How Bacteria Rule Over Your Body - The Microbiome

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - преди 7 месеца
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John Lemon
John Lemon - преди 3 дни
Hay kurzgesagt u said that your micro biome could cause autism I thought it was a genetic condition not a matter of gut problems
jude song
jude song - преди 17 дни
please make a second video of the space elevator
Amethyst girl
Amethyst girl - преди месец
This video changed my life. I'm trying to have a healthier and more balanced diet now (◠‿◠)
Bluespot - преди месец
CF - 12SF - Mayfield SS (2452)
CF - 12SF - Mayfield SS (2452) - преди 3 месеца
I would love to have the sources to read more. its so interesting.
cursed alien
cursed alien - преди 20 часа
Not all pizza is fast food. Artisanal brick-oven pizza, for instance
Ash Dark
Ash Dark - преди ден
6:22 just stare at that and think, why would humans think about this, and test it, on other humans
Hiku Fo
Hiku Fo - преди 2 дни
😅😰poop donations...
Hiku Fo
Hiku Fo - преди 2 дни
I really love the animations
Flori Lestari
Flori Lestari - преди 2 дни
My carvings come from bacteria? Damn I have no personality 😱
I am the worst person ever
I am the worst person ever - преди 2 дни
Well at least there not shiny so you can see them anytime
hongchuan wang
hongchuan wang - преди 5 дни
No duck



Safwan Huda
Safwan Huda - преди 6 дни
bruh omg this video helped me so much. I have a project about microbiomes and this is gonna get me an A. mt mans but 8.5 out of 10 where are the ducks
ican't Feel
ican't Feel - преди 7 дни
Omg the poop thing..
FurkanSE - преди 8 дни
at 3:20 the molecular structure of serotonin is correct. Small details
kaouther abir
kaouther abir - преди 8 дни
Hi guys !does anyone have an idea how these videos are mede? I mean the software or the app used for the animation
ilmu011 - преди 6 дни
They literally have tutorials on skillshare where they show how they do it. They use After Effects
Cheeseburger Monkey
Cheeseburger Monkey - преди 9 дни
2:38 Immune system cell: *weightlifts*
Immune system cell: *notices small bacteria*
weight: *THIS IS SPARTA*
small bacteria: nooooo!
SmartWarp - преди 9 дни
*Everybody gangsta until the ripped immune fellas show up -*
Captain Kuchiki
Captain Kuchiki - преди 9 дни
Interesting, studying the Microbome, for healing purposes!
K U - преди 9 дни
Welp I'm off to steal Tom Brady's shit, feed it to some mice, and see if they start throwing things around. Or show any enhanced abilities, for extended periods of time
StealthyInk - преди 10 дни
Why doesn't the video have any citations?
Alexandros Kumar
Alexandros Kumar - преди 10 дни
where are the sources for this video?
Adapple - преди 10 дни
our microbiome has also been linked to other serious diseases like
DJ Fox
DJ Fox - преди 11 дни
Is this why I'm always craving salads
michael bo
michael bo - преди 13 дни
why did you call autism a disease
Martin XY
Martin XY - преди 13 дни
"Listen to your gut"
There are 2 million voices, WHICH ONE DO I LISTEN TOO!?!?!
Terra Carge
Terra Carge - преди 14 дни
Then some time in the future humanity finds a way to kill all fast food bacteria in the gut and make all humans op healthy.
x3MiiNTY - преди 14 дни
Nice try vegetables
Dunstin roa Agustin
Dunstin roa Agustin - преди 14 дни
6:20 that is the most weirdest flopped up thing ive ever heard from this channel
A Sj
A Sj - преди 14 дни
"Put someone else's shit in you so you like vegetables more"
No thank you, I'll stick to exercise
Darin Taylor
Darin Taylor - преди 15 дни
Wait. Doctors put shit from one person into another????? EEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!!
TDF_ W0rldKeY
TDF_ W0rldKeY - преди 15 дни
Sucks m8 my fast food bacteria hella here
Moku-Moku - преди 15 дни
How was "Poopsy Daisy" not used as that newspaper headline??
kiddo - преди 15 дни
3:09 so thats why i hear weird voices sometimes
Yvon-Sebastien Landais
Yvon-Sebastien Landais - преди 15 дни
So it’s not me that loves chocolate 🍫 and hates pickles, it’s the bacteria 🦠 making the decisions!
