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Vayne Fox
Vayne Fox - преди час
Hey theres a guy who claimed he had made a free energy device and is also challenging all the electrical engineers like you, heres the link to the video....
Febride TV
Febride TV - преди час
ElectroMan: Let's see if we can weld this two pieces.
ElectroMan: ... *Burns the whole universe* 5:37
Gaga Nabeel
Gaga Nabeel - преди 4 часа
Can you make vacum tube tesla coil
mr pineapple
mr pineapple - преди 4 часа
What could go wrong
Ganesh Ram
Ganesh Ram - преди 4 часа
Try resonating the coil using capacitor bro
RM S - преди 8 часа
Is he Indian
Vincent Robinette
Vincent Robinette - преди 10 часа
Here's the simple truth. You're dealing with a very low impedance generator, (permanent magnet alternator) and a motor with a much higher impedance. if you wound each bolt with only about 1/3 the number of turns, that would reduce the inductance enough to draw enough current at the low voltage produced by the alternator, to produce a field strong enough to run ANY of the rotors you tried. Please keep in mind, those RC model motors are designed to turn incredibly high RPM at relatively low voltage. That means there is very little EMF produced by the motor, meaning, it generates very little voltage at low RPM, but a very high current. The impedance of the electromagnets needs to be low enough to draw that current at that low voltage.
Michael Hamilton
Michael Hamilton - преди 13 часа
Please make a video about the free Energy fidget spinner magnets
Nidaa vlogs
Nidaa vlogs - преди 14 часа
5:49 seriously??? STOP!
Techvision - преди 15 часа
i knew that it went grong the moment he started waving with the wires
Nirmila Saleem
Nirmila Saleem - преди 15 часа
I totally saw that coming @ 0:11
mogbaba - преди 15 часа
قربون اون شکل هالیوودیت کاش یک کمکی هم به من مسکین می کردی. چند تا موتور از ایر کاندیشن و فکس ماشین باز کرده ام، لامصب ها هرکدوم چهار پنج تا سیم دارند. نمیدونم چه جوری اونا را به سه تا سیم مثبت، منفی و زمین وصل کنم.
در ضمن، دمت گرم که هم خیلی میدونی و هم هنر آموزش داری.
James Cavanaugh
James Cavanaugh - преди 18 часа
Can you take each of the 3 phases output from your generator and run thru a transformer to increase current?
The Gatekeeper 83
The Gatekeeper 83 - преди 19 часа
I absolutely love this channel. I watched back to back for about 4 hours. Educational and funny 😀
Flaco's view
Flaco's view - преди 20 часа
You always make me lol. Your funny and informative.
lonely heart
lonely heart - преди 20 часа
hay guy how are finding magnet
lasamoostang - преди 20 часа
lodo yam
lodo yam - преди 21 час
Funny things, i hate everything my teacher told in electric class. But somehow i like it after watching this channel for a while lol
Gaming Nightmare
Gaming Nightmare - преди 22 часа
Big fan from mars
Neasha love
Neasha love - преди 22 часа
Man I love u .you my friend make me laugh
Mike Rama
Mike Rama - преди 22 часа
Very entertaining video and I learned a few “bad” words as well. It’s a win win
Rob B
Rob B - преди 23 часа
Cool funny and educational me likes :)
Valentino Amato
Valentino Amato - преди ден
please never stop making videos , they are too good
Mitchell Headington
Mitchell Headington - преди ден
James. I've got one for you.

A local barista of mine served up an amazing V60 Burundi for me a while back and gave me two empty glasses and asked me to split between them and taste the difference.
I looked at him like he'd lost his marbles.
I laughed, played along and he said tell me what you think.
I tasted between the two cups and there was a significantly noticeable difference between the two. I poured them with the same amount of liquid and drank interchanging between both.
The cup that was more of a straighter up and down side wall had more body.
The cup that was a lot more flared out at the top tasted lighter, more floral.
Same coffee, same temp, same brew, same same, different taste.
Guiu Constantin
Guiu Constantin - преди ден
How is this guy still alive?
