Hans Zimmer - Stampede (From "The Lion King"/Audio Only)

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StarWars Catz
StarWars Catz - преди 20 часа
What you hear on the last day of school when the final Bell rings
nighty - преди ден
I honestly like this version of Stampede more than the original. It’s much more emotional & heart-pounding.
THE LION KING 2019 - преди ден
Is me guys or this soundtrack way more intense than the original ones
Brawling Knight YT
Brawling Knight YT - преди ден
I was animating while listening to this.
Carmine Crincoli
Carmine Crincoli - преди 2 дни
A fight would’ve ensued between the two brothers and the one brother would toss him off Pride Rock!
Carmine Crincoli
Carmine Crincoli - преди 2 дни
This score could be perfect for when Simba relives the same horrific tragedy all over again in a nightmare and has to save his friends and his son from Scar, the hyenas, and his unexpected fate but has to sacrifice his own life for his friends and family...
Carmine Crincoli
Carmine Crincoli - преди 2 дни
The stampede score should definitely fit well with a battle between Simba and Scar in a fiery gorge when Simba saves his friends and son from the ghost of his wicked uncle who has come back from the dead for revenge against Simba as a fiery demon from Hell!
BlazerCrafter Gamer
BlazerCrafter Gamer - преди 2 дни
Im a child and i never cried at either of mufasa's death 🤔
Night raptor
Night raptor - преди 2 дни
Green And Orange
Green And Orange - преди 3 дни
5:17 since I was a kid when the original came out. This is my favorite part of any song on this soundtrack!
Ethan Quinn
Ethan Quinn - преди 3 дни
Wear headphones it's so intensely awesome
Great white Wyvern
Great white Wyvern - преди 3 дни
30’s kids : I got this. Completely cry proof
Hans Zimmer : That is incorrect
Shadowkey392 - преди 3 дни
Me: ok, I’ve seen it before, it shouldn’t be so bad now...
Hans Zimmer: ...you underestimate my power...
Ahamed Sajid
Ahamed Sajid - преди 3 дни
From 2:15. Hans Zimmerman nailed it....
Мистер Анонимус
Мистер Анонимус - преди 4 дни
Pablo Sierra
Pablo Sierra - преди 4 дни
Thank you for making this song l was looking for it thank you very much :)
Pablo Sierra
Pablo Sierra - преди 5 дни
Nicholas O'Hagan
Nicholas O'Hagan - преди 5 дни
4:01, Long, live... *THE KING!!!* (Scar slaps Mufasa)
Álvaro Roig Montesdeoca
Álvaro Roig Montesdeoca - преди 5 дни
Hans zimer the king of the másters of the soundtracks
somanytakennames - преди 6 дни
My favourite addition to this track by far. MUFASA TO THE RESCUE!!
Sara Salem
Sara Salem - преди 7 дни
Watched the stampede part and cried like a baby 😂 it gets every single bloody time! Even the soundtrack haha!
Brandon Ortiz
Brandon Ortiz - преди 7 дни
This might be nostalgia, but Hans Zimmer deserves an Oscar
Khémis - преди 7 дни
2:50 when mufasa is being pushed and we know he is lost, this breaks my heart.
Joud Binsaad
Joud Binsaad - преди 8 дни
زكرتني بموسيقت رامز هههه
pussy cat
pussy cat - преди 8 дни
But, did Mufasa die because of fall damage or because the wildebeest crushed him? Or because of both???
Th0t Patr0l
Th0t Patr0l - преди 4 дни
Jhon- Do-Do
Jhon- Do-Do - преди 8 дни
like seriously...holy crap nobody is gonna talk about how damn good this part is ?!
it's basically telling you of course mufasa is about to die.
NDABEZITHA - преди 5 дни
its my favourite part too...way better than the original stampede which was great too
MarvelousDadi - преди 9 дни
Minute 1:40 sounds like gladiator just for a few seconds
Subsquentual 1150
Subsquentual 1150 - преди 10 дни
As sad as it is to say.... this specific song is better than the original... Hans Zimmer... Hats off to you.
Flyer_452 RFS
Flyer_452 RFS - преди 10 дни
I just realized this fits perfectly in Avengers: Infinity War in the Battle of Wakanda
DevilTrigger - преди 10 дни
This sounds like something out of the Final Fantasy epic moments.
