Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! - EXPERIMENT: CAR VS FISH

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WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, don´t Try this by yourself!! EXPERIMENT: CAR VS FISH
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Intro by Sphinxcorp
Music by NoCopyrightSounds:
Наука и технологии
Продължителност: 1:42


Silvina Cancino Riveros
Silvina Cancino Riveros - преди месец
Bueno pero tú tú
ikhtiar ahmed kandiaro
ikhtiar ahmed kandiaro - преди месец
Don't waste
Explosions Boom
Explosions Boom - преди 2 месеца
Nice smash everything.i liked. I so too one good video with chrysler 300c 5.7 hemi powerfull stuff smash
Joyce  Gerdzos
Joyce Gerdzos - преди 2 месеца
The first thing that got ran over. Looks like it's really nasty neopolotin cereal I had. For who doesn't know what that is, it is chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream.
Bernardo Patino
Bernardo Patino - преди 2 месеца
Crush a 17 year old boy with a black cap with a black trench coat who has stand called star platinum
نايف البلوي
نايف البلوي - преди 4 месеца
Katiane Fernandes
Katiane Fernandes - преди 4 месеца
Mansur life
Mansur life - преди 4 месеца
Could children from children at home give food and toys or whether they understand the money has nowhere to go!
Link Life
Link Life - преди 4 месеца
Why do people smash the like button? They came for the clickbait and they liked it? BRUH
Lee Everette
Lee Everette - преди 4 месеца
The fish was fake it would have busted open click bait next time tell the truth in your title
ANDREY 026 - преди 5 месеца
Ki pecado
Lup6 - преди 5 месеца
Rubber fish lmao
คัมภีร์ ตรีภพ
คัมภีร์ ตรีภพ - преди 5 месеца!
tallcarrot 101
tallcarrot 101 - преди 5 месеца
U should of used the real fish it wod of been fun
Taylan Ventura
Taylan Ventura - преди 5 месеца
Mr. crab
Mr. crab - преди 5 месеца
0:29 nuuuiuuu😠😡😱😫😭
hummy- kunヒューキング
hummy- kunヒューキング - преди 5 месеца
Look sorry but I had to dislike because you're wasting food and that's not cool
sridhar ganapathi
sridhar ganapathi - преди 4 месеца
hummy- kunヒューキング
Carolina Führ
Carolina Führ - преди 5 месеца
Tanta gente passando fome e eles brincando de desperdiçar alimento
Yobiki Chan
Yobiki Chan - преди 3 месеца
Davi Games
Davi Games - преди 5 месеца
Songs lover
Songs lover - преди 5 месеца
Stop festing food😡😡😡😡
kylie mendes
kylie mendes - преди 5 месеца
Don't play with the food man 😒
alireza rahnamaei
alireza rahnamaei - преди 5 месеца
Your wasting stuff
Shehrii _bano
Shehrii _bano - преди 5 месеца
Kathleen Delacruz
Kathleen Delacruz - преди 5 месеца
Why do you need to crush the nutella😢
سندس خير
سندس خير - преди 5 месеца
كن مش غلط هدي نعمه 💔
being motivated
being motivated - преди 5 месеца
Why are you wasting food ??? Give to the poor people
ชื่อ ไม่บอกก
ชื่อ ไม่บอกก - преди 5 месеца
alex place
alex place - преди 5 месеца
Debil blyad
خالد الزيلعي
خالد الزيلعي - преди 5 месеца
أيش الاستفذه
Josefa Linderice
Josefa Linderice - преди 5 месеца
Lemuria Pacifica of Mu
Lemuria Pacifica of Mu - преди 6 месеца
What an unnecessarily food waste. Directly disliked! Waste of time and money. Bye!
Lemuria Pacifica of Mu
Lemuria Pacifica of Mu - преди 5 месеца
@Cole Gaston Because of the thumbnail (clickbait).
Cole Gaston
Cole Gaston - преди 5 месеца
Numerus Novem congrats why did you come here you gave him a free view
Sebastian Paluga
Sebastian Paluga - преди 6 месеца
I love fish🐟
card king
card king - преди 6 месеца
yes cons kres
Visitante 1979
Visitante 1979 - преди 6 месеца
Que video más gilipollas.
Daniele Medeiros
Daniele Medeiros - преди 6 месеца
dereck Larios
dereck Larios - преди 6 месеца
Nomas gastando. Comida
Kelvin Moya Flowers
Kelvin Moya Flowers - преди 6 месеца
Everyone thought he was going to smash the fish that was disapointing 😮😐
Lemuria Pacifica of Mu
Lemuria Pacifica of Mu - преди 6 месеца
clickbait lol
Kelvin Moya Flowers
Kelvin Moya Flowers - преди 6 месеца
But i love it i sub to it
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda - преди 6 месеца
Ninguém mexe com Nutella seus fi de lenha disgraçados da puta ridículos inmundos satanases
riley gawpo Castillo
riley gawpo Castillo - преди 6 месеца
LeonorV 12
LeonorV 12 - преди 6 месеца
Ewelinka Eluwinka MSP
Ewelinka Eluwinka MSP - преди месец
Co za...
Gea van der Weide
Gea van der Weide - преди 4 месеца
Vishal Babu
Vishal Babu - преди 6 месеца
Kuta pila harami.
Ehe sab dalbe karab
Ishant Dixit
Ishant Dixit - преди 6 месеца
Xxd sa qqqqqawww🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🎂🎂🤣👏🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🐈🐈🐈🐈😎🐈😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🥛r
ray ichiro
ray ichiro - преди 6 месеца
Que desperdício
Фома Физрук
Фома Физрук - преди 6 месеца
Ramazan Gunes
Ramazan Gunes - преди 6 месеца
You are fk
Ramazan Gunes
Ramazan Gunes - преди 6 месеца
You are Diyor?
Samet Ibishi
Samet Ibishi - преди 6 месеца
Gary Yael Lòpez
Gary Yael Lòpez - преди 6 месеца
Es una basura este video
Iasmym avelar pinheiro
Iasmym avelar pinheiro - преди 6 месеца
Mano vc fica gastando comida com tanta gente precisando 😡
Felipe G.
Felipe G. - преди 6 месеца
Iasmym avelar pinheiro Por que no sacas de tus ahorros y das tu comida ? FRACO
CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMKE - преди 6 месеца
00:02 wow nice video

