Bishop Briggs - JEKYLL & HIDE

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Born in the time of love
Facing the winds of fate
Storms brewing up above
I was breaking
I was begging
Just to raise you up
From the grave of your mistakes
Pleasure is a kind of pain
Have I had enough?
Cause I keep wrestling with snakes
Sick of all the slippery stuff
Are you Jekyll and Hyde-ing me?
I can’t see in the dark
Are you Jekyll or Hyde this time?
Where’s my mind?
I can’t sleep in the dark
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
Did i make it up?
I was yesterday’s regret
But today I woke up in your bed
Have I had enough?
Oh have I had enough?
Sick of all the slippery, slippery stuff
Red apple
Cherry on your lips
Killing me with every kiss
Are you Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
I can’t see in the dark
Are you Jekyll or Hyde this time?
Where’s my mind?
I can’t sleep in the dark
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
Sweet and then you’re sour
Changes by the hour
Never know which one I’ll taste
Hot and then you’re freezing
Different every evening
Baby you drive me insane
Are you Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
I can’t see in the dark
Are you Jekyll or Hyde this time?
Where’s my mind?
I can’t sleep in the dark
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me

Music video by Bishop Briggs performing JEKYLL & HIDE. © 2019 blissmagicjoylove, LLC, under exclusive license to Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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ryan ng
ryan ng - преди час
Nothing in it , your photo have you but nothing matter.
ryan ng
ryan ng - преди час
No one take photo without process and idle photo.
ryan ng
ryan ng - преди час
La est pintor en spainol.
ryan ng
ryan ng - преди час
Well bushing at the vainglory, jecking time.
Malwina Wodnicka
Malwina Wodnicka - преди 2 часа
Ktoś z Polski?🇵🇱
Christian California Conservative
Christian California Conservative - преди 4 часа
Someone who actually has talent and doesn't have to use (at least not obviously if at all) auto tune! Yaaay!!! 😁🙌
Maria Jose L. Echenique
Maria Jose L. Echenique - преди 4 часа
Bishop! pls support south american democratic movements. Many countries full of fans of yours are suffering to the hands of economic elites and military leaders. pls help us!
Zili Ohneland
Zili Ohneland - преди 7 часа
heisser Feger und heisser Sound
Jami Lee
Jami Lee - преди 8 часа
What the hell is that creature?
Shawn Shelley
Shawn Shelley - преди 9 часа
I want those boxers... Amazon Prime... help.
Trec Butler
Trec Butler - преди 9 часа
I love this song I can relate so much
Adeel Raza
Adeel Raza - преди 10 часа
wrong polices.please
NoiSy Clicka
NoiSy Clicka - преди 10 часа
Sale ft uacha?
Pavlina Efth
Pavlina Efth - преди 12 часа
last time i was this early she still had hair
this is a joke obviously
i love her voice jesusss
Simon Open
Simon Open - преди 12 часа
Wow! thank you!
Ayrton Palomino
Ayrton Palomino - преди 13 часа
like a Boss
Malwina Wodnicka
Malwina Wodnicka - преди 14 часа
Tri Ripple
Tri Ripple - преди 14 часа
I like how she exposes her mind to us
mandy - преди 15 часа
gave me a Imagine dragons vibe mix with something else very dark.
ThatCatWild - преди 15 часа
Jekyll and Hyde is one of my favourite books.
I’m so glad this was in my recommendations!
Juan Gea - Culto Pop
Juan Gea - Culto Pop - преди 16 часа
Esto va a ser mainstream!
No es mal momento para aclarar que escribí una biografía acerca de ella hace un año, aquí la dejo para que la conozcan mejor ;)
Chimaa - преди 16 часа
youtube is litteraly forcing me to watch this
Chimaa - преди 16 часа
it is, indeed, good
Aanchal Kumar
Aanchal Kumar - преди 18 часа
Isn't it "Hyde"? Or is it supposed to be "Hide" like Hide and seek? Because the novel is definitely Jekyll and Hyde. Whatever it may be, I love this song.
Davi Marinho
Davi Marinho - преди 20 часа
Legend sbm srstha
Legend sbm srstha - преди 20 часа
Did she just say I jeerk a lot
xandzelika - преди 21 час
Yolk C
Yolk C - преди 21 час
Adel Va
Adel Va - преди 22 часа
georgeous without the hair
Alejo Pastrana
Alejo Pastrana - преди 22 часа
Una verga
Anton Michael Swanepoel
Anton Michael Swanepoel - преди 22 часа
no. thanks.
Sun Lei
Sun Lei - преди 23 часа
thank you, yt recs!
Dyego Aron Sousa Silva
Dyego Aron Sousa Silva - преди ден
Caralho, musica muito da hora.
Jino Espera Burgos
Jino Espera Burgos - преди ден
This is such a bop!
ooo aaa
ooo aaa - преди ден
SHE is so underrated
Samantha Wels
Samantha Wels - преди ден
Ms. Briggs I'd respectfully ask you to research Mia.
Crazy Nil
Crazy Nil - преди ден
Her voice is 𝚋𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚎 rip me
Sounds like billie a little
Pars Gaming Club
Pars Gaming Club - преди ден
(silence with whispers and then..)
ryan ng
ryan ng - преди ден
Hoping a lot nowadays folk before that until now art is the thing you can spend and what other way to reject your request badly enough to have Micheal store, as your request now you want something, we made it happen.
ryan ng
ryan ng - преди ден
Something to buy? Anything that makes you spend? Now you have it, artfriend and Micheal store.
e hisamova
e hisamova - преди ден
Ghosting a narcissist anthem 🚮🐍
maayan vs
maayan vs - преди ден
Lmfao i thought iT was zhavia
DDDJJJY - преди ден підписуйтися на мій канал реп контент
Francisco Santibáñez Benítez
Francisco Santibáñez Benítez - преди ден
Te amo mucho!!!!!
DDDJJJY - преди ден го на мій канал новий репер
Alice Lorenzon Brixner
Alice Lorenzon Brixner - преди ден
Essa música muda mais de ritmo do q eu de roupa
Jane Benton
Jane Benton - преди ден
Clicked this bc Bishopbriggs is the name of an area in my city. Great song though.
T McDougald
T McDougald - преди ден
I cringe every time this song comes on, how do I block it?
marcella tuerck
marcella tuerck - преди ден
this has been my life for 6 years
TheGlenn777 - преди ден
Is that Wraith?
rosario rojas
rosario rojas - преди ден
Una hermosa canción ♥️🤗
Ewelina Niemczyk
Ewelina Niemczyk - преди ден
There is only she here and I can't stop watching, those emotions are simply breathtaking.
Ivan Miguel
Ivan Miguel - преди ден
Bald Wraith singing
TheDeleted117 - преди ден
Oh look! It's Wraith from Apex Legends :D
Petal NomNom
Petal NomNom - преди ден
This is just bad...
elizabeth. mp4
elizabeth. mp4 - преди ден
gtfo with your unwanted opinion, please :)
gabriela Rodriguez
gabriela Rodriguez - преди ден
i just... please marry me
Medbiovet Medicina Biológica Veterinaria
odio esta cancion
Megan Cox
Megan Cox - преди ден
I kinda hated this song at first but now that I've listened to it a few times, it's kinda cool now
Stan Tae Edits
Stan Tae Edits - преди ден
Adriana Alquichire Arzuza
Adriana Alquichire Arzuza - преди ден
This song caught me at first listen and that usually doesn't happen!!
αєsthєtíc αnd α líttlє s α d
Is that coraline in the back?