30 MUST-TRY COOKING TRICKS || Easy Kitchen Hacks by 5-Minute Recipes

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Watching this video, you'll know how to cook Indian food, yummy fried banana recipe and awesome ways to use a muffin tin. As a bonus, we've prepared baking tips and awesome kitchen tricks to speed up your routine.
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00:45 Breakfast idea
01:49 Delicious Indian food recipes
03:12 Fried bananas
04:28 Homemade lemonade
05:14 Baking tips
06:56 Banana pancakes
07:53 Kitchen hacks
08:22 Yummy cake recipe
09:03 Delicious roll
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5-Minute Recipes
5-Minute Recipes - преди месец
3:07 Mmm, yummy 😋 Do you like Indian food?😋🥰👇
1D and BTS Directioner and Army
1D and BTS Directioner and Army - преди 3 дни
Indian here I am from Tamil Nadu 🇮🇳🇮🇳
Mona Ramadan
Mona Ramadan - преди 4 дни
blink army
blink army - преди 8 дни
Yep i eat it every day bcs i am from india!
unicorn girl
unicorn girl - преди 8 дни
Me in karala malappuram
unicorn girl
unicorn girl - преди 8 дни
IAm from India
Sisilia Nailevu
Sisilia Nailevu - преди 3 дни
Mini Explorer
Mini Explorer - преди 3 дни
2 Motor survey 8.8.2019 22.8.2019
All group members
3 Report part A 9.9.2019 12.9.2019 Sejal chaudhari.
Airis Elma
Airis Elma - преди 4 дни
7:40 it’s not ketchup. Its a dough for pancakes with red food coloring.😐
Sampat Ram
Sampat Ram - преди 7 дни
Marry Grace Tonedo
Marry Grace Tonedo - преди 7 дни
Taribarideh - преди 8 дни
4.04 you got an eggshell dropped in
Mahi Mahi
Mahi Mahi - преди 9 дни
Haha super
Mahi Mahi
Mahi Mahi - преди 9 дни
Do on home needs 5mjns crafts
Shanthamangala Jayashankara
Shanthamangala Jayashankara - преди 9 дни
super video
Shreshth soni x periment with all thing
Yes I am Indian food but these are f*** food
annisa nabila
annisa nabila - преди 11 дни
3:32 that food called 'sanggar' in east borneo
Tzuyu Bias
Tzuyu Bias - преди 16 дни
Taribarideh - преди 8 дни
Did you try this all?
Farooq Gujjar
Farooq Gujjar - преди 18 дни
I am Farooq gujjar
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan - преди 18 дни
i do not want my watermelon with ketchup (the intro)
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan - преди 17 дни
MapX YT - преди 17 дни
Its just an intro
Art Side
Art Side - преди 19 дни
How you are making these video
Royale frogzz
Royale frogzz - преди 19 дни
5-minute crafts don't have a rolling pin use a wine glass!
my sister: I don't drink
diya goswami
diya goswami - преди 20 дни
Aap pagal ho kya jis comb se bal banate h or aap ose se
kam zas
kam zas - преди 21 ден
I love you
Piso Saydee-Tarr
Piso Saydee-Tarr - преди 21 ден
I love the hair culture in them right now
Londyn James
Londyn James - преди 23 дни
3:00 looks like bugs anyone agree?
Gamer Random On Console
Gamer Random On Console - преди 20 дни
I think its like a 'kuih siput in malaysia'.. kuih siput = snail crack .... Try search 'kuih siput'
Londyn James
Londyn James - преди 23 дни
Ew gross that’s to much of FAST FOOD!
But the corn.. I think is healthy or COULD BE it’s probably not because of the cheese frys and ketchup.
