacha - преди месец
Wow, it all looks so yummy...😋😋
Alice whittman
Alice whittman - преди месец
But is it good to waste a bottle of coco cola to remove chew gum from your footwear???
shree latha
shree latha - преди месец
Rudraksh dixit
Rudraksh dixit - преди месец
I am 101 commentator
Reshad Memmedov
Reshad Memmedov - преди месец
Nandhita Devendra
Nandhita Devendra - преди месец
I like it
Nandhita Devendra
Nandhita Devendra - преди месец
I like it
Com Cell
Com Cell - преди месец
W 2akhel
Com Cell
Com Cell - преди месец
W tabakhin
Com Cell
Com Cell - преди месец
Sina3it homra
Com Cell
Com Cell - преди месец
Kemil lbed
Com Cell
Com Cell - преди месец
Zab zoub w hek
Akshita Kumari
Akshita Kumari - преди месец
Plzzz make veg recipes of noodles
ashani knight
ashani knight - преди месец
Non of the first hack isn't a recipe
ashani knight
ashani knight - преди месец
The first hack isn't for dinner
Sakshi Kumari
Sakshi Kumari - преди месец
Reshmi Is
Reshmi Is - преди месец
Super and thanks
Archana Rawat
Archana Rawat - преди месец
I don't think it is for dinner
sidra faheem
sidra faheem - преди месец
Where is dinner recipe???????
Mihir Mandhani
Mihir Mandhani - преди месец
first few were the recipes wow
ND Ruhyat
ND Ruhyat - преди месец
wa cing cong
Swarajyam Munnangi
Swarajyam Munnangi - преди месец
Looks delicious
gvg18yrs - преди месец
So except drinking we can use coke for all. Stunned with the chemicals in it..
Jazzy Chen
Jazzy Chen - преди месец
Most of these are stolen by tasty
Go watch her channel
Lilyaana Morny
Lilyaana Morny - преди месец
5min craft: we need new recipes
USA :Ramen hotdogs and cupcakes 🙏
Japan*haves left the chat*
Ir Ma
Ir Ma - преди месец
Komentar 74
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doctor peper
doctor peper - преди месец
I love these videos I constantly watch them but the coke one with the gum didn't work and I ruined a pair of 100 dollar shoes
Kirsty Souter
Kirsty Souter - преди месец
Why would you try something like that tho?!?
Sarah Charchan
Sarah Charchan - преди месец
I didn't realize getting gum and off your shoe, luring bugs to sugar & making chap stick were recipes for a special dinner.. Who would have thought?
Fahhad Rana
Fahhad Rana - преди месец
Pepsi is my fav 😂❤
Aomi San
Aomi San - преди месец
What's all of the songs
Ahmed Al-Jammali
Ahmed Al-Jammali - преди месец
William Vargas
William Vargas - преди месец
This is very nice
Rabeya Islam
Rabeya Islam - преди месец
Its too useful
I like it
Elena Beauty
Elena Beauty - преди месец
Koii - преди месец
I didnt know Coke-Shoe was a recipe
sumi shibu
sumi shibu - преди месец
57th comment
Can I get some likes 👍👍
Will Hap
Will Hap - преди месец
Y'all need to put pussy on this video cause that shit real good
Jaya Tiwari
Jaya Tiwari - преди месец
I never know half of these were possible thanks 5mc
UwU WinterWolf UwU
UwU WinterWolf UwU - преди месец
*pours coke over gum on shoe*
Me: any other liquid will work =-=
Chrysty edward
Chrysty edward - преди месец
The Big Bang Theory: Bazingueiros BR
The Big Bang Theory: Bazingueiros BR - преди месец
What I am doing here????
Shai and Rell
Shai and Rell - преди месец
Any other small youtubers want to build together ? Subscribe for a subscribe anyone ? Our short goal is 200 we are at 129. Have a blessed day everyone.
Reena Hashmi
Reena Hashmi - преди месец
Some recipes are cute😄
Раян - преди месец
Why waste coca on shoes while you can just wipe it on the ground ? And sorry but everyone's knows how to separate egg yolks from white part , and everyone knows how to make an omelette so , sorry but this video is a bit useless !
Gaming -Spartan
Gaming -Spartan - преди месец
You guys have crossed the limit
You'r brain 🧠 is at God Level💯
These guys have Powerful Brain
Kevin Segat
Kevin Segat - преди месец
Mangio più volentieri la merda del mio cane
pim เทคนิค 4567
pim เทคนิค 4567 - преди месец
น่าบรรยายไทยสักนืดจะได้ทำตาม ชอบคลิปของคุณมากคะ
Semy Game
Semy Game - преди месец
Sahar Charaf
Sahar Charaf - преди месец
Ralph Rizk
Ralph Rizk - преди месец
Pin me or i drink your cola
Bangku Keramat
Bangku Keramat - преди месец
is not a recipe , it ideas loll , worst channel ever
Que padres videos