Swapping Boyfriends on Vacation

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Lucila Vargas
Lucila Vargas - преди 2 часа
Mariah Ward
Mariah Ward - преди 2 часа
Pleaseeeeeee do an escape room switching boyfriends and see which couple makes it out first!!
Morgan St.Hilaire
Morgan St.Hilaire - преди 2 часа
i’ve been to the hotel collin and niki went too!!
jocelleen marin
jocelleen marin - преди 3 часа
wow that was wierd
Creative Art Ideas
Creative Art Ideas - преди 3 часа
Nikki and collin look good together gabi was like nope why me
Olivia Meyer
Olivia Meyer - преди 7 часа
Why do I ship niki and Collin more than gabby and Collin is it just me

Ok just me
Jayla Stanley
Jayla Stanley - преди 8 часа
Yes make a nother one
Madsicle Mango
Madsicle Mango - преди 9 часа
And I’m your favorite cOlLiN
Amen Allah Khanfir
Amen Allah Khanfir - преди 11 часа
The next video should be swapping boyfriend and having s£x
Nightcore 33
Nightcore 33 - преди 11 часа
Kpop fan
Kpop fan - преди 15 часа
Please do a "swapping boyfriends for 3 days" THANK YOU
Sk Gani
Sk Gani - преди 16 часа
mere_ bee
mere_ bee - преди 20 часа
here’s how i feel. niki and collin’s personalities click good because they both act like kids. gabi and nate do not have a single thing in common and they just clash because of they’re friendship. nate and niki are just a little awkward i feel like? and gabi and collin ARE SO FREAKING CUTE AND NEED TO GET MARRIED ASAP. there’s my rant. thanks for reading💛
mere_ bee
mere_ bee - преди 20 часа
gabi was so aggressive when she found that old time photo choice ahhh
Arianna Huerta
Arianna Huerta - преди 20 часа
Gabi and Nate don’t have that breezy chill attitude compared to niki and collinswhen they swap bfs
Nahva Young
Nahva Young - преди 21 час
“And I’m you favorite Collin”
Me: he right tho,truuuuu😂
Misimoa Manusina
Misimoa Manusina - преди 23 часа
Im your fan my name is ayzhah im a girl on my ungles aconut
Chloe Lee
Chloe Lee - преди ден
Yoooo I’m a legit real ice skater so this was HILARIOUS
اياد صبح
اياد صبح - преди ден
سكس عربي
batoul noureddine
batoul noureddine - преди ден
i thought collin was ross lynch 😂😂 anybody else?
batoul noureddine
batoul noureddine - преди ден
niki and Collin, love how there chill funny and act like a kid meanwhile theres nate and gabi wow gabi has good taste in BOIS
Stella Glykis
Stella Glykis - преди ден
Collen reminds me of Ross Lynch
Allie Holzberger
Allie Holzberger - преди ден
whenever u see a YouTube go to a place you’ve been “OH MY FRIGGIN GAWD IVE BEEN THERE”
Vsco Girllyyy
Vsco Girllyyy - преди ден
Collin now sounds super gay!
Naveisha Campbell
Naveisha Campbell - преди ден
What the app u guy use to edit ur video i want to knw cuz i want to start a blog
Annie Msp
Annie Msp - преди ден
Niki and Collin together= like
Gabi and Collin together= comment
Paty A W
Paty A W - преди ден
Love your videos !!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Rachel Bashford
Rachel Bashford - преди ден
do a 22 hous in your bad room
Ahgase Blink
Ahgase Blink - преди ден
I love niki and nate
its amaris
its amaris - преди ден
I love how Niki and Collin are like siblings, and then theres Gabi and Nate.
Chloe Faith
Chloe Faith - преди ден
and im your favourite... COLLIN!

Xxspccoy xx
Xxspccoy xx - преди ден
I freaking love Collin he’s so funny
GachaMoon - преди ден
It's so funny how the intro is like
Nate:I'm Nikki. Oh I'm Nate
Nikki:I'm Nikki
Gabi:I'm Gabi
Collins:And I'm your favorite Collins
Mawadda Mohamed - Champlain Trail PS (1155)
You guys make me so happy
Shaiesta Sawh
Shaiesta Sawh - преди 2 дни
Swapping boyfriends for a week or weekend
Holly Merry
Holly Merry - преди 2 дни
Amazing video
Abby Rose
Abby Rose - преди 2 дни
Girlfreind swap!!!!!
Shannon Hacke
Shannon Hacke - преди 2 дни
Who thinks Niki and Nate are a good couple and Gaby and Collin are a good coulpe
Whitney Tekin
Whitney Tekin - преди 2 дни
Are my favorite
Whitney Tekin
Whitney Tekin - преди 2 дни
Nikki and nate
Whitney Tekin
Whitney Tekin - преди 2 дни
Are my favorite
YouTuber FAN
YouTuber FAN - преди 2 дни
Can you do a double date
Lily Ciardiello
Lily Ciardiello - преди 2 дни
who ships niki and collin more than her and nate??
b a d b i t c h
b a d b i t c h - преди 2 дни
Did y’all see how Collin grabbed Gabi’s boob?
Megan Alexander
Megan Alexander - преди 2 дни
Niki and Collins friendship is what I want😍😩
Bhoomika K
Bhoomika K - преди 2 дни
I love swap videos
Liva Loo
Liva Loo - преди 2 дни
Colleen seems gay
Hoping Bean
Hoping Bean - преди 2 дни
Wow I love how Gabi loves vintage stuff... Gabi's outfits really fits her personality
Diamond_ XOXO
Diamond_ XOXO - преди 2 дни
13:34 one boob popped outta the shirt of Nikki’s and she checks to see if it did
Ivyana Reynolds
Ivyana Reynolds - преди 2 дни
You guys are so cute
Mawadda Mohamed - Champlain Trail PS (1155)
You guys should do your boyfriend makup