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Life is Amazing
Life is Amazing - преди 14 часа
For some reason I just find James Charles voice so annoying! 🤦🏽‍♀️
Lexci Reyes
Lexci Reyes - преди ден
Who’s here after “Bye Sister”
Alicia Smith
Alicia Smith - преди ден
James face at 10:19 is price less
Stephanie Velazquez
Stephanie Velazquez - преди 2 дни
This is so much fun
Stephanie Velazquez
Stephanie Velazquez - преди 2 дни
You guys scream like a boy I know you guys are a boy😂🤣
Kimara T
Kimara T - преди 4 дни
**when they used to be friends**
Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid - преди 5 дни
James Charles is the ugliest, uninspired piece of shit I've ever seen. Am I now allowed to say that on this channel?
Monte Carroll
Monte Carroll - преди 6 дни
I've liked the maturity growth on many levels sharing diff. skills building upon the layers of talents expressed tutored and courageous.
Snoozy Diego
Snoozy Diego - преди 6 дни
I’m selling Jame’s best *OLLLL*
For one *Like*
Sabrina Medina
Sabrina Medina - преди 7 дни
I love this idea if I could I would do this!!
josslyn henry
josslyn henry - преди 8 дни
might wanna delete this one..
Madelynn Young
Madelynn Young - преди 9 дни
9:12 hahahahaha
Ava’s little Gachaworld
Ava’s little Gachaworld - преди 10 дни
Who else came here only for James
Lisa Tapp
Lisa Tapp - преди 10 дни
The most likes I’ve ever got is five please make it more
ItsMei - преди 10 дни
James: *gasps* My ears just popped!!!
Jeffrey: Oooooh cute!
Me: Wait......what???
notes softee
notes softee - преди 11 дни
fantastic jeff
hahaha huhuhu
hahaha huhuhu - преди 12 дни
Love u jeffree frm india
あやバリー - преди 12 дни
*bye sister*
M G - преди 13 дни
*Nate trying not to push James out of the basket for 26 minutes straight*
Lisa Frysinger
Lisa Frysinger - преди 13 дни
I was up 1000 feet up so you ship up
RealMeIana - преди 9 дни
He did? Via what?
Nafeez Kizar
Nafeez Kizar - преди 17 дни
Very sad watching this after what has happened, I hope they can eventually reconcile as friends.
anakin skyfucker
anakin skyfucker - преди 14 дни
james doesn't need jeffree's triflin ass
Christa Terry
Christa Terry - преди 18 дни
I absolutely love Jeffree’s laugh; every time he laughs I smile or chuckle with him! 😂😄🤪
Savage Aldridge
Savage Aldridge - преди 20 дни
pls fix your problems with james charles pls pls pls
Martha B-C
Martha B-C - преди 21 ден
Here after all the sexual drama James was in
Born To Ship VICTUURI!
Born To Ship VICTUURI! - преди 21 ден
I was just waiting for them to drop something that costed them like 8000 dollars
Tati Paez
Tati Paez - преди 22 дни
Who’s here after the tea spilled 😂 Low key Nathan looked annoyed by James didn’t realize it until now. Honestly I’ll miss them together but I don’t think they’ll ever be friends again. I miss his friendship with Manny more I feel like that can be salvaged. Honestly Jeffree has been through so many friends at some point you gotta realize you might be part of the problem. I say that with love because I’ve been that toxic bitch sometimes or snapped like Jeffree were only human ♥️
anakin skyfucker
anakin skyfucker - преди 14 дни
glad one of his fans noticed that. after going through 9 friendships, at some point people need to see jeffree might be the problem.
[ ÇolorfullightYT Gåmeplays ]
[ ÇolorfullightYT Gåmeplays ] - преди 23 дни
If you one of them dropped their items and some fans said OMG SISTERS IN HOT AIR BALLONS
That Løvely Killer
That Løvely Killer - преди 23 дни
[ ÇolorfullightYT Gåmeplays ] omg I would love a free item though 😂
CookieMonster2016 6
CookieMonster2016 6 - преди 25 дни
James has got a adorable unique personality! 😅❣
Aneela Tasneem
Aneela Tasneem - преди 25 дни
jeffree is sayinv that its not his duty to fight everyones battle but he did the same as he jumped into tati and james fight without thinking and created a drama but he forgot that this times james is agonist him who is swet person but not a fool. hw knows how to deal with tati and jefree and everyone
Thanh Chuộk
Thanh Chuộk - преди 25 дни
24:09 Nathan so beautiful.
abbylayla2000 - преди 25 дни
Shame they aren’t friends anymore 😔
That Løvely Killer
That Løvely Killer - преди 23 дни
abbylayla2000 yes they are
Pineapplegacha - преди 25 дни
Who’s here after Jeffree apologised!!! Should have taken his advice Jeffree, he warned you. Sister time travel
TheHazard - преди 25 дни
These guys are so weird and creepy🙄
That Løvely Killer
That Løvely Killer - преди 23 дни
TheHazard then leave if you’re just a negative hater..?
