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5-Minute Recipes
5-Minute Recipes - преди месец
Do you like mac and cheese? Vote in the comments👇😋
maouky mouse
maouky mouse - преди час
I don’t like, I love 🤤🤤🤤😋😋😋😋😍😍😍😍😘🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️
Yana & Vyen
Yana & Vyen - преди 3 часа
ItsMini Cookie
ItsMini Cookie - преди 7 часа
Yaaa the cheese tho
TheGameInvaderTV - преди 12 часа
I like trains!
Jasreet Kaur
Jasreet Kaur - преди 13 часа
Yas yessssssssssssss duh
Billion dollar Channel
Billion dollar Channel - преди час
No one:
Cahaya 2009
Cahaya 2009 - преди 2 часа
Anymore you cook have cheese yummy
Cahaya 2009
Cahaya 2009 - преди 2 часа
0:32 look so good and yummy! 😋😋😋😋
Алинчик Мандаринчик Алинка Малинка
Так вот как готовят вкусняшки которые едят иностранцы
Dorota Boj
Dorota Boj - преди 2 часа
Fajne co tylko dla dorosłych
Asmr Lollipop
Asmr Lollipop - преди 5 часа
Bruh you cant put water in the microwave otherwise it will overspill
Lil Life
Lil Life - преди 5 часа
5:32 Who else sees this?? No? Just me? Ok...
Rachel Gonzalez
Rachel Gonzalez - преди 6 часа
guess who started a fire after watching YouTube...
Galaxy’s Gacha
Galaxy’s Gacha - преди 6 часа
Am I the only one who didn’t know about this channel?
9B7 Lê Lợi
9B7 Lê Lợi - преди 6 часа
Look so yummy
Nylah Baez
Nylah Baez - преди 7 часа
quick dinners huh.
Lps Aďa
Lps Aďa - преди 8 часа
I love this video! 😂 ♥️♥️
Kallie Snow
Kallie Snow - преди 8 часа
About an hour after watching this (I had a sleepover) I was like past out asleep and one of my friends was like you were talking about food and cheese but I couldn't make out the rest were you dreaming about food (...no...fine...maybe...OK FINE...YES I JUST WISH I COULD COOK)
Exnyy - преди 9 часа
Imma try out the first one hopefully uwu👌
Nancy Tualau
Nancy Tualau - преди 9 часа
he is a hero and should be named a hero forever
Millex 1234
Millex 1234 - преди 10 часа
These look like things you would have for lunch not for dinner
IMdont know Girl
IMdont know Girl - преди 10 часа
The first one is fake I tried it and it didn’t work
-Cøøkie Gåmìng-
-Cøøkie Gåmìng- - преди 10 часа
Did anyone hear doggo at 4:15-4:16 ???? 😂😂
• Sugar CoOkIiEs • • - •
• Sugar CoOkIiEs • • - • - преди 11 часа
1 I woke up
2I got a puppy
3i cried so hard
4 I cried harder
Now read numbers 2–1-3-4
LittleDJMaster - преди 11 часа
The people who get to try these food be blessed
Raul Castillo
Raul Castillo - преди 12 часа
At 3:37 is that witchcraft how did she tear it apart when the frecking this just finish cooking without burning her hands
ZrushKurdo YT
ZrushKurdo YT - преди 12 часа
Wonder how much food they waste smh..
Guadalupe Gonzalez
Guadalupe Gonzalez - преди 12 часа
1:07 is that sauce or ketchup
stefany vieira
stefany vieira - преди 12 часа
Já conhecia
OMusic CZ
OMusic CZ - преди 13 часа
1:13 to je ale smažák!
Angi B.
Angi B. - преди 13 часа
My fat Ass watching this in the middle of the Night and wanting Everything
Adetoba Doce
Adetoba Doce - преди 13 часа
The first recipe was a very unhealthy amount of cheese
copito Mendez
copito Mendez - преди 14 часа
Do you have something healthy?
Amit Raj
Amit Raj - преди 14 часа
They copied tasty a little bit
Neveah Mabry
Neveah Mabry - преди 14 часа
What happened to quick???😂
I'm funny
I'm funny - преди 15 часа
Jamiyah Dickens
Jamiyah Dickens - преди 15 часа
Channel name~ 5 minute recipes
2:53~ bake for 25 mins
Me~ I thought this was “5” minute recipes only!!!!
Tiia Olivia Parviainen Parviainen
Tiia Olivia Parviainen Parviainen - преди 15 часа
These all look so yummy 😋
But unfortchenatly i could only make the first one🥺 but it tasted really really Good!
Saarah Gabriels
Saarah Gabriels - преди 15 часа
I recommend tasty
Sofii cx
Sofii cx - преди 16 часа
That moment When you hate cheese
Claudio Vera
Claudio Vera - преди 17 часа
me dio hambre 😅😄
The Nightcorer
The Nightcorer - преди 18 часа
Don't you think it will make us fat?
