ONWARD Trailer # 2 (NEW 2020) Pixar Disney Movie HD

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ONWARD Trailer # 2 (NEW 2020) Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Disney Pixar Animation Movie HD
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Продължителност: 2:41


ONE Media
ONE Media - преди 19 дни
The NEW Trailer is here 🦄😉 >> https://youtu.be/2ZTy_jrUMmQ
Peppermint Snowdrift
Peppermint Snowdrift - преди 8 дни
Why do the main characters look unhealthy and cyanotic? ACK.
Huginn Hjartarson
Huginn Hjartarson - преди 24 дни
I Saw Barley Small When Ian Walked Into The Station.
Huginn Hjartarson
Huginn Hjartarson - преди 24 дни
That White Hood Ian Is Wearing Looks Dirty
baby rage
baby rage - преди 25 дни
Is it only me dose the guy in the thumbnail look like the remmies brother from ratatouille? Or like the big frog guy from flushed away? Just me?
Cheyenne Sanders
Cheyenne Sanders - преди 25 дни
Onward: *exists*

Mr stark: am I joke to you

Dr. strange: am I joke to you?

Me: just shut up take my MONEY!!! I wanna see this movie!!
YayDude123 - преди 25 дни
Just wait till 2021 when Pixar starts remaking the entirety of Toy Story in live action.
Casper - преди 26 дни
Starlord and spiderman
Playing some WoW
Hoggington the Fourteenth
Hoggington the Fourteenth - преди 26 дни
So like...Fairy Tale Mad Max?
Sign me up.
「Koffekrisp」 - преди 26 дни
The plot reminds me of full metal alchemist
Dylan Neal
Dylan Neal - преди 26 дни
1:58 when you cast enlarge/reduce but don't clarify to the DM which effect you wanted
Logan Alabama
Logan Alabama - преди 26 дни
This is a horribly stupid idea for a movie... wtf?
Hawk Light
Hawk Light - преди 27 дни
The characters genuinely make me feel sick at how they look
brainey001 - преди 27 дни
Much better than 'soul'
jordanboi jdnboi
jordanboi jdnboi - преди 27 дни
is it me? or did they change the story and some of the characters voices up a bit?
Charmander297 AJ
Charmander297 AJ - преди 28 дни
The character in the thumbnail just reminds me of DanTDM.
Liam Quinlan
Liam Quinlan - преди 28 дни
Imagine they bring their dad back and he’s abusive
Inkyfistdevil - преди 27 дни
Then he says *im going to go buy some milk*
Liam Quinlan
Liam Quinlan - преди 28 дни
Imagine they bring him back and there Dads abusive
Daydream Bee
Daydream Bee - преди 26 дни
Neithan Plays
Neithan Plays - преди 28 дни
its not 2020 its 2019
True Matcha
True Matcha - преди 28 дни
One of the guys reminds me of . . . The guy in ratatouy
-RUTHIE CHU- - преди 29 дни
Thats actually really sad the dad died
Demister Dover Smith
Demister Dover Smith - преди 29 дни
Is this apart of the bright verse with will smith?
tyler's adamsapple
tyler's adamsapple - преди 29 дни
Why is Linguini from Ratatouille blue in this
Khalid Faisal
Khalid Faisal - преди месец
Why is the baby driver theme here?
SaberRaider 1
SaberRaider 1 - преди месец
Tom Holland (Spider man)
Chris Pratt (Lego movie)
cookied - преди месец
should have the movie be called "legs"?
Allana Chase
Allana Chase - преди месец
David from_abyss327
David from_abyss327 - преди месец
Hey a pfull metal alchemist pixar film :D
Dandy Noble
Dandy Noble - преди месец
I already want R34 of that mom.

