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Ladylike - преди 5 дни
Hey y’all!! For the next episode we will be doing Devin’s home state of GEORGIA! If you have a school we should look at, leave your suggestions here! —Kristin
J.A. M.F
J.A. M.F - преди 3 дни
You'll both be dead by 50 go to gym, learn real self respect
Esme Nouvelle
Esme Nouvelle - преди 3 дни
Is there any actual shame in the walk? Having a friend singing while walking with you isn't like being nude with a demented nun following you with a bell. Or like having to cross campus Sunday morning wearing the now wrinkled Saturday night outfit. Have I missed a crucial shame element? They just seem like they're having too much fun for work. I wanna be there!
Jewellyana Gomez
Jewellyana Gomez - преди 3 дни
These women look discusting
Andrew Belt
Andrew Belt - преди 3 дни
Ladylike you should do Missouri schools. And if you do do the fort Zumwalt district dress code!
Vegas Hojnacki
Vegas Hojnacki - преди 3 дни
artiefofartie yess
Yasmine Ahmed
Yasmine Ahmed - преди час
Autumn Roma
Autumn Roma - преди час
I remember at Blythewood High we had to tuck in our shirts. I just wore a hoodie to hide everything.
Gold Gymnasts
Gold Gymnasts - преди час
I can literally wear all those clothes in my elementary school
Alex Evans
Alex Evans - преди час
I wish you guys would do dress codes in North Carolina high schools as soon as far as can be quite strict and very unfair towards girls especially bigger ones I was at my high school almost every single day every girl got in trouble for something going against the dress code which was so unfair even myself has gotten just headed as I'm a very tall person and have very long legs and shorts don't reach as far on me as others do.
A.M magic
A.M magic - преди час
Gwinnett county high schools in Georgia dress code please
Angelina Stokes
Angelina Stokes - преди час
Do Oklahoma, our conservative back water Christian state will leave you with like nothing
Queen Cheila
Queen Cheila - преди 2 часа
You should do a Brockton one
CapsFan#1 Stanly Cup Champs
CapsFan#1 Stanly Cup Champs - преди 2 часа
Do leesburg Virginia Plz I love you guys
Morrigan Horner
Morrigan Horner - преди 2 часа
Can you please do North Carolina next I lived there and I hated the dress code there
Lilybelle - преди 2 часа
You have yee'd your last haw.
Lauren Garcia
Lauren Garcia - преди 2 часа
You guys should do Laredo high school dress code and do harmony school
C- Games
C- Games - преди 2 часа
You should do North Carolina
Brighton Vlog's / DHMIC
Brighton Vlog's / DHMIC - преди 2 часа
mike reminds me of a rabbit XD
Hay Hay
Hay Hay - преди 2 часа
Most dress codes target girls
ash p.
ash p. - преди 3 часа
You guys should have someone act as the principal and make a dress code for the school of Buzzfeed. 🤔
Ava Universe
Ava Universe - преди 3 часа
Please do Michigan next!!!
Taylor Coots
Taylor Coots - преди 3 часа
@LadyLike do Woodland High School from Henry County, GA
Evan Lee
Evan Lee - преди 4 часа
Welcome to my world lady’s 😂😭💜
Taylor Maldonado
Taylor Maldonado - преди 4 часа
So, at my school, we’re not allowed to shorts at all. Everything has to be bellow the knee. Brighton High School in Tennessee
gachafan 5210
gachafan 5210 - преди 4 часа
Can y’all do a Mississippi one and include West Point high school
trinity-marie tyner
trinity-marie tyner - преди 4 часа
you should do Bryson middle school dress code bc it is so unfair and sexist I mean you can't even have ur socks over ur pants!
