Sigrid Sings Billie Eilish, Astrid S, and More | Lyric Challenge

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Sigrid is the pop princess of my heart, so we quizzed her on the lyrics to all our other favorite female singers. From Billie Eilish, Astrid S, and Lorde, Sigrid did not disappoint. How many of these songs do you know by heart?
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StarFire X
StarFire X - преди ден
I love how she feels so sure she doesn't know the song and then remembers the correct lyrics.
Freya Price
Freya Price - преди 3 дни
I love you x
Casey Hardman
Casey Hardman - преди 4 дни
Can we please get a Sigrid cover of a Sia song? That'd be amazinggg
Julio Anthonio Wilopo
Julio Anthonio Wilopo - преди 5 дни
33drewster - преди 7 дни
Sigrid is so simple, fun and down to earth, cool young women
Nomadx83 - преди 9 дни
Sigrid the best
Nicolas Caroca
Nicolas Caroca - преди 9 дни
La aaaaaaaamo 🥰
Godi - преди 9 дни
2:45 when she want sing ed sheeran hahaaha
"no its not that"
Sophie McKay
Sophie McKay - преди 10 дни
She’s so sweet! Saw her live in Edinburgh last week and love her 💛
Tristan Feinauer
Tristan Feinauer - преди 11 дни
Yes, I also listen to melody.As long as the lyrics aren't absolutely rubbish, if the melody is good, it's good with me.Probably why I like Coldplay.
Alicer - преди 12 дни
She's glowing, wow.
laramenke - преди 13 дни
She's so fucking cute.
Neha Jha
Neha Jha - преди 14 дни
She is just adorable 😭💕💕💯
Brix Joshua Ponclara
Brix Joshua Ponclara - преди 16 дни
Huhuhuhu so cuuuuutteeeee
Big Boomer
Big Boomer - преди 17 дни
Luv her voice ♥️
peachy bangtan
peachy bangtan - преди 17 дни
I saw her perform at the 3 arena in dublin and at electric picnic. I remember she waved at me and copied a dance move i did. Best moment of my life!
Fa Heba
Fa Heba - преди 18 дни
Fa Heba
Fa Heba - преди 18 дни
Safura Abdulai
Safura Abdulai - преди 20 дни
I will totally kill it
johhny cash
johhny cash - преди 20 дни
why are yall giving her only pop mediocre girls to sing, besides Sia, all others are pretty mid-tier songs...
Cal C
Cal C - преди 22 дни
Cal C
Cal C - преди 22 дни
She’s basic guys
Wanna Dance
Wanna Dance - преди 23 дни
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Max - преди 24 дни
I like sigrid a lot
Billy Murray Fan
Billy Murray Fan - преди 25 дни
Hun er helt fryktelig. Jeg avskyr stemmen hennes og hennes innspillings stil. Jeg orker ikke høre henne. Jeg flau for å være norsk med denne dritten som artist
antiutopija - преди 26 дни
2:51 she said "nei" ("no" in Norwegian)
it was so cute 💕
Aliejha Cullick
Aliejha Cullick - преди 26 дни
shes my favorite, so beautiful
shadowgirl974 - преди 26 дни
6:25 I just fucking die with her face! LOL
Carlos Contreras Escalona
Carlos Contreras Escalona - преди 26 дни
Thank you Seventeen for this video
놀뭄 - преди 28 дни
OMG sigrid, billie eilish, astrid s, dua lipa, sia and lorde????????? I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!
MuriloFPM - преди 29 дни
Parece cadeira elétrica!
Cherry Rose Singing Covers
Cherry Rose Singing Covers - преди месец
Check out my cover of bad guy and my cover of I'm a mess xxxxx
Ksenia Navi
Ksenia Navi - преди месец
Is that bad I dont know who this or any of the people on this video? I think I might have jumped realities not long ago cause this is a different world with unfamiliar people that everyone knows about.
Jess x
Jess x - преди 29 дни
Im sorry you don't know Billie Elish? I don't particularly like her but like how
slen football
slen football - преди месец
What is the instrumental used in this vid? 😭😭😭 Sounds soooooo goooood
Delia - преди месец
has some british twang here and there, such a nice accent.
Delia - преди месец
She has such a nice accent
Tristan Baier
Tristan Baier - преди месец
i thought she was from montreal...?
Wildstag - преди месец
She totally seems like a "girl next door".
Lari Marqs
Lari Marqs - преди месец
I love her
Ktoś Jakiś
Ktoś Jakiś - преди месец
I would totally lose at this because I didn't even know 80% of the songs