Edit: It already exists.
Owen Bender
Owen Bender - преди 29 дни
God damnit
youy _chan
youy _chan - преди месец
Hmmmm original I see
lindsey paputa
lindsey paputa - преди месец
This film looks familiar
AJG ENTERPRISE - преди месец
So many great ones coming out!! Check out the one for the new sonic https://ckk.ai/Sonic
Stephanie Harvey
Stephanie Harvey - преди месец
“I have a gifTt from your dad”
Marcus Schneider
Marcus Schneider - преди месец
awesome trailer, i should go watch it
Andrew Knowles
Andrew Knowles - преди месец
🌋Who voices the Bulky Elf?🌋
Andrew Knowles
Andrew Knowles - преди месец
🧜‍♂️🧜‍♀️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧸🧝‍♀️👨‍🦳Chris Pratt was the real voice actor of that elf.🧝‍♀️#ThanosDisney🧞‍♂️
deidre milsap
deidre milsap - преди месец
@Andrew Knowles no
Andrew Knowles
Andrew Knowles - преди месец
💩You mean Ryan Reynolds? I mean Josh Brolin?💩
deidre milsap
deidre milsap - преди месец
Woot Neorage-X
Woot Neorage-X - преди месец
you fked up for not making jack black the voice of the other troll the rock/heavy metal one,come on! brutal legend !
【ダークナッツ】 - преди месец
I really like the designs for this movie, it's actually really weird though. I was designing a goblin girl (seen in pfp) and then this was announced and they're basically the same design. Wacky
BagelBerri - преди месец
【ダークナッツ】 No they’re not, they look completely different
x Ludicrous x
x Ludicrous x - преди месец
Oh, *FEET*
Brandon Collup
Brandon Collup - преди месец
Well at least their spell didn't completely go to waist.
Motör Punx
Motör Punx - преди месец
Stronger Than You
Stronger Than You - преди месец
That pun was very *Hip*
PotatoGuy 03
PotatoGuy 03 - преди месец
Somebody is going to get extremely mad at you for spelling 'waste' wrong, look.
Blaze Saber
Blaze Saber - преди месец
2020 looks likes its going to be a good year for animated movies
FNU LNU - преди месец
Snow White + Starfire + Leni Loud + Fluttershy = RB
Andrew Hagadone
Andrew Hagadone - преди месец
Ehhhhh... Honestly, first trailer for me more interested. This one... lowers my expectations.
Music Film
Music Film - преди месец
Is this the end of zombie Shakespeare? WTF did I just watch!!!!!!!
Taylor White
Taylor White - преди месец
Meanwhile in the soul stone
ScieVen - преди месец
*Woah Feet!*
Tyler Warner
Tyler Warner - преди месец
You can recognize Chris Pratt’s and Julia Louis Dreyfus’s voice easily
VOID - преди месец
1:30 wow I didint know Alvin and the chipmunks were also in this movie....
CrowChiefAirsoft01 - преди месец
I love Tom Holland and Chris Pratt
Steph Englander
Steph Englander - преди месец
Im never gonna be able to watch this movie without hearing Spiderman and Quill
puppet master
puppet master - преди месец
this is gonna pull on the heartstrings
Grr - преди месец
I CANNOT wait.
Yacheng Moua
Yacheng Moua - преди месец
Human transmutation is a sin...
Hired Goons
Hired Goons - преди 2 месеца
If you're looking for the song: HOCUS POCUS by FOCUS
Sparrowcompass - преди 2 месеца
Anybody know who voices the dad? Please let it be RDJR!
Neon Knight
Neon Knight - преди 2 месеца
Focus-Hocus Pocus, is a good music choice
Lianada - преди 2 месеца
What is a name of the music in this trailer?
Neko Nao
Neko Nao - преди 2 месеца
I can imagine the ending. "It's not right to bring dead people to our world so sorry dad. Nice meeting you tho"
Charlotte McCluskey
Charlotte McCluskey - преди 2 месеца
Woah feet!
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge - преди 2 месеца
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge - преди 2 месеца
I'm gonna meet dad