cute princess
cute princess - преди 4 часа
Can you do dress code from Hazleton and Pennsylvania
Estelle Sexton
Estelle Sexton - преди 4 часа
I can't be the only one who noticed the Harry Styles shrine at 9:10
Chilled Pup
Chilled Pup - преди 5 часа
South Carolina was the first state to secede to make the confederate states
Christina Bethea
Christina Bethea - преди 5 часа
Comment on the fishhook rule: Boys used to wear them on their baseball caps when I was in high school. (I'm from SC)
Aleiyah Young
Aleiyah Young - преди 5 часа
I live in SC but I’m in elementary school
Danielle Meister
Danielle Meister - преди 5 часа
Midlothian high school in Virginia is dress code is awful all you have to do is look up Midlothian high school dress code and read it and it just completely unfair and undignified and just extremely annoying
Missy's Life
Missy's Life - преди 5 часа
Can you do middle schools in gelph
_ ktcolflesh _
_ ktcolflesh _ - преди 5 часа
Like even if the dress goes to the floor it’s unacceptable. So technically day 2 you lost for wearing that dress not the bra
_ ktcolflesh _
_ ktcolflesh _ - преди 5 часа
It means no dresses miniskirts or shorts are acceptabke
Jerry Bobilly
Jerry Bobilly - преди 5 часа
Danielle Meister
Danielle Meister - преди 5 часа
Ellery Hansen
Ellery Hansen - преди 5 часа
Do Wisconsin. Some of the schools here are pretty strict
Madyson Blessing
Madyson Blessing - преди 6 часа
Boys: comes to school naked
Principal: Hey keep it 💯 buddy
Girls: comes to school in long sleeves, a jacket, and jeans
Principal: I can see ur bra threw your jacket....DRESSSS CODE
Lexi Saunders
Lexi Saunders - преди 6 часа
I just came here to say that fish hooks aren't aloud because it's a redneck sort of thing where they wear them on their hats. A lot of people from my school including myself do this and often don't get caught. It's usually used for a fishing license
Alana Velaquez
Alana Velaquez - преди 6 часа
If you do South Carolina again can you use Fort Mill high
MermaidMia - преди 6 часа
i stan that there is a box of harry's face all over it, and it is sitting casually on a desk
Abigail Littlejohn
Abigail Littlejohn - преди 6 часа
Ya you did one of my school
ZoeyGirl1013z Girl
ZoeyGirl1013z Girl - преди 6 часа
You should do choctaw highschool in Oklahoma
kailyn smith
kailyn smith - преди 6 часа
Aiken high isn’t where I go but I live in aiken and go to south aiken😊
Joselyne Torres
Joselyne Torres - преди 7 часа
You should do Wisconsin
Kenz and Press slimes
Kenz and Press slimes - преди 7 часа
The one we’re only neck to knee I fell like nobody’s shirts ever go to the next and show some chest were not going to were turtle necks everyday
Sylvia VanCarterBerg
Sylvia VanCarterBerg - преди 7 часа
Can you do Michigan next!!
Sylvia VanCarterBerg
Sylvia VanCarterBerg - преди 7 часа
Can you do Michigan next!!
Sylvia VanCarterBerg
Sylvia VanCarterBerg - преди 7 часа
Can you do Michigan next!!
Sylvia VanCarterBerg
Sylvia VanCarterBerg - преди 7 часа
Can you do Michigan next!!
Tiny Pineapple
Tiny Pineapple - преди 7 часа
You should do Minnesota dress codes
Madyson Blessing
Madyson Blessing - преди 7 часа
Joyce is so pretty
Taylor Cummings
Taylor Cummings - преди 7 часа
Wish yall would have done DW Daniel High. I dont think we're REALLY strict. Mire like no blankets, no rips above the knee, dresses inch above the knee, blah blah blah
Taylor Cummings
Taylor Cummings - преди 8 часа
One in my state! Finally! Lol its semi difficult but lol, I add leggings or tights and I'm good
Taylor Burgess
Taylor Burgess - преди 8 часа
PLEASEEEEE do North Carolina and include Anson County!! My dress code killssss me
FriqhtninqStorm - преди 8 часа
The fingertip rule is bullsh*t because I have long arms and my fingertips go down to my knees :p
Why - преди 10 часа
1) no one says Yee-haw here unless you’re gay
2) Yee-haw :D
eric wise
eric wise - преди 11 часа
Snelson golden is super strict and devin and Fred should do it
Mrs O
Mrs O - преди 13 часа
I don't have a dress code
Jamie Michelle
Jamie Michelle - преди 14 часа
Do Virginiaaaaaaa
Serena - преди 14 часа
I don't get the annoyance for a lot of the rules, tbh. Not just in this video, but in most of the others too. I went to school in SC and our rules were pretty simple. Your stomach/chest had to be covered (so long as your girls stayed modestly in your outfit, you were fine - Kristin at 12:38 would have been fine, but Joyce at 13:21 would have been asked to put on a hoodie or go home, for example), your shorts/skirts/dresses had to come to at least three inches above the knee, no leggings (jeggings and sweats are permitted), no spaghetti strap, no hats/sunglasses, no revealing clothes (in terms of seeing your undergarments), no clothing nor accessories that featured vulgar/suggestive phrases/images, and sheer shirts must have an undershirt to keep your modesty. It always sounded like a lot, but it never was. The entire time I attended that school, only two people ever get coded. One girl for wearing a SUPER short dress (as in, she couldn't lift her arms past her chest or everyone would see her underwear) and one guy for wearing one of those muscle tees that have those long slits down the sides.
bri cox
bri cox - преди 14 часа
When it comes to shorts, my main struggle is that my body is 3/4 legs and they have to go onto my hips or they just don’t wear well so they looks shorter than they really are
#Imagine Squad
#Imagine Squad - преди 14 часа
Do Minnesota!
