Equal Rights Amendment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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harlone M
harlone M - преди 15 часа
4:27 😂😂😂
Romil Patel
Romil Patel - преди ден
That Mississippi joke!
Enrique Ramirez
Enrique Ramirez - преди 2 дни
You forgot to talk about how it affects trans rights as well.
Goldie O
Goldie O - преди 2 дни
I've always said nothing good ever comes from Florida.
Just ur average Sociopath
Just ur average Sociopath - преди 2 дни
deari900 - преди 2 дни
For the last fucking time, the wage gap is NOT what you perceive it to be. Men aim for higher-paying jobs and positions of dominance while women don't. The ''wage gap'' is a phenomenon occurring thanks to different psychologies of the 2 sexes.

In reality, the wage gap for men and women considering the SAME POSITION is 2% which has a lot of reasons that could be the cause, non which are actually researched to give a proper explanation. The reason for the 2% wage gap could range from men asking more times for a raise due to their dominant traits and self-confidence gained from them all the way to actual inequality happening in certain companies which causes the tips to scale.

if you want an actual source, here you go (even this slightly biased source paints the picture perfectly in black and white due to the statistics being correct): https://www.payscale.com/data/gender-pay-gap

And as for the constitution not having equal rights yet. The reason is in fact not as simple as you make it out to be (like half the states being hillbilly sexists with no clue what they are doing). The reason it's not in the constitution yet is that a lot of the laws priorly created that are more biased towards WOMEN actually will lay under fire thanks to it. Think of inequality towards men in the criminal justice system, divorce settlements etc etc. Yes cases like children being treated like numbers aren't under fire BUT a case where the woman will get an equal share of the families wealth regardless of their contributions to the family or the duration of the marriage definitely is.