Danielle Gomez
Danielle Gomez - преди ден
I have been watching some videos where conspiracy theorists show some hidden Nikola Tesla research material that shows that he was successful in creating an anti gravity device. Many you-tubers claim to have achieved this. Can you please bust some anti gravity levitation videos like this one -
Faraday Sage
Faraday Sage - преди ден
you dont need the aluminum...the magnet falling slowly through the copper pipe is called the LENZ effext
تَبَغُّلٌ فينيقي
تَبَغُّلٌ فينيقي - преди ден
Why don’t you introduce us, if possible, to a better design for a transformer core, for a challenge.
GoryTarrafa - преди ден
4:24 Made in Canada . Really.
WTF ^^
NICK' games
NICK' games - преди ден
BigDave - преди ден
3:36 FREE ENERGY! (runs)
TEENYcharmander - преди ден
Yay! 17 seconds into the video and he already did something stupid.

I love this man
TheThermionicWarrior - преди ден
What about a smol 3-phase transformer?
FO PU - преди ден
I want to become a student of this person bcz he is invulnerable
Waqas Ch
Waqas Ch - преди ден
Waqas Ch
Waqas Ch - преди ден
real or fake
raziel1178 - преди ден
Steam engine is the age of romance!
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Hiram Rios - преди ден
Dude 4:07 made my day
nfios4mglk30 2fot03d
nfios4mglk30 2fot03d - преди ден
Hey Mehdi, explain this please:
Could be an idea for a video...
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Super 8 - преди ден
BOYZLIE247 - преди ден
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CloudyMoonz YT - преди ден
8:41 that didn't sound like he was saying "slots"
Desi Jugadu
Desi Jugadu - преди ден
Increase wire turn or decrease wire gage number of coil. And lite wight rotor and try.
Mrwolf4day - преди ден is this possible?
Eduardo Sosa
Eduardo Sosa - преди ден
0:11 Surprises mother f***er 😂
许正然 - преди ден
Saleem Khan
Saleem Khan - преди ден
Thug Life! 6:46
Achim Döbler
Achim Döbler - преди ден
You could use my universal high power ac generator to drive the motor:
Abhijit Borah
Abhijit Borah - преди ден
Making an electric motor from scratch and making it run is absolutely gratifying. That I still remember.
Donnomuch Vangchhia
Donnomuch Vangchhia - преди ден
That electrobeatboxing was dope..
الكتريك ميكس
الكتريك ميكس - преди ден
Nice job
M. Bilal
M. Bilal - преди ден
Best Chanel
Best Chanel - преди ден
واقعا نمیترسی که این کارا را میکنی با اینکه میدونی چی کار میکنی؟
Cyberdragonis 1300
Cyberdragonis 1300 - преди ден
0:22 primitive technology
Martin Šedovič
Martin Šedovič - преди ден
You really should :D
Martin Šedovič
Martin Šedovič - преди ден
You should try this
Maty k
Maty k - преди ден
hi Mehdi, nice vid just wanted to correct something. The part which drives the BLDC motor is called an ESC (Electronic Speed Controler) and not an ECU, which is related to a combustion engine ( a car) :)
Shahrasb Farvahar
Shahrasb Farvahar - преди ден
مهدی عزیز درود..خدا خیرت بده کلی خندیدم اونجا که سبیلهاتو باواکس کندی هههه..ضمنا کوچولوی عزیزت روهم ببوس..ایرلنی افتخارماست
T I - преди 2 дни
MGツ - преди 2 дни
6:47 HOLY DAMN and sick beats
Geeta Rani
Geeta Rani - преди 2 дни
Loose wires,avoid them🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Protoka - преди 2 дни
Other youtubers rip the copper tubing out of their house to demonstrate eddy currents. Electroboom just gets the tin foil from the cupboard. Be smart like Electroboom.
SODOSSS MASTER - преди 2 дни
Hi mehdi! I follow you from Italy!
