Here's Why the LaFerrari Is the $3.5 Million Ultimate Ferrari

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Stimulants i like
Stimulants i like - преди час
you know what the glovebox is for
Betty Swallox
Betty Swallox - преди 2 часа
david lee if your watchin bro gimme 20 quid mans skint out here maybe you can sponsor me and ill send you a thankyou pack every month lol
jade59230 - преди 3 часа
Question. Which car would win in a race to a particular destination in city traffic without violating any speed limits?
An exotic car or a Toyota Corolla?..
Fidel Ulloa
Fidel Ulloa - преди 3 часа
Hey you should review the gmc cyclone.
Jonas Schnack Krog
Jonas Schnack Krog - преди 6 часа
Dear Doug. Get an extra mic and an extra GoPro!
BLACK911TT - преди 7 часа
and why it's worth 3.5?
mactimo - преди 9 часа
Thanks David Lee! Nice of you to share this gem!
stricken1666 - преди 9 часа
I just wanna know what David does for a living to casually afford ferraris
TheNoobtuberr - преди 13 часа
Can't wait for "This is a 2020 Tesla Roadster" episode.
A S Jacob
A S Jacob - преди 14 часа
Metallic dark grey on this car.. With black rims 😯👍
Zain Khan
Zain Khan - преди 14 часа
I don't like the part where you are trying to get sarcastic and making fun of Ferrari 😏😏
Gouki818 - преди 14 часа
Ugly car
Nai `Son
Nai `Son - преди 16 часа
The F50 & F40 😍😍
Drewg351 - преди 17 часа
Ferrari is nice, but give me koenigsegg ANY day. No offense, but koenigsegg gives you SOOOOOOO much more EVERYTHING. Fit and finish, interior design, carbon fiber, and entertainment is a million times better. The interior of this Ferrari looks "hoky", and in many areas, actually "cheap", whereas in a koenigsegg, absolutely nothing looks "cheap", and screams "beautifully unique".
You'd have to be crazy to choose this Ferrari, spending 3.5 million when you could have a koenigsegg.
anselmi apina
anselmi apina - преди 17 часа
I am a about the say the same as many others.... GTA V.. How insanely rich man you have to be to have that collection.. Oh man, i would live in that garage.. xD
SomeGuyWithAChannel - преди 17 часа
Nope, not the ultimate Ferrari. That title goes to the f40, as it was Enzo Ferrari's last car
Jacob Tyler
Jacob Tyler - преди 20 часа
One solid earthquake and it's rendered worthless as shit. lol
dukebrother - преди 20 часа
Mr. Lee is clearly an enthusiast and loves his cars enough to drive them and not have them waste away almost never being driven. Not to mention the possibility of the rest of us getting to see these different and exceedingly rare super cars on the streets. His passion not only fulfills him but also helps to further others passions as well. Props to Mr. Lee!
Joshua Krahn
Joshua Krahn - преди 20 часа
the the Ferrari lol
Top Tube
Top Tube - преди 21 час
I'd like you're videos more if you had ritalin for breakfast! YouTube auto plays loadsa vids whilst I'm on my phone, then I have to get my ps4 control to change the video because dougs doing his a d d teenage girl impression at twice the volume the rest of YouTube is edited at SQUARK🦅
SwordANDshield - преди ден
Would rather a suited up GT-R than this doodoo
Carolina Blue
Carolina Blue - преди ден
I love how you’re on your knees yet still taller than the car.
Free World
Free World - преди ден
I am more of a maybach guy 😎
Trevour Samuda
Trevour Samuda - преди ден
my dough score match 4....
Jeff da Silva
Jeff da Silva - преди ден
why convert to old imperial ? its time to let go of old measuring.
Kyle Hunts coins
Kyle Hunts coins - преди ден
That’s a laFerrari aperta
DopestDope - преди ден
he constantly checking the speedo. and have a look about him stating dude fuck off from my car.
Mario - преди ден
Wanted to buy a LaFerrari. But only had enough money for a LaDa...
billy valentine
billy valentine - преди ден
bro your dougscore is rigged big time so only the cars that 1% of people in the world can own will get a good score
Jason Thorogood
Jason Thorogood - преди ден
The last few seconds was priceless.. as priceless as the David Lee's collection
Jacob Tyler
Jacob Tyler - преди 19 часа
Ya, one good earthquake and it's all scrap metal. lol People obsessed with material possessions are soulless.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman - преди ден
Overpriced and totally impractical for anything but track driving. I'd take a Bugatti Chiron over this any day.
Vladislav Ivanov
Vladislav Ivanov - преди ден
can anyone explain what does mean weekly and daily categories in DougScore?
Marwan Cabbabé
Marwan Cabbabé - преди ден
Love David's Lee face when Doug gives the car an acceleration 😂
Shadab Shariff
Shadab Shariff - преди ден
GTA 5 players be like "is this my online garage?"
Albert Tufillaro
Albert Tufillaro - преди ден
David is way to polite, "you hear that little ticking, it's the compter telling you to slow down" aka doug stop romping on my LAF! haha Doug "interesting"
Chase Elliott
Chase Elliott - преди ден
David Lee seems like pretty cool dude. Doesn’t seem like a stiff at all. Love successful people like that.
Kalen Muckleroy
Kalen Muckleroy - преди ден
"Douge" the guy known for showing us cars we cant afford
hindsighter - преди 2 дни
5:50 Yes, Doug!!! That's the right pronunciation of ENGINE!!!!! I'm so honoured that you've listened to me!
Bob Sebring
Bob Sebring - преди 2 дни
3.5/million + maintenance.
Devan Hixson
Devan Hixson - преди 2 дни
Turn signal essential... I don’t think so, #M3 driver 😏
o1o0Ivl - преди 2 дни
Doug, please consider putting driving cameras in other positions.
Niklas Hultkrantz
Niklas Hultkrantz - преди 2 дни
For 3 million a Jesko would be the better value option.
1LE Azul
1LE Azul - преди 2 дни
Could buy like 20 demons for the price of this car and still have a faster zero to 60 lol
Denio Gashi
Denio Gashi - преди 2 дни
We re GoNna tALk AbOuT quiRkS and FeAtures
John Gibson
John Gibson - преди 2 дни
What is it with all these red Ferraris? Why not sumthink sportier like beige or brown?
John Gibson
John Gibson - преди 19 часа
@Shaq IS The Best Soccer Player IN NFL Brown cars go faster!!
Shaq IS The Best Soccer Player IN NFL
Shaq IS The Best Soccer Player IN NFL - преди 19 часа
Because Red IS The Key Signature OF Ferraris.
mian isbah rehman
mian isbah rehman - преди 2 дни
so many objections from your side on this car, go on then you design one better than this :) find some positivity dear
Chadster1244 - преди 2 дни

(Btw I’m trying to hit 1k subscribers this year it would be my dream to hit that much!
Geoffrey Dawson
Geoffrey Dawson - преди 2 дни
$3.5mil and no drink holder, tell him he's dreaming!
Squid Burton
Squid Burton - преди 2 дни
Who wins in a laferrari vs demon race? Still think the demon wins in drag
Niall Cockram
Niall Cockram - преди 2 дни
A Ferrari with Lambo doors? Everything I’ve learnt has been a lie.