Obviously I wouldn't be against it, because equality for women AND men is something I would stand up for regardless of the consequences it may entail. But seeing that states don't really want to poke the shithole that ensues afterward and the numerous laws that need to be recreated thanks to equality in all scenario's being the new bar that needs to be followed under every circumstance is understandable to say the very least.
Daniel Jakes
Daniel Jakes - преди 3 дни
Devin Lao
Devin Lao - преди 3 дни
Any updates regarding the amendment?
Pete Kiryluk
Pete Kiryluk - преди 3 дни
women should be drafted enough with special standards, equal means equal.
XatxiFly - преди 4 дни
The Virginia flag is literally a tit-out bad bitch stepping on a tyrannical man and we're holding out...
maeve314 - преди 4 дни
Come see the Golden Troughs at WackDonald's!
Logan M
Logan M - преди 4 дни
Maryland always survives John's scrutiny, except for the police brutality episodes...
super epic gamer 3
super epic gamer 3 - преди 4 дни
now feminists get triggered by dad jokes and think that is harassment
Lilycheese4 - преди 4 дни
When he said #ladyfingers I pictured Salad Fingers wearing the wedding dress.
Aaron Silver-Pell
Aaron Silver-Pell - преди 4 дни
They will destroy John Oliver for this one day. Every man who supports women's rights gets destroyed by the women eventually.
Aaron Silver-Pell
Aaron Silver-Pell - преди 4 дни
No one is born equal. That's such bullshit.
Michael Darling
Michael Darling - преди 5 дни
not a feminist, but see no reason why this shouldnt be a thing. just put the shit in the constitution.
Taylor Sullivan
Taylor Sullivan - преди 5 дни
Pizza parlors DO rely on animal cruelty
My Reviews
My Reviews - преди 5 дни
Some women take the ERA too far and make it:
ERA = the man is the bitch of the house. 😂
K 9
K 9 - преди 5 дни
Since women now have to include men who feel like and identify as women. The rights and safety of women and children arse compromised. Democrats pro Trans... anti female rights. No justice.
Suspicious Samuel
Suspicious Samuel - преди ден
Loaded language A few pointers 1.There has been no correlation between Transgenderism and Crime.Zero.Zilch.Nada 2.Transgender people do not only "feel and identify" like the other gender(FTMs exist too,FYI), their brain scans show the difference from their biological gender even before hormone therapy.Undeniable proof. 3.Pro-Trans does not mean anti female rights, that's stupid, you can focus on more than a single thing at once.
Guitar Nerd
Guitar Nerd - преди 5 дни
Well, to be fair, Florida is a giant #1 foam finger pointing out into the path of every hurricane, ever. You expect Floridians to have any intelligence whatsoever?
jim twisted
jim twisted - преди 6 дни
Maybe you could do a story about ritual slaughter.
Christian MCMXCIV
Christian MCMXCIV - преди 6 дни
Why does the LGBT Community keep pushing for equal rights. When the fact of the matter is that they have equal rights as long as they are born in America? Why is it the everybody in America the land of the free the home of the brave keep pushing for equal rights when that's what our country was founded upon. When will people realize that the Democratic party or the far left wing Democratic party to be specific as shit is racist as fuck an there pushing people of color to hate upon white people for the things that they did in the past. Although when you look at it; it doesn't make sense to yell about that in the present moment when it's 2019, and that shit was supposed to be ended in the 1960s...
TJ Lowe
TJ Lowe - преди 7 дни
wage gap doesn't exist in a discriminatory way, if women really was cheaper than men to hire then companies would only hire women to save money as their primary motivation is profit, their are literally dozens of caveats to the 'Men paid more than women' statement
Richard Couillard
Richard Couillard - преди 7 дни
Passing it would change virtually nothing. It's just another topic they can fear monger to distract the general public idiots.
Phil Must
Phil Must - преди 8 дни
Hey I'm sorry but I got this cuz it said a lot of people who watch RTGaming also watched this. Yea I don't think YouTube is working.
Michael Commisso
Michael Commisso - преди 8 дни
I guess I could understand that your methodology is similar to trumps agenda ,,, so who's better.... we need real truth and guidance in this fragmented world we live in...so if you really want to help.. than really help... please we need it...two wrongs dont make a right...
Michael Commisso
Michael Commisso - преди 8 дни
I enjoy Mr. Oliver's show,, but i'm losing interest... he's not being totally accurate. So I guess thats the difference in education v. media... and i'm education...
Michael Commisso
Michael Commisso - преди 8 дни
Please, look up Lin Farley and Eleanor Holmes, they were the the leaders in this subject, what is being told by this episode is not the truth...and the progress that has become due to these two woman.. is extraordinary... these woman are the founders of gender discrimination
Allan Stokes
Allan Stokes - преди 8 дни
7:06 Pig: relatively speaking, after that zinger, I am now _so_ unburned.
S P - преди 9 дни
Basic rights article 3 in Germany states 1) everyone is equal in front of the law, 2) women and men have the same rights and the state works towards achieving actual equality
3) No one should be disadvantaged or advantaged based on their sex, heritage, race, language, where they live or come from, their faith, religious or political opinions. No one should be discriminated because of a disability.
abrr2000 - преди 9 дни
agree with everything EXCEPT the wage gap. It's been debunked 7 ways to sunday and it just will not die. It's so statistically simplistic, it's the equivalent of saying "all trees are green" then going out in the middle of winter and trying to use that information to come to a meaningful conclusion... the only one you can come to as you look around you at the tall brown twiggy things with no leaves, is to point down at the grass and declare that it is a tree.

Gibberish in = gibberish out.
RandomOtakuNerd - преди 9 дни
As a person that was born and raised in Florida I have to agree to this: No one really wants to fucking live here. And this place is just used to trap more tourists here for us to use the fresh meat for business purposes.
Wo-man Ha-ter
Wo-man Ha-ter - преди 9 дни
I disagree with almost everything this guys says, but I like the way he says it
Robert Scotland
Robert Scotland - преди 9 дни
I'm constantly amazed at how backwards America manages to be
Robert Nichols
Robert Nichols - преди 3 дни
I expect it.
Charlie Bentley
Charlie Bentley - преди 9 дни
09:00... One of the only times we'll hear John Oliver tripping over his words in a video
Steven - преди 9 дни
Homo had a different meaning in the 1970s. Now it seems tasteless to call someone that, but that’s what they called gay people during that time.
Emily Sadowski
Emily Sadowski - преди 9 дни
Carmen Mencar
Carmen Mencar - преди 10 дни
Wow USA hasn't? And your so close too. Come on America catchup to the rest of the world already~
FlowerofDissolution - преди 10 дни
Lastly, this is a reminder of just WHY the US is such a sad, sad country to live in: when there are plenty of "mainly" English-speaking ones to choose from, New Zealand, Canada, Australia or Europe, where many jobs with an education makes English also a viable option.

