Russell Westbrook BEST & MOST VICIOUS Dunks of His Career! A MUST SEE MONTAGE!

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Check out Russell Westbrook's best career dunks & posterizes from the Oklahoma City Thunder!
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Продължителност: 17:42


2k Goat
2k Goat - преди 3 месеца
House of highlights is the best YT ever house of highlights I love u
Grinding With John
Grinding With John - преди 2 месеца
Russ yeet
Caleb Gauna
Caleb Gauna - преди 3 месеца
aaron berhane lol
aaron berhane
aaron berhane - преди 3 месеца
Angel FD the people who work for House of Highlights are men
Lyon Edwards
Lyon Edwards - преди 23 часа
Westbrook just loves the Denver Nuggets
Jorge Burrito
Jorge Burrito - преди ден
And I still don’t understand how they rate this man 90 on 2k20
Puxuan Zhou
Puxuan Zhou - преди ден
This video is half of his career ruthless dunks. You gonna need an hour video to collect every ruthless dunks. Not even every dunks.
Chris Sosa
Chris Sosa - преди 3 дни
Westbrook dunk like he got beef with the rim lmao
Eyoel Bineyam
Eyoel Bineyam - преди 3 дни
What about in the 2012-13 season his crazy dunk versus the Sacramento Kings.
Rhys Langstaff
Rhys Langstaff - преди 3 дни
Russel is so balanced. He can shoot AND dunk. He is so good! Exactly like House Of Highlights,
x kouw
x kouw - преди 3 дни
What a monster!!!!
Vibe Donut
Vibe Donut - преди 5 дни
7:02 this man he dunked on should quit the nba after that
Vibe Donut
Vibe Donut - преди 5 дни
How has he not won a ring yet
Vibe Donut
Vibe Donut - преди 5 дни
This man put dunk through traffic percentage on one hundred
Vibe Donut
Vibe Donut - преди 5 дни
Call him iron man
Dalan Z
Dalan Z - преди 6 дни
I don't think anyone knows how many times I replayed every dunk this is just a masterpiece and there's Many more to come for the goat Westbrook
Alger Tseng
Alger Tseng - преди 8 дни
Dude why does Russ never injure his hand?
Cee - преди 10 дни
my hand hurts just from watching this
Nat YT
Nat YT - преди 11 дни
But from now on this is not the west brook that we use to watch because people change what kind of play he has they say west brook is selfish and play for fan for famous but he's not because he played like that just because he wants to won every single game thats why he gave his all
Mr. Choudhry
Mr. Choudhry - преди 15 дни
westbrook went from a sparking thundering thunderbolt to a blazing atomic rocket launch
Bean Beany
Bean Beany - преди 15 дни
17 min 😮
Jelly Fam
Jelly Fam - преди 17 дни
and him and steph curry supposedly have the same vert
eyeamblackroyalty - преди 17 дни
Most athletic basketball player of all time. Even more athletic than LeBron
Vince Castro
Vince Castro - преди 19 дни
#Atomic Westbrook
Emerald - преди 19 дни
2:30 Loved how the commentator synced the tone of his line with the dunk haha
Damage The Darmanitan
Damage The Darmanitan - преди 20 дни
The rim rejects his shots, so Russ takes away its life with them vicious ass dunks XD
LuKeFaCe7 - преди 20 дни
He roars louder than the whole crowd every time he dunks
Noah Burns
Noah Burns - преди 21 ден
Imagine if he was like 6’8 nobody would be safe
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat - преди 21 ден
Westbrook is probably one of the best, if not the best at splitting the defense and taking the middle lane.
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat - преди 21 ден
Russell Westbrook's wrist: "Help me.."
Hawaii 808
Hawaii 808 - преди 22 дни
2:18 it was more amazing to see Aquaman take a jump shot than it was to see Westbrooks dunk lol. When do we ever see that now?
Jordan James
Jordan James - преди 22 дни
The rim must've did something real bad to deserve everything Russ does to it lol
GriggyBear - преди 23 дни
And people say Russ can't play D. Half of these dunks are breakaway steals. Russ is a psycho at the rim!
Tsehai - преди 23 дни
0:40 we see a man take flight
FBI - преди 23 дни
Away team : Defending
Russ: Ooooaoaaaaaa
Fred B
Fred B - преди 24 дни
I like the fact that enes kanter thought he was going to get the dunk 2:05
Abas Robleh
Abas Robleh - преди 25 дни
This dude is crazy punishing that rim 🔥🔥🌪
The Masoko
The Masoko - преди 25 дни
Honestly his dunking style is so cool he looks like he’s trying to smash the rim with every dunk
Brody Ulroan
Brody Ulroan - преди 25 дни
the Brodie!
philly_ sports
philly_ sports - преди 26 дни
Who else thinks that the old Thunder announcer was terrible? He was always so indecisive in what he wanted to say and he never really showed that much energy. He just came off as really awkward.
Vibe Donut
Vibe Donut - преди 26 дни
What if Westbrook and curry became one player
Vibe Donut
Vibe Donut - преди 26 дни
When you put rocket shoes on
xirenegTM - преди 27 дни
That fadeaway dunks was the best
duhvn - преди 27 дни
Facemask brook is the best brook -- how has this man not broken his hand or his nose lol
duhvn - преди 27 дни
Best part of Westbrook dunks is how is how he stares at the opposing team's bench afterwards like "this is what you got to look forward to when you sub in"
Author Dawn Griffith
Author Dawn Griffith - преди месец
My favorite NBA player Russell Westbrook from OKC thunder truth he is
Author Dawn Griffith
Author Dawn Griffith - преди месец
Trade him back to OKC thunder bro from your son Tanner Griffith pray to god and amen
Aimé Biampamba
Aimé Biampamba - преди месец
What a beast seriously ! Crazy
Roland Duson
Roland Duson - преди месец
I watch this video every 2 weeks.
Jerry west
Jerry west - преди месец
i love how he looks at the players sitting down to demoralize them, havent had many players like this
Don Julio
Don Julio - преди месец
I can just hear the rim being like “oh shit here he comes again..”
聶振杰 - преди месец
Larry Da lobster
Larry Da lobster - преди месец
Did he travel 2:12
Jockey - преди месец
clearly when he dunks the crowd ignites
VERSACE squad - преди месец
1:29 made me get a boner🔥🔥
dark_ekko - преди месец
Is this thing even human? Sure looks like a damn monster to me! MY GOODNESS
Tammy Miller
Tammy Miller - преди месец
shotgun shawty respect the Elohim
shotgun shawty respect the Elohim - преди месец
1.25 sick
Lesson Asperger
Lesson Asperger - преди месец
boring dinks
Evan Ward
Evan Ward - преди месец
The fact this video is almost eighteen minutes says it all
Azis Abdul
Azis Abdul - преди месец
The iron fist
Squeaker Nation
Squeaker Nation - преди месец
OG Westbrook - Slasher
Mask Westbrook - Beast
Mohawk Westbrook - Prime
Rockets Westbrook - ehhhh IDK ABOUT THAT ONE IDK
Squeaker Nation
Squeaker Nation - преди месец
When you get your ankles broken off a simple drive.