Jake Paul - These Days (Official Music Video)

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Jake Paul - These Days (Official Music Video)
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Director - Arie Abraham
Producer - Veronica Amador and Arie Abraham
Executive producer - Jake Paul
Talent - Julia Rose and Jake Paul
Director of photography - Brian Beckwith
Camera op - Brian Beckwith and Arie Abraham
Editor - Arie Abraham
Colorist - Arie Abraham
Visual effects - Arie Abraham and Alex Constante
Behind the scenes - Andrew blue and Marcos Guerrero
AD - M Smith
1st AC - Majd Mazin
2nd AC - Sophia Lee
Gaffer - Dimitrios Christoforidis
Key Grip - Rene Yescas
Best Boy Grip - Javaun Crane-Bonnell
Best Boy Electric - Adam Schaffer
Electric (swing) - Chris Van Lieshout
Jib Operator - Victor PancerevJake Paul Song
Jake Paul Pranks
Jake Paul Scary Vids
Mini Jake Paul
Jake Paul Ouija Board
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Rick Lopez
Rick Lopez - преди ден
Your stuff is lit your the number one
TalesOfAGirl - преди ден
There's no Paul in this thing, just autotune trash
Mr Harvey's educational videos
Mr Harvey's educational videos - преди ден
Get me to 100 plz
Albert Acosta
Albert Acosta - преди ден
This is a banger
chui 1
chui 1 - преди ден
A commercial on herpes prevention 😂
Ace_G00N - преди ден
Wtf is his choice of fashion?😂😂😂
Nadine.A.K - преди ден
This is definitely kids friendly
Akia Walter
Akia Walter - преди ден
NBA youngboy
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez - преди ден
You know more than half of your subscribers are like 8 year olds right ?
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez - преди ден
Everyone be saying “here comes jake with the autotune” like most rappers don’t use autotune
Its Sona
Its Sona - преди ден
Wtf is wrong with you you are married to tana
RBXos - преди ден
Yikes, this is an eye sore
JimBoyWho - преди ден
Shit song
lil Trent
lil Trent - преди ден
Drake Smith
Drake Smith - преди ден
He coppied lil skies
drgwave :-:
drgwave :-: - преди ден
this is seriously just a travis scott rip off mumble rap piece of trash, i wish anthony fantano would rip on this trash
Katoria Farley
Katoria Farley - преди ден
She doesn’t like you just get over it stupid
أريام عبدالله
أريام عبدالله - преди ден
WTF! 😖😝
Katoria Farley
Katoria Farley - преди ден
“Man stop”
Zach dennis Dennis
Zach dennis Dennis - преди ден
Why so many dislikes.... it’s actually a good song ! Jake we should hang dawg , my insta is yoo_its_zach
Omaid Farhad
Omaid Farhad - преди ден
I’d rather listen to yummy by justin Bieber this shits garbage
Tony Riojas
Tony Riojas - преди ден
bro champ dude
bro champ dude - преди ден
Ayoo this dude said the n word
Crit Hits
Crit Hits - преди ден
Great video and song bro come on tour in Milwaukee
Madison Lewis
Madison Lewis - преди ден
The amount of Aoto tune in this is the amount of homework I have 😂
deer park
deer park - преди ден
"Tana mongeau has join the Chat"
PlayBoi Trap
PlayBoi Trap - преди ден
Jakie Jakie what have we told you about making music
GMan Baz
GMan Baz - преди ден
Me:Havent watched this freak in 2 years and i come back to this
Also me: Ight imma head out... FOR GOOD
Schlonghead Donghead
Schlonghead Donghead - преди ден
i think the juices from Justin Bieber’s dick got his voice to be like this
Christian Garcia
Christian Garcia - преди ден
Bro wtf is this shit jake remember 4 years until I become a professional boxer and show you what it’s like to take a real punch from a Mexican from the ghetto
skattlezzz - преди ден
he sounds like he is trying to be travis scott
Andrew Padilla
Andrew Padilla - преди ден
Bro stop u can't sing
BXB-Terra6216 - преди ден
Seems like this relationship is gonna end once Jake Paul’s god bankrupt
Groovy. - преди ден
Without auto tune (:
Ellen A
Ellen A - преди ден
This reminds me of what do you mean but 1000 times worse
Lil_Chino - преди ден
0:49 is it me or does it sound like he said the n word
NinjaHobo23432 - преди ден
This guy sounds like a rat with auto tune
John Bookas
John Bookas - преди ден
It blows my mind this song doesn't have more views. By far his best song
MaKenzie Pollard
MaKenzie Pollard - преди ден
I meant so you can beat Gib
MaKenzie Pollard
MaKenzie Pollard - преди ден
Go head Jake I thought it was absolutely amazing and every good word . You have need working so hard and you need a pat on the back and continue to work hard so you can’t nock Gib right out of the ring .
ValorGO - преди ден
138k dislikes is jake Paul Eva gonna get below 100k dislikes on a music vid?
Ben Anonymous
Ben Anonymous - преди ден
When dids content includes sexual activity, cursing, cheating, and LSD.
JohnstasBACK - преди ден
that was a good Drake impression. That's all it was, right?
FunWithJess - преди ден
Me: wondering what this videos gonna be like...
*mom walks in*
NichE Basc
NichE Basc - преди 2 дни
Almost killed myself watching this cause I couldn’t handle the cringe
C Musselman
C Musselman - преди 2 дни
You mean the edginess
Josie Elliott
Josie Elliott - преди 2 дни
This shit is Soo fucking sad dude!!!!
Aidan Stolingwa
Aidan Stolingwa - преди 2 дни
does this guy realize his content is for children
Beth Asher
Beth Asher - преди 2 дни
How is Tanna gonna react to this
Rixx Kumar
Rixx Kumar - преди 2 дни
This song goes hard.
Aine Aiden
Aine Aiden - преди 2 дни
How you gonna post a music video with “supposed to be acid” when you have 8 year old kids watching cmon mane “the acid” is something no kid should know of
Rocky Stokkie
Rocky Stokkie - преди 2 дни
Wanted to hear Rudimental and Jess Glyne but saw this..
Extinct _.
Extinct _. - преди 2 дни
Wtf bro why isn’t anyone thinking about tana?
Keegan ghost
Keegan ghost - преди 2 дни
Jake Paul sayd this is a child friendly channel he said once this is gonna be a family channel. You know I hope from the bottom of my heart that KSI beats this kids ass and that I will never se he's face again
Seth Broughton
Seth Broughton - преди 2 дни
Everyone talks about the autotune but like the autotune isn’t overdone and it isn’t bad lol
wrong side of internet
wrong side of internet - преди 2 дни
I hope one day jake realize that KIDS watch his videos...
AYMAN Marwah
AYMAN Marwah - преди 2 дни
Pablo The Hamster
Pablo The Hamster - преди 2 дни
I like how he thinks he is like a drake
Woy Woy Boy
Woy Woy Boy - преди 2 дни
I only came to look at the comments
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez - преди 2 дни
Is that eirka
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez - преди 2 дни
What happen to tana