But, the US has turned from the land to open its arms to refugees and asylum-seekers, to a country of racial-discrimination of national scale. I truly hope the best for those seeking asylum in the US right now, and how you find a better life. I just also hope, that America is still trying to be a champion of your rights in the years to come.
FlowerofDissolution - преди 10 дни
Now, for the more important comment: how is it that the US is still struggling with the political issue that Scandinavia resorted around 1900? I'm sorry to say that the US no longer reflects the proud image of being a forerunner to human, or anyone's, rights. - and that's just so aad....
FlowerofDissolution - преди 10 дни
That upturning of the McDonald's sign was just a sneaky, but not subtle, way of getting at all those Japanese Anime series referencing McDonald's as the meeting place for romantic comedies, but got banned from doing so after the 90s, due to McDonald's suing them - I guess.
The response, from animators that still wanted to make their series realistic by hinting at a real location, was to turn the M-sign upside-down. (there are many other versions, but most do make the point apparent, it is McDonald's the characters are eating at).
Apparently, McDonald's was, and still isn't, not happy about this situation, where they may not JUST EARN MONEY FROM PEOPLE ALL OVER THE GLOBE EATING THEIR BURGERS, BUT THEY ALSO FEEL THE NEED TO EARN MONEY FROM JUST MENTIONING THEIR NAME - in whatever situation.
It's the "Happy Birthday"-song situation all over.
If, it's allowed to earn money of that, them it's allowed to earn money by just subtly referencing McDonald's without the trademark. You can never be safe from a corporation again. Dun dun dun dun...not that any of this is surprising if you watched the last years of developments.
TheRedRaccoonDog - преди 10 дни
On the topic of things that are guaranteed in Canada? This.
Alyssa B
Alyssa B - преди 10 дни
Ok but obviously, they flipped the McDonalds M for Wumbo!
Noel Down
Noel Down - преди 10 дни
And that's another reason they don't want Puerto Rico as a state. It could ratify things!
Mr. Balloffur
Mr. Balloffur - преди 10 дни
Bob Dornan is a nutcase!
frank bevan
frank bevan - преди 11 дни
a Brit telling America whats wrong with America = the jokes on you America
LuterSDK - преди 11 дни
WTF USA?! Your women don't a equal rights?! Even us, your "for what reason" enemy, Russia's have those equal rights... We don't have a bullshit like 70c/1$, you know? Hu-uh... And you call us barbaric country, and want to bomb us for what ever reason?!
Shastaphirre Fox
Shastaphirre Fox - преди 11 дни
I'm from VA. The GOP killed the bill to ratify the ERA in February. It could've happened, but it didn't. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/virginia-politics/virginia-house-kills-era-ratification-bill/2019/02/21/82920204-3560-11e9-854a-7a14d7fec96a_story.html?noredirect=on Virginia
O J M - преди 11 дни
Hope it passes. I want women to buy me drinks and pay for my dinners too.
Lona 87
Lona 87 - преди 11 дни
do you want a clap now?
potaterjim - преди 11 дни
Not that that comment deserves the dignity of a response, but under equal rights, a woman would STILL be granted custody of both her children, _as_ _long_ _as_ she was still found to be the best fit for the children.
If she DIDN'T receive custody, then since the law (in this ridiculous, hyperbolic hypothetical) is viewing them as equal, then it means that she WASN'T fit to care for them, and therefore the law put the children in the hands of the most capable parent, where as beforehand it would have put them into a BAD situation.
Naturally, if she ever read this comment, I'm sure she'd argue something along the lines of "men aren't naturally good caretakers, it's the wife's womanly duty to raise the kids" or something equally regressive and asinine, but the response to that would STILL be "Then the courts will view both genders equally, and observe that the woman is a better caretaker" and award her both children
Jeff Jeff
Jeff Jeff - преди 11 дни
I also believe that women should get explosive reactive armor
Captain Phoenix
Captain Phoenix - преди 11 дни
America: where the Constitution protects guns, but not women.
Cholly Sa
Cholly Sa - преди 11 дни
WHAT THE FUCK MISSISSIPPI!! Is that real ? I am not American. Please someone tell me that that's not real.
McJohnson - преди 11 дни
The internet may know Phyllis Schlafly from her son Andrew, who founded Conservapedia because he felt Wikipedia had too strong a liberal bias; and who also attempted to make his own translation of the Bible, because he felt *THE BIBLE* had too strong a liberal bias.
Fireball Flareblitz
Fireball Flareblitz - преди 12 дни
b4byj3susm4n - преди 12 дни
Jesus fuck Mississippi! Change that flag, please
Digitalhunny - преди 12 дни
The christian bible is _not_ against abortion. In FACT the bible says that a baby is NOT alive until the age of 1 month of age. So, it's not murder according to the bible. Also, if a person "kills" a fetus in the womb. the person that does it, owes a fine to the MAN of the fetus. As that fetus is HIS property, just like the woman is! It is _NOT ALIVE!_ It's absolutely _amazing_ how many religious _believers haven't even read their damn "holy book" OR they cherry pick what parts to believe!
Y'all need to read. If you have _any_ logic in your brain y'all gotta know it's entirely BS. A god creates himself to walk on earth to forgive us for things that HE created in the first place. Yet he makes no mistakes?? Then there's the Zombie, talking snakes, invisible entities that give a shit about what you do, how you have sex & let's not forget the talking burning shrubbery.
**Don't you **_DARE_** try to make laws & force **_me_** to follow them solely based on your fucking crazy!** *NO, Fuck No!*
The comic book 'Green lantern' ain't true either! BUT he's in a book, located in a real place & I want him to be true. I have faith that he is, let's change some laws & force them onto all the people!
Lona 87
Lona 87 - преди 11 дни
cant get reasonable with them. they are brainwashed by their leaders. if their priest says something is in the bible, they believe it is. 99% of them never opened the damn book.
