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You'll know how to cook tasty watermelon dessert, the best fruit snack for this summer. With delicious fresh strawberry filled with chocolate they'll make you so happy😋You'll find awesome tips and simple recipes how to make potato casserole with cheese and bacon, yummy baked pancakes gratin with eggs and airy cheese filling! Useful kitchen tricks with different vegetables will show you how to cut it fast and with no efforts at all:)
Here're some useful tips: use coca cola to make watermelon juicer and make watermelon canape from it! Instead of a fresh strawberry you can use many other fresh fruits like kiwi, orange, grape and peach🍑:) You'll find useful cutting tricks for cucumber, bell pepper and cabbage cutting, will learn to chop garlic and onion, basil and carrot. And for the best tasty dinner you can boil potatoes, cut them and put into a dish, than make meat balls with fresh green. Mix them with boiled potato and put into dish. Than cover it with chopped onion, pour white bechamel sauce and some cheese. Bake 45 minutes. Your delicious dinner with baked potato and meat balls is ready to be eaten!
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00:10 Watermelon amazing fruit dessert for summer
00:59 Nutella chocolate filling for yummy strawberry
01:30 How to squeeze lime for lemonade faster and with no efforts
02:44 Cake cutting for big company
06:09 How to cut melon correctly
06:23 Delicious potato with meat balls recipe
08:36 Potato gratin recipe with cheese and bechamel sauce
09:31 Pancake dinner recipe with bacon, cheese and baked potato
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don't worry, i am here, the english comment.
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ميقاة الكعبي ميقاة الكعبي
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I love strawberry with Nutella it’s very good
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This video is for totally retarded people. Honest get a life if you’ve learned something from this crap or simply shoot yourself
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