Never Doing This Again.

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Mona Johnsen
Mona Johnsen - преди 9 минути
I used to be a HUGE fan of Jeffree. Now I just can't get this situation off my mind. I used to think he was the realest of them all after exposing tons of toxic people and all that, but it turns out he is just as toxic. I wish he didn't get involved in this, because I still kinda wanna like him but the way he treated James without actually knowing the truth is just sickening. I love his makeup but I dont think supporting him will be worth it anymore. I'm sorry Jeffree, but you really screwed up with this one and you lost me as a fan. Accusing someone of doing something that vile and treating them like shit doesn't go away, no matter how much damage control you do.
Ally Plays
Ally Plays - преди час
This is yet another example of how much ‘friends’ wait for people to fail so they can cut them out of their life.
ashutosh samal
ashutosh samal - преди 3 часа
Josephine Coffey
Josephine Coffey - преди 3 часа
Yesssss queen you did what you need to do
Kat C
Kat C - преди 4 часа
Wessal tawfik
Wessal tawfik - преди 4 часа
Jeffre: if I could that tweet back I would
Me: u could delete the god dang thing
Gv1relic - преди 7 часа
Die gay bitch
C. Steff.
C. Steff. - преди 9 часа
I'm honestly just really disappointed... Even IF all the accusations about James had been right, he's a 19 year old boy, whereas both you and Tati ARE ADULTS... How come you're acting like teenagers and coming for him online, instead of helping this boy you're sooooo concerned about?! And especially you, who of ALL people should be able to relate to being a bit "to much" as a teenager but (allegedly) growing in to a better person... It's just sad...
Lecia Willbanks
Lecia Willbanks - преди 10 часа
This is so great for your mental health and takes alot of inner strength!
Proud of you! 👏👏👏
Zahra Imtiyas
Zahra Imtiyas - преди 10 часа
I bet this ' dark place' is inside Tati's asshole
lottie louise
lottie louise - преди 11 часа
anyone else just watch jeffrees videos to look at his eye colour
Costello romano
Costello romano - преди 11 часа
Nobody is perfect . Self reflection, humility, and introspection is hard to come by in people. I believe education on a specific issue is key. Yes you need more education about the study of sexuality before making statements. This was insightful. I Dont think you should be embarrass by who you were. Just be more informed about issues that need the illumination of education.
Imma BANANA - преди 11 часа
Jesuswhereru ;^; theyneedthelight
what's up
what's up - преди 15 часа
Jeffrey stars is such full of shit!!!! And tati!!!! They are taking so much shit and lies when James Charles actually had proof that it was complet bullshit and he still got so much shade for no reason and now Jeffrey stars and tati want to complain about the shit that they started and about it getting so bad! I mean really shut the fuck up already!!!!!!!!!!
what's up
what's up - преди 15 часа
Fuck this! Why does he say "oh is getting dangerous for me and oh I'm embarrassed or I'm sad!!! Him ant tati started all this shit in the beginning and then want to complain about it getting bad! James Charles did not deserve that much shade for such bullshit!!!
NoM NoM - преди 16 часа
I subscribed to the beauty community for makeup videos and beauty not for drama just let this go omg I just miss the beauty videos 🙄
Cassandra Martin
Cassandra Martin - преди 16 часа
I have heard so much stuff, I really hope that if someone is really showing some concerning actions (ie in this case James) that we are able to talk it out with because honestly if we are friends with these people they may need us to challenge their thinking especially if you have all this attention and there are so many people and so many voices weighing in on subjects where all the information is not available to them. I hope you all can work it out. This shit is not worth our friendships.
Lots of love to you all

I enjoying watching all of you

PS glad you have addressed that those big emotions are easy to act on and sometimes we will have to apologise for acting on those big emotions. We all do it from time to time.
Elexus Rosser
Elexus Rosser - преди 16 часа
Destroy his pallet like yall did James!! Drag him like yall did James !!
