Atoms As Big As Mountains - Neutron Stars Explained

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - преди 7 месеца
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tu tu
tu tu - преди 10 дни
Help kurzgesagt to reach 10m subscribers :-O
Arf Bark
Arf Bark - преди 17 дни
So do you suppose Neutronium can be harvested from a Neutron Star?
Michael Fernandes
Michael Fernandes - преди месец
The soundtrack at the end is beautiful. Where can I find it?
RR PLAN C - преди месец
You like featuring birds in a lot of your videos it seems...
Patrik VV.
Patrik VV. - преди 2 часа
So why would a black hole’s core be any different? They both form during super novas, right?
Don Wiley
Don Wiley - преди ден
All those "Facts" turned into"most likely..we're not sure..if.. Approximately..coolest"
Random Guy
Random Guy - преди ден
1:15 Aren't stars too hot for that?
Angelica Alcantara
Angelica Alcantara - преди 2 дни
Nuetron star: Im the most dense thing in the universe
Supper massive black hole: Hold my beer
Random Guy
Random Guy - преди ден
Americans: Hold our beers.
DSXmachine - преди 3 дни
This is not something we know, it is something we are guessing to be true. We could very well be wrong.
Emmanuel Amoah
Emmanuel Amoah - преди 5 дни
Did the neutron star tell you that??
Millionth Sunny
Millionth Sunny - преди 8 дни
Time to name my star like a NORMAL person
Name of star:P3N1S 69420
Lakshya Banga
Lakshya Banga - преди 10 дни
How wierd u want to name the new star
NASA : yes
Stan Torren
Stan Torren - преди 7 дни
*presses all random key after 5 drinks of Russian vodka*
Septim - преди 10 дни
3:17 what about "strange stars"? Never mentioned and when he said "can't exist outside the star" it's literally the opposite
Asdayasman - преди 10 дни
Wait so why don't they become black holes? A neutron lattice is as dense as possible, right?
Nibsipipsi - преди 6 дни
Because neutron stars are not massive enough. Remember that it's not density but mass that causes gravity.
Stan Torren
Stan Torren - преди 7 дни
cause all the neutrons are like “NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Khitam Alqaraguli
Khitam Alqaraguli - преди 10 дни
Nasa employee: we found a new star boys, what should we name it?
Nasa namer or owner: just bash the the keyboard 10 times, should do the job
ARG 4000
ARG 4000 - преди 11 дни
1:00 neon is heavier than oxygen....can you plz explain why it's in front of O. Btw nice videos
Jesus Eternal Son
Jesus Eternal Son - преди 12 дни
This is a computer generated algorithm. Than it informs those that made the slot machines about the correct answers that humans can not figure out.

Like for example an answer 7 for formula (2+2) + (2+2) = 7 computer algorithms reject even though the answer never known or is close enough does not match formula (2+2) = 4 known formula. So algorithms are able to generate a more accurate answers than humans and quicker given the correct answers by comparing formulas generated free knowledge for the suckers in England that have all the money to manipulate population without crediting them for their knowledge given freely.
SuperRitz44 - преди 12 дни
Are Neutron stars another possibility for a dying star, instead of Black Hole?
miftah al-muafi
miftah al-muafi - преди 10 дни
Yes, when its gravity not strong enough to compress its matter due to less mass that required to become black hole.
Gerhard Obermeir
Gerhard Obermeir - преди 14 дни
Sounds like the hammer of Thor
Stan Torren
Stan Torren - преди 7 дни
nah i stick to dying star like my confidence
Foolish Gruntigluana
Foolish Gruntigluana - преди 14 дни
9.5 m subscribers just a sec ago... Congratulations kurzgesagt
Matt Lynes
Matt Lynes - преди 14 дни
Neutron stars dont actually exist, astronomers has a misunderstanding of the universe and that causes them to create these wild theories from what they observe, they observed very fast pulses of light, even reaching in the milliseconds, and with it huge bursts of energy, so they come up with a neutron star, something which clearly seems impossible to exist, and that because it is, come on now, a star rotating at a revolution within milliseconds, its just insanity. We have many examples in space where we are taught that the laws of physics as we think we know it do not apply in these areas, which is clearly just an excuse to why it doesnt fit into your theory of the universe, if thats a credible answer then how could we ever find out our understanding is wrong if each time a problem arises with the theory we just simply say that the laws of physics dont apply there? We couldnt, and thats why we have so many conceptions of space that make no sense, black holes, neutron stars, dark matter.... our understanding of space is wrong, we need to start over from scratch and understand that plasma, the 4th and not taught in school state of matter makes up a very large percentage of the universe.
