I Let My Best Friends Pick My Boyfriend: Daniela | Bestie Picks Bae

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It's Thursday, and you know what that means: Bestie Picks Bae! Daniela is 18 and single and ready to mingle. She asked her three best friends, Mica, Bianca, and Lana, to help pick her boyfriend. They each have different requirements for Daniela's bf: one wants him to be a quarterback, one wants a class clown, and one wants the class president. They interviewed 10 potential baes speed date style to see which is the best match for Daniela. One catch? Daniela has no idea who they're picking until the very end! Is this a match made in heaven, or should they have swiped left?
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Seventeen - преди 7 месеца
OMG That ending! What did you think of Daniela's reaction????
Madison Darling
Madison Darling - преди 10 дни
She wasn’t even cute haself shit
Jude Elgiathi
Jude Elgiathi - преди 13 дни
dirty dan u were being rude 😒
Andrew Aguilar
Andrew Aguilar - преди месец
Y’all it’s not that deep lmao she wasn’t into him 😂oh fucken well
HOunDz GAminG
HOunDz GAminG - преди месец
She's a hoeeee
myself love
myself love - преди месец
How can I get on this show
Kaycee - преди 4 часа
God that was such a cringey ending- this girl was really rude Geezus
Madison Scott
Madison Scott - преди 23 часа
Andrew really said “I got a good look of her, and it wasn’t that big of a loss-“😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
AzadA - преди ден
The whole group of friends are the types of girls that’ll I’ll always have to remind myself that hitting girls isn’t right no matter how much I think they deserve it
AzadA - преди ден
They ask an mature question just to laugh for 5 minutes straight - so dumb :(
Geesus Plug
Geesus Plug - преди 3 дни
He said prolly in another life 😂 there’s more girls out there
쓰레기통 - преди 3 дни
the guy that showed her the middle finger is such a big mood lol, she sucks
k p
k p - преди 3 дни
gooood this must be the worst episode so far
iiAlexplxayzzii - преди 9 дни
They are not cute together at all 🤮OMG EWW WHAT THE HECK THIS IS DISGUSTING SHE IS SO RUDE
Melaninjaclan - преди 11 дни
An “alright” job, let’s have her pick a bae with one of her bestie’s and see if she can do a better job 😂
Melaninjaclan - преди 11 дни
Jahnari can hit me up though 😉💕
Melaninjaclan - преди 11 дни
Just because the girl doesn’t like ribs you’re going to kick him out? 🤦🏾‍♀️
Avianna Tunstall
Avianna Tunstall - преди 12 дни
The besties were so harsh
Avianna Tunstall
Avianna Tunstall - преди 12 дни
The besties and Daniela were laughing at the guys the whole time it was annoying an rude
Criatura Criaturas
Criatura Criaturas - преди 14 дни
This boys look older
i'm stuck like under my bed
i'm stuck like under my bed - преди 14 дни
orion met so many celebrities and didn’t say a thing about it .. i respect him for that
Evelyn Rosales
Evelyn Rosales - преди 17 дни
This has to be the most disrespectful and awkward episode. These girls seemed a bit immature laughing at the guys answers..
hope 4kiren
hope 4kiren - преди 18 дни
Why did they put a money sign for goals? Those are not the same thing..
Daddy Taehyung
Daddy Taehyung - преди 18 дни
i would've picked johnari
Daddy Taehyung
Daddy Taehyung - преди 18 дни
i ultimately don't like this daniella girl, she's very rude
Mariana Mata
Mariana Mata - преди 18 дни
That’s disgusting wtf
Brianna Peterson
Brianna Peterson - преди 19 дни
He’s not ugly? Wtf? He looks well manicured
nico green
nico green - преди 20 дни
They don't look like a perfect match at all way to older
nico green
nico green - преди 20 дни
They man with the big smile look Tom older for her he is 20 and she is 17 no way o okay
Kai - преди 20 дни
Ok everything I hate about Daniela (yeah I have to make a list):
A spoiled brat
Thinks she’s quirky
Standards wayyy to high for someone with shitty make up
Her expressions consist of rude sniggers and constipation:the emotion
Her outfit looks like she just left her house at 3am without washing her hair
Lowkey the annoying girls in bathrooms
Her eyebrow shade
Her outfit omg 🤢🤢🤢
She was so like- okay, if she was a dog she’d be that annoying dog that keeps barking and shits everywhere without any consequences
I’ll add more better fr
Davin Doak
Davin Doak - преди 20 дни
21:19 at . 5 speed? wonder what she was thinking
jack alexander
jack alexander - преди 22 дни
What’s the @
Vanessa Ramzieh
Vanessa Ramzieh - преди 24 дни
And this is why she’s single, she’s rude, selfish and needs a new personality. Imagine being this full of yourself on camera.