Alexander Bouraad
Alexander Bouraad - преди 12 дни
Notice how the Southern States are the only ones who haven't ratified it yet. Almost all of them, Texas has. And all the Northern States have ratified it.
Vincenzo Karol Flagiello
Vincenzo Karol Flagiello - преди 12 дни
Ye but the wage gap is a random number fabricated by feminists
Turner D Century
Turner D Century - преди 12 дни
So you wanna add the ERA to the amendments? I’m in favor. Just leave the 1st and 2nd alone.
Owen Fitzgerald
Owen Fitzgerald - преди 12 дни
2019 and after decades of fighting for it, they still don't have equality. Very poor.
Monika the cycle-path
Monika the cycle-path - преди 12 дни
This should be simple. Women and men follow the same rules. Same right to vote. Same right to marry. Same right to jobs. Same right to jail time for murder. Same right to housing. It really isn't that hard.
cricket - преди 5 дни
@Monika the cycle-path uhh yep chur
Monika the cycle-path
Monika the cycle-path - преди 5 дни
@cricket Hey. I'm just throwing that out there. If a man or a woman were found guilty of murdering a dude with a knife 5 times in the heart, they should probably get the same amount of jail time.
cricket - преди 9 дни
the third one is strangely specific...
Austin Byrd
Austin Byrd - преди 12 дни
Quick Florida get on this
Gemineye Duality
Gemineye Duality - преди 12 дни
"If your stance on abortion means that men and women aren't equal, then it is time to rethink your stance on abortion."
But would-be fathers have no say, weather it be towards keeping or aborting.
My solution, the fathers can "abort" any rights towards parental status of the child, no longer having any sway over decisions regarding the child and being ineligible for any child support or subsidies.
It's that or allowing them to have some say over the woman's agency and that is unacceptable.
Leigh Grigg
Leigh Grigg - преди 12 дни
If it is Florida, you could just give kudos to Hawaii.
Raymond Wildeman
Raymond Wildeman - преди 12 дни
I used to work for a recruiting company that dealt solely with hiring for Amazon. I was given a mandate to hire at least 29-30 a week and do orientation for them. At which point, they would get 3 warnings. after the 3rd one, out the door they went if they were behind on their rate or otherwised 'sucked' The good ones amazon would then hire from us and give us a bonus for "finding' a good employee and only then would they get benefits and that shit. It was a soul crushing job, I literally would be forced to fire people just 4 weeks ago were in my orientation class
BurkcoVideo -General
BurkcoVideo -General - преди 12 дни
1st Amendment has 72 Words... It is the Law.... See you at the Parade
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly - преди 12 дни
I don't know if I support it or not. There was little to no inforamtion about what this bill actually says in it. Will the life expectancy for women get shorter? What happens to mothers that want to abort their daughters because they want a son instead. Will stay-at-home-have-mothers have to let fathers do half of the breastfeeding? Will women have to cut half the firewood? Butcher half the animals?
Felipe Behrens
Felipe Behrens - преди 12 дни
Wasn’t there a time limit on the amendment?
Brit Saunders
Brit Saunders - преди 12 дни
So... I have not watched anime in 4 years... and the WcDonalds thing still just made me think of The Devil is a Part Timer. Not my female genitals. But I mean, hey, good try WcDonalds.
Gordon Lang
Gordon Lang - преди 12 дни
Shout out to Texas for keeping it real unlike these deep south backwards ass states.
Specific Difference
Specific Difference - преди 12 дни
I had to stop after poor John mentioned the Wage Gap. Please no. Don't start with that.
Lona 87
Lona 87 - преди 11 дни
well we should talk about until its fixed, dont you think? as economists proved there is still a wage gap, even in this era, we need to work on that until its solved.
Prairielander - преди 12 дни
15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the
equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination
and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or
ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical
I'm a moron, also
I'm a moron, also - преди 7 дни
The US has it too. I have no idea what John is talking about but there's a reason 80% of Americans thinks it already exists: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."
Ryan P
Ryan P - преди 12 дни
🖕your geoblock
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez - преди 12 дни
My hatred for America grows every day. I’m so glad I got out of there before Trump got in the White House
Brodan Quennell
Brodan Quennell - преди 13 дни
Honestly, good for Phyllis in the 70s, she basically started a whole movement on her own, got hundreds of thousands behind her, and fought for what she believed wholeheartedly in, and won. All in a time were it was legal to pay men and women at unequal pay rates, and they were expected to stay at home
Paradox - преди 13 дни
not all of Schlafly's concerns are unfounded, when you look north to Canada, which adopted the said equal rights into the constitution.
1. Military - there is now interpretation that the military requires women to be equally represented.
2. Abortion - there is now a wide belief that abortion is a constitutional right - that the gov't funding of abortion is mandatory AND anyone doctor who refuse to give abortion referrals should be removed from practicing medicine.
3. Washroom - There is indeed now a push towards unisex washrooms in Canada as a result of complaints that gender segregated washrooms are discriminatory.
4. Workplace vs homemaking- There are gov't funded incentives to bring more women into workplace and a void of support for middle-aged housewives, as Schlafly predicted. Traditional symbols like homemade pie are now considered misogynistic and bigotry by the main stream media. Public debate in general are dominated by the career women looking to empower their status (ie. gender quota in positions of power), homemakers' concerns are completely forgotten.

