Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) [Music Video]

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Wicked Sounds
Wicked Sounds - преди 8 дни
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mstevenchapman - преди 3 часа
Uploader is a smart Businessman/woman. Faux Music video, almost 15 million views... $$$$$$ I'm not mad atcha
Dnk/ Chase
Dnk/ Chase - преди 5 часа
+don't touch me u idiot leave me alone who wants a belly rub
don't touch me u idiot leave me alone
don't touch me u idiot leave me alone - преди 10 часа
+Dnk/ Chase incase the comments max out
Emerson N'Goran
Emerson N'Goran - преди 19 часа
Meer thakrar
Meer thakrar - преди 5 минути
Who is here before a billion views
B!TER - преди 5 минути
I'm totally gonna remix this >:D
Andrea Marie
Andrea Marie - преди 5 минути
RM brought me here

I have no regrets .
Katie Do
Katie Do - преди 6 минути
Jonas brothers: *releases new music and gets attention*
Billy Ray Cyrus: hold me beer
LKH Racing
LKH Racing - преди 6 минути
The most ambitious crossover event in history.
KofpZuic - преди 6 минути
Damn i almost forgot to listen today .... G-Haw
Bomb v Skies
Bomb v Skies - преди 7 минути
I actually respect this guy because he is a rapper you can ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND.
Zzt 4k
Zzt 4k - преди 7 минути
Drop_ DeadYT
Drop_ DeadYT - преди 9 минути
Better dancing
Herr Doktor von Nuremberg
Herr Doktor von Nuremberg - преди 10 минути
I hate modern country by itself.
I hate gangsta/mumble trap by itself.
Put them together
Lea Tobies
Lea Tobies - преди 13 минути
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith - преди 16 минути
I can't help but notice that there's not a single horse being rode in this video.
Edward Zavala
Edward Zavala - преди 16 минути
Lindy Lou Cantu
Lindy Lou Cantu - преди 17 минути
Love it!
PLAY GOOD - преди 19 минути
Samiee Lewis
Samiee Lewis - преди 20 минути
I love this songg
Paz Gomez
Paz Gomez - преди 21 минута
What is up with the captions
Kumatay - преди 21 минута
Fucked my thought process all the way up 😳
jersey city 201
jersey city 201 - преди 25 минути
Dave east was right this shit ass .
e g harris
e g harris - преди 25 минути
Billy Ray's part was DOPE!
Prod. IMA
Prod. IMA - преди 27 минути
Micah and Lenny...
Melissa Ferreira
Melissa Ferreira - преди 30 минути
Its awfull with billy ray cyrus
Shindona Allen
Shindona Allen - преди 31 минута
Got it stuck in my head I love it😜
Zy Traywick
Zy Traywick - преди 33 минути
If u think this is country ur a garbage city slimer
can we get 10,000 Subs in a year
can we get 10,000 Subs in a year - преди 35 минути
Country & Rap?

Brianna Martinez
Brianna Martinez - преди 36 минути
This is the only country song I’ll listen to
Slick Two'eleven
Slick Two'eleven - преди 43 минути
Niggaz make everything better 💯😂
squid b0ii
squid b0ii - преди 43 минути
What is this hillbilly and negro stuff
why so serious
why so serious - преди 43 минути
Blah garbage
Brian Foster
Brian Foster - преди 46 минути
Yannik Gollub
Yannik Gollub - преди 48 минути
so gell
Andrew Taveapont
Andrew Taveapont - преди 48 минути
It’s a cool song but it’s stupid AF becuz this fool at a graveyard shooting finger guns like he’s a gangster
sassy_mika - преди 49 минути
Sad the country radio took this song off cause he was black smh but the back community love this song
squid b0ii
squid b0ii - преди 42 минути
No it's good cuz it's trash
PittsburghTroll - преди 49 минути
Hate country but fuck with this. Good for him for doing something different.
Shalaya Shalaya123
Shalaya Shalaya123 - преди 53 минути
That’s she dabs about
drich2dirty - преди 54 минути
serena matti
serena matti - преди 55 минути
producer: what genre do you want?

billy ray cyrus: *yee haw*
serena matti
serena matti - преди 56 минути
producer: what genre do you want?

lil nas x: *yes*
Scotty Rotten
Scotty Rotten - преди 57 минути
stop appropriating my culture
FreestyleWorld - преди 57 минути
Hola Dross ahora tienes una banda?
serena matti
serena matti - преди 58 минути
0% naked girls
100% good music
serena matti
serena matti - преди 58 минути
*_crush: i like rap and country_*
Ronald Young
Ronald Young - преди 59 минути
This shit door frfr
Ronald Young
Ronald Young - преди 58 минути
I meant dope
Shea and Amanda
Shea and Amanda - преди час
This is a country song not a hip hop song
A91 Aiden
A91 Aiden - преди час
Why a cemetery tho
Polonium Peril
Polonium Peril - преди час
*insert tyler1 screaming*
Luis Biondi
Luis Biondi - преди час
Country x hip hop?

