Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Josephine Langford from 'After' Reveal Who's the Biggest Romantic and More

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Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Josephine Langford from the new movie "After" spent A LOT of time together on set. We asked them to reveal the deepest, darkest secrets about each other, like: Who's the biggest hopeless romantic? Who's most likely to embarrass themselves in front of their crush? And more! Their answer for who's the biggest reader is honestly hilarious 😂
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Seventeen - преди 7 месеца
Would you surprise your significant other with flowers? Take your crush to a secret spot in the woods? Snoop on your s.o.'s phone?
haizatul husna
haizatul husna - преди месец
Hey seventeen, can you please do a photoshoot of them together? That would be totally awesome and it's gonna blow up for sure 😁
Trevor Washington
Trevor Washington - преди 2 месеца
@Maria Rivadeneira the very same
Maria Rivadeneira
Maria Rivadeneira - преди 2 месеца
Trevor Washington the garbage content you clicked on and decided to comment?
Trevor Washington
Trevor Washington - преди 4 месеца
Seventeen Thanks for the garbage content
Jahnelle Hammitt
Jahnelle Hammitt - преди 4 месеца
I hope their would be more series to the movie
elyse l
elyse l - преди ден
1:32 - 1:36 🥵 and 2:47 🥺
elyse l
elyse l - преди ден
the beginning PROVES they’re in love
Daria Neagu
Daria Neagu - преди ден
Are we gonna ignore the way hero looks at Jo’s picture at 2:31 ?!?
madisoneabbott - преди 6 дни
Does no one else think she Really looks like Chloe Mortez? Thats all i could see the whole movie
Emelinda Deang
Emelinda Deang - преди 8 дни
Ana's Vlogs
Ana's Vlogs - преди 12 дни
Am I the only one who watched this with a very large smile on their faces?????
STAYinMixerArmyland Lewserandweirdos
STAYinMixerArmyland Lewserandweirdos - преди 14 дни
Hero is lowkey a roadman idgaf
Fanissa Nilam
Fanissa Nilam - преди 17 дни
chloe woolard
chloe woolard - преди 18 дни
RhiannonGetsFit - преди 18 дни
It's ironic that in real life Josephine is the one laughing at Hero.
Ray Payne
Ray Payne - преди 19 дни
my life will be complete when they start dating
trudy thomas
trudy thomas - преди 19 дни
I was just trying to help you get out of that question... killed me..lmao
Erica A Robertson
Erica A Robertson - преди 21 ден
What does the last question mean??
LowKeyMe - преди 22 дни
I mean, if they are both single .... it's simple people. They are both very young, gorgeous, funny and seem kind and good persons + the chemistry is clearly there. So chances are, they've already fallen for each other or they will eventually during the second movie. It's how things go. If I were her I would fall so hard for him omg and vice versa, honestly she's beautiful. I ship them hard ;'-)
nia - преди 24 дни
lmaoo hero’s face about the kiss a stranger
Fortnite Battle royal glitch’s
Fortnite Battle royal glitch’s - преди 27 дни
I wanna be with Hardin he’s pretty fine i mean ahahaha
Fortnite Battle royal glitch’s
Fortnite Battle royal glitch’s - преди 27 дни
I watched it twice the same day cause Hardin is smoking hot
Alicia - преди 27 дни
I mean, if yall can't see all the clues they are dropping in this video that they are already dating, then y'all got to clean out your ears and eyes haha.
Rosie Gunton X
Rosie Gunton X - преди 29 дни
4:28 ‘I was just trying to get your out of that question’ suspicious🤔
Aina Azra Nasharuddin
Aina Azra Nasharuddin - преди 29 дни
1:15 is cute!! they will kiss each other if they're strangers ❤❤😭
Frida Av.
Frida Av. - преди месец
Seventeen exposing Hero and Jo for 4:46 minutes straight
Johannah Fulo
Johannah Fulo - преди месец
2:45 too cute❤️
Carolina Ruth
Carolina Ruth - преди месец
But I just looked it up French angel fishes are monogamous 😳
Jamie!! - преди месец
He’s so hot and so dreamy
Kim Ahra
Kim Ahra - преди месец
What do Jo mean when she said "i was tryna help you to get out of that question"
Sooooo mysterious
Sophia Mkl
Sophia Mkl - преди месец
I just come randomly in these interviews every week
CLOVER CONE - преди месец
they are both bored while playing the game. but I'm impressed that they did a great job in playing the role. But not like other artist generally no words spit out in my mouth saying "They are a good couple" like not really having a couple in real life but when when you know it has chemistry some words will spill in your mouth like that so...
taylor crispen
taylor crispen - преди месец
her laugh is annoying tbh
Sabrina Schins
Sabrina Schins - преди месец
I love After Passion
L - преди месец
Oh my lord, he is so attractive
Deja Dydasco
Deja Dydasco - преди месец
I shipppppp
Aarani Kiruba
Aarani Kiruba - преди месец
Tessa is the one to kiss a random stranger at a party
Marchsya Bella
Marchsya Bella - преди месец
Rubina Royal - Hepi
Rubina Royal - Hepi - преди месец
How Hero looks at Josephine to see her answer then agrees and then laughs onto the sign of her at 2:44 😂
Teshshel Hall
Teshshel Hall - преди месец
They'd Male Such A Great Couple😌😌 I Ship Them So Hard, From The Book To The Movie😉😉
Amy M
Amy M - преди месец
something weird about hero. why is he making this interview boring. he's not looking at her just the camera. I have been watching many of their interviews, Josephine seems to very fun and loveable but he's so boring, look angry and not cooperating 😒I think next year interviews for After 2 with Dylan Sprouse and Josephine will be more fun to watch, unless hero become more cooperative. I don't get how people like hero when he's not funny, he just have the looks.
Lydia Robin
Lydia Robin - преди месец
I wonder if they are really in love or maybe they will be one day....
Makalah Lynn
Makalah Lynn - преди месец
Omg she has an accent!
jenna val
jenna val - преди месец
Why are they so cute!? I am like obsessed with both of them 😍
Sarah - преди месец
They’re both dressed like they’re going to a hipster funeral and it’s kind of a look