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Sue Kay
Sue Kay - преди ден
Cool hacks
Denise Boik
Denise Boik - преди 2 дни
Am I the only one who never does the hacks, but I just watch cuz I'm bored???
Sophie Faye Hernandez
Sophie Faye Hernandez - преди 3 дни
This is a copycat
like-asone - преди 3 дни
You must be too rich to casually destroy a tommy hilfinger jeans at 21:30
Văn Hưu Hồ
Văn Hưu Hồ - преди 4 дни
I love video
김채라ItzChaera_ - преди 7 дни
1:18 that so cool😨😨
Felicia Djurkovich
Felicia Djurkovich - преди 7 дни
G51065 - преди 7 дни
You could stick da bra in between your jeans and pants and den your bum will look big
Masha Savelyeva
Masha Savelyeva - преди 8 дни
*It's all fun and games until you realise it was you favourite t-shirt...*
*It's all fun and games until your clothes drop because they aren't proper clothes*
*It's all fun and games until you see it was just a hack that no one would use anyway*

Edit: I have nothing against hacks and DIYs
Chloe lana D.
Chloe lana D. - преди 9 дни
4:37. Theres nothing wrong with the pants just get slim ok!!😂😜
Chloe lana D.
Chloe lana D. - преди 9 дни
2:31 maybe, the dress doesn t fit her
Yveth Bouquet
Yveth Bouquet - преди 11 дни
I not like these video like the other ones you are using more Gil’s thinks than boys or kids but thanks for the ideas 💡
Aryanna Dargarts
Aryanna Dargarts - преди 11 дни
12:00 Short Pajamas? Let's make them even shorter!
Aryanna Dargarts
Aryanna Dargarts - преди 11 дни
11:00 watch the fabric glue closely
DatGurlGracie - преди 13 дни
I dont even wear jeans but im watching this
Aafia geans
Aafia geans - преди 14 дни
7:57 very very nice
Ilana Light
Ilana Light - преди 14 дни
Okay is NO BODY gonna talk about how they just slaped the word Gucci on a shirt? YOU CANT JUST PUT IT IN A PLAIN OLD WHITE SHIRT THERE HAS TO BE DESIGN! IT LOOKS FAKE!

What kind of bs is this
Melissa Peak
Melissa Peak - преди 14 дни
How the fucking heck has this much time on thar hands
Robin Espinoza
Robin Espinoza - преди 15 дни
Annalise White-Harrington
Annalise White-Harrington - преди 15 дни
If your videos are fun Enduro so super awesome do you want about pouring water on someone's head and making it into slime
ناصر سعد
ناصر سعد - преди 17 дни
اكو عرب بطيارا بوبجي بوشينكي
عربي لايك 💓💓
Nkosikhona Dube
Nkosikhona Dube - преди 17 дни
that adidas t-shirt ........i don't feel like liking it
Valeria Mendez
Valeria Mendez - преди 17 дни
Why would you cut that jean jacket it was pretty and then you made it ugly. Sorry
Abby Joy
Abby Joy - преди 19 дни
14:36 Legend has it that Jenna still screams in her sleep..
Lisa Blackpink
Lisa Blackpink - преди 19 дни
Making fake gucci is a law
Lisa Blackpink
Lisa Blackpink - преди 19 дни
Trinity Conard
Trinity Conard - преди 23 дни
Thus is so cool
hOi BrUh WaZzUP?
hOi BrUh WaZzUP? - преди 25 дни
there is such thing as to much jeans...
Kids can eat healthy too
Kids can eat healthy too - преди 25 дни
The one hack were there was fat going over the jeans yeah that one at the end of that one she rubbed her butt did anyone else notice that??? 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😑
-Tessa -
-Tessa - - преди 26 дни
1:00. Ok here’s the thing no one wants to wear that
-Tessa -
-Tessa - - преди 22 дни
hOi BrUh WaZzUP? So maybe instead of commenting on other people’s opinions u can keeps urs to ur self
-Tessa -
-Tessa - - преди 25 дни
hOi BrUh WaZzUP? Ok it wasn’t supposed to be offensive. It was my opinion and everyone’s opinion matter so thx.
hOi BrUh WaZzUP?
hOi BrUh WaZzUP? - преди 25 дни
i actually would wear that so speak for yourself and yes...i have a weird fashion style
Evi Bakker
Evi Bakker - преди 27 дни
Fut Rayt
Fut Rayt - преди 27 дни
yolo doctor
yolo doctor - преди 28 дни
in 3:28 ooh nice butt
Nadila Nerizka
Nadila Nerizka - преди 28 дни
Apa cuman gua orang INDONESIA?????
Andres Mejia
Andres Mejia - преди 28 дни
Esta muy bueno esas ideas me puede subir otro programa de esos pero diferentes si me ase el favor😇
Darius Denson
Darius Denson - преди 29 дни
you copy 123go
Kid Shid
Kid Shid - преди 29 дни
Most funny kids reaction eating sour fruits. Hahah
Marissa Shockley
Marissa Shockley - преди 29 дни
Why do they always do females clothes feminine and not Masklin
April Franklin
April Franklin - преди месец
You suck
Me Ray
Me Ray - преди месец
Grenade of art
Grenade of art - преди месец
Roses are red violets are purple (im not sure why it says blue) 5-minuit crafts brian says heck humans
Lps Ellien
Lps Ellien - преди месец
This is cool!😯😯😯😯
Mr. D
Mr. D - преди месец
The music got me going
Jennifer Nuñez
Jennifer Nuñez - преди месец
Todo super chevere
Savage Wolf
Savage Wolf - преди месец
Did anyone else notice how they added more than one video together
Milena Furquim
Milena Furquim - преди месец
Beth the end
Ruha Attar
Ruha Attar - преди месец
مين عربي ومسلم لايك
احلى لايك للعرب ❤️❤️
Riya Riya
Riya Riya - преди месец
I like it very much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
Kiki Khamy
Kiki Khamy - преди месец
so butifell
Mr. Floof
Mr. Floof - преди месец
5 min crafts: big shoes? Use a rubber band!

Me: OR you could of just gotten SMALLER SHOES!
Daz Watson
Daz Watson - преди месец
Creatively Done