Playing Violin During Brain Surgery

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Pascal - преди минута
Guys 2:29 is fake put the speed on 0.25 and his hands go down before the car comes
Doge Doge
Doge Doge - преди 17 минути
Bro why you gotta delete your other videos cmon man
YOURBOYGAMER 123 - преди 26 минути
guy with shaking violin syndrome:
docter: a shit here we go again
FireFoxi - преди час
Wait does that mean when they were doing surgery he was still awake?
Velociraptor Pupッ
Velociraptor Pupッ - преди 5 часа
Me: *I want a pringle ride...*
friend: *2:37*
TheBlazingPikachu09 - преди 7 часа
Those guerrillas acted almost completely like humans wtf
ADAM_LORD 1234 - преди 9 часа
I like how the big gorilla lets everyone else go first
Wannkstheclasher - преди 10 часа
That was at river banks near where i live in hartsville
Zeus D.
Zeus D. - преди 10 часа
*ferris wheel exists*

Safety:AM I a JokE TO yOu
Sharky Playz
Sharky Playz - преди 10 часа
3:08 that looks like where nipsie hussle lived
Alex Eddy
Alex Eddy - преди 10 часа
on 2:32 he is using green screen you can see him use something else to do his flip
Zoekidd24 - преди 11 часа
Was it me alone or I heard rid wave
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen - преди 12 часа
Tiny Violin
Sma - Wigh
Sma - Wigh - преди 13 часа
What thats awesome
Oricki Army
Oricki Army - преди 13 часа
Well at least they have music while they do surgery
Ryan Yom
Ryan Yom - преди 14 часа
Report to two set ASAP!
Samuel Simons
Samuel Simons - преди 14 часа
Can you not
Ugandan Bella
Ugandan Bella - преди 15 часа
Aaw this makes me feel so sad
Ugandan Bella
Ugandan Bella - преди 15 часа
Aaw this makes me feel so sad
egg dog
egg dog - преди 15 часа
*plays megalovania*

*surgery intestifies*
Mr Yeast
Mr Yeast - преди 15 часа
Braindead mozart
Unlucky GT
Unlucky GT - преди 15 часа
Why does he sound like leafy
BlitzerGamingTV - преди 18 часа
1:57 all the wolve gang territory’s now we know who are the real gangbangers
holyX - преди 18 часа
Is this Leafy's nasally voice?
zeppolii - преди 19 часа
*grey's anatomy intensIFIES*
I’m stupid, but
I’m stupid, but - преди 20 часа
Anyone know what that is?
Areal Alien
Areal Alien - преди 20 часа
2:29 This one is fake, but well edited ;)
Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey - преди 20 часа
Peyton Miller
Peyton Miller - преди 21 час
Rexus 13
Rexus 13 - преди 21 час
Sub to my channel
Dane Berting
Dane Berting - преди ден
2:30 that is so fake, watch his hands in slow mo
CherrySpriteYT - преди ден
here I am right before my chem final ...
LeisurelyBacon - преди ден
*After 3 Weeks of holding the Hair dryer, The temperature has raised to 39 Degrees Celsius.*
SwissSauce - преди ден
1:49 white needs to chill the heck out
Mangu Purcell
Mangu Purcell - преди ден
1:05 i hope she gets arrested
Drewp - преди ден
Not a single soul:
Youtube recomendations: man plays violin during brain surgery
Me: *_Outstanding Move_*
Michelle Janzen
Michelle Janzen - преди ден
Ally _
Ally _ - преди ден
What a legend
Teletu Bi
Teletu Bi - преди ден
are u gay? Cause your voice is ducking. Annoying
Dooploopsoup - преди ден
you sound like a gayer version of leafy. idk how you were able to accomplish it but you did.
Catarox32Gaming - преди ден
1:10 iLLUSION 💯
3rd Gen Acura TL
3rd Gen Acura TL - преди ден
Fav part about all of his vids is that the very first clip is what the thumbnail is. Love it
EdwardXD - преди ден
Is it just me or you already showed the wolf territory thing?
No hate i really love your videos
Gleam_Sp1rit - преди ден
Not hating but the clip at 2:31 is fake his hands look like they are touching air again not tryna hate been watching for a few months and my parents finally started letting my sub to people so i instantly subbed to you
ToXic Shot
ToXic Shot - преди ден
As along as Dr. Shepherd was performing the surgery
ZuNkEn -Úlfhéðnar-
ZuNkEn -Úlfhéðnar- - преди ден
Watch the car jump in 0.25 speed and look how fucking fake that shit is.
Sean Carr
Sean Carr - преди ден
The video at 2:28 is fake :/ if you look closely at a slower speed you can see his hands touch an object and push off that isn't there and edited out in post production.
Michaila - преди ден
Oh my lord those gorillas are so precious
Jake The Man
Jake The Man - преди ден
Docrot; Hits wrong neeve
Violin man: death song and music
GForce - преди ден
Song and music
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - преди ден
2:51 *homeless person walking around*
*rich person sees*
YOURBOYGAMER 123 - преди 22 минути
gold digger: gold diggers nice husband:yeah bye gold digger: ):( also gold digger: wait its to expensive to get back to new york NOOOOOOOOO
Luke 7640
Luke 7640 - преди ден
Im gonna nuke fisher island
Søsige Weenie
Søsige Weenie - преди ден
Doctor says this will take 6 more hours to complete the surgery
**Starts playing a song**
*”Why do I hear Megalovania?”*
xd McCloudy
xd McCloudy - преди ден
How does holding a blow dryer at cars make them slow down?
Ligers Real¿
Ligers Real¿ - преди ден
That lady with the hairdryer, wouldn’t ppl think it’s a gun and drive faster? Lmao
YOURBOYGAMER 123 - преди 21 минута
she was one of the best navy seals now she doing this
Samepaco - преди ден
YouTube: Hey wanna Watch someone playing the violin while he’s having brain surgery?
Shane D
Shane D - преди ден
Old lady with the hair dryer 🤦
Nora McNamara
Nora McNamara - преди ден
RiceProfit - преди ден
Ling ling 40 hours
Kaylors Music channel
Kaylors Music channel - преди ден
John Lansink
John Lansink - преди ден
1:05 wow that lady cant get a life.
Jöllhansch Kuppjärk
Jöllhansch Kuppjärk - преди ден
God those gorillas are so humanlike! xD
Deputy Midnight
Deputy Midnight - преди ден