Matt Lynes
Matt Lynes - преди 11 дни
@aadi sharma i just thought u meant to say tho not thor and u were slightly retarded.
aadi sharma
aadi sharma - преди 12 дни
@Matt Lynes r/woooooooooooosh
Matt Lynes
Matt Lynes - преди 12 дни
@aadi sharma they dont, its an explanation of rapid pulses of energy and light coming from space, its not like they actually seen a neutron star, its all just theory which is based on a wrong perception of the universe
aadi sharma
aadi sharma - преди 12 дни
bruh thry exist thor even took his heat
Aaron Zastawnik
Aaron Zastawnik - преди 15 дни
Isn’t mt Everest 5 trillion tons
jeric_ synergy
jeric_ synergy - преди 15 дни
How come idiots are all over NASA's FB feed, but don't seem to come here to spew inanities?
Not that there's a shortage of inanity, but they aren't calling kurzegesagt liars.
celio gouvea
celio gouvea - преди 15 дни
I believe that the strong magnetic field is a vortex of space-time generated by the spin and the radio waves are the surface whipping space-time.
Axiom Unknown
Axiom Unknown - преди 15 дни
You can't see the buffering circle in the thumbnail because of the neutron star lol.
Sicarignus - преди 16 дни
Soo what if a Back Hole Meets a Neutron Star?
King Plotato
King Plotato - преди 8 дни
The neutron star gets spaghettified. Which is the proper term
miftah al-muafi
miftah al-muafi - преди 10 дни
Blackhole win,
Ashton's Sister
Ashton's Sister - преди 17 дни
1:51 this is where everybody lives
Ashton's Sister
Ashton's Sister - преди 17 дни
Its old
Victor Aremu
Victor Aremu - преди 17 дни
Emma 669
Emma 669 - преди 18 дни
Ok, I have a serious question. Why do scientists give such complicated names to space objects?
nick legendhunter
nick legendhunter - преди 15 дни
@Emma 669 your welcome ^^
Emma 669
Emma 669 - преди 15 дни
@nick legendhunter Thank you!
nick legendhunter
nick legendhunter - преди 15 дни
its probably how they categorize the files or where they store the information about the particular object its not a name for convinicnce of just mentioning it
Kai Searco
Kai Searco - преди 19 дни
It exists because *science*
Clayton Dement
Clayton Dement - преди 19 дни
Neutron stars are pussies
King Plotato
King Plotato - преди 8 дни
Now im just imagining somone trying to punch a neutron star
20firebird - преди 21 ден
space is unnerving
Mayu Jog
Mayu Jog - преди 21 ден
Sea of electrons flowing through them

Random_Game TV
Random_Game TV - преди 21 ден
There is the Police Box from Doctor Who
luke mansell
luke mansell - преди 22 дни
* Neutron stars exist *
Scientists: you dense mf
Alain Koch
Alain Koch - преди 24 дни
how where all those detailed informations collected? if i understand that right it would be impossible to get anything close enough to analyze it without being crushed. if its gravitation is that extreme, it probably wouldn’t even be possible to see it since light particles might rather be consumed than being reflected..
so where does all that knowledge come from?
Alain Koch
Alain Koch - преди 15 часа
Nibsipipsi hmm.. that makes sense. thanks.
Nibsipipsi - преди 21 ден
It's mostly calculated by mathematical models derived from theory.
MrXemrox - преди 27 дни
If they are like mountain size atoms, what happens when they split? Would the same thing happened like with with other atoms, but larger?
I kill all of my subscribers.
I kill all of my subscribers. - преди 28 дни
These complex names sound like codes you would say to a synth to initiate a shutdown.
zeroplasma GT
zeroplasma GT - преди 28 дни
Hmm i gonna name my kid sxc''_Z5=1154#"6:'gzez3724212
CaYlYa - преди 29 дни
Dang animation back then... I’m used to the shaded animation.
Sanchit Priyadarshi
Sanchit Priyadarshi - преди 29 дни
How can Neon be formed before Oxygen ? Kurzgesagt , can you please help explain this fusion reaction and why does Iron cannot fuse further !! Otherwise , as usual the video is Rockin' 💞💥
Nibsipipsi - преди 21 ден
Because when you jam two carbon atoms together, it has enough protons to form neon. Afterwards, neon doesn't fuse to create oxygen, it splits.
ship another ship
ship another ship - преди месец
Pretty annoying you never explain why fusion stops at iron, i wanna a video on bonding energy per nucleon
Stan Torren
Stan Torren - преди 7 дни
actually it consumed energy so fusing is harder
Falkdr - преди месец
so, basically, it's nothing like an atom core at all.
Mysteri0usChannel - преди месец
Funfact: When you look at a Neutron Star's frontside, you can see its sides because of gravity bending the light around it.
Ra YT - преди месец
The explanation of how the layered creation of higher elements is superb! But I wonder how do we get higher elements than iron in nature, that too on Earth! Copper, Zinc, Silver, Gold!?!
Garga mel
Garga mel - преди месец
Ceviriiyi yapanın zururriyetini sikim
forestsoceansmusic - преди месец
These things have NOT been proven to exist -- only inferred by some observations, and REQUIRED BY CURRENT THEORY (the most important for Establishment 'Science', which is ruled by Ideology). Watch Thunderbolts Project videos for real science -- especially on astronomy.