Alondra Gonzalez
Alondra Gonzalez - преди 17 часа
Beautifully said 💯💯💯
TunaCan TM
TunaCan TM - преди 18 часа
you didn't say sorry to james not once
Ian Cordoba
Ian Cordoba - преди 18 часа
Someone save this video before he deletes it!
Eric Creekmore
Eric Creekmore - преди 19 часа
Are you okay 😭
Mercedez Thompson
Mercedez Thompson - преди 22 часа
Everyone makes mistakes OK everyone who says negative comments to jeffree u really really need to stop OK he admitted his mistake... Just let it go OK this james person whoever he is has probably make a lot of mistakes to .....
Taylor Updegraff
Taylor Updegraff - преди 22 часа
THIS, is the real tea. No one is perfect, thank you for being real ♥️
SiennaPlays28 - преди 23 часа
Stop making drama. Do your make up.
Kross Ballantyne
Kross Ballantyne - преди 23 часа
She sounds like a dude
Dorothy M. Viveros
Dorothy M. Viveros - преди ден
Very well said!
Now that's real talk!
I Love your true nature of sincere character, your style can never be duplicated, you've takin the GOOD with the Bad, such a true professional , Your a not just a DIAMOND but one of the rarest , most 'BRILLIANT' minds I've come enjoy watching on youtube, your voice is a language spoken with high volume allowing the world to see and hear who you truly are! You give the world a language that speaks 'Beauty' the way I see it comeing out from your perspective, Talent followed with detailed expertise in anything you put work into! Beyond anything I've ever imagined could be so we'll spoken and taught only the way you have done it, your a true master , and I think you could take it and kick it up a few notches , into a higher level of extreme high end cosmetic lines that are out their! I believe you ain't even half way to your true potential , although I can honestly tell you , I have never tried any of your professional pieces of art you've created, I don't have to in order to be a student who learns something new , Everytime I watch a new YouTube video , And the true depth of how I can see that you and Nate are so equally yoked, you have no idea how difficult, an rare to find such a rare find, as Nate, that says says alot. You haven't a clue , how deep that runs to be equally yoked with someone that you love beyond measure! I love that you can hold your own, stand your ground and useing the negative drama that others have tried to use as a form of attacking you and what you stand for! What the enemy meant for evil, GOD will use for your 'GREATER GOOD' ! Love you guys...
Ariana 4 life
Ariana 4 life - преди ден
Jeffree I love you but what you said about James was not appropriate no madder what he did
Esma Ahmetovic
Esma Ahmetovic - преди ден
Ok but why are all those titles so deep
Chloe K
Chloe K - преди ден
Yikes and now you're monetizing the death of your pet and posting shit like "will this foundation cover my sadness?!?" Like we know this is to win people back you didn't have to make an entire youtube video about your dog you couldve just adressed it on social media. But no, a video would definitely divert negative attention and make people scared to criticize you while you're in this 'dark place'...
Grant L. Jackson
Grant L. Jackson - преди ден
I hope you are sincere. Be well.
May CantEven
May CantEven - преди ден
Let's avert to the real problem of pollution and climate change now.
Ayla Z
Ayla Z - преди ден
Good speech😉
Domonic Altman
Domonic Altman - преди ден
shut your dumbass up Jeffery you are now being a stupid fuck ohhh I went in to a dark place or I need to take some stress off my chest yeah yeah yeah. that kid said he is bisexual and James flirted and made out with James so don't come at him like bitch
Mena Yacob
Mena Yacob - преди ден
Wait, off table question but where are your eyebrows? Sorry I don’t see them
hanah shanice javate
hanah shanice javate - преди ден
shimura nana
shimura nana - преди ден
this vid is a bullshit
i mean just the 1st 2 mins and half , is totally bullshit

you lied, the situation changed and now you updated this

xDD karma is real , you will get what you will deserve.
PurpleDragon - преди ден
Ok can we talk about climate change tho.
Amy Glover
Amy Glover - преди ден
How do you have 15m subs? You lied.. *total makes sense*
Bobo Toto
Bobo Toto - преди ден
So we all get nothing from JS but JC is the real bitch TW is the real bitch JS SHOULD HAVE NEVER BUT HE SELF IN THIS.