Citizens in the United States: 1:12
Darshan Gajjar
Darshan Gajjar - преди ден
2:30 is fake.
F.B.I - преди ден
elon musk : i develop self-driving cars , whats your talent ?
old lady : i slow down self-driving cars with hairdryers
Got2b Skyboi224
Got2b Skyboi224 - преди ден
Why do you sound depressed
angry pepe
angry pepe - преди ден
2.5 mil yearly or monthly
Jonny Degroote
Jonny Degroote - преди ден
I have confusion
Stephanie Rojas
Stephanie Rojas - преди ден
The gorillas where so cute
King - преди ден
Next up playing violin with my arms tied up.
Monster Facee
Monster Facee - преди ден
Ling ling is proud.
Practice 40 hours a day.
Monster Facee
Monster Facee - преди 17 часа
+Someone on the internet Sequel he got older so, probably has increased his practice time
Someone on the internet Sequel
Someone on the internet Sequel - преди 17 часа
I thought ling ling practiced 60 hours a day?
PrinceIcyWolf Alpha
PrinceIcyWolf Alpha - преди ден
Anyone know where and what the Ferris Wheel is called!?
Alex Brighton
Alex Brighton - преди ден
Did he say "disappearen" ? 0:27
Crim_Son8 - преди ден
DJ Statyk
DJ Statyk - преди ден
*Slaps chest* I'm the one who made it rain! 1:54 Those wolves really respect eachothers territory. On some Grove street and ballas type shit lol
Level 100
Level 100 - преди ден
I know some friends that live on fisher island. I live on the water but not on fisher. There is another island called indian creek with all the rich people that own mansions, and a huge golf course.
Not an Fbi agent
Not an Fbi agent - преди ден
2:30 thats fake bro put slowmotion and look at the hand of that dude
EmmaBridgeman - преди ден
are u serious?! THATS the reason why he had brain surgery
mr.banhedda - преди ден
2:38 how to get sick 🤢
Primal Slime
Primal Slime - преди 2 дни
Tiffany Cakie
Tiffany Cakie - преди 2 дни
Why isn't anybody talking about the gorrilas!? That's just cruel! You bad people these days.
Sahlo Folina
Sahlo Folina - преди 2 дни
No one:
Vanya Hargreeves:
Ceejay Lee
Ceejay Lee - преди 2 дни
Kate Cummings why
Tyler Fagone
Tyler Fagone - преди 2 дни
1:30 looks like x racer in 4K
foop foop
foop foop - преди 2 дни
Kids would do fortnite dances when they get a brain surgery
Kylie C Little
Kylie C Little - преди 2 дни
Super famous people lol idky it's funny
theavanchannel - преди 2 дни
No one: daily dose of internet: playing violen during brain surgery
homie plastic cups
homie plastic cups - преди 2 дни
Old lady:
It aint much But it's Honest work
Shidoresu - преди 2 дни
Everybody gangsta until ya girl Linda takes out the hair dryer while you're speeding.
Ligma Virus
Ligma Virus - преди 2 дни
1:55, looks like a nfs carbon clan map if you ask me
ianarata - преди 2 дни
Me sees lady making tattoos to look like patches I'm pretty sure she's putting rope in their arm and that he's lying about her making look like that
TheAvirus - преди 2 дни
If there's an island for Rich people wouldn't be a island for broke people like us?
____ Stolinator
____ Stolinator - преди 2 дни
hey leafy
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez - преди 2 дни
Does anyone notice that his voice is like Mr beast voice just q little chill
Tyler Atlee
Tyler Atlee - преди 2 дни
This guy sounds like leafy
Landon Simon
Landon Simon - преди 2 дни
You sound like leafy...
Awesome with a capital A
Awesome with a capital A - преди 2 дни
Ling Ling confirmed!
Reggi Knight
Reggi Knight - преди 2 дни
Dang that lady must of spent years grinding in the game of life to max out her intelligence stat with the hair dryer
yashveer Wassan
yashveer Wassan - преди 2 дни
When it's been 5 days and Daily Dose of Internet hasn't pinned anybody
I am Moomin
I am Moomin - преди 2 дни
car jump is fake
W- series
W- series - преди 2 дни
his arms: idk what i'm doing but i think i'm doing something good