Mrs J. Boddy
Mrs J. Boddy - преди месец
You could have dropped a watermelon... Poor bird!
Joseph Sandman
Joseph Sandman - преди месец
Neutron Stars... pfff, I bet I’d kick its ass.
dethrophes - преди месец
It's not that iron can't fuse into heavier atoms, it's that the fusion consumes energy as opposed to releasing it. So the chain reaction can't continue.
Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName
Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName - преди месец
What did the neutron star say to the nearby atom? Get bent!
imnewtothistuff - преди месец
What an imagination, a lone neutron will decay into a proton and some other stuff in 14 minutes. A neutron star would be like trying to make a snowball out of BBs. There is no binding force. Neutron stars do not exist.
Nibsipipsi - преди 21 ден
You're assuming normal circumstances. In a neutron star, gravity is so strong that it forces electrons and protons together. The force of gravity literally causes inverse beta decay.
YamFestival - преди месец
They're definitely not made of what we think they are, with unique mechanics, with our piss-poor understanding of cosmic physics. We're probably totally wrong about the cores of many planets, and most of the sun's workings.
Brassknucklez - преди месец
Do like an atom approaching a pulsars magnetic field and get bent
Ted Baxter
Ted Baxter - преди месец
Busy graphics that don’t illustrate monologue.
Thumbs Down - Dislike Channel
baby smile
baby smile - преди месец
In 2019, a thousand black holes aren't amused.
Kevin Broderick
Kevin Broderick - преди месец
Strange Matter
C T - преди месец
Is it the blachole?
Pieter Visser
Pieter Visser - преди месец
Iron can fuse just fine into other elements, however, until iron, the fusion process produces energy, with iron and heavier elements it takes more energy to fuse than the process produces.
In a nuclear reactor fission and fusion take place, that is why plutonium and other elements heavier than uranium are produced.
Pieter Visser
Pieter Visser - преди 4 дни
No, it’s a law of nature, it also works this way in stars. They produce energy by fusing lighter elements than Iron, once they have fused all lighter elements the energy production stops and the stars collapse into themselves
Fuzzy 1234
Fuzzy 1234 - преди 5 дни
Because energy produced from fission fuels the fusion process?
Redrooster - преди месец
Does fusion use up the strong force and most of the protons? That doesn't sound right to me, there must be something else going on?
Nibsipipsi - преди 18 дни
@Redrooster You sound like those anti-vaxxers with their "wake up sheeple, think for yourself" while providing absolutely no real counter-arguments. Note that *you* interpreted the video as saying that a force was used up, which it didn't imply at all. Seeing as you were so eager to get your EM credentials out on the table, pray tell, what research were you involved with exactly?
Redrooster - преди 18 дни
@Nibsipipsi That is because your head has been filled with bullshit. I didn't say ''use up force'' you are bullshitting me! I was refuting it dickhead. As I said, think for yourself, if a textbook said the moon was made out of cheese because of this and that chemical reaction you would believe it. People like you are a worry. lol
Nibsipipsi - преди 18 дни
@Redrooster Nobody involved in EM research would say things like "use up force" or "phases of the electromagnetic spectrum". I call BS.
Redrooster - преди 18 дни
@Nibsipipsi Stop reading those textbooks and think for yourself? There is a certain point not too far from the basics where its all conjecture and its anyone's guess? I'm 67 y/o and have been involved with private EM research for most of my life and I can tell you we are so far behind from where we should be because of certain rich people who own Universities, who have the say on who gets tenure and what research is done? We are just coming out of the cave when it comes to progress in these fields (no pun intended) Thanks to the internet.
Nibsipipsi - преди 19 дни
@Redrooster I'm sorry, but that doesn't make much sense. The electromagnetic spectrum is just a phenomenon that arises from the way particles behave when interacting with photons, the boson that acts as the force carrier of the electromagnetic force. Interactions with other bosons result in other forces: The strong force is caused by gluons and the weak force is caused by W and Z bosons. All these particles are fundamental: gluons, photons and the W and Z bosons are just there. They don't consist of anything smaller, at least, not that we know of. Other fundamental particles include the quarks, electrons and neutrinos. These are the particles that make up matter, and collectively are called fermions. In total, we know of 17 bosons and fermions that together make up all matter and various forces. How gravity fits into all of this is not known, and is probably the biggest unsolved question in physics.
Cnn is Fakenews
Cnn is Fakenews - преди месец
Seems like doing a slingshot maneuver on a neutron star might be a way to achieve light speed. 4 million miles per hour from a 1 meter drop.
Nibsipipsi - преди 21 ден
That's not how slingshots work. They accelerate a spacecraft to the orbital velocity of a body, not the terminal velocity for the craft in regards to the body.
Dubsy Dubs
Dubsy Dubs - преди месец
100% imagination.
YamFestival - преди месец
Why? Its just ultra compressed matter. And if its truly nonionized then its neutrons, but protons and electrons are likely also present
Reegan Layzell
Reegan Layzell - преди месец
I thought I'd seen all kurzgesagt videos, how did I miss this one lol