Mz. Gina Queen of Talk
Mz. Gina Queen of Talk - преди ден
Jeffree star do not let these devil demons change your positive attitude towards people. That's what they want. Love you toooo pieces 🤗😘😇👑
Lycanite - преди ден
Cause he definitely had a positive attitude when dealing with his friend (James), whom he proceeded to berate and accuse him of being a predatory criminal. No, Jeffree is the only demon here.
Hannah Sloss
Hannah Sloss - преди ден
Is it just me or does jeffree star look like a slug and he is such a stupid guy
chimuelo vuela alto
chimuelo vuela alto - преди ден
You're too old for being this immature and tryin to drag a damn teen sis, so yeah you fuck it up
Mamata Gurung
Mamata Gurung - преди ден
Your are a real piece of shit
Caidoz *
Caidoz * - преди ден
Millss Bri
Millss Bri - преди ден
Lierrrrr no one cares
UK Bangladeshi Blogger Bangla Vlog Makeup Skincare
I love watching kind thoughtful speech ❤️
Kitty Marinks
Kitty Marinks - преди ден
Love you Jeffrey, I know a lot of people don’t believe you but personally I do, we’re all human we all make mistakes if other people don’t like what I say please keep scrolling. Please keep being your awesome beautiful you❤️❤️❤️
Bella Marie
Bella Marie - преди ден
where are ur eyebrows
Angel Lschk
Angel Lschk - преди ден
I believe there was a huge misunderstanding between Jeffree, James, and Tati. They all more than likely want this to all be over, and personally I believe they will overcome this situation. Love you Jeffree
Janet Castro
Janet Castro - преди ден
Honesty, I am very disappointed in Jeffree right now. I know his track with drama isn’t the greatest but I really thought for a second he was evolving to be a better person. If there is anything he can do, is to learn to keep his trap shut unless he got receipts.
Elizabeth Ayala
Elizabeth Ayala - преди ден
Yes! Sick in tied of all you beauty community making easy money with all this bullshit!
Deac1209gaming - преди ден
Great now get a real life mr. I’m perfect and everyone who doesn’t carry makeup is a dumb bitch, IM 12 YEARS OLD AND IM OFFENDED BY YOU CALLING ME A DUMB BITCH
s0ry kind soul, I lost my serup.
s0ry kind soul, I lost my serup. - преди ден
Anyone else realize that this video title was stolen from Larray? Lmao, jk jk but teaaaaa!
Keeley Annabel
Keeley Annabel - преди 2 дни
Beauty community that's a new one, where have I been. What happened to masculinity?
Aleya Goodman
Aleya Goodman - преди 2 дни
You are an amazing makeup artist but you definitely stepped over a line. You accused him of something he didn’t do. And I think we ALL know he didn’t do it. I respect you a lot but you definitely messed up.
Darell Grant
Darell Grant - преди 2 дни
He shook his head no when he said he was so sorry
Clearly doesn't really care
It's so sad how these young people are so damn ignorant to still be supporting this racist hateful person. Says ALOT about people
maia armstrong
maia armstrong - преди 2 дни
did anyone notice lol that he said his dogs were healthy but then in his new vid he said diamond had been sick for a while like um?
bbygrlpt2 - преди 2 дни
YOU are a DANGER to SOCIETY. Go get help ASAP 🤡
Kansas City
Kansas City - преди 2 дни
Personally I have a strange feeling that most of what James and Tati are saying are lies, you know? YouTube communities of all kinds have been known to make stuff up too increase their fame. Many different things are said and shared but i have a gut feeling that some major information is missing. I'm young and have terrible and naive understanding of things but this unsure feeling is complicated, from what I've heard and read all of this really needs to stop. Say what you will, along with everyone else but we need to move on. Jeffree I love you, I really do, just keep doing what you do best and move on. Whats done is done, all is the past.
Mary Beth Cunningham
Mary Beth Cunningham - преди 2 дни
Jeffrey I was in a bad place
Jeffrey I am in a good place
damnjoon - преди 5 часа
"I *was* in a dark place" "I *am* in an amazing place" saw the difference?
