[SEVENTEEN] GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.23 TTT #3 (Camping Ver.)

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[SEVENTEEN] GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.23 TTT #3 (Camping Ver.)
Such a beautiful night🌱
세븐틴과 함께 저물어가는 캠핑의 밤🌙

끝날 때까지 방심할 수 없는 TTT
그 비밀이 궁금하다면 지금 바로 Go Go~
Продължителност: 32:53


hit svt
hit svt - преди 9 часа
7:45 Jeonghan talking to Mingyu
8:33 Mingyu and Jeonghan talking and standing together by the grill
8:52 Mingyu helping Jeonghan grill
15:05 Jeonghan consoling Mingyu and grabbing his arm
15:41 Jeonghan might be trying to cheat and make Mingyu lose here by swinging wind in Mingyu's direction kdgjnhfg
32:02 Mingyu: It's quite terrible though
Jeonghan: [laughs] If they make us make the tent again
Deevie x27
Deevie x27 - преди ден
purest one ever.
Nako Aja
Nako Aja - преди ден
8:41 can someone tell me what song is this???? I have been listening to some of seventeen's songs for these couple of years and now am showing some interest on em' so.. Carats help me up.. Please.
galazyyy - преди ден
"our dawn is hotter than day"
Mimi Chelley
Mimi Chelley - преди 2 дни
Not @ it being the 3 leaders talking the most
Christina DeVincenzo
Christina DeVincenzo - преди 2 дни
Me: getting hella sentimental over these drunk boys spilling their whole hearts to each other
Also me: wait was that a cat behind Woozi at 27:02
Agatha Elfanya
Agatha Elfanya - преди 3 дни
idk why but i always fell in love with seungchol whenever he's angry or pissed. looks really cute though
Yesenia Ocampo
Yesenia Ocampo - преди 3 дни
Man I really hope seventeen lasts together for a long time ❤❤💎
Blue Roberts-Gaal
Blue Roberts-Gaal - преди 4 дни
After they ate, Vernon's hair went all back and Dino's hair went *all forward*
셉틴은내활력소 - преди 5 дни
Oh my god
I'm really sad..😭
When I watching S.Coups's viedeo,
I really miss you... Coups..😭
And Seventeen member's story make me cry..
I want to say Seventeen
" We really love you, so don't worry about it"
Maimaruths - преди 6 дни
Im an ex carat why am i still watching them?!?😭😭
Carat Mind: we've been through a lot i may not attend concerts and buy merch but their strugles since predebut until now ... When i see them im so proud i was part of voting screaming fanchants in the croud, supporting them and all other stuff i will still be a carat in heart ಥ‿ಥᕗ♡
Bootyhunter 19
Bootyhunter 19 - преди 7 дни
I love how much of a family they are
Sundarrajan Damodaran
Sundarrajan Damodaran - преди 7 дни
Why that try not to to laugh challenge is not in the episode????or is it like behind the scenes😐😐😑
金华진후아 - преди 8 дни
24:34 Vernons just thinking. ...
金华진후아 - преди 8 дни
19:51 was that a bug on the tent I know Jun saw it too o.o
金华진후아 - преди 8 дни
24:10 S.coups wow...deep
Heya its buddycarat
Heya its buddycarat - преди 8 дни
20:28 this part got me so emotional....
Aayushi Majumder
Aayushi Majumder - преди 9 дни
14:57 Woozi's item partially on the cover
15:05 Mingyu's itm partially on the cover

