Kaylee Bryant Explains Legacies Plot Holes | Plot Holes

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Kaylee Bryant stars as Josie Saltzman on Legacies, so we asked her to explain all the intricate plot details fans were a little confused by.
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Rachanpreet Kaur
Rachanpreet Kaur - преди 4 дни
Interview Danielle rose russel
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade - преди 5 дни
4:26 hope and ric don’t live there anymore so where do they sleep
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade - преди 5 дни
3:56 except that Caroline was a sweetheart and Lizzie is mean but when it comes to fashion and shopping they are similar
I wonder if legacies will play with the idea of spirits and the afterlife like legacies
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade - преди 5 дни
1:10 yea but the show does occasionally take place at mystic falls high or in town so why don’t we see her walking around town

I know she’s human but she’s a Salvatore so I feel like there should be an exception
She didn’t answer the Caroline question
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade - преди 5 дни
When I first heard about the merge I expected a cool epic battle to the death
Ala battle for family wizard in wizards of waverly place
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade - преди 5 дни
Here’s a plot hole in TVD ric opened the Salvatore school where the armory is which is 30 miles away from mystic falls
But the series implies the school is in mystic falls so was it moved. Maybe to the ruins of the old Salvatore house
Alex 0127
Alex 0127 - преди 6 дни
The people who ask the questions really need to watch the show before asking lol i knew the answer to almost all of them
Tashaya Johnson
Tashaya Johnson - преди 6 дни
I have wondered when the twins turn 21 who will be forcing them to merge they are treating it like they absolutely have to merge but they could just not merge unless there is something that will force them to merge I'm just confused about that
maki lalou
maki lalou - преди 8 дни
Who is Stephanie Salvatore ?
VII - преди 8 дни
Where can I get a similar jumper/sweatshirt?
taina nayeli
taina nayeli - преди 8 дни
can you please do a part two of this video because i really wanna know if a vampire can compel themself to not drink blood using a mirror
Layla Grace
Layla Grace - преди 9 дни
These aren’t plot holes though
Christylle Louisse
Christylle Louisse - преди 11 дни
Rebecca Richards
Rebecca Richards - преди 12 дни
My question for the longest time is:
Can Hope ever be a full tribred?
Maybe I am wrong but I thought you could never be a vampire and a witch at the same time. So if this is true, when/if Hope becomes a vampire (drinks vampire blood then dies) she won't be a witch anymore, right?
Pinja - преди 10 дни
Rebecca Richards -there was a heretics story line done on vampire diaries where they were vampires and witches who could only siphon power from other things (not have it them selves because they are dead and thus not connected to nature like that) but Lizzie and Josie could become heretics because they can siphon. Not sure about Hope but they might make it work on the show.
Lern Jergi
Lern Jergi - преди 12 дни
ilovevegimite - преди 13 дни
Wow that jumper works for her!
Rose Fazzino
Rose Fazzino - преди 14 дни
Spoiler alert:

Landon better not get with another girl while Hope is erased. If he does, I'm quitting watching Legacies.
Nara Uchiha
Nara Uchiha - преди 20 дни
Damon & Elena each have Witch ancestors. As shown in 1x05 the gene doesn't entirely go away. The only exception being the creation of Werewolves. However after centuries of not using or tapping into their magic it becomes near impossible for them or their children to tap into their power. So it'll be like a 1 in a million chances she'll activate her extremely dormant witch side.
Courtney Buras
Courtney Buras - преди 20 дни
How is it the only real plot hole answered was the one about the bullet. Everything else was explained in the show... except Lizzie being mean to Jo but, I mean, that wasn't exactly a surprise. How about these questions:
- How come the vampires didn't start dying when all magic was gone? Remember what would happen when any vampire entered Mystic Falls while the Traveller's spell was up?
- How did Alaric get voted out of being headmaster when there were only 2 people voting and we now know the voting was tied?
- How did Josie forget about the journal from Penelope?? It's not like it was from Hope - Penelope told her what it was, what it did, and Josie had already used it to learn about the merge.
- How did Landon get over learning about his past relationship w/ Hope to the point it seems like he totally forgot about it - not even bringing it up when BFF Raf mentions he invited her to the dance?!?
- How did not a single member of Hope's family get written in as checking on her at some point? I get Alaric is supposed to be the substitute father-figure but wouldn't you think she'd get a phone call or something from Kol or Freya every now and then???
Chelseee A
Chelseee A - преди 20 дни
Stephanie Salvatore is who again?
just me
just me - преди 20 дни
Her sweater is cute
Emily Odermatt
Emily Odermatt - преди 21 ден
No, they don't have to go through the merge. They could both become vampires, in which case they'd both be dead before the merge. AKA, no merge.
Preston Chandler
Preston Chandler - преди 22 дни
She's super adorable
Akhwan Warith
Akhwan Warith - преди 25 дни
I think i fell in love with Kaylee
Aria Davila
Aria Davila - преди 26 дни
So if Hope was erased from everyones memories does that mean Klaus and Hayley don’t remember thier own daughter ?
Aria Davila
Aria Davila - преди 23 дни
Caitlynn McNabney yeah but they still habe memories?
Caitlynn McNabney
Caitlynn McNabney - преди 23 дни
Aria Davila they’re dead
Jaziah Rispress
Jaziah Rispress - преди 29 дни
She is so fine bruh
sai teja paida
sai teja paida - преди месец
We dont have legacies in netflix india 😭 between she is the cutest 😍
BigBallerIvan - преди месец
Man she’s so hot, why she gotta be lesbian😭😭
SᴋᴇʟᴇᴛᴏɴMᴀɴ - преди 22 дни
She's actually bi in the show
lance sinclair
lance sinclair - преди месец
Biggest plot hole it take a tribreed to stop Malavor and hope needs to activate her vampire side to do it right . But if she does that won’t she become a hybrid instead ? Because you can’t be a witch and a vampire ?
tapas gupta
tapas gupta - преди месец
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that she says you can watch it on netflix when it is on Amazon Prime?

edit :- Its not on every server of netflix, My bad!!
Wonder Wiccan
Wonder Wiccan - преди месец
But this is something that had me curious. Elena is a direct descendant of Katherine and the Petrova doppleganger. Even if you took away the doppleganger thing (which vampire diaries didn't because the travelers needed the blood of the last dopplegangers so after they killed stefans doppleganger they could use elena and stefans blood to lift the curse) she was still a Petrova which also makes her a traveler witch just like Katherine her father and Nadia. So wouldn't Stefanie also be a traveler witch and since the passengers used the doppleganger blood to lift the curse wouldn't both Elena and Stefanie have access to these powers?
Tyler Garcia
Tyler Garcia - преди месец
No why did everyone forget if shes a tribryd and negates the affect of malivore would that negate the memory loss too
Emperor - преди месец
Just get damon to show up for about 3-4 episodes and see what happens 😂
PathlessNinja - преди месец
You would think the blood of the trybrid would have been enough
KazGhost - преди месец
These aren't even plot holes, these people just didn't pay even the slightest attention.
Mariana Martins
Mariana Martins - преди месец
Who is stephanie Salvatore?? Damon‘s kid??
Remarkable SeiF
Remarkable SeiF - преди месец
She's so hot.
Lajasiah Alexander
Lajasiah Alexander - преди месец
I think they really messed up with hope being "erased" she's the reasons why Klaus killed himself so that effects her family and in To they did so many things to save hope so everyone from To is probably confused af
Pinja - преди 10 дни
Lajasiah Alexander Yes! I was thinking the same thing. Hope was the reason of everything that happened in TO for the past 18 years of tvd universe time. Everything, how they came to know Hayley in the beginning. The Original witch coming back. Dahlia. The hollow. Why Klaus and Elijah died. It is all so involved with Hope, the Original family (or rather what's left of it) must be so confushed of what happened the past almost two decades. Like they'll figure it out pretty quick I think.
Lady Ella
Lady Ella - преди месец
But where Malivore did go if Hope hadn't killed him at the and of the final episode of season 1?
Trinity - преди месец
Theses weren't really plot holes. I clicked on this hoping to see if there was an explanation to why the twins were the same age as hope in legacies but in the episodes right before the originals final Hope was 15 and the twins were like barely tweens.
TheMarkmcr - преди месец
Hope is two years older