India's Electronic Voting Machines

An estimated 830 million voters in India's national elections are exercising their right to vote in the country. Their vote is being secured through over a million electronic voting machines. Its seen as a way to ensure elections that are fair, efficient, inclusive and environment-friendly.
A delegation from Namibia's Election Commission is visiting Karnataka in the South of the country to learn more about how electronic voting can be an important tool in Namibia's forthcoming general elections.
India's Election Commission and the United Nations Development Programme are facilitating the visit of Namibia and other countries from the South, to learn how India's managing the largest elections the world has ever seen.
In a debriefing session with the delegates, The Director General of Election Commission of India, Mr. Akshay Rout said that, "We all will get chance to be exposed to each others Electoral System in future times. And the thing which had started to day, in fact it had started before because friends from your country have, your colleagues have come and seen our electronic voting machine and you have procured it, so we have a connection there. So we look forward, we see it as a continuing process."
Namibia recently procured Electronic voting machines from an Indian manufacturer Bharat Electronics limited and poised to graduate to an Electronic Ballot system, for there Presidential elections in November.
Namibian Delegate, Marilyn Iren Vekondoroka Katjitundu,Chief Information Officer, Election Commission of Namibia, said in her Interview, " Actually, the thing that strikes me the most is the knowledge that the voters have in terms of the use of electronic voting machine and the pride that they take in voting. It seems like every Indian eligible voter is so proud to go out and cast these votes".
Namibian Delegate, Nicodemus Mingelius, Chief System Administrator says, "The people are trained, they know how to use the electronic voting machine. I personally asked the people that we met that whether they have ever experienced any technical problems, when it comes to the electronic voting machines and with confidence they said no, they haven't seen. They only think maybe that could happen that battery is running low. For me that is amazing, and that gives me more confidence that the electronic voting machines that we have adapted based on the Indian system, is going to work for Namibia."
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mukesh pandit
mukesh pandit - преди 8 месеца
All line vote kaise dalenge
Plis gimme robux am HyperXNinjaX
Plis gimme robux am HyperXNinjaX - преди 2 години
Kindly link with Aadhar to remove duplication and make it online for 100 % voter turn out
Rahul Panwar
Rahul Panwar - преди 4 години
voting mechanism can be applied as an interference login with your by electoral department's given uid or any number and DOB and entertain your vote , or same developed interface can be coordinated from so many various other facilities interfaces , facilitating related to vote / administrative issues, as much as one wants to develop anything with an number describes someone's full details.
Rahul Panwar
Rahul Panwar - преди 4 години
one vote is costing an crore to an mla and minimum five crores to other upper constitutional by voting selected bodies, there should be divided particular percentage's from one source of economical tax collection toward all others work's/tasks/peoples involvement came under administration and public benefits to give on by internally created smart cyber financial structures.
instead of budgets per year some or calculated % of amount to respected departments fix for maintaining whole projectile developed under any politically elected model of governance, as i think every party has there diffrent model about types of development approaches which is an good reason also behind physically undeveloped India.
here there is no relations i was defining with any political or social reforms.
every political successful approach initially starts from an reform but as time passes as that reform starts creating criticism
vedha. vedha
vedha. vedha - преди година
Rahul Panwar