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Betty Chalk
Betty Chalk - преди 3 дни
I know I shouldn't laugh, but I can't help it.
Hilda Martinez
Hilda Martinez - преди 7 дни
Scoops ahoy his dad is Steve and his mom is robin
StarBucks 42367
StarBucks 42367 - преди 11 дни
I love this show
Livinggamer - преди 13 дни
This is a reference to Stranger Things season 3 😂
Amazingness with Gabriella
Amazingness with Gabriella - преди 14 дни
Hi Steve why are you not on stranger things
Luke Sales
Luke Sales - преди 19 дни
Soren Shelesh
Soren Shelesh - преди 20 дни
I literally spit out water when I saw Piper in the baby suit
Kathleen DavilaBibleStudyLady
Kathleen DavilaBibleStudyLady - преди 21 ден
Your hot Henry your weird jasper
Davney Penvaga Fomuso
Davney Penvaga Fomuso - преди 25 дни
Looking cute henry scoop
Elle - преди 27 дни
Ahoy Pete
Carrie Anna Mason
Carrie Anna Mason - преди 27 дни
Ahoy there captain Henry 😂❤and welcome to the Henry danger cruise ship 🚢😁
maxine chan
maxine chan - преди 29 дни
He looks good in the sailor suit
David Garcia
David Garcia - преди 29 дни
Henry looks funny 😆 in that suice
Clarah Britz
Clarah Britz - преди месец
Sailor!! He looks ridiculous
Dakshayra Yari Correa
Dakshayra Yari Correa - преди месец
I think he looks a little different because Steve hair I different and Steve is taller
Rosalyn Martin
Rosalyn Martin - преди месец
This was good
maureen phiri
maureen phiri - преди месец
This show is the best ever!!! sometimes i miss class just to watch....LOL! love you all
the way
jamie logan
jamie logan - преди месец
sadia tabbasum
sadia tabbasum - преди месец
I love Henry danger❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💖💖💖💖💖💖
Zvjezdana Blažević
Zvjezdana Blažević - преди месец
I. Love. You 😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘. Jace. Do. Much 😘😘😘😘
Fox What’s up
Fox What’s up - преди месец
Pls make fool episodes
Enzo Martinez
Enzo Martinez - преди месец
So this is one of the shows when Nickelodeon became trash right?
Sulma Gutierrez
Sulma Gutierrez - преди месец
Jace Norman i love😍😍💖💖💖
Shantanu Melkote
Shantanu Melkote - преди месец
i really dont see whats so funny about that sailor suit
Choco Bunny
Choco Bunny - преди месец
Russians: Who do you work for?!
William Jonathan
William Jonathan - преди месец
Love this!!
Austin Renteria
Austin Renteria - преди месец
Stranger Things Season 3 reference.
CreeperRBLX Animates
CreeperRBLX Animates - преди месец
Tbh I enjoy this show but I like iCarly, Sam&Cat, and Victorious and stuff like that more...
Denishia ninja Kids TV Denishia. ninja. Kids. TV
Kid danger. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
it's Victoria
it's Victoria - преди месец
I love dis show 💗 if y'all love dis show sub to me and I will sub back I'm a small YouTuber and I just got a YouTube channel yesterday
ElMaster - преди месец
Your the best
Gacha Group #2
Gacha Group #2 - преди месец
Does That Costume Look Tight In The Outfit Of Jace?
Ryan Fisher
Ryan Fisher - преди месец
I liked it
Torte Po Narudzbi Puracic
Torte Po Narudzbi Puracic - преди месец
Me love you Henry danger
and nickalodeon
Nintendo Gaming56
Nintendo Gaming56 - преди месец
Henry just hang up then
Papa Johnny Yeet
Papa Johnny Yeet - преди месец
Hey he looks like Steve from stranger things I wish he worked at scoops ahoy
Fish Kings
Fish Kings - преди месец
Papa Johnny Yeet Lol, Yep he kinda does lol.