Chris Hoon
Chris Hoon - преди 11 дни
Pumbaa: 'shall we run for our lives?'
Timon: 'oh yes, let's'
The Nerd Cave
The Nerd Cave - преди 11 дни
Well fuck... I'm curling up into a ball and crying all over gain. Hans Zimmer, love you and fuck you. Goddammit my childhood feels
CiaránTDD - преди 10 дни
The Nerd Cave thought you said childhood heels
Alex7aj - преди 11 дни
My favorite part 2:11
A great musical depiction of a father’s love for his son.
Hannah Wilcox
Hannah Wilcox - преди 11 дни
4:11 simba?? Are u okay??? 😂😂😂 he sounds traumatized and intended 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
Casper - преди 12 дни
Beuty and the beast: im the worst disney remake
Lion king: hah hold my beer
Cristian - преди 12 дни
When we raid Area 51
Batou V
Batou V - преди 12 дни
2:48 ----> Mozart - Requiem Lacrimosa . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1-TrAvp_xs
Dolphin Milkshakes
Dolphin Milkshakes - преди 12 дни
The score alone makes puts me on the verge of tears every time.
Ghost Mario 2017
Ghost Mario 2017 - преди 13 дни
Long live THE KING! 4:01
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian - преди 13 дни
This is the 3rd time I had to watch my hero lord Vader Die 😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😭😢😢😢😢😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😒
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian - преди 13 дни
I'm crying like a baby rn
Emiliana Calista Lie
Emiliana Calista Lie - преди 13 дни
0:28 was so intense for me, idk why.
Soara LawnBatton
Soara LawnBatton - преди 13 дни
Leave it to Hans to outshine himself.
Xjosephwilliam X
Xjosephwilliam X - преди 13 дни
This music is so incredible, yet they still managed to fuck this scene up somehow.
WaddupQ - преди 7 дни
Xjosephwilliam X that’s what I’m saying
Spyx - преди 14 дни
The moment the music started, me seeing it in cinema and hearing it full blast from speakers, I already started to cry.....won't lie. memories all come flow back, even before Mufasa had yet to die at that point in the movie. Crazy how deep and hard I felt the music just blasting in my face, ....everything came back!
Same goes for when I saw the Stampede musical version....the music is so intense.
Dky640 - преди 14 дни
Hand Zimmer made Batman sound awesome. Give man of steel something good to talk about. Made the last samurai even more epic. And now made nostalgia even more powerful. Bravo sir
Rorschach D. Wolfwood
Rorschach D. Wolfwood - преди 14 дни
0:26 looks like JUNK XL's Mad Max- Fury Road!
Edwin Pisho
Edwin Pisho - преди 15 дни
Hans Zimmer is a CRACK👌👌❤😍
DougieG - преди 15 дни
More drums ≠ more intense
Kaya Landry
Kaya Landry - преди 16 дни
Despite the original being an all time classic and this remake being an obvious cash grab, it cannot be denied that Hans Zimmer went all out for the remake.
Jhoan.C.P.1611 - преди 16 дни
Awesome soundtrack
Emotionless scene
Jeffery Buggy
Jeffery Buggy - преди 17 дни
0:12 and 0:32 are the best.
Mario Arguello
Mario Arguello - преди 17 дни
Charayaahla Israel
Charayaahla Israel - преди 17 дни
Yo what kind of genre of music is this?
The Infinity Block
The Infinity Block - преди 17 дни
MarioSonic2010 - преди 17 дни
Hans Zimmer said he could’ve done more with his work with the original. Thank goodness he got that chance here. :)
jappn dhiman
jappn dhiman - преди 18 дни
1:40 to 1:46 I felt that it was endgame scene music when Thanos was to snap but there were no infinity stones in the gauntlet wowo awseme music disney
Lyra Nath
Lyra Nath - преди 18 дни
What do the background voices say? 2:51 and here? 3:29
Th0t Patr0l
Th0t Patr0l - преди 17 дни
I know one of them says “Yona” which was also in the original which does mean “it’s coming”
Lunacute Games
Lunacute Games - преди 18 дни
I saw the movie a few days
uzefulvideos - преди 18 дни
I like the original much more. Too much drums in this one. And too fast. And the choir sounds really stupid in some places.
Only some chords I like better in this version.
Th0t Patr0l
Th0t Patr0l - преди 17 дни
I like this one better cause the choir was always my favorite part and Hans did much better in this