Yeetus Feetus
Yeetus Feetus - преди 2 дни
The beauty community is *CANCELLED*
Kardieo. GG
Kardieo. GG - преди 2 дни
Who knew makeup can make so much drama
Skarlet Angela
Skarlet Angela - преди 2 дни
zooley - преди 2 дни
Jeffree you are doing a good thing coming clean with your feelings and making something clear that you made a mistakes. I can relate with you on this topic its hard to let go of the past ive lost good friends over it
Luring Chandelure
Luring Chandelure - преди 2 дни
Jefree & Tati: Talking talking talking
James: shows receipts
Jefree & Tati: I was really in a dark place
Sherie Clarke
Sherie Clarke - преди 18 часа
hate that. people think that their mental illness and problems is an excuse to be a shitty person. sick of it.
Morgan G
Morgan G - преди 23 часа
Luring Chandelure tru
PanbeDaFluff - преди 2 дни
I think everyone made their huge mistakes in the beginning of this. But.... every one is handling it maturely. James is. Jeffree is. Tati is. They all are. Hopefully things will get better and they’ll all be together again. I was in a fight with my friend for 2 months cause she said very rude things to me. But all you have to do is stay strong and talk to them about what happened on your side because everyone has different sides of the story :)
AniCosplays - преди 2 дни
Won't be exposing anything 😒 bitch please you probably have 0 proof of anything you accused of that poor guy and it wasn't any of your business to begin with like it wasn't tati's or mine or any of the beauty fans either you should have just left him alone and fucked off..
hadef almansori
hadef almansori - преди 2 дни
my darker then my wily
hes my fevorit dog
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman - преди 2 дни
‘Beauty is truth. Truth, beauty. That is all ye need to know on earth.’
hadef almansori
hadef almansori - преди 2 дни
ok mom
Norma Jeane
Norma Jeane - преди 2 дни
You ain’t have shit to do with it nothing fucking happened in Seattle and you know this James has proof SAM even said it stfu your so toxic and you need fucking help you need to take time away from YouTube and social media to get fucking help SERIOUSLY ‼️
Dummies - преди 2 дни
This is what happened when the faget it's jealous because somebody else is getting dick and he's not
ginny lassiter
ginny lassiter - преди 2 дни
You are human Jeffree. Forgive yourself and move forward.
Christy Barnum
Christy Barnum - преди 2 дни
Everyone on here posting negative crap is not helping anything at all you are the reason that the hate was growing by retweeting, by posting, by word of mouth STOP and think
MariahPokéDawg Allen
MariahPokéDawg Allen - преди 2 дни
Your self-awareness and willingness to evaluate and take responsibility for your actions/part in a situation is one of the most beautiful things about you. Thanks for being you.
Carol Williams
Carol Williams - преди 2 дни
Bravo J effree. Classy as usual. Xxoo
Mercedes Concha
Mercedes Concha - преди 2 дни
Damn Jeffery. Im unsubscribeing. Your a fake and a phony.
Natalie And Chareel
Natalie And Chareel - преди 2 дни
Why you lying srsly he had proof and you didn’t don’t say you tellin truth
evelyn jurado
evelyn jurado - преди 2 дни
Why can’t all of you influencers just worry about yourselves 🙃 all this drama is unnecessary 🤷🏻‍♀️
Leora Annette
Leora Annette - преди 2 дни
Y'all are hella hating he is apologizing it aint damage control he is explaining why he did it AND APOLOGIZING and you think he doesnt have "receipts" y'all dont have his phone so don't assume a god damn thing about what he has or not. Im staying subscribed bc i support him.
Jeffree if you see this i love what your doing, its so amazing i respect you and love you, stay strong❤💪🏻
Kitty Marinks
Kitty Marinks - преди ден
Leora Annette preeeeaaaccchhhhh
Trinity Cevallos
Trinity Cevallos - преди 2 дни
Did anyone subscribe to his channel just for the satisfaction of Unsubscribing??🤔 HOw can you ruin someone’s career without knowing the whole story.???????