Wolf Storm Wizard
Wolf Storm Wizard - преди месец
so true xd
Venus and Christy Vlogs
Venus and Christy Vlogs - преди месец
Papa Johnny Yeet thats what i was thinking 😂
Baron Liao
Baron Liao - преди месец
Bruh Henry works at scoops ahoy😂😂😂😂(watch stranger things 3 on Netflix)
JustTriz - преди 20 дни
Baron Liao 😂
Lizi 3hdcoffee
Lizi 3hdcoffee - преди месец
I only clicked on this video coz it looked like scoops ahoy 😂😂😂
Dakshayra Yari Correa
Dakshayra Yari Correa - преди месец
I did watch stranger things season 3
Ellery Campbell
Ellery Campbell - преди месец
Henry, Steve, and robin
Ellery Campbell
Ellery Campbell - преди месец
James Wells
James Wells - преди месец
I really enjoyed this video so much and I love Henry Danger so much and he looks really good in that Sailor Suit
Anneliese PILLEY [5P]
Anneliese PILLEY [5P] - преди месец
First to comment! They look like the thumb buddy’s at the end
FaZe Brawl
FaZe Brawl - преди месец
I’m sorry Nickelodeon but your shows are as good anymore you need more shows like SpongeBob that made your company blow up that’s just my honest Opinion
Jordan Crooks
Jordan Crooks - преди месец
Hey henry danger is great they still do spongebob and tmnt its Acutally quite decent if you give it a chance
Alvis Cheong
Alvis Cheong - преди месец
Why are Henry’s parents dressed like the 90s, piper wearing a baby costume and Henry looks like a sailor?
awesomegirl5 - преди месец
In the beginning you can see a painting of them in their clothes and in the painting you can Henry as a kid in his sailor clothes, and you can see Piper as a baby that's why she's wearing baby clothes and i think the dad want to take a picture of them in their clothes they wore when Henry was a kid and Piper was a baby
Ivanka Hukić
Ivanka Hukić - преди месец
Sawyer Coxey
Sawyer Coxey - преди месец
Fahmy F
Fahmy F - преди месец
First i think
mala Iskandar
mala Iskandar - преди месец
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little lejynd fortnite light dark - преди месец
Jenny robot is in reality and in steven universe
Jk Barbie songs Videos
Jk Barbie songs Videos - преди месец
I love This show💚💜💙💛💖💋💞
Torte Po Narudzbi Puracic
Torte Po Narudzbi Puracic - преди месец
Me 2
Aimon Azhar
Aimon Azhar - преди месец
OMG I am so early 😂😂
Jane miracline
Jane miracline - преди месец
Henry danger
Anyia Sinclair
Anyia Sinclair - преди месец
I love this show to much
Kristian Davidsen
Kristian Davidsen - преди месец
Henry looks like Steve frome stranger tings😂
Thekittyme 84
Thekittyme 84 - преди месец
Kristian Davidsen slightly
baharcikkk - преди месец
Kristian Davidsen i literally only clicked this video to see is anyone commented this 😂
Emmanuil Cepele
Emmanuil Cepele - преди месец
dar mie
dar mie - преди месец
Belinda Wurlod
Belinda Wurlod - преди месец
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Henry is Faboulous
Agatha C
Agatha C - преди месец
51 view
Chantal MONDESIR - преди месец
Violuna tv fashion
Violuna tv fashion - преди месец
I love this series ❤
Violuna tv fashion
Violuna tv fashion - преди месец
1 comment 😘😘❤
Vincent Felixiano
Vincent Felixiano - преди месец
Sailor moon more like Henry sailor
NathanialKoyama - преди месец
*This comment won't make sense when it is Edited*
Train Station
Train Station - преди месец
No replies *sadness noises*
Zarko Dimoski
Zarko Dimoski - преди месец
HorlyPartyRBX 12
HorlyPartyRBX 12 - преди месец
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