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Boohbah - преди час
He reminds me of Alex from 13 reasons why haha
jung cooks very well
jung cooks very well - преди ден
They move the same way wow
shishter scandal
shishter scandal - преди ден
BTS V Kookie
BTS V Kookie - преди ден
He’s sooooooo adorable!!!!!💜💜💜
April CD
April CD - преди ден
Wow when he lift his hair good so handsome!
Av Sethi
Av Sethi - преди ден
The intro is so adorable wtf Zach's smile made me wanna die
Jayana Perez
Jayana Perez - преди 2 дни
Looks just like Nate tho
Amalia Hokualohilani Aiko Pereira Ito
Does anyone else see the similarities?😂😂😂
Ethena Black
Ethena Black - преди 2 дни
When god grants you your own emo boyfriend
Panic21RomanceBoy hi
Panic21RomanceBoy hi - преди 2 дни
20:20 all emos are deceased
Alexis Mott
Alexis Mott - преди 3 дни
Someone please put him in a vampire movie. He fits perfectly omg 😍😂
ISABELLA REEVES - преди 3 дни
21:19 - 21:33 hes adorable
april omar
april omar - преди 3 дни
I admired Nate but when I saw his lil brother gosh i feels like I want to be bitten by Edward Collens
Ghail - преди 3 дни
He's like looking at my soul. Edward is the you?
snacc - преди 3 дни
i thought that was Nate...
Loading Name
Loading Name - преди 4 дни
4:01 literally the same person 😆🙌🏽
방탄소년단TAETAE - преди 4 дни
Yolanda Duran
Yolanda Duran - преди 4 дни
Wow. He did good! He is handsome and with makeup he is beautiful
Laura Bue
Laura Bue - преди 4 дни
Who is this "Chris" behind the camera? He has such a nice voice😍
Mai Lan Mckenna
Mai Lan Mckenna - преди 4 дни
Love from Ireland 🇮🇪💖
Leonardo souza
Leonardo souza - преди 4 дни
looks like johnny depp in that movie about vampire
bianca jimenez
bianca jimenez - преди 5 дни
Oh my holy grail! 😲
Queen_ Jazzy
Queen_ Jazzy - преди 5 дни
Since nate is way older then me your probably only 6 years older than me so wanna hit me up😏
Queen_ Jazzy
Queen_ Jazzy - преди 5 дни
So um jeffree what water does nate and zach and how do you not gain weight I NEED ANSWERS also I luv you
JUIZHELEM LOPEZ - преди 5 дни
hahahaha love it, Zach doing what ever he wants and no follow the video
Felicia lorbacher
Felicia lorbacher - преди 6 дни
did a great job. i dont know hwo i like better zack or nathan . dam you are soooooooo cute zack
Erianna Y.
Erianna Y. - преди 6 дни
Zach. You did amazing. I would do the same look if I bought Jeffree's stuff
GG xox
GG xox - преди 7 дни
They look so alike the heck
chanty Burgess
chanty Burgess - преди 7 дни
U and brother so like love us so much
Angel Diaz
Angel Diaz - преди 7 дни
Holy shit him and his brother look exactly alike 🤭
danibobmk1998 - преди 7 дни
He looks like if Colin Morgan and Bradley James had a baby! My Merlin dreams coming true right here!!
Maylee Adams
Maylee Adams - преди 8 дни
So gothic
Lasagna Child
Lasagna Child - преди 8 дни
What’s in the water in Michigan? And can I live there please?
Jakob Lust
Jakob Lust - преди 8 дни
I heard him say viagra instead of videography at first...
yoongi infires
yoongi infires - преди 8 дни
W-why just whyy is he so good looking just like his brother but I feel like he was the special one ☺🙌
Sean Villanueva
Sean Villanueva - преди 8 дни
Connie Drake
Connie Drake - преди 9 дни
I want to see a tutorial with Pam and her make up.
windle shapiro
windle shapiro - преди 9 дни
What was in Nate’s mothers breast milk !?!!!!!
Jamie Welling
Jamie Welling - преди 9 дни
They all loook the dameee-
khrisey - преди 9 дни
damn he looks so good
yo yo
yo yo - преди 9 дни
Little brother? Huh...More like twin?
Gay....nope more like straight ✌🌈🥰
Elga 5ko
Elga 5ko - преди 10 дни
NYXBeautyByPery - преди 10 дни
Nate's whole family is such a huge blessing, good personalities, VERY good looks wow
Katie Emil
Katie Emil - преди 10 дни
it's sweet how nice jeffree was about eye grunge makeup. "it's sickk!.. :D"
Mazikeen Smith
Mazikeen Smith - преди 10 дни
he look so great.
