How to Turn Photos into Cartoon Effect - Photoshop Tutorial

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In this cartoon effect Photoshop tutorial, you'll learn how to make cartoon in Photoshop without using the pen tool. at the end of the tutorial you'll be able to know how to cartoon yourself in Photoshop and also you can cartoonize any photo with the same previous method.
you also can download a cartoon Photoshop action from the description below (for Patrons only). Let's start turning any photo to cartoon effect now. Don't forget the LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for the upcoming tutorials.
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Pixivu - преди месец
If *Oil Paint filter doesn't work* , please check this:
@2:06 you may find *Refine Mask* as *Select & Mask* in the newer versions of Photoshop.
RockFour1 - преди 11 дни
Great tutorial, lot's of steps but couldn't you make an "Action" that way all you have to do is click one button?
Pixivu - преди 23 дни
Hey @SaltyRunmo, The problem is fixed now, could you please check the download links again!
Pixivu - преди 24 дни
​@SaltyRunmo OK, I will do that. I hope that patreon support reply as soon as possible.
SaltyRunmo - преди 24 дни
@Pixivu Take your time! But when it is ready please do a message or announce it! Guess you can say I'm late on a Christmas present.
Pixivu - преди 24 дни
@SaltyRunmo It's a problem with my patreon page. and I'm working on fixing it! Sorry for that.
Azkyy - преди 3 часа
what do i do if it doesnt let me oil paint it
Pixivu - преди 3 часа
Check this please:
Ade Inkheart
Ade Inkheart - преди 18 часа
Hi. Great tutorials man. I did it the first time it worked fine, tried it again with another picture it never works. When i select oil paint the face looked so funny. I followed your steps
Pixivu - преди 10 часа
Hey Ade, What is your image size? try to change Image Size and test it again.
Osama Bin Zahoor
Osama Bin Zahoor - преди ден
Which Photoshop software is this one ??
Maestro Alpha
Maestro Alpha - преди ден
SlappyBag9 - преди ден
yo fuck the pen tool lol
DexzieCoods - преди 3 дни
nice very accurate tutorial!
xq6r - преди 3 дни
And this is how some people make money on Fiverr
Lyrics Haven
Lyrics Haven - преди 3 дни
Had subscribed and liked this awesome video! this really cool! I wanna try it but may i ask what version of photoshop is used in this video? thanks a lot!
Lyrics Haven
Lyrics Haven - преди 2 дни
@Pixivu oh thank you!
Pixivu - преди 3 дни
It was CS6. But it works on all Photoshop versions that have Oil Paint filter.
Robert Shepherd
Robert Shepherd - преди 4 дни
Great video tutorial. Had issues with oil filter but just closed everything down, restarted my mac, and hey presto. Everything worked. Thank you.
Bobby Rivera
Bobby Rivera - преди 4 дни
the template image you use is how I look in the mirror everyday :)
A Đê Nờ
A Đê Nờ - преди 4 дни
Great work
JulienB - преди 5 дни
This is like paint by number. You follow allong hoping you get the same result. I wish it would go into details as to what the sliders do so I can adjust accordingly. Mine did not look good at all.
tim - преди 7 дни
if you have cs5 you can't do this?
tim - преди 7 дни
@Pixivu thank you for the reply :)
Pixivu - преди 7 дни
No I think, Oil paint does not exist in CS5
nanana77 - преди 8 дни
how to get filter gallery?
Pixivu - преди 3 дни
It should be available if you have a complete photoshop version (Not a portable). If you don't have, try installing another version!
tutorial - преди 9 дни
my oil paint filter doesn't work
Pixivu - преди 3 дни
Check the pinned comment please. Sorry for the late replay!
Mm Lamination
Mm Lamination - преди 9 дни
very use fully thanku sir
ItzYahman Jm
ItzYahman Jm - преди 9 дни
no oil paint :( sad
Pixivu - преди 3 дни
Check the pinned comment please. Sorry for the late replay!
Techie Tour
Techie Tour - преди 11 дни
Is this available only in pc?
Pixivu - преди 3 дни
Yes, it should be working on windows and mac only
HaatJaa Gameplay
HaatJaa Gameplay - преди 12 дни
oil paint is not enable
Pixivu - преди 3 дни
Check the pinned comment please. Sorry for the late replay!
R - преди 12 дни
great tutorial.
bourdon845 - преди 13 дни
Rommel Casilihan
Rommel Casilihan - преди 14 дни
nice tutorial :) thanks
How 2s Of Design
How 2s Of Design - преди 14 дни
Amir dga
Amir dga - преди 14 дни
Thanks for amazing tutorial
Kyle Notkin
Kyle Notkin - преди 15 дни
DOPE! nice ! thank you
Villiam Hansen
Villiam Hansen - преди 16 дни
Just use the phone. Takes about 5-10 seconds and you are a cartoon character.