100spurs - преди час
Miley is punching in the air after the watching this. Billy Cyrus has more hip hop cred than her.
Vaughn Palacio
Vaughn Palacio - преди час
tiktok has joined the server
mycheala waddell
mycheala waddell - преди час
"I been in the valley you aint been up off that porch now cant nobody tell me nothinggggggg" 😂💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
fat dude
fat dude - преди час
LIL ZacK - преди час
LinZy AZ
LinZy AZ - преди час
Love this!!!
KrakowskaMaczeta _
KrakowskaMaczeta _ - преди час
ERICK HERRERA - преди час
El dross
Tamarra Allen
Tamarra Allen - преди час
this is so cool
JMW 708
JMW 708 - преди час
Still better than anything from Adam Calhoun
I'm Bradman
I'm Bradman - преди час
When you play Red Dead too much and need to make a banger
JMW 708
JMW 708 - преди час
Billy Ray.... BRING BACK THE MULLET aka The Texas Tailgate!!!
Anastasia Galindo
Anastasia Galindo - преди час
I love this song so u and i hear it all of timeeeeeesssss
JxeWarren -
JxeWarren - - преди час
After listening this i saw a tumbleweed go across the road
The Drunk Mercenary
The Drunk Mercenary - преди час
All them country girls he's available only for a limited time so co,e on down and get yourself a country black man
Deactivated Dillon
Deactivated Dillon - преди час
So I’m gonna go ahead and point out somethin’ most won’t notice. WHO. DA. FUK. MADE THOSE CAPTIONS?
Leah Shaw
Leah Shaw - преди час
country🧡 and Rap🖤
Super Mario Captain Adventures
Super Mario Captain Adventures - преди час
Love this it's different taste and it's positive
Chyna Haley
Chyna Haley - преди час
I don't think k either one of them know what they really did when they made this song 😂🤩 they brought a lot of people together man fr
Alicia Haynes
Alicia Haynes - преди час
Producers:So what style is this country or rap
Lil Nas X:Yes
Gangi- Fangi
Gangi- Fangi - преди час
Is it just me or is Micha in the bigining of the video singing
Arcadius Tene
Arcadius Tene - преди час
Billboard Country: *Takes off Old Town Road from Country charts*
Billy Ray Cyrus: *Breathes* "Somebody hold my geetar, and let me drop some bars on these inbreds"
Billboard Country: "Ok this is country"
Alex Yonly
Alex Yonly - преди час
Ha ha
Arcadius Tene
Arcadius Tene - преди час
Lil Nas X: I got the horses in the back
Billboard Hot Country: This isn't country
Billy Ray Cyrus: Hat down, cross town, living like a rockstar
Billboard Hot Country: Ok, this is country
LyfeWithDJ - преди час
RM brought me here...I had no idea that this genre of music even existed! Wow. We purple u! =)
Teleporting Teapot
Teleporting Teapot - преди час
I feel like this isn't a real song. Like it just seems like a high schooler made this. I'm so confused
Nathan Shivnen
Nathan Shivnen - преди час
Teleporting Teapot high schoolers can’t make music ? A lot of artists you probably listen too started early
lilchrispy - преди час
Thanks I discovered this song because of RM. This song is so good!!!
TrapMusic - преди час
My channel is trap and country, subscribe in my channel !!
Nina rats
Nina rats - преди час
Rap and Country
fordsho joe
fordsho joe - преди час
The fact that nobody knows this genres already exists baffles me. I love hick hop because I love country for the story but I love rap because of the beats and flow so when they merged it was like a dream come true. I was excited as shit lol.
Lit Shoes
Lit Shoes - преди час
We NEED to SAVE the EaRtH!!!!:(
ashley martin
ashley martin - преди час
Why’s this a bop
Texas tech Gators
Texas tech Gators - преди час
Why does every one like this song
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - преди час
“Billboard took it down because he’s black!”
*Darius Rucker has left the chat*
Shikhasri Kalita
Shikhasri Kalita - преди час
Okay .. this is namjoon's favourite song .. who comes here after watching bts I heart radio interview?
Гасан Раджабов
Гасан Раджабов - преди час
Hello from Russia✊
oT Oliver
oT Oliver - преди час
Can I get likes please
oɓɓoɹℲ :3
oɓɓoɹℲ :3 - преди час
why are we still here? just to suffer?
DA DR3AM - преди час
Thank god the nigga billy ray jumped on this shit he saved this song fr fr
soulbound xxx
soulbound xxx - преди час
Billboard remove it
Billy ray Cyrus : hold my shot gun
G4lactic - преди час
Damn the music video is 🗑
Stephen Rizzo
Stephen Rizzo - преди час
What in Tarantino is this shit
Thyrion - преди 2 часа
Thanks you Twitter
Jayden K
Jayden K - преди 2 часа
He looks really rough now!!!
NESsesary - преди 2 часа
for a moment, when billy started singing, i thought i was listening to nickelback im scarred for life now-
Mark Hawthorn
Mark Hawthorn - преди 2 часа
Oops I left my horse on the new town road...dang
Joseph Calderone
Joseph Calderone - преди 2 часа
At first I wasn’t crazy about it but now it’s one of the best songs out there if it doesn’t win something at some point somebody is lost their mind good job guys
Zawditu Dacosta
Zawditu Dacosta - преди 2 часа
This some HARD HickHop!! 😂😂😂 jk
Ksenia Bazukina
Ksenia Bazukina - преди 2 часа
Who from tik tokkk???)
Liz - преди 2 часа
lol 😝 was a good
Wave - Cringe
Wave - Cringe - преди 2 часа
When he says old town road and ride when i can’t no more is what makes this song really good.
Elisapeta Lemalie
Elisapeta Lemalie - преди 2 часа
This song is on repeat everyday because my 4 year old son keep crying to listen to it 😂 I love the song too thanks