Ariana Grande - Be Alright (Live On SNL)

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Music video by Ariana Grande performing Be Alright. (C) 2016 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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luna llena sound
luna llena sound - преди 6 часа
Ariana dressed modestly.I lived to see that
seiji iwaguro
seiji iwaguro - преди ден
Ariana Grande Be Alright Wonderful👍🤗
Lauren Katz
Lauren Katz - преди 2 дни
for some reason im hysterically crying
Alex Israelyan
Alex Israelyan - преди 3 дни
The outfits are amazing. It's not always about adding whatever you can fit on yourself.
catty brownie
catty brownie - преди 7 дни
I need to relaxe of sound princess ari
catty brownie
catty brownie - преди 7 дни
Queen of spoiler her fans 😍
Anemone Kihl
Anemone Kihl - преди 8 дни
Is it just me or was this slower than the original?🤔
Caroll Mendoza Marquez
Caroll Mendoza Marquez - преди 10 дни
Ariana creo que es este año igual subió ghostin
notyourmatebro - преди 11 дни
Dangerous Woman is her best album imo
Gaby OwO
Gaby OwO - преди 12 дни
Love u Ari
Rose MWM
Rose MWM - преди 12 дни
The dead crowd was killing me ;-;
lenin abel tirado francisco
lenin abel tirado francisco - преди 15 дни
: )

: )
Nerfboi1 - преди 17 дни
Dangerous Woman and thank u, next will always be her best albums for me
fairy - преди 18 дни
be alright has one of the best and most iconic choreographies so far
Maddie Topliff
Maddie Topliff - преди 18 дни
Best debut of a song ever
officialVishB - преди 19 дни
she sounds better live
Tony Montana Carranza viesca
Tony Montana Carranza viesca - преди 21 ден
Where I need to sign for this beautiful angel
Jóss Grande
Jóss Grande - преди 21 ден
My Queen 🤩🤩🤩🤩👑👑👑😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️💜💜💜👸👸👸👸🤩🤩🤩🤩
Natalie Vanderham
Natalie Vanderham - преди 22 дни
0:16 the little "yas" gives melife
lalopark - преди 23 дни
is it just me they copied fx's four walls
Aleksi !
Aleksi ! - преди 23 дни
i just think it’s kinda sad just when she thought it’s gonna be alright and next month there was the Manchester bombing.
also when she thought she got no tears left to cry and she’d get well soon... Mac passed away.
Anna Alice Marciel
Anna Alice Marciel - преди 23 дни
Sempre maravilhosa😍
Daniel’s Kind of Music
Daniel’s Kind of Music - преди 24 дни
I bet you came from K bye for now (swt live) album
Namjoo Park
Namjoo Park - преди 24 дни
Shes just awesome
Liz and Ari☁️💕☁️
Liz and Ari☁️💕☁️ - преди 24 дни
The beginning always sends me to heaven 😍🥺
Erin malleah
Erin malleah - преди месец
Ari,you so frickin cute💯💜😍omggggg *fan screamed*
Natasha Nakisa
Natasha Nakisa - преди месец
Is it only me that thinks ari looks absolutely amazing with what she is wearing here like wHaT
shizue asahi
shizue asahi - преди месец
Someone tell me who are twins dancer?
Mercedes Rene
Mercedes Rene - преди месец
3:05 i love that she laughs at that 😭😭😭
Dianaaa - преди месец
Wtf I forgot about this song, and this was 3 years ago???
This song was hot for like 15 minutes
Squalino - преди месец
Probably one of her best performances
 - преди месец
You are the best, cutest person in the world Love you Ari♥
Michy - преди месец
She’s such a queen
Cookie Starz
Cookie Starz - преди месец
omg yes one of my favourite Ariana grande songs it underrated :(
chrissie - преди месец
*a moment of silence for the people who haven’t found this performance yet*
hope - преди месец
dangerous woman is her best album, fight me
Nina Szalecka
Nina Szalecka - преди месец
She looks stunning!
Reshenda Johnson
Reshenda Johnson - преди месец
wow her voice 😍
Lydia Springer
Lydia Springer - преди месец
How did I never notice until today that Ricky is one of the dancers? I'll show myself out
jhow - преди месец
Hino injustiçado
só queria um clipe😣😣😣
Rainbow Unicorn
Rainbow Unicorn - преди месец
I see yt recommendations has gathered us all back here
Righemmm on IG
Righemmm on IG - преди месец
Her voiiiceeee 💕💕💕💕
EzBugatti - преди месец
No one:
Youtube: lets put it in recommended videos in 2019
Aa 004
Aa 004 - преди месец
Who’s on 2019?
Also:who got this recommended and felt guilty not watching it before, Bcoz he’s a big fan of ari?
And both is:

j LEE - преди месец
M3ll1 - преди месец
Wow you can really dance

Cutie - преди месец
This video is amazing, perfect....God love u Thanks
Cris B.
Cris B. - преди месец
i’ll never get tired of this live presentation ♥️ missin Ariana of 2016
G VENKATESAN - преди месец
I’m not the only one who thought this was emery Bingham
Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong - преди месец
what happened to the dangerous woman performance that night? can't find a good vid of it
dreazer - преди месец
Nicholas Wong it’s in 720p. Best I could find. Good luck!
Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong - преди месец
@dreazer i just got someone to send me the vid but its in 360p, in the vid is there a 1080 option??
Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong - преди месец
@dreazer ur right, unfortunately it says it is unavaliable in my country. Do you know if there's a way to get around this. I found two videos of this performance posted by a fan, but theyre both short and low quality too :(
dreazer - преди месец
Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong - преди месец
@dreazer canada, do u mind sending the link?
Adson - преди месец
Anjali Yadav
Anjali Yadav - преди месец
Hudson Hintze
Hudson Hintze - преди месец
dangerous woman is timeless it will probably go down as her best album no lie.
oompla loompa body ass tf
oompla loompa body ass tf - преди 16 дни
rain - преди месец
Honestly I’m unable to pick a favourite album
Iustina Stempel
Iustina Stempel - преди месец
Higor souza
Higor souza - преди месец
Eu te amo tanto 🥰🥰
༺ৡۣۜ͜͡Zeৡ༒ naৡۣ͜͡ৡ༻
She rlly looks like her dog 🐕
STRAWBERRYLLE - преди месец
i never knew this exists
Shreyas Music
Shreyas Music - преди месец
I will die to the Choreography 🥴🤟
Dylann Henderson
Dylann Henderson - преди месец
I love this look on her. It’s more adult and it suits her vibe now