RileySmileyRiley - преди 26 дни
Who’s here after the video “Never Doing This Again”?
Marcia Srivastava
Marcia Srivastava - преди 26 дни
You should've done us a favor then and tossed him over the side.
That Løvely Killer
That Løvely Killer - преди 23 дни
Marcia Srivastava get out hater. nobody wants your garbage.
Peanutbutterbutterfly - преди 26 дни
Hot air balloon rides are the best!! ❤️
Sharkes are Sexy
Sharkes are Sexy - преди 26 дни
17:57 yass James WERK ❤️❤️❤️❤️
J C - D I A Z
J C - D I A Z - преди 26 дни
I really don’t see this two being enemies. I love whenever they get together. I love their friendship!❤️❤️❤️ hope they stayed friends forever.
ivonne sakura
ivonne sakura - преди 26 дни
James is so handsome!!
gamemoviemakers - преди 27 дни
I feel like crying - these videos with them always made me happy T T
Tee Abbs
Tee Abbs - преди 27 дни
Who's here after James ruined both Tati and Jeffree?
MiyahLush - преди 27 дни
wHo Is HeRe AfTeR aLl ThE *DᴙAmA*
Sharkes are Sexy
Sharkes are Sexy - преди 26 дни
MiyahLush mE i aM
Sharvari Bacha
Sharvari Bacha - преди 27 дни
Anyone here after Jeffrey's video? 😂
Thomas Edwards
Thomas Edwards - преди 27 дни
Bye sister
jessica Merkley
jessica Merkley - преди 27 дни
Jeffree watched this video for sure before he made the video today
Sharkes are Sexy
Sharkes are Sexy - преди 26 дни
jessica Merkley jEFfreE WaTcHeD ThE VIdeO WaaaAwaAAAwa
M S - преди 27 дни
It’s sad where their friendship is at atm
Ggttyyhgefghy Aeioi
Ggttyyhgefghy Aeioi - преди 27 дни
Miss these times without drama
Theodore Chowdry
Theodore Chowdry - преди 27 дни
Joker - преди 27 дни
Imagine someone shoot the balloon
qwertyuiop qwertyuiop
qwertyuiop qwertyuiop - преди 27 дни
This video did not age well.
Nicki Harmon
Nicki Harmon - преди 27 дни
Poor Nate looks like he is not having a good time. Should have just been him and Jeffree.
Nicki Harmon
Nicki Harmon - преди 23 дни
That Løvely Killer lmao need a tissue?
That Løvely Killer
That Løvely Killer - преди 23 дни
Nicki Harmon wtf is wrong with you..? they’re all fine. the video was about him and James how could it have been better without James..? if you got a problem get out
Dalylah Gomez Norzagaray
Dalylah Gomez Norzagaray - преди 27 дни
ashley loves nct!
ashley loves nct! - преди 28 дни
this aged horribly
Melanie Oakes
Melanie Oakes - преди 28 дни
Who wishes they were still friends
Slime- Uh- Tech
Slime- Uh- Tech - преди 28 дни
“Sister share” 😂
Slime- Uh- Tech
Slime- Uh- Tech - преди 28 дни
I’m watching after James Charles proof video
Slime- Uh- Tech
Slime- Uh- Tech - преди 28 дни
Awww they are actually so cute together
Patr B
Patr B - преди 28 дни
James is an utter bitch towards Nate
J C - D I A Z
J C - D I A Z - преди 26 дни
Patr B how v
christopherwillson - преди 28 дни
We need a re-do of this :'(
Maheen Ashraf
Maheen Ashraf - преди 29 дни
Next Jeffree Star video would be like *'Throwing James Charles from a hot air balloon'*
Im sorry i just cant...🤣🤣🤣
10000 subscribers with two videos Challenge
Who’s here after James got his career back
Worrystone AJ
Worrystone AJ - преди 29 дни
Who's back because Jeffree got exposed for being toxic?
Abigail Aguilar
Abigail Aguilar - преди 29 дни
Worrystone AJ look at his Twitter
Daniel Eliassenfgh618
Daniel Eliassenfgh618 - преди 29 дни
Bri_me YT
Bri_me YT - преди 29 дни
20:09 and he was right. I think James has grown and learned.