Some of her predictions that did not (fully) materialize includes:
1. Custody - child custody continues to be heavily in favor of women - because women rights group believes in women privileges, NOT equal rights. The same goes for alimony.
2. Women colleges - Women schools were not made to admit men.... but many women-only places are indeed required to admit trans-gendered women.

It should be pointed out that John Oliver's belief that "not everything has to be equal, it just says the law can not disadvantage you" is not a true statement. The current movement is about equal outcome, not equal access. Although Oliver's statement may have some technical merit, the reality is that even the judiciary favors the view of equal outcome and often use these as basis of their decision - despite when the law does not actually applies to those situations.

the most dangerous part of ERA, as seen in Canada - is feminists use it to suppress their political opposition. anyone who criticize them is characterized as guilty of hate speech or that the speech is unconstitutional.
McHammer3000 - преди 13 дни
The fact that you still believe in the wage gap no matter how much it’s debunked makes me think your disingenuous and as such I think your probably misrepresenting this
Gus's Shack
Gus's Shack - преди 13 дни
I really wanted to find something wrong with the ERA because there is always an add on. Also with all the extremists found today I have become quite skeptical of a rational amandment, legestlations, ect... but theres nothing... it all makes sense, and quite frankly it should have been passed years ago. I'm in complete suport of the era amendment