Ariana Grande - Breathin (Live on Ellen / 2018)

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breathin (Live On Ellen / 2018)

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Aired November 7th, 2018

Music video by Ariana Grande performing breathin. © 2018 Republic Records
Продължителност: 4:46


Butera Boulevard
Butera Boulevard - преди 11 часа
Autotune has been blocked-
Cassie - преди 12 часа
I can feel this performance in my soul
Glenn Ajrulovski
Glenn Ajrulovski - преди 18 часа
better voice Ellen? Angelina Jordan......
オニールトニー - преди ден
Irene Qian
Irene Qian - преди 2 дни
ari is an example of radiating love. cutieee forever #arianagrande
Moez Mmdoh
Moez Mmdoh - преди 2 дни
Please subscribe to my channel ♥️♥️
Татьяна Петухова
Татьяна Петухова - преди 3 дни
When she wanna cry, her voice is becoming so volume
The 9NINE - преди 5 дни
4:31 thought that was Fiona from shameless for second in the front
koko kobe
koko kobe - преди 5 дни
Bruh she had to be put through the trauma of cat valentine, bombings at concerts, heartbreak after heartbreak, probably not fitting in/ feeling somewhat lonely, having mental disorders out of her control(explained in this song), and probably had more traumatic events before/ all in between.
Same, same, Trauma is my middle name, sadly enough
Chloe Grace
Chloe Grace - преди 5 дни
I love this so much! 😀 I love when she performs live 😊
jhoan Roobles
jhoan Roobles - преди 5 дни
Te Amo Ariana 😘✌️
Beauty - преди 5 дни
She is Love 💖
BlxckTeqrs - преди 6 дни
Well this proves Arianna is officially THE GOD singer 👏👏👏
dex2. ツ
dex2. ツ - преди 6 дни
greatest woman on the fcking planet
music6492 - преди 6 дни
Man I still watch this like every other day. Totally agree with Ellen when she asks does anyone have a better voice than this? No, no one does. Ari is so fucking good at her craft, it’s scary.
Celine badreddine
Celine badreddine - преди 7 дни
My favorite song till now! Can’t wait to get it tattooed🥺
Alexander - преди 7 дни
Omg funniest face at the end ari😂😍
L Espinoza Family
L Espinoza Family - преди 7 дни
SHE IS SO GOOD AT SINGING IT ALMOST MAKES ME FAINT.## literally I am not playing period Poo
Linda Maman
Linda Maman - преди 7 дни
Queen 👸🏻😍
Feride Dauti
Feride Dauti - преди 7 дни
Das ist die beste Musik
Olivia Battles
Olivia Battles - преди 7 дни
Made me smile when she just dancing around ❣️
Arie and Izzy
Arie and Izzy - преди 7 дни
If you really think about it Ellen is super lucky she can just call invite Ari and get unlimited hugs but for fans it’s literally a once in a lifetime chance Love You Ari🥰🥰😍😍😍😍
CyalaterCyn - преди 8 дни
I like that she does the clean version of songs that has curse words
zoey gillespie
zoey gillespie - преди 8 дни
she is killing those wavesss aaa she normally wears her hair straight but i love it like thissss
Latoya Carter
Latoya Carter - преди 8 дни
Yessss ariana grande ❤ do yo thang love ur voice😍
Ronnie 945
Ronnie 945 - преди 8 дни
this song has become my anthem lately! can't get enough of it. i think so many of us can feel these lyrics completely.
K R - преди 8 дни
What a terrible stage design
Fabiha Anbar
Fabiha Anbar - преди 9 дни
Can anyone help me. How to stop loving someone to such an extent that u r ready to give up your everything.God help me!!! I love ari soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
indra prastha
indra prastha - преди 9 дни
Hope she sings this on Grammy
Jmark Romero
Jmark Romero - преди 2 дни
Same i want it with an orchestra just like in Coachella that was so magical 😭😍
LengendMasterシ Li
LengendMasterシ Li - преди 9 дни
I am biggest fan!!!!! Ariana Grande hope I get to see you in real life
Hiper lood
Hiper lood - преди 9 дни
So pretty
Madalline Lopez
Madalline Lopez - преди 9 дни
*Proof she wears shorts lmao*
Zey-V - преди 10 дни
My eyes crying
A.L 972
A.L 972 - преди 10 дни
Radiate Love 💕
Miruna Popa
Miruna Popa - преди 11 дни
this hairstyle looks so good on her! wish we would have got to see more her with it during tour :(
janna sc
janna sc - преди 11 дни
Bossy Bryner
Bossy Bryner - преди 11 дни
So that I remember her sweatshirt says radiate love
Mali Arnedillo
Mali Arnedillo - преди 11 дни
This is unreal
Tony Montana Carranza viesca
Tony Montana Carranza viesca - преди 12 дни
como no amar a esta preciosura de hermosura de mujer !
Kara Brill
Kara Brill - преди 12 дни
Arianas face when ellen says " does anybody have a better voice than that? "