Geenee Phan
Geenee Phan - преди 25 дни
She’s too immature for a relationship. 😂
genna gatta
genna gatta - преди 26 дни
im late to this but this girl is terrible and immature and so are her friends.. you dont deserve Marcelo or any of these sweetheart guys
deedeepnh - преди месец
I was about to straight up say fuck all those mens for saying dogs
Emmy Wilson
Emmy Wilson - преди месец
The winner looks like he is 36
Daisy Hendriks
Daisy Hendriks - преди месец
Wow, these girls are bitches. Especially Daniela, she thinks she's cute and quirky but she's really not lmao
Claire Jayne
Claire Jayne - преди месец
She's disrespectful.
Crystal Rodriguez
Crystal Rodriguez - преди месец
Her friends only picked him to get picked up in his car 😂😂🌽🤣
No Name
No Name - преди месец
Is this a joke? How can you tell if someone will be a good match for you by these questions?
"I like ribs" "ELECTRIC CHAIR!!" 😂😂😂
Katie Quarti
Katie Quarti - преди месец
"She loves her phone and stuff like that" wow so quirky
Marlboro Hunnids
Marlboro Hunnids - преди месец
whyd they only get rid of one of the guys that said cats
camille - преди месец
micAh was the cutest one byeee
Lauren Burns
Lauren Burns - преди месец
Andrew has the same personality as her he should’ve won tbh
Lauren Burns
Lauren Burns - преди месец
Lenny seemed so sweet and genuine
Clark Roberts
Clark Roberts - преди месец
Did anybody else realize but they’re all of their names End in a
Naami Nash
Naami Nash - преди месец
They seem like those girls who think they are better than everyone else and laugh at people behind their backs
Naami Nash
Naami Nash - преди месец
Wow She’s mean
Afia Muqaddas
Afia Muqaddas - преди месец
When you are the only one who likes your comments 💬
That's Me 🙋
Bottom Energy
Bottom Energy - преди месец
I don't trust someone who thinks cats are mean
Ali T
Ali T - преди месец
Micah was so cute! Idk how Orion lasted longer than him!

Also, these girls are so annoying and rude. who allowed such assholes to be on the show??
Orion - преди месец
don't hate the player hate the game side note: idk how i lasted longer than him either tbh lol
Tp Varte
Tp Varte - преди месец
she lowkey said, "I like silly boys. And he should also be mature"
Girl I mean-
Árianna R
Árianna R - преди месец
girl: “so daniela doesn’t like ribs” ......OK??? That’s what HE likes . they don’t have to like the SAME thing ! their questions are so pointless
Katie M.
Katie M. - преди месец
Omg they are losers .... They are even attractive and their personality sucks with their stupid laugh hahah
X Kiwi
X Kiwi - преди месец
Only for feedback purposes. (And ok, I might have disliked this episode a little -> LOT bit. Whoopsie.) These questions are terribly superficial. There's no real interest of the girls wanting to delve deeper into the personality of their choices, the insights into their character, etc. It sucks to see these dudes being declined because they prefer cats/dogs, are a certain height, suck at having professional boxer moves... because they're not professional boxers, and cannot smile "with their teeth"... These girls seem 12 years old though they are 17/18. Perhaps have more mature people on the show who are able to provide more reasonable questions for the contestants and are ACTUALLY "ready to mingle" rather than have a girl call out one of the guys for his appearance. "My besties did NOT pick my bae. I would normally go with a guy who's more attractive." ... This episode sucked. Hope to see something more professional and appropriate in the future.
Blvck Swazii
Blvck Swazii - преди месец
These girls are so annoying to look at
Yamile Morales-Burnett
Yamile Morales-Burnett - преди месец
Meanest people
itslaurren - преди месец
“i’ve kissed 4 girls” ... i’ve kisses 13 girls within an hour at pride 😂😂
Kerley Littig
Kerley Littig - преди месец
I don’t know why she wants a mature man if she’s immature asf
Fil 1056
Fil 1056 - преди месец
The real winners in this episode are those that got eliminated
Fil 1056
Fil 1056 - преди месец
Lana looks like the type of girl who gets bullied by Daniela at school
GIVE MEH MY COOKIES - преди месец
I'm confused if these men are like around 18 then why are they trying to date a bratty two year old that should probably be single cause no one deserves her. "Yeah your just not my type I like more attractive guys" DO YOU KNOW HOW OFFENDED HE COULD BE.... IDIOT LIKE WTF
GIVE MEH MY COOKIES - преди месец
This girl is talking about looks I can't explain how dumb she sounds I feel so bad for the poor man
Cheyenne Baxter
Cheyenne Baxter - преди месец
Is the winner literally the guy from the “kissing my sister prank”???