*hOw* *yOu* *dArE*
Ibrahim Y. Yusuf
Ibrahim Y. Yusuf - преди 6 месеца
If you want impressed me put bunches of nails in stands and walk over it.
Nart - преди 6 месеца
Dont play with food. People need it more than ur freaking views and like dude cmon
Lemuria Pacifica of Mu
Lemuria Pacifica of Mu - преди 6 месеца
Exactly! These fools are living rich.
Asmr Brownie
Asmr Brownie - преди 6 месеца
Glory not to u
مطنوخ 502
مطنوخ 502 - преди 6 месеца
نعمه يال مخنث🖕🏻🖕🏻👎👎
engel devil
engel devil - преди 6 месеца
Are you mad!!!!!! you could give it to me ..... 😏🤣😅😅😅
engel devil
engel devil - преди 6 месеца
Are you mad!!!!!! you could give it to me ..... 😏🤣😅😅😅
Yeluri Mahesh
Yeluri Mahesh - преди 6 месеца
DNT have is very useful for everyone....
wer 1234
wer 1234 - преди 6 месеца
ชัยยา เชื้อบุญมี
ชัยยา เชื้อบุญมี
PEdro Santos
PEdro Santos - преди 6 месеца
Utsav Rao
Utsav Rao - преди 6 месеца
Put ur dick under the car, idiot
Utsav Rao
Utsav Rao - преди 6 месеца
Fucking demented asshole
منوعات هكريه انور الزوراىي
نعمت الله حرام خياس