Ajay Gupta
Ajay Gupta - преди 18 часа
Nice butter re thing
•Itz Meh•
•Itz Meh• - преди 18 часа
5 min recipes: Quick dinners!
*Bakes for 45 mins*
Gymnastics And Me
Gymnastics And Me - преди 19 часа
is there anyone watching this video while they are hungry like me??
Xar Xi
Xar Xi - преди 21 час
me: oo this looks fun!
literally the first one: mICROWAVE fOR tWO mINUTES
me, living in a place where microwaves literally don’t exist: fU-
RxMb0 IOS - преди 21 час
Привет Привет
Привет Привет - преди 22 часа
Perla Chan
Perla Chan - преди ден
i really hope that they can tell us what is the ingredient precisely
mehavenodad - преди ден
"yummy dinner"
Are you telling me to eat french toast for dinner?
mashud afandi
mashud afandi - преди ден
The gamers D
The gamers D - преди ден
At 3:47 it is a kitchen hack and in title it is written recipes
Smarty Sonico
Smarty Sonico - преди ден
4:17 when they ate making the doughnut like bread the song is also saying doughnut... 😅😅😅😅
Queenelliana - преди ден
If u are making Mac&cheese do u have to use persific cheeses
minaw a.b.d
minaw a.b.d - преди ден
Oh my god i'm hungryyy
Kavita Rajora
Kavita Rajora - преди ден
Mad and fool people they are
Krishaa Setia
Krishaa Setia - преди ден
U all are lieying...The first hack doesn't work at all ....Do u think we are idiots 😡
Phu Le
Phu Le - преди ден
Yummy dinner
Rosalie de Laat
Rosalie de Laat - преди ден
5 minits Crafting is zo leuk
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat - преди ден
4:04 or you could just ..yknow put the cheese...In the freezer for a while..so it hardens... and doesn’t squish..
NoveFX - преди ден
A Gordon Ramsay Ad poped up
Famous Infamous
Famous Infamous - преди ден
What is the liquid put into the macaroni and cheese? Not the milk but the other one. I’m trying to make this uwu
Eden Diaz
Eden Diaz - преди ден
I refuse to believe that the Mac and cheese actually works
PandaPan - преди ден
It doesn't
Sophia Playz
Sophia Playz - преди ден
I wonder what dough th y use to make the pastries
mynamejef steve
mynamejef steve - преди ден
Its three am and here I am watching food videos I'm hungry now
YouTube Biarnyobject332
YouTube Biarnyobject332 - преди ден
Music is so annoyingly annoying
Gacha Luxury
Gacha Luxury - преди ден
I want to try the first meek because it looked good but it does say the last thing I’m still trying it tho 😉
Choct Vanilla
Choct Vanilla - преди ден
they really want to be Tasty so bad. just leave it to the professionals.
ʟoveγou ღ
ʟoveγou ღ - преди ден

famille leng
famille leng - преди ден
Why do they have to make it look so delicious?im just so hungry right now🥴
Blandershield Mirrows
Blandershield Mirrows - преди ден
00:20 eso es queso amarillo , chedar, manchego,??
Crazy_ Unicorn3578
Crazy_ Unicorn3578 - преди ден
I’m literally just sitting here hungry waiting for my post mates
saav 100500684
saav 100500684 - преди ден
Я первей рецепт АСУЖДААЮЮЮЮЮЮ!!!!!
Lydia Pickle
Lydia Pickle - преди ден
Now I want food lol
Beth Webb
Beth Webb - преди ден
I hate double dipping but the cheese pie thing triggered me that the seasoning was left in it!
iimxq -8
iimxq -8 - преди ден
اكو عرب بالفيديو 🌚🌚🙂؟.
sakura dantas
sakura dantas - преди ден
I'll try the Mac and cheese
All About Spanish
All About Spanish - преди ден
Am I the only one wondering what the measurements are for the Mac and cheese
Jamjam2073 - преди ден
Me: hi mum what’s for dinner?
Mum: *gives cup with Mac and cheese* eat it. now.
PandaPan - преди ден
Cupped mac n cheese is good. I don't know why your mom would act like you don't wanna eat it and command you to
Акоб Малхасян
Акоб Малхасян - преди ден
Надеюсь, я не одна тут из России?😂
Bella Östlund
Bella Östlund - преди ден
Oof Bangtan Sonyeondan!
Oof Bangtan Sonyeondan! - преди ден
Am I the only one watching this at 5am in the morning
Jasmine Pressley
Jasmine Pressley - преди ден
The Camembert reminded me of miraculos
Jasmine Pressley
Jasmine Pressley - преди ден
This was on tik tok that mug mac and cheese