Kate Myers
Kate Myers - преди 2 дни
20 bucks this is all plot for attention and they all have planned this since the beginning of their careers

seems likely
D Chrisomo
D Chrisomo - преди 2 дни
Watch h3h3’s video, found out Jeffrey made a music video back then about loving STRAIGHT BOYS 😂 and he commented on Justin Bieber’s dick when he was a minor at that time. Sad.
D Chrisomo
D Chrisomo - преди 2 дни
Stop lol
Faye Mitchel
Faye Mitchel - преди 2 дни
Can't stand him. He just loves drama, anything to get views. He's a grown ass man and handled it in a very immature way. James is the only one who has acted very mature about this situation. Don't know hoe anyone can like jeffree anyway?
no name
no name - преди 2 дни
F off bruh you blamed a kid for being a predator and manipulated his little brother. You think a apologie can fix the damage you've done? You were being a toxic ass b hole. Funny how the beauty community is the ugliest one... btw your lucky your a meme. *I wAs In A dArK pLaCe*
Scenie Bear
Scenie Bear - преди 2 дни
This makes me respect you even more
Kitty Marinks
Kitty Marinks - преди ден
Scenie Bear right!
I Am She
I Am She - преди 2 дни
James deserves a sincere apology from you. You trying to do damage control without being fully and whole heartedly sorry and open to fix the situation. You still have pride and wanna act like you have the power to justify what you SO WRONGLY did, but are choosing not to. This is beyoonnndd me. YOU HAVE NO RECEIPTS, NO JUSTIFICATION, AND NO PROOF. Admit you were wrong and acting based on emotion and trying be spiteful because you believe others, and APOLOGIZE. PERIOD!.!.!.!.!
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson - преди 2 дни
it takes a lot to apologize. I am so glad you can see the power of words. this could have turned tragic, whether it was by some random crazy fan, or suicide via cyber bullying...
This is a good example of what to do and apologize, and to take a moment before posting things on emotion too quickly.
mmaximos iles
mmaximos iles - преди 2 дни
But he never apologises to James. The words "I'm sorry James' are never heard
Cailet _thats me
Cailet _thats me - преди 3 дни
Jeffree star needs to stop. His "dark place" doesn't cover for lying and being rude to bring someone else down. Joining the drama because you thing you can gain something. That's just sick. You aren't a middle schooler anymore drama shouldn't be your life. Grow up.
Libby Dunk
Libby Dunk - преди 3 дни
Reading through the comments and all what people want are receipts, screenshots or ‘tea’. Why can’t people accept this amazing apology and move on xx
Spill the tea Shister
Spill the tea Shister - преди 3 дни
2:11 people on roller coaster
Ashley  Hernandez
Ashley Hernandez - преди 3 дни
"we are all selfish " TUH speak for yourself
Ashley  Hernandez
Ashley Hernandez - преди 3 дни
"i will not be posting voice memos, i will not be posting text messages, and i will not 'expose' anyone" LMAOO cause you ain gottem, no receiptssss!😂😂
Caidoz *
Caidoz * - преди ден
@Rose Carmelle Germain who dat
Rose Carmelle Germain
Rose Carmelle Germain - преди ден
@Cinthya Tizoc honey open your eyes for a bit and see reality
Pussy Wagon
Pussy Wagon - преди 3 дни
S N A K E 🐍
Angie Dreamer
Angie Dreamer - преди 3 дни
I'm glad that you put out a response such as this. it is calm and appropriate and like tati and james, you were able to cool down and respond and I respect that
mina kwon
mina kwon - преди 3 дни
french people: 8:21
Daniel Lyerly
Daniel Lyerly - преди 3 дни
He's a fake, brutal, and cruel. He backtracked the moment James shows his evidence. Yes, James acted like a kid. But Jeffree acted like a monster, especially with bullying James' little brother.
mangachanfan - преди 3 дни
Ok. I admit it. Im TOTALLY LATE to the party... what happened? I missed a lot..