김민희 - преди 9 дни
“ 흉내낼수 없는 세븐틴, 캐럿 “
Errin Panganiban
Errin Panganiban - преди 10 дни
What was the song playing during the montage?
_rat_ble a
_rat_ble a - преди 11 дни
서로 바라보면서 진심어린 이야기를 나누니까 더 울컥하고 말을 안하던 애들도 얘기를 많이 하니까 더 좋은거 같아요..핑크머리 지훈이를 보던 것도 엊그제 같은데 벌써 몇년이 흘러 그만큼 신인인 아이돌들에게 인사를 받고 엔딩가수가 되었다는 느낌을 오늘에서야 받는것 같아요  마냥 어린마음이 아니라 이젠 진심으로 오래가고 싶다는 얘기를 듣고 시간이 흐른만큼 아이들이 성숙해졌다는 생각도 많이 들고, 세븐틴은 자기 할 일 하면서 노래내고 캐럿들과 소통하며 활동해왔는데 처음을 떠올리면 지금은 정말 저와 같은 생각을 가지고 세븐틴을 좋아해주는 분들이 많이 늘어난 것 같아서 좋아요. 디노의 말에 떠올랐는데 달라진건 없지만 변한건 있다는 말이 달라지는건 무엇에 의해 달라지는 것 같고 변한다는 건 저연스레 바뀌는 느낌인거 같아요 우리 세븐틴은 조용히 큽니다 어느순간부터 자연스레 누구나 아는 그룹의 반열에 들어간 것에 정말 뿌듯해요
hana kayak
hana kayak - преди 14 дни
i am not Chinese but I think Jun is good looking
현정이옵니다 - преди 14 дни
이거 볼때마다 흐뭇하게 보고있다가 울컥하는 영상인데 항상 똑같이 계속 달려온 우리 세봉이들 정말 수고했고 헤어지지말자 진짜로 너희 최고의 세븐틴이라는 그룹이니깐
앞으로 화이팅 하자 사랑해 세봉이들 (◍ ˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)
あったんattn - преди 14 дни
she a fangirl
she a fangirl - преди 17 дни
damn i remember them lining up to greet BIGBANG from winning and shook their hands one by one and that’s when i started to look them up for their music and totally and fell in love with them. such humble guys even tho theyre so popular they never changed, unlike some. their aura is still so good and kind. props to them 🙌🏽👏🏽
serenity rose quartz
serenity rose quartz - преди 17 дни
0:51 sulky mingyu 😁 he's the type who get sulky easily.
ditalee carat
ditalee carat - преди 18 дни
i'n always getting semimental when i watch this episode, promise with us all member will stay together forever, and seventeen carats will make a lots beautiful moment together. let's be together for along time guys~ i love seventeen all member so much, please always stay healthy, don't catch a cold when winter like this, don't forget always eat your vitamin, sleep well, and eat a lots too.
and for seungcheol get well soon, don't worry about anything, we always here be waiting you, we will always beside you, always support you, and always love you. please comeback with a full recovery. We love you so much
and other members too don't get a sick, always healthy
ditalee carat
ditalee carat - преди 18 дни
Irah Garcia
Irah Garcia - преди 20 дни
I really like when they care for each other like as an old carat these boys who i loved before remains still the same
Kaylee Fernando
Kaylee Fernando - преди 20 дни
I love how joshua comforts mingyu at 0:53 hahahahahhaa
다영 - преди 21 ден
9:45 (햄찌의 시선)
Me's a stupid girl
Me's a stupid girl - преди 21 ден
Them: *eating delicious home-cooked meals*
Me: *eating a pack of oreos*
Hong Yun Hee
Hong Yun Hee - преди 21 ден
ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ세븐틴 항상 사랑해
_ forest
_ forest - преди 21 ден
세븐틴의 캐럿이라서 자랑스럽고 행복합니다 :) 오래오래 함께 가요!
뾰로롱 - преди 23 дни
사랑해 미안해 고마워 세븐틴 빛내줄게 아프지 말고 같이 가자 함께 하자
younghee lee
younghee lee - преди 23 дни
So i skipped this ep accidentally. I just watched this now while im on my lowest so far this year and im crying. Im so happy to have lived in a lifetime the same as them. Ive never seen a group so genuine and pure i wish nothing but happiness to them
Loren .m
Loren .m - преди 23 дни
9:44 hoshi took my heart with his hamster face 🤤♥️
홍은서 - преди 23 дни
JJWSVTK abi - преди 23 дни
It has subtitles- wow-
Mariane - преди 23 дни
I love it when the day ends,theyre all sitting together and talking about their feeling, its like we have more knowledge about them,getting too know them well better
Mariane - преди 23 дни
I love it when the day ends,theyre all sitting together and talking about their feeling, its like we have more knowledge about them,getting too know them well better
ARISE melanin
ARISE melanin - преди 24 дни
0000 - преди 24 дни
아ㅠㅠㅠ 중1때 덕질시작해서 벌써 고3이라니ㅠㅠㅠ 후반에 애들이 벌써 시간이 이렇게 흐르고 정신 차려보니 이 자리에 있다고 우지가 말하는데 왜 눈물이 나냐ㅠㅠㅠ 솔직히 고3이라는 수험생의 자리가 되게 부담스럽고 두렵지만 그래도 지금까지 세븐틴 덕분에 행복했다!! 애들이 첫 덕질시작 그룹이기도하고 애들노래 듣고 데뷔때 영상들 보면서 함께 세월을 보낸 것 같아서 더 애틋하고 그래서 더 눈물이 나는 듯ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
0000 - преди 24 дни
hongjs girl
hongjs girl - преди 25 дни
28:56 clumsy mingyuu sksksksk😭😭😂
hongjs girl
hongjs girl - преди 25 дни
this eps makes me so emotional:(( sksksjsjsj damn
refinnej einna
refinnej einna - преди 25 дни
Maia Oliveira
Maia Oliveira - преди 25 дни
Saben donde lo puedo ver en español?
Alexx Sykes
Alexx Sykes - преди 26 дни
27:55 ❤️
La Forever
La Forever - преди 26 дни
That heart to heart conversation is so emotional i'm crying 😭😭💗💗
Debbie Koh
Debbie Koh - преди 26 дни
being a carat who’s been here since their predebut days i really could sympathize with them and i legit teared during the whole heart to heart talk 😭😭😭 i really love how friendly and loving the carat community is and let’s stay together till the end SVT X CARATS 💎💎💎
redamancymoodlight - преди 26 дни