juniornowack pwi
juniornowack pwi - преди 2 дни
Hi Mehdi. Ive been watching your videos on my days off as a linemen (powerline worker) for about a year now anf honestly every time you make me laugh and i learn. I personally tinker with electronics and have done some of your projects keep up the good work :)
Derek Sommer
Derek Sommer - преди 2 дни
"Tesla would be...somewhat proud" 😂😂
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southerner 101 - преди 2 дни
Review this "free energy" video
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George Zsc - преди 2 дни
Pleeeeeeeeease I want to win one of your giveaways Pleeeeease 😔😔
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sidhu s pillai - преди 2 дни
I don think u will live long.....all d best
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MASTER29 theboss - преди 2 дни
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Fábio Campos Evangelista - преди 2 дни
Santai Tech
Santai Tech - преди 2 дни
the next tesla ^^
ColdFlameLive - преди 2 дни
"Tesla would be somewhat proud"
bi_hondoran cz
bi_hondoran cz - преди 2 дни
Please make solar powerbank
Suzuki RaiderR150
Suzuki RaiderR150 - преди 2 дни
sir it was a great of help to us.......this video was so fun and educational,,, i just awnt to ask something,, what if re reverse the purpose.... instead of supplying a source to it,,...... if we drive the shaft of pernament magnet by a motor, does that make it a generator insted of a motor/
Erik Castillo
Erik Castillo - преди 2 дни
Subtitules in Spanish pleasee guyy
Suzuki RaiderR150
Suzuki RaiderR150 - преди 2 дни idol....i have a project given by our professor in elec. eng. but it was too hard for us undergrad,.,,, can u help us... the project is to make a single phase to three phase transformer 120 degrees apart
uiop - преди 2 дни
Yash Indane
Yash Indane - преди 2 дни
Tesla did that without a drill and oscilloscope
Brian Schaefer
Brian Schaefer - преди 2 дни
Dude i love the animation for the brief history!
Nathan Lovel
Nathan Lovel - преди 2 дни
needs a start capacitor!
Charl Ferguson
Charl Ferguson - преди 2 дни
I have a laptop power supply rated at 19 volts and 3.5 amps that I want to use as a power supply but it keeps shorting whenever I use it and it turns off for about a second. Is there a way I can keep it running without the surge protector (or whatever its called) from gettign in the way? This is the only place that I thought to ask since I got nothing from google.
Dead beat racer
Dead beat racer - преди 2 дни
11:52 @electroBOOM
If only there was a something called a variable frequency drive that allows you to set frequency, output voltage, and motor speed. Right?
Alexandria Adomou
Alexandria Adomou - преди 2 дни
6:49, I had my earbuds all the way up.
Andrés Rosas
Andrés Rosas - преди 2 дни
"I do not know why they do them at an angle but I'm sure it has to do with something that you can find in the comments below."
Best damn line ever 😂😂😂
tamyboy1 - преди 2 дни
Great video mehdi
Joseph Ades
Joseph Ades - преди 2 дни
That first fan motor is called a skeleton motor in my American circles, FYI. Terminology, digress.
deeXaeed - преди 2 дни
About permanent magnets attached to drill bit moving the copper cylinder, how do we know that it is really electromagnetism and not being pushed by movement in air generated by the motion of the drill bit?
GamingSmartVideos - преди 2 дни
0:13 I was waiting for him to get shocked
Radostin Andonov
Radostin Andonov - преди 2 дни
Are LED bulbs good for the eyes?
Royen Ken
Royen Ken - преди 2 дни
Clever meets dumb
Rafael Roman
Rafael Roman - преди 2 дни
The best way to cut copper pipes is to score and cut it with the same tool. It's more about pressure and cuts quick.
Sabuj Pattanayek
Sabuj Pattanayek - преди 2 дни
If Tony Stark had mehdi in his cave both would be dead
The jg guy
The jg guy - преди 2 дни
Ash - преди 2 дни
Check this out -
Electrifying Cute Overload with 'free energy' you will watch at least twice
SCG Ege - преди 2 дни
You should maket a video about piezoelectricity
Scoot - преди 2 дни
Mr.Electroboom can you rectify the so called "vortex coil" and it's free energy generation properties
Ibrahim Deniz
Ibrahim Deniz - преди 2 дни
I know that you know your stuff, but you really should rethink some of your jokes. some day you will get seriously hurt (which would be funny, but not for you) xD
User name
User name - преди 2 дни
Nice video dude
simunasanteri - преди 2 дни
Make a video about radios and how they work
pyronmasters - преди 2 дни
Love the videos, just saw on "What's Inside Family" trying to to charge a Tesla with a Yeti battery, he used a "Grounded" adapter but no rod or wire to the actual ground, can you explain what CAN happen when you play with an inverter thats not grounded? And what that "Grounded" adapter is?
S. Ananth Narayan
S. Ananth Narayan - преди 2 дни
The reason for angled slits are they produce more surface area than the straight slits. All from Maths. :)