Liyah Sunshine
Liyah Sunshine - преди 12 дни
What a beautiful performance 😍🤩😍👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽✨
Gaby OwO
Gaby OwO - преди 12 дни
Pierrette Bush
Pierrette Bush - преди 12 дни
llil. Lunna
llil. Lunna - преди 13 дни
Her vocals r 🤩🤩
a.d.w. n.
a.d.w. n. - преди 13 дни
One of my favorite songs by her. Its underrated compared to her bigger hits.
Gaming with alfalovevampires
Gaming with alfalovevampires - преди 13 дни
You know why I love ari so much is because every time I sing her songs I get lost into her songs and sing my heart out because of her songs because I can acutally relate so much to it and I sang one last time in my school talent show one year ago and everybody said I can sing and every since then ari songs help me cope with everything going on around me
itsjust jordan
itsjust jordan - преди 13 дни
How is her tan so good like she has a better tan than me and i was born with one😂 she looks amazing and she only wearing a sweatshirt and boots shes not human💀
Karen League
Karen League - преди 13 дни
I am wowed by every single note coming out of your mouth! This is one of the best songs I've ever heard!(I'm 48 almost 49 and have heard a lot of songs)! So blown away that I can't find the words to say!!
Julian Nial
Julian Nial - преди 13 дни
Bloody hell the goosebumps are out of control!!
Trashzy Loohser
Trashzy Loohser - преди 13 дни
her legs are goals👌😍
Becky Cassiopiea
Becky Cassiopiea - преди 14 дни
That's just fabulous😍
bored girl
bored girl - преди 14 дни
what is that red “bracelet” she is wearing in her hoodie?
Sweetener Grande
Sweetener Grande - преди 13 дни
@Juleidyy Perez she's been vScO girl since 2018 uh
bored girl
bored girl - преди 14 дни
Juleidyy Perez thank u for replying!
Juleidyy Perez
Juleidyy Perez - преди 14 дни
bored girl it’s a scrunchie
Baby giirll
Baby giirll - преди 14 дни
I love how the audience is smiling while she’s holding back tears
foreverboy - преди 14 дни
Poor girl... Has anyone noticed the pain behind her voice? That pain contains the bombing, mac miller's death, divorce.... she's been through so much😭💓💓queen
Polish Arianator and ARMY
Polish Arianator and ARMY - преди 14 дни
I love the way she feels the music and follows the rhytm. It's so good
LR - 05BD - Artesian Drive PS (1316)
LR - 05BD - Artesian Drive PS (1316) - преди 15 дни
I think u have a beautiful body
Watila Rufino
Watila Rufino - преди 15 дни
2020 ?
Bella Salcedo
Bella Salcedo - преди 16 дни
I love your songs and I wish I could see you
Bella Salcedo
Bella Salcedo - преди 16 дни
I love your songs so much I wish I could so you
Bella Salcedo
Bella Salcedo - преди 16 дни
I love you Ariana