Paris Weaver
Paris Weaver - преди 14 часа
Um we actually wear school uniforms in my South Carolina 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ now that would be a challenge 😩
Kay Nay
Kay Nay - преди 15 часа
My stateeeeeee
The Artistic panda
The Artistic panda - преди 15 часа
Oh well this is my state
Zoe Elizabeth
Zoe Elizabeth - преди 15 часа
They should do Oregon
Miss Gabriella
Miss Gabriella - преди 15 часа
You should do one for Washington and do Mt.Ranier highschool
Miss Gabriella
Miss Gabriella - преди 15 часа
In Des Moines
Evelyn Swedo
Evelyn Swedo - преди 15 часа
Kristin reminds me so much of my mom; loves books, loves wine, loves cheese, supportive, and intelligent. I know the ladies in ladylike call Kristin the mom of the group, but it’s so true!
Henry gamer 556
Henry gamer 556 - преди 16 часа
You should do Tennessee and you should use Daniel Boone high school
#lol cat
#lol cat - преди 16 часа
Itzak Martinez
Itzak Martinez - преди 16 часа
You should do Washington state dress code
Kit Warrior4life
Kit Warrior4life - преди 16 часа
No pants, no shirts, no dresses, no being naked.
Demigalaxy _
Demigalaxy _ - преди 16 часа
Please do north Carolina schools!!!!! I go to Cuthbertson High school and the school dress code literally contradicts itself. It says you can’t you pants with rips above the knee but you can wear short shorts as long as they don’t show your butt cheeks like that makes 0 sense
Sage C
Sage C - преди 16 часа
My school principal made buzzfeed last year for calling us sausages if you’re over a size two in leggings 😂 soooooo now leggings, running shorts, everything except hats are allowed
XxIm OfflinexX
XxIm OfflinexX - преди 17 часа
Wait how did they make the dress code shirt? Ngl, it’s pretty cute
Addi Garrett
Addi Garrett - преди 17 часа
My schools only rule is that you can’t show your undergarments 😂💀
Anna Sauerbrey
Anna Sauerbrey - преди 17 часа
You should’ve done Wade Hampton, the dress code is like two pages in tiny font and they enforce rather strictly.
Alexis Brinker
Alexis Brinker - преди 17 часа
I live in South Carolina
Olivia Ketchel
Olivia Ketchel - преди 17 часа
Where are the South Carolina people at?!?!?!
Audrey Stribling
Audrey Stribling - преди 17 часа
In GA you should do
-Lakeside Highschool
-Northgate highschool
-Rome highschool
-Johns creek hs
gabbygamer and Annebell
gabbygamer and Annebell - преди 17 часа
joyce niples were shoenind one the frist one
Holoosch - преди 17 часа
mack - преди 17 часа
You should do Minnesota
Adrienne Sophie
Adrienne Sophie - преди 17 часа
Do one of these with Mike or a guy to prove how unfair the dress codes are!
Ella the Elephant
Ella the Elephant - преди 17 часа
I have been W A I T I N G for this
snazzyhowell_ - преди 17 часа
*why do they have a harry shrine in the office*
Christine Cookie
Christine Cookie - преди 17 часа
Omg I am live in South Carolina and this is my reality
ke ne
ke ne - преди 17 часа
Perfect video...thank you so much..
Savanna Wiegand
Savanna Wiegand - преди 18 часа
Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Hornets!! I graduated from Aiken High! Y’all would have gotten away with it, they slack unless your shorts are too short
Rayleigh Bennett
Rayleigh Bennett - преди 18 часа
you should do michigan next
Jade Martin
Jade Martin - преди 18 часа
Can you do Montana dress codes and include Townsend please?
Small_Saylor_ Man
Small_Saylor_ Man - преди 18 часа
Donut Club
Donut Club - преди 18 часа
The reason for the no fish hooks is bc we like to stick them on our hats down here in SC
M Hartzog
M Hartzog - преди 18 часа
I live is SC I love it so much
Ja'Tiana Hoyen
Ja'Tiana Hoyen - преди 18 часа
Do one for North Carolina specifically southwest middle or high
Zerane Dragneel Daughter of Zeref and Cana
Can you do Oklahoma and do Canute please?
musicaliris2510 - преди 18 часа
musicaliris2510 - преди 18 часа
you should do bates middle school (annapolis maryland) - (the uniforms have actually gotten worse)
Mrs. Bananas
Mrs. Bananas - преди 18 часа
Can u please do Oregon
cris quartz
cris quartz - преди 18 часа
do mountain view highschool they have a super strict dress code (it's in georgia :))
Wolfie Girl
Wolfie Girl - преди 18 часа
Do one with Kentucky dress codes after devins
Andrea Thomoson
Andrea Thomoson - преди 18 часа
Yassssss now you can feel my pain 😂😂