DIY School Supplies! 10 Fun School Hacks and School Supply Ideas!

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Crafty Panda
Crafty Panda - преди 2 месеца
Hey Study Pandas 🐼🔔
Although the school year is almost finished, I still have some crafts left in me! 🏫🚌👩‍🎓
I came up with a dozen neat ideas for you to upgrade your school supplies! 🎒📎📒
Let me know which of your accessories you’re going to hack first! 💻📏🙌
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Much love from Crafty Panda 💖💖💖

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7:49 me recordo a los simpson
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Like si te gusto el video pero no te gusta por una cosa que esta en ingles like si te gustaria que estuviera en español
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Pueden a ser comentarios en español
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I ❤ you
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When they make video equal to this
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I♡U Emily
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Craft wires?! I think they are Calle pipe cleaners even thought they do not clean pipes
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Aakash chourasia - преди 10 часа
Please name of this song please
Aakash chourasia
Aakash chourasia - преди 10 часа
This song is name plz give me
Aakash chourasia
Aakash chourasia - преди 10 часа
Plz name bataao is gaane ka
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Spinar hack is good
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For the people who ask the name of the song 0:04 it's over open seas I am gonna tell you again the song is over open seas
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nazia mim - преди 16 часа
Stoupid crafty panda dog baby
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Baw się z Natką
Baw się z Natką - преди 18 часа
EXTRA VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Özden Aslan - преди 19 часа
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1abre tu mano
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3 pide un deseo
4copialo y pon lo en otro video
5 se cumple tu deseo
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Por que le copian las ideas a ideas en 5 minutos sean originales
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i love pandas🐼🐼🐼❤️❤️
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Esta bien. Feo
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Quero ouvir música sertaneja
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D cm high
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Damian Av - преди ден
Hay: i Love you
ملك توفيق ابو احمد
ملك توفيق ابو احمد - преди ден
Amh Tirons le monde est petit
Amh Tirons le monde est petit - преди ден
لي شعرها قصير ماشي تشبه لمستر بين
Andoes Quite
Andoes Quite - преди ден
Porque nacimos videos que hablan para que se entienda mejor lo que es porque son medios aburridos tengo 6 años
AnimeLover 11
AnimeLover 11 - преди ден
Everyone: Wow! Such amazing hacks!
Me:Am I the only one jealous of that pink hair....?
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Não tem Nome - преди ден
My hate school
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Яна Хомич - преди ден
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ilove the hacks
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It's so beautyful
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