im either jun drinking tea or wonwoo drinking from the bottle
Samantha Marie Abalo
Samantha Marie Abalo - преди 27 дни
Hoshi: Jeonghan may be this calm and he might look tired and all but he really thinks of our team a lot. Jeonghan really does.

S. Coups: He's just listening beside us, but he just likes to listen. like The8. But when he speaks? He thinks about our team the most, really.
me: totally agreed :'> that's why I love Jeonghan the most. Even though he may be evil, he still love his members so much
Alexx Sykes
Alexx Sykes - преди 27 дни
im sorry but that jeonghan and jun moment tho
syahla - преди 27 дни
Idk why i feel sooooo comfortable when watching these 13 people, it's because their relationships feel so real like their not pretend to be close to each other in front of camera.. tbh, this is the first group ever that make me feels like home. IT'S KINDA CLICHE I KNO BUT IT'S TRUUUU LOL sorry i'm so emo when watching how bonding they areT-T
멍멍 - преди 28 дни
권순영 진짜 사랑스럽다. 먼저 남을 생각하고 배려하고 멋지다. 세븐틴이 있어서 정말 행복하다 ❤️❤️
Linda Amalia Saragih
Linda Amalia Saragih - преди 28 дни
sarou - преди 28 дни
the subtitles at 23:40 really called us carats "carrots" wtf lmaoo
ゴリアド - преди 28 дни
MJ Wen
MJ Wen - преди 29 дни
seeing them get drunk makes me want to drink even though I can't really take the taste and even though I'm a minor😜😝😇
MJ Wen
MJ Wen - преди 29 дни
23:52 I just came to notice how they're like divided to middle line, maknae line, and hyung line if ya'll know what I mean.
밤하늘 - преди 29 дни