Barbara Dix
Barbara Dix - преди 16 дни
Is there a Cheeto loving microbe
Michael Williams
Michael Williams - преди 16 дни
This "shit" is crazy putting one person's poop in another person to heal them! You keep that one for yourself I'll die from my own shit
Jason Allcreator
Jason Allcreator - преди 16 дни
Wait, wait, wait... hold up... go back. If we eat sad things, we become depressed!? This kind of knowledge nugget needs to be explored more!! Maybe there is such s huge rise in depression becuase of how we treat our cattle!
누서 - преди 17 дни
균형잡힌식사를 하라이말이여
Cristiano Torres
Cristiano Torres - преди 17 дни
6:20 bruh
MaestroKEB - преди 17 дни
Никогда не думал, что чужое здоровое говно засунутое в мою жопу, может чем помочь
Jeun Wo
Jeun Wo - преди 17 дни
Where are the sources for this video
Vasiliy Ulin
Vasiliy Ulin - преди 18 дни
6:30 welp... there goes my appetite... and i was watching this video on my lunch break :D RIP me
Let's Argue In a mature fashion
Let's Argue In a mature fashion - преди 18 дни
at first I was like cool how nice of these bacteria. Then figuring out they make me want more of the junk I eat. I will now use pure will power I will not let a microscopic being control me.
RedGrass XD
RedGrass XD - преди 18 дни
*_poop transplant...._* hilarious
Caitlin Ann
Caitlin Ann - преди 18 дни
I thought a bunch of studies were done to show a lack of enough evidence between increased risk of asthma and c-section births, though I could be wrong. Going to find those sources now !
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl - преди 18 дни
0:09 what's the point then!? 4:35 how did you know!
Harrison King
Harrison King - преди 18 дни
Literally putting someone else’s poop in your butt is a medical procedure...
Panlicia - преди 18 дни
I have autism. You’re calling it a disease?
hello there
hello there - преди 19 дни
3:20 he doesnt have a nose
He doesnt have a nose
He doesnt have a nose
Kaeva & rohan
Kaeva & rohan - преди 19 дни
I just wanted to know what bacteria’s made of..
Edit: i was a c- section baby, my two brothers too.
José Ruiz Díaz
José Ruiz Díaz - преди 21 ден
Does this has something to do with our habits and customs? Like when I don't want to study something in particular like History or anything at all.
Rebecca Jones
Rebecca Jones - преди 24 дни
I was eating a pizza while watching this 🤣
Mr. Cheemps
Mr. Cheemps - преди 24 дни
Microbes are assholes sometimes, and on the other hand we can actually use shit as medicine
Casey P
Casey P - преди 24 дни
At 5:50 autism isnt a disease...
Casey P
Casey P - преди 24 дни
You need to watch until 6:00
Zeropiano /Zero Network
Zeropiano /Zero Network - преди 24 дни
2:41 OOF that’s gotta hurt
Mohammed Al-Essae
Mohammed Al-Essae - преди 24 дни
Make more videos about space
Love this channel ♥️
john - преди 25 дни
I have tonsillitis I don’t know how I ended up here
Dominik Dworak
Dominik Dworak - преди 25 дни
Me: *makes a salad*
Media: ok
Me: *puts salad in tortilla and adds meat*
Media: I diagnose you with fat
Исламбек Proger
Исламбек Proger - преди 25 дни
6:19 0_о
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith - преди 25 дни
Wait... wtf??? Lol
Nerdy Guy
Nerdy Guy - преди 25 дни
6:21 thats a *crappy* way to get rid of harming bacteria
Ice Wing
Ice Wing - преди 26 дни
you could base a story around this, like the bacteria are living in the gut, cultivating the intestinal villi, and just generally living peacefully there, and the WBCs are kinda there as these overlords who watch over the place and the bacteria notify them when something is amiss and so on, it sounds like it could be interesting.
Void Less
Void Less - преди 26 дни
What we learnt today:
Take the good shit to get healthy