Just2 Vicious
Just2 Vicious - преди 29 дни
Ugh I would’ve had a heart attack up there😩
Grace Lane
Grace Lane - преди месец
*cough* cancelled
Miss Monique Nasty if you like it !
Miss Monique Nasty if you like it ! - преди месец
*_i don't want Jeffree delete this videos, they are sooo cool :(_*
DayDreaming Whispers ASMR
DayDreaming Whispers ASMR - преди месец
Who and how the hell can anyone stand James??? Like hes naturally annoying as hell.
DayDreaming Whispers ASMR
DayDreaming Whispers ASMR - преди 22 дни
@That Løvely Killer I am capable of having a different opinion than you. Im sorry that you dont like it but thats the way life is.
That Løvely Killer
That Løvely Killer - преди 23 дни
DayDreaming Whispers ASMR I love him. like he’s just a kid. if you hate him get tf out..? why are you here. gosh you’re annoying 🤦‍♂️
Allison Elise Crisp
Allison Elise Crisp - преди месец
Who is sad because we may never see this ICONIC duo together again 😭
jennifer ceballos
jennifer ceballos - преди месец
Now could he have fucked up like this they look like genuinely nice people....
jennifer ceballos
jennifer ceballos - преди месец
I might need to put some on your crotch...lOL
iiUnicornSophie - преди месец
“ Who’s here after James Charles’s career is over?” Y’all should just see Tati’s new video..
mariyaa111 - преди месец
Jefree has the BEST laugh!
peep yuh
peep yuh - преди месец
*James career never heard of it*
EvvSaf Hi
EvvSaf Hi - преди месец
Jeffrey sister shook that bull on and popped it hopping that James would fall, yet he in a way kinda fell too..
Venus Doom
Venus Doom - преди месец
Team Jeffreestar
Deanna Lorraine
Deanna Lorraine - преди месец
James: “the truth always comes out” ....
Tell me about it James.
Idiash Peza
Idiash Peza - преди месец
*james charles and jeffree star foreshadowing for 30 minutes **-straight-** gay*
KaPom Pom
KaPom Pom - преди месец
After the james charles drama this showed on my suggestions.. CRINGY AHHAHA
Milagrosa 1
Milagrosa 1 - преди месец
Esto es muy entretenido 😊❤️
Tobin - преди месец
Just came here to say bye sister
YourBro - преди 20 дни
@That Løvely Killer You mad trippin lmao
YourBro - преди 20 дни
@Tobin Ig its bye sister to Tati and Jeff lmao
Tobin - преди 23 дни
@That Løvely Killer lmao no shade to him what do u think i came here for
That Løvely Killer
That Løvely Killer - преди 23 дни
Tobin you came here JUST to say that..? get a life..?
YourBro - преди месец
Momo Reacts
Momo Reacts - преди месец
Jefree face lmao
• Sam •
• Sam • - преди месец
This video is so ironic... james talking about building up his reputation again but he just destroyed his career.. Especially 20:18 , except James was manipulating other people loll
• Sam •
• Sam • - преди 22 дни
That Løvely Killer lol nah. I got enough common sense to not go after people that aren’t the same sexuality or bitch and whine when someone tells me they’re not interested...
That Løvely Killer
That Løvely Killer - преди 23 дни
• Sam • actually idiots in the comments ruined his career. nobody gave him a chance to say CRAP. y’all needa grow up way more than he does
Holly Swiffen
Holly Swiffen - преди месец
Were can u get the palletes
Jaclyn of Jaclynia
Jaclyn of Jaclynia - преди месец
wow this video has aged terribly
POOR FANBOY - преди месец
Ploy twist: Jefree will push James
jessica hutson
jessica hutson - преди месец
And I ooh-
unknown person
unknown person - преди месец
BertVegas - преди месец
Rip sister 👋🏼
Daisy Harry
Daisy Harry - преди месец
Who’s here after James drama ? =)))
Kermit .
Kermit . - преди месец
Well well well.. no more videos like this with flashback Mary 🙂
Nicholas Choy
Nicholas Choy - преди месец
why the fuck is YouTube recommending this during the sister scandal
irene daniel
irene daniel - преди месец
Who is here after tati video? 💀
Victoria Carolina
Victoria Carolina - преди месец
*20:08* GURL I-
Victoria Carolina
Victoria Carolina - преди месец
*9:03* that’s sad
crackbadger - преди месец
big oof.
Jaden Rivera
Jaden Rivera - преди месец
Yikes now *this* is awkward isn’t it 👀
Cadence Trinity
Cadence Trinity - преди месец
i love love love jeffrees laugh
Sonne Deutsch Life
Sonne Deutsch Life - преди месец
Lisa blub
Lisa blub - преди месец
oooh how things have changed....