MapX YT - преди 17 дни
To your opinion its gross well you dont even know yet and plus don't lie you dont only eat healthy you've prolly had at least a little bit or fast food within 2019
Pradipkumar Solanki
Pradipkumar Solanki - преди 26 дни
S Sherwood
S Sherwood - преди 27 дни
These are almost all terrible ideas. Whoever thought filming this crap is a typical shit head advertiser and does nothing beneficial for society.
M'crae Glacier
M'crae Glacier - преди 27 дни
Who loves cooking
Kaliyah Jackson
Kaliyah Jackson - преди 28 дни
1:30 it really isn’t worth the waste it just not really anything
EAGLE GAMING - преди месец
Oh nooooo ,wow what's an idea guru
kumud ranjan
kumud ranjan - преди месец
Banana with egg is like poison
syeda abdi
syeda abdi - преди месец
oxm hacks
Beatrice Zelenko
Beatrice Zelenko - преди месец
Where are the actual recipes?
Rameshkumar Sharma
Rameshkumar Sharma - преди месец
Sneha Chauhan
Sneha Chauhan - преди месец
Yunam Anita
Yunam Anita - преди месец
what the he'll is going on in always think where this idea came from
Ak Singh
Ak Singh - преди месец
Jincy Vijesh
Jincy Vijesh - преди месец
Yummy. 🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍮🍮🍮🍗🍗🍗🍩🍩🍩
Jincy Vijesh
Jincy Vijesh - преди месец
Tasnime Tabbassum Nuha
Tasnime Tabbassum Nuha - преди месец
love your vids❤
pet&food lover
pet&food lover - преди месец
2.6 ada idhu namma full jar soda
Isma danial
Isma danial - преди месец
1st meal in this video in Malaysia called roti jala and eats with curry.👍
Puppymcpupsters - преди месец
This video was great but please don't ever call BATTER dough every again that just like almost made me go insane but other than that the video was very helpful and creative
Kakali Biswas
Kakali Biswas - преди месец
6:45 amazing.
My Amazing Life
My Amazing Life - преди месец
Im sorry but there is absolutely no way you can make pancakes without adding at least a little bit of flour.
My Amazing Life
My Amazing Life - преди месец
2:47 I dam well hope this comb was clean
Sajeena Cr
Sajeena Cr - преди месец
All recipes look delicious
If you like my comment please like
Sajeena Cr
Sajeena Cr - преди месец
you do it is one day
Or two day
Chaitrali Thatte
Chaitrali Thatte - преди месец
6.27 no microwave oven ??😂😂😂
Merly Baldomar
Merly Baldomar - преди месец
Yummy 😋☺ mmm do you like indian food
Nia Nia
Nia Nia - преди месец
Selamat hari guru
prottoy rumana
prottoy rumana - преди месец
Oh k
Sadenur Erdem
Sadenur Erdem - преди месец
لغة النور
لغة النور - преди месец
Rajkumar Balhra
Rajkumar Balhra - преди месец
Who loves 5min craft so, hit a like💛💜❤
Rasu Rajan
Rasu Rajan - преди месец
Shakira hasbu
Shakira hasbu - преди месец
2.25 fuljar soda from Kerala 😙😙😙😘😘
pankhuri kapoor
pankhuri kapoor - преди месец
Noor Basha
Noor Basha - преди месец
swathi vallampati
swathi vallampati - преди месец
Anthea Heber-Percy
Anthea Heber-Percy - преди месец
😋 yummy
Asiati Asiati
Asiati Asiati - преди месец
Kok rata rata gosong
Simple Cooking Kids
Simple Cooking Kids - преди месец
Hi everyone! I’m new in my cooking channel and I’d really support subscribers so I’m motivated to do more cooking tutorials for kids! Thanks for your help and I really hope my channel gets successful! Thanks everyone for your help!
بلبل بلبل
بلبل بلبل - преди месец
Salini Aji
Salini Aji - преди месец
Who like Indian food???
Jaya Tiwari
Jaya Tiwari - преди месец
Salini Aji I know you like Indian food cause ur Indian cause ur grammar