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BananaBear sweet
BananaBear sweet - преди 46 минути
Denise Carpenter
Denise Carpenter - преди 3 часа
Her voice is so hard to hear, esp when she squeals and talks so fast. Is that her real voice?
Just Elizabeth
Just Elizabeth - преди 7 часа
I love how there so happy that Jeffree blocked Trisha one time :D
Maddie moon
Maddie moon - преди 8 часа
Rebekah Ross
Rebekah Ross - преди 22 часа
Trisha: YoUR mY fAvoRitE!
Me: But are you subscribed?
Jacob Romero
Jacob Romero - преди 23 часа
13:16 i fuckin hate that shit😂
ТОП ДЕТИ ТОП - преди ден
I think you are very super beauty.
katherine ig
katherine ig - преди ден
Gucci Jaylen
Gucci Jaylen - преди 2 дни
who still watching in 2019
Alondo Ruiz
Alondo Ruiz - преди 2 дни
I want to have a 3 some with Jeffrey& Nate I know it would be a movie
Jacob Romero
Jacob Romero - преди 2 дни
i love how passive aggressive trisha is
ByE 724530
ByE 724530 - преди 2 дни
Absolutally no one:
Not a single person:
Nicole Harrison
Nicole Harrison - преди 2 дни
Oh ma god finally someone pronounces muk bang correctly
JustinBieberEditz Xox
JustinBieberEditz Xox - преди 2 дни
Was Jeffree speakin about Kat Von D xx
Cora Benedict
Cora Benedict - преди 2 дни
“I had chlamydia twice” 😂😂😂😂😂
J Robert
J Robert - преди 3 дни
Trisha looks pregnant 🤰😂😂
zz3nae 14
zz3nae 14 - преди 3 дни
Trisha is literally a Barbie doll like I wanted to be her when I was five
babi gurlcupiicake
babi gurlcupiicake - преди 3 дни
I just slapped myself cause i was so offended she slapped you!
babi gurlcupiicake
babi gurlcupiicake - преди 3 дни
You're so sweet bitch!
babi gurlcupiicake
babi gurlcupiicake - преди 3 дни
You're so sweet bitch!
babi gurlcupiicake
babi gurlcupiicake - преди 3 дни
You're so sweet bitch!
Jamais Vu
Jamais Vu - преди 3 дни
Them sheets prob stank so bad omg
Jacob Romero
Jacob Romero - преди 3 дни
No👏one👏cares👏about👏your👏overused👏”no one cares comment memes”👏
Lucy Edwards
Lucy Edwards - преди 4 дни
Omg I’m eating chick-fil-a while watching this!!!!😂😂😂
Kaitlin Rotes
Kaitlin Rotes - преди 4 дни
This is the best fuckin video ever!!!!
Kitty_ Gacha
Kitty_ Gacha - преди 4 дни
I'm having a mukbong watching a mukbong
Can I be anymore sisterly
55 aa
55 aa - преди 4 дни
I love the FLOP
alexann long
alexann long - преди 4 дни
So I was at Taco Bell getting dinner and thought I wonder if there’s a video of Jeffree Eating Taco Bell, and there was! So now I’m Eating taco Bell with y’all heehee💙🧡
Aesthetic Teaa
Aesthetic Teaa - преди 5 дни
Her voice is so annoying but I love watching her videos 😂
Roi Hiku
Roi Hiku - преди 5 дни
Mah Names jeeff hahhahahha
Prisya Nader
Prisya Nader - преди 5 дни
looks like jefree never eats
BelovedDreamers - преди 5 дни
I have been watching Trisha for years. Love her
Madi mations
Madi mations - преди 5 дни
Im eating a big bowl of popcorn chicken
Tan Costa
Tan Costa - преди 5 дни
I Love JS point
Cande Torres
Cande Torres - преди 5 дни
Queens 👑
Kimmy Rodgers
Kimmy Rodgers - преди 5 дни
Jefeee I love you and think ur a real friend love when ur with Shane
Jacey Christophersen
Jacey Christophersen - преди 6 дни
“if anyone flags this video you will be haunted by me when I die”..... contemplates flagging video🤣🤣 I didn’t though lmao
Tayler Wightman
Tayler Wightman - преди 6 дни
*has Taco Bell and doesn’t eat a single taco*🤣🤣💋💋
Savannah Burkett
Savannah Burkett - преди 6 дни
My lifetime goal is to eat taco bell with jeffree star and smoke some weed
sadboywholovespizza xxx
sadboywholovespizza xxx - преди 7 дни
Sandy Meachem
Sandy Meachem - преди 7 дни
2 of my favorites
anni and friends💖🤞🏻
anni and friends💖🤞🏻 - преди 7 дни
Lol I love you trisha she like only famous icon people are on your channel why am I here omg
Genevieve Wayte
Genevieve Wayte - преди 7 дни
Imagine this is your last two brain sells in ur head.....