IXEN - преди 17 дни
Well done, thank you
TSELVIN - преди 17 дни
Thanks. It really helps. Now I dont have to use the pen tool. I'm thinking of switching to this type of art as it requires less energy.
ferid ferid
ferid ferid - преди 19 дни
Çok iyiii
Lunboi Touthang
Lunboi Touthang - преди 19 дни
You are great understand sharply if could small subtitle like what to press like u have mention in the video eg press alter or cntrl + j I like that part
So if u could give it more for beginner like me be very happy
Sanjay B
Sanjay B - преди 19 дни
Can u edit one pic
Sanjay B
Sanjay B - преди 19 дни
Low - преди 20 дни
Bagus Prasetyo Adi
Bagus Prasetyo Adi - преди 21 ден
it took me a months to tracing photos because it's hard to find a good mood, but after i saw this tutorial maybe it only take hours
thanks a lot , this tutorial really help me out, hope you keep making a good content like this :)
Maggs - преди 23 дни
no oil paint option on cc 2019
Pixivu - преди 23 дни
It should be available in CC2019. Check this please:
Emrah Y.
Emrah Y. - преди 24 дни
GREAAAATT....KEEP IT DUDE...more tutorials pls
Fahmi Yardi
Fahmi Yardi - преди 24 дни
Yang mau fotonya dibuat karikatur. Silahkan subscribe chanel sy. Dan sy adakan giveaway juga. Thankyu
jak create
jak create - преди 24 дни
like it
AkiGamingTech - преди 25 дни
Great tutorial.
Suresh Babu
Suresh Babu - преди 26 дни
I did Exactly what you did. However the outcome was not exactly the same.
Tambuligintel2018 Mps
Tambuligintel2018 Mps - преди 26 дни
thank u so much Pixivu
DETECHDR - преди 27 дни
Amazing Job!!!
I will subscribe to anyone who subscribes to my channel.
VideoShqip - преди 27 дни
Super tutorial, Thanks a lot!
D'Reaper Gaming
D'Reaper Gaming - преди 28 дни
Nice vid bro! It helped me a lot! Thank you
Mr WoolB
Mr WoolB - преди 29 дни
my photohop crashed and it says that my graphic card is not compatible for the "oil paint" feature, any alternatives?
Pixivu - преди 27 дни
Your graphic card is not compatible with the Oil Paint filter Check this please:
Gold Usenekong Jr.
Gold Usenekong Jr. - преди месец
Super Super Tutorial. 100% !!!
Kubrick Wall
Kubrick Wall - преди месец
For one example , this sure is complicated
DarkAngel RGB
DarkAngel RGB - преди месец
I have not Oil Farb in my photoshop, what I have to do now ???
Ionut marius
Ionut marius - преди месец
super ! wow !
Mohit Palan
Mohit Palan - преди месец
Great tutorial !
thesoocriagaming - преди месец
Thanks you really helped me!!
Astrologer -_
Astrologer -_ - преди месец
my photoshop oil paint is missing its version adobe photoshop CS6
LiamsiL ISM
LiamsiL ISM - преди месец
or u can add a saturation adjestment layer & do the thing in 5 sec
Only4 You
Only4 You - преди месец
my oil paint filter isnt working
Pixivu - преди месец
please check this:
OutroDrift - преди месец
the oil paint wasn't working on mine :(
Pixivu - преди месец
please check this:
mazen mostafa
mazen mostafa - преди месец
ممتاز جدا
moiz ahmed
moiz ahmed - преди месец
If I took some images from free website after I change Background , colour edit etc. and re-upload in different websites can earn money if I do these things ?
Pixivu - преди месец
@moiz ahmed Yes you can
moiz ahmed
moiz ahmed - преди месец
I can upload in my own website , those editable pics ?
Pixivu - преди месец
If it's under creative commons from sites like pixabay and unsplash you can edit them or use them as they are, and make a profit of them in many forms (i.e: shirt designs, portraits, flyers....etc). But you can't resell or redistribute them as you're the owner of them. That' what I know!
Amex Lix
Amex Lix - преди месец
I wonder if the pictures can be automatically to be uploaded somewhere? I not have Adobe acc i only create picture and save on my PC. Is he anywhere he can
share without my permission? Tnx for answer!
Amex Lix
Amex Lix - преди месец
@Pixivu If he can share automatically image somewhere?
Pixivu - преди месец
Hey Amex, I'm really sorry I can't understand your question!
CJ Toh
CJ Toh - преди месец
What was the wavy yellow pen tool shape for?
Pixivu - преди месец
Nothing! I didn't want to apply the effect on the background, so I replaced it! You can add a solid color instead of the wavy shape if you like.