Lateesya Syarhan
Lateesya Syarhan - преди 10 дни
Tell me he's straight
Samantha - преди 11 дни
*LMAO* ' I'm gonna kill you bitch face contour look ' 9:04
최수연 - преди 11 дни
Okay at this point it is very clear that he is aware of the fact that he looks like a disney character. Last time he looked like a prince and now he is like the villan character that sexually awakened all the young girls. Seriously WHAT IS GOING ON
Love Dagger
Love Dagger - преди 11 дни
He cute. He damn cutee. Like his personality + looks. Mostly personality. He seems like he would be a great friend wow
Vicky12345 - преди 12 дни
Nate’s brother literally just looks like an extremely face-tuned version of Nate lmao
The Captin
The Captin - преди 12 дни
“Watch out James Charles Zachary is coming for ya” OMG flashback to like a month ago
Eves UwU
Eves UwU - преди 12 дни
Sophie Legresley
Sophie Legresley - преди 12 дни
If you close your eyes, he actually sounds exactly like his brother
The Captin
The Captin - преди 12 дни
Sophie Legresley ikr they both have deep voices and sound high 24/7
Josh Akers
Josh Akers - преди 12 дни
God DAMN! Can we just agree the world is about to be overflowed with "water" from a single video
Diana Dominguez
Diana Dominguez - преди 12 дни
OK but like is Zach gay
lx moon
lx moon - преди 13 дни
this video with their family was so sweet
mauriciogv93 - преди 14 дни
the shade at 6:06 killed me
Jasmin Mcdaniel
Jasmin Mcdaniel - преди 14 дни
Amy Convery 14
Amy Convery 14 - преди 14 дни
Literally thought that Zach was Nate in the thumbnail ngl 😝
Julia Hayward
Julia Hayward - преди 15 дни
He looks like Edward Cullen having a black parade moment
bernadette rogers
bernadette rogers - преди 15 дни
He’s handsome AND humble? Oh lordy
Anik Ma
Anik Ma - преди 15 дни
When Zach raised one of his eye brow.. 😍
Sass Frass
Sass Frass - преди 16 дни
Jeffree: it was cool babe
*they both respond*
jxde01 - преди 17 дни
Why is he lowkey actually good at this though
Christina - преди 17 дни
He belongs on twilight, he’s a Cullen for sure
Kim Cayobit
Kim Cayobit - преди 17 дни
He's hotter than Nate!! Fight me
Joshua Carey
Joshua Carey - преди 16 дни
Zach's beautiful and Nate's gorgeous.
Zory Aprilova
Zory Aprilova - преди 18 дни
Little brother? More like twin!
Random Super Fan
Random Super Fan - преди 18 дни
“ *Watch out James Charles, Zachery is coming for ya* ”
Christa Terry
Christa Terry - преди 19 дни
Now Jeffree and Nate just have to post something on twitch!!!
Red Ink
Red Ink - преди 21 ден
16:49 Zach lookin like a Tim Burton character 😍
yeet nvlt
yeet nvlt - преди 21 ден
Zach getting a kiss from his grandma is so damn adorable like MAH HART IS GONNA EXPLODE
Red Ink
Red Ink - преди 21 ден
I would literally kill to see Jeffree play a video game
Kia Huxford
Kia Huxford - преди 21 ден
Ugh is he single😘😍 yes please! Love your videos 💕
Briana Gelatt
Briana Gelatt - преди 21 ден
Okay umm send him my way?!😂🤤
Nodrodsky - преди 21 ден
What has the world come to?
Yodeling PussyNutts
Yodeling PussyNutts - преди 22 дни
I feel like I just fell in love with Zac lmao
LorenTheOddOne - преди 22 дни
Okay so can we all agree that they are basically twins! I mean they even have similar voices I’m dead😂
Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of Destruction
why must they be so perfect?!
sehuns pubichairs
sehuns pubichairs - преди 23 дни
Zach looks like Jack Frost ●︿●
Jessica Lychees
Jessica Lychees - преди 23 дни
Is he still single? 🤔🤔🤔
CHEWNER PASTER - преди 24 дни
Bitch I thought he had put make up on Nathan and this was the outcome
CHEWNER PASTER - преди 24 дни
Tatyana B
Tatyana B - преди 25 дни
A fellow army at 9:28💜💜💜
Athra A
Athra A - преди 26 дни
they are literally twins lol.
Jenny - преди 27 дни
erm can we get married
Thee Munroe
Thee Munroe - преди 27 дни
So ya’ll drooling over a boy who looks like most of the other white guys 😂 Can’t relate.
He went for the racoon looks...😀 Something different...But I guess is Ok. He killed it
Dean Jared Palarao
Dean Jared Palarao - преди 29 дни
He's handsome
Sharkes are Sexy
Sharkes are Sexy - преди 29 дни
Ewww zack is gross looking and James Charles was right to dump him
BoshinTV - преди 29 дни
Like a little Edward Cullen. xD
MeriDonna Marie
MeriDonna Marie - преди месец
They look like twins 😂
ÊXØ_ Ł _lövėr D.Õ
ÊXØ_ Ł _lövėr D.Õ - преди месец
Sharp Mc Teague
Sharp Mc Teague - преди месец
He looks exactly like his brother Nate, really cute siblings with nice personality.
NeverHateThisGirl - преди месец
I cant..they are too handsome..
Pratiksha Gurung
Pratiksha Gurung - преди месец
Yo looks so much like Nathan
Jessie Lynch
Jessie Lynch - преди месец
I have a PS3 but I have it in my closet on my top shelf it works perfectly too!
I really need to start playing it lol
nagev568 - преди месец
Zack looks like Matthew Hussey
Diva Dory
Diva Dory - преди месец
His mannerisms are so much like Nate's.
Kimi kim
Kimi kim - преди месец
OMG 00:01 I thought that's Nate
Joana Tarusha
Joana Tarusha - преди месец
2:50 lmao i can't.