Heidi Hunt
Heidi Hunt - преди 7 дни
I love Trisha back in this day. Chubby and HAPPY!! She's so happy and cute this way. Her losing weight now, is NOT making her happy. Stay this way girl!! ❤️
carissa smith
carissa smith - преди 7 дни
Trishas probably thinking can we stop talking and get to the eating I know I would w all that taco bell sitting there! I wanna talk about how good the food is and stuff Lol
Abby Taylor
Abby Taylor - преди 8 дни
We stand pink car queens
Abby Taylor
Abby Taylor - преди 8 дни
Only jeffree could wear a bath robe and look like he going to the fucking ball
Kookie's Waifu
Kookie's Waifu - преди 8 дни
*Jeffree, I understand your dream sis, and I'm living it.*

_Living by a taco bell._
Chelsea Pando
Chelsea Pando - преди 8 дни
love you guys but if shane was in the vid i will it more but kill it QUEEN ❤
Heather Griffith
Heather Griffith - преди 8 дни
MUKBANG is actually Filipino so it sounds like your saying, MUKBOUNG, idk Trisha I just looked it up
Aidan McElroy
Aidan McElroy - преди 8 дни
All this food looks SO GOOD we NEED Taco Bell in Australia!!!
Gabriel Flores
Gabriel Flores - преди 9 дни
I love how jeffree does not care at all
r wood
r wood - преди 9 дни
smol shooky
smol shooky - преди 9 дни
2 rich YouTubers and now I feel broker than I am now :-:
BLUETiFUL - преди 9 дни
Fuck Trisha pieface
Dude - преди 9 дни
Jeffrey should have flew her out and left her 😒
Faina Gorskaya
Faina Gorskaya - преди 9 дни
Love both of there laughs;)
Elga 5ko
Elga 5ko - преди 9 дни
❤️ 💗
Cookie Crunch
Cookie Crunch - преди 9 дни
She be looking like amethyst from crystal gems.
Big Mac
Big Mac - преди 9 дни
No one:

Not a single soul:

Trisha: *i got STDs they make my cooshie itch*
Brazzyyy.katiee 101
Brazzyyy.katiee 101 - преди 10 дни
They are like my two last brain cells in school periodt 😂😂♥️
Amy Lynch
Amy Lynch - преди 11 дни
I didn’t understand 98% of what was said in this video. 😂
Anna Aini
Anna Aini - преди 11 дни
Omg trishas laugh at 2x speed is everything im crying
sa ra
sa ra - преди 11 дни
Shes really dirty... kinda gross how she acts tbh.
Lord 2
Lord 2 - преди 11 дни
Big glasses are out boo
Caitlyn Boylan
Caitlyn Boylan - преди 11 дни
I’m watching this at 11:27 in the morning ‘
Patricia Staton
Patricia Staton - преди 11 дни
She is not a Qunne how care about her
Cassandra Blanco
Cassandra Blanco - преди 12 дни
Carlie Taylor
Carlie Taylor - преди 12 дни
Ugh I’m living vicariously
Kristina Perry
Kristina Perry - преди 12 дни
I had to pause, walk to taco bell, then resume. I haven't had Taco Bell in months.
JOHN CERVANTES - преди 12 дни
I'm gonna flag this video just so jeffree star will haunt me...
Russia Forever
Russia Forever - преди 13 дни
I love both their channels but I’m a little concerned for how many times they say oh my god.
Copy Kat
Copy Kat - преди 13 дни
I'm tempted to flag the video cause I want Jeffree to haunt me
Leafy Lampshade
Leafy Lampshade - преди 13 дни
She reminds me of a bootleg Barbie doll 🤔
Lindsay Smalley
Lindsay Smalley - преди 13 дни
I love Jeffree but this is awful Trisha is so fake.
Angie T.
Angie T. - преди 13 дни
Imagine if the person behind you in the Taco Bell line was a YouTuber and was doing the eating only what the person in front of me got challenge
Annelise Markussen
Annelise Markussen - преди 13 дни
Angie T. OMG 🤣
Lil ChistManT 69._.
Lil ChistManT 69._. - преди 14 дни
you guys are so sweet together
Stephanie Arballo
Stephanie Arballo - преди 14 дни
"I Love eating"
I think I just found my spirit animal 😍
Lily Duvenick
Lily Duvenick - преди 14 дни
How did I just now come across this
Evie 2025McEwan-Debney
Evie 2025McEwan-Debney - преди 14 дни
Can you and Shane do a mukbang together?!!
NoiRSoull - преди 14 дни
Ashley Soard
Ashley Soard - преди 14 дни
Which one is your favorite?! Let me know!
Like=James Charles
Reply=Jeffree Star
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez - преди 11 дни
Ashley Soard ain’t no body gonna do that But I replied so there’s your answer😂😍
Sara Hooper
Sara Hooper - преди 14 дни
uhg im sorry trisha's voice is so annoying. everytime jeffrey spoke i was like thank god! awe and then at 17:00 minutes "mk i love it. we're all different"
Kinley Smith
Kinley Smith - преди 15 дни
Taco Bell should make a pink taco🌺
Mody Hhh
Mody Hhh - преди 15 дни
You are looking like a kid you tow😂😂😂😂😂
Mody Hhh
Mody Hhh - преди 15 дни
How old are you
Mody Hhh
Mody Hhh - преди 15 дни
Stop f**king and don't talk so much
Esmè Squalor
Esmè Squalor - преди 15 дни
Trisha's laugh is hilarious 😂😂
Esmè Squalor
Esmè Squalor - преди 15 дни
2 of the best youtubers= TOP QUALITY CONTENT plssssssssssssssssssssssssss do more stuff with Trish
Little G
Little G - преди 15 дни
Omg screw my diet im getting taco bell tomorrow🌮🔔😛💙
Mikey Mike
Mikey Mike - преди 15 дни
lol me too
Dayanara Diamante
Dayanara Diamante - преди 16 дни
the only mukbang i enjoyed watching 😂😂😂
Maggie 253
Maggie 253 - преди 16 дни
My favorite part was when they saw all the new things on the menu and started freaking out😂😂
Skye Davis
Skye Davis - преди 16 дни
There's no taco bell where I'm from :(
Logan Thorstenson
Logan Thorstenson - преди 16 дни
Every time I get Taco Bell, I ALWAYS watch this video! And here I am, eating my Quesadilla and Bean Burrito for 7 dollars, while they probably spent 200 DOLLARS😩🙄😍
Erina Temarama
Erina Temarama - преди 16 дни
Alisha Zaman
Alisha Zaman - преди 17 дни
Watching this whilst fasting
yetus fetus
yetus fetus - преди 17 дни
imagine eating with her😒
Arrows Minnesota
Arrows Minnesota - преди 17 дни
More Trisha!!!!!!!!
em bananazz
em bananazz - преди 17 дни
21:13 How to shut her up 😂
Kelsey Gregson
Kelsey Gregson - преди 18 дни
I’m sooo